Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WIP Wednesday - To Protect and Service: Righteous Fury

              Kimi turned her back on Laaruu, submitting without resistance or complaint when he began shampooing her hair. She tried not to enjoy the gentle massaging pressure of his fingers against her scalp. It felt good though. If nothing else, Laaruu was quite talented as a shampooer. Too talented. Somehow, it was making her libido rise to the fore again.
              It was almost a relief to her self-respect when he finished cleaning, conditioning, and rinsing. The man wove a spell with his magic fingers, a nonverbal negotiation with her will, asking it to crumble, to give herself over entirely to him.
              If he can do this just by washing my hair, what about anything else? Kimi was scared to find out.
              When he picked up the bar of soap, Kimi tried for one last stab of dignity. “No. I’ll wash myself.”
              Behind her, Laaruu chuckled. “Are you sure, my darling? Isn’t your sweet little pussy still clamoring for more contact? I thought certainly you’d be eager for a sensual wash. My wet hands, slippery from soap, sliding over every inch of your lovely body. Imagine it.”
              “I don’t – I don’t want—”
              “Careful. Lying is begging for punishment.”
              Kimi clenched her teeth. She didn’t question that Laaruu would know the falsehood if she said she didn’t want him touching her.
              This is so fucked up. She didn’t know what to do.
              Laaruu apparently took her silence for consent. He washed her back, rubbing it as wonderfully as he had her scalp. Against her will, her muscles relaxed under his care even as her hunger for more increased.
              She didn’t resist when he reached around to soap her front. The bar of soap, much diminished, slid up and down between her smallish but pert breasts. Then around, outlining the mounds in suds before Laaruu twirled the bar between his hands, raising a thick lather. He cupped her tits and began to rub, covering them with foam, making her moan as he squeezed and rubbed. Her nipples jutted through the bubbles, hard as diamonds.
              He pulled her back against him, so that her head rested on his shoulder. “That’s it,” he crooned, massaging her breasts with those amazing hands. “Let go. That’s my sweet darling.”
              He kept one hand working her chest as the other washed her taut stomach, her ribs, her hips. He moved on, paying attention to her long, sleek legs and arms. He washed her ass with careful attention, making her pant from startled excitement when his finger invaded. Kimi couldn’t believe having something inside her back hole could feel so good. Laaruu’s earlier threat to fuck her there suddenly didn’t sound so terrible. Right now, having any part of him inside any part of her seemed like a pretty great idea.

No release date set.


  1. If more men knew how sexy having your hair washed can be, I'd have much longer hair. As it is, it's practically a buzz cut.

    1. I hear you! Nothing better than a delish shampooing.

  2. I love Ravens story. I can wait to read Kimi's.