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The Clans of Kalquor Series

Do you have a taste for erotic sci-fi?  Meet the Clans of Kalquor, Tracy St. John’s bestselling BDSM-futuristic series.

            Amelia Ryan fled Earth’s fanatically religious government to live quietly among the aliens of Plasius. Her life of peace shatters when a three-man clan from the planet Kalquor kidnaps her and holds her prisoner.
            With their people poised on the verge of extinction, the Kalquorians are determined to have Amelia for their mate. Amelia is equally determined to escape. But when her body thrills to the ruthless domination of her captors, she finds herself surrendering to desires she never imagined possible.

Mild BDSM. Captive situation/forced seduction. Multiple sexual partners. Retrospective MOM and rape of the heroine--not by the hero.

All I can say is, get out the hose, because this book set me on fire.
–Carla, RomFanReviews

I think fans of the real erotic, futuristic science fiction are going to enjoy this book as much as I did.
  –Hunter, Happily Ever After Reviews

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          Marked for execution, Jessica McInness knows joining the enemy is her only hope for survival. However when Kalquor’s crown princes arrive to rescue her, she discovers the three alien men aren’t quite what she hoped for in lifelong mates. Arrogant and brutish, the royal clan infuriates her—and awakens passions as no other men have.
            The Kalquorians are determined to seduce the temperamental woman who inflames their lusts. They relentlessly pursue the hesitant Earther, resorting to forceful means to claim her as their mate. But love comes at a high price when the princes’ choice of a princess incites a rebellion on Kalquor…and endangers Jessica’s life.

Mild BDSM. Forced seduction. Multiple sexual partners.

Alien Rule is a fascinating, erotic, entertaining, and romantic tale full of mystery and suspense. Ms. St. John you rock! --Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

This book with its unconventional love story had everything I enjoy in a book. The sex scenes are numerous and thoroughly enjoyable. You may want a nice cold drink on hand.
  --Amy Hopkins, The Romance Studio

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            Cassidy Hamilton doesn’t think life can get any worse after being sequestered in a convent on Europa. A Kalquorian invasion changes her mind in a hurry, and she barely eludes her people’s greatest enemy. Fear and desire become a heady mixture when her spying reveals the aliens’ intentions for Europa’s nuns: bondage and seduction.

Mild BDSM. Captive situation/forced seduction. Multiple sexual partners.

The sexual scenes in this book are extremely hot, but it is the ending of the story that will take the reader by surprise. –Candy, Sensual Reads

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            Lindsey McInness and her parents are barely surviving on post-Armageddon Earth. When a Kalquorian shuttle crashes nearby, Lindsey has no choice but to offer herself to the clan on board in exchange for food and rescue.
            Bacoj, Japohn and Vax are stunned when a young woman presents herself to them for their sexual pleasure. Kalquorians of their youth and low rank have no expectation of finding the elusive Earther mates Kalquorians covet so highly. But the strong willed and yet yielding Lindsey seems to be a perfect fit for them ... until they learn her secret that threatens to tear the entire clan apart.

Mild BDSM.
  Multiple sexual partners.

This book contains lots of hot sex and a plot filled with action.
–Candy, Sensual Reads

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            Dani Watson is a sex slave on the planet of Dantovon. Having escaped post-Armageddon Earth, she’s resigned to spending several years working in a brothel to pay off her slave contract. Her one consolation is that she avoided being captured and enslaved by the Kalquorians.
            When a Kalquorian clan buys her contract, Dani attempts escape. Crashing on a remote moon gets her puts her life in jeopardy, leaving her and the clan of Gelan, Wynhod, and Krijero fighting for survival in a hostile environment. Worse still, they’re being hunted by a group of brutal Tragooms who are determined to capture Dani and subject her to a fate worse than mere slavery.

Mild BDSM.  Captive situation/forced seduction.  Multiple sexual partners.

Alien Slave is a captivating, futuristic, erotic romance story.  If you like science fiction, fantasy, and lots of hot alien sex, this story has it all. - Stacey Krug, Siren Book Reviews

I've been waiting for this book and I must say this is probably the best of the series so far.  –Fashionta, Booked Up Reviews 

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Clans of Kalquor short story collection. Nine tales revisiting the alien clans of the first five books and their Earther mates:

Hunted - Amelia Ryan is stalked through the Kalquorian wilderness by a dangerous Nobek with no chance for escape.

Abduction – Rebellion is brewing on Kalquor, and Empress Jessica is the insurgents’ latest target.

The Negotiation – Saucin Israla must deal with Earther Colonel Tyler Carter, a man whose threat involves her heart.

Michaela’s Child – Michaela Blake finally has a child of her own, but how will she regain her clan?

The Sentence – Cassidy Hamilton’s grandfather faces a sentence worse than death for his part in Armageddon.

A Family Affair – A clandestine tryst re-opens old wounds for the Imperial Family.

An Improper Proposal – Lindsey McInness’ clan’s homecoming is marred by the machinations of a greedy councilman.

Sins of the Past – Imdiko Krijero and Nobek Wynhod’s past may cost Dani Watson her life.

Prelude to Redemption – Young Dramok Sojan finds more than he bargained for in the ruins of an Earther women’s prison: broken but unbowed revolutionary Rachel Hicks.

Mild BDSM, including spanking, bondage, Dom/sub play. Forced seduction. Multiple sexual partners. Graphic sexual content with a hermaphrodite (Michaela’s Child).

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            Imdiko Conyod’s clanmates Dramok Erybet and Nobek Sletran are home from the war.  However, he no longer knows these men.  Changed by the horrors they’ve seen and done, they are very different people.  How can he allow them to clan the traumatized Earther Rachel Hicks, whom he’s come to love so deeply?  And how can he not clan her when she’s the only thing right in his life?
            Erybet and Sletran keep secret the truth of the terrible crime they committed on the Earther colony of New Bethlehem.  The damaged clan tries to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives with Rachel, a woman as passionate as any three men could wish for.  But the murders of other Earther women mean Erybet and Sletran must face the monstrous act they thought they left behind.  Someone calling himself the Beast of New Bethlehem is murdering Earther women … and the killer may be closer to the clan’s beloved Rachel than anyone suspects.

Mild BDSM, including spanking, anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, forced seduction, multiple sexual partners (m/f/m/m) and homoerotic situations (m/m).  

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All Iris Jenson wants is a safe place to raise her autistic six-year-old son Thomas.  She thinks she’s found it on Haven, an Earther colony located within the Kalquorian Empire’s borders.  Making a fresh start under the watchful eyes of Earth’s former enemy has its challenges, but it also possesses opportunities to live free of fear, something Iris hasn’t had in a long time.  Love is an added surprise when Haven’s governor Dramok Ospar and his clanmates Nobek Jol and Imdiko Rivek enter the young widow and child’s lives.

Trouble is brewing on Haven Colony, however.  Insurgent Earthers want to free themselves of Kalquor’s influence, and Kalquor itself is on the brink of a revolt, led by the shadowy figure known only as the Basma.  Then a violent ghost from Iris’ past reappears and threatens to snatch Thomas from those who love him.  Ospar’s clan races against time to save Haven from a bloody rebellion and an innocent child from the grasp of a monster.

Mild BDSM, including anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, forced seduction, and multiple sexual partners (m/f/m/m).  

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For most, the Earth/Kalquor War ended years ago.  Yet veteran destroyer captain Zemos and clanmates Oret and Miragin have been captured by a renegade Earther battlecruiser.  They’ve been held in a cell for months now, with no idea where their ultimate fate lies.  Threatened daily, they know their lives can end at any moment.  The only bright spot during their imprisonment has been the lovely woman who brings them their meals and offers the one friendly face amongst their enemies.

Elisa Mackenzie is among the desperate Earthers trying to survive in the wake of Armageddon.  Surrounded by fanatics who won’t give up a long-lost war, she can’t let herself care for the Kalquorians the ship has taken prisoner.  Her lonely heart, empty for so long, has other ideas.  Knowing the Kalquorians are dangerous and her fanatical shipmates are even more so, Elisa fights her feelings in vain.  Ignoring the harsh lessons of long-lost youth, she falls in love.

Zemos, Oret, and Miragin know they must escape before the Earthers deliver them to an unthinkable end.  They also know the key to opening their cage means turning on the woman who has infiltrated their fierce hearts.  Elisa already has their adoration.  She deserves their protection and care as well, but enemies both new and ancient threaten the Kalquorian Empire.  To save their people and themselves, the three men may have to destroy the woman who would complete their clan.

Mild BDSM, including anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, forced seduction, and multiple sexual partners (m/f/m/m).  

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Cissy Salter is more than ready to shed Earth’s repression when she moves to the planet Kalquor. She leaps headlong into drinking, partying, and liaisons with young alien men. She would be having the time of her life if not for the disapproval of a certain rich, gorgeous Dramok she can’t avoid. She’d love to despise him, but her heart has other ideas.

Dramok Diltan sees the bawdy, unrefined Cissy as a thorn in his side. The last thing he needs is a woman who drives him crazy every time they meet. Yet the spark in her eyes kindles a fire he can’t ignore. His enthralled clanmates Wal and Rolat are determined to get the two to stop fighting, at least long enough to explore the possibility of making Cissy part of their clan. When they discover Diltan’s past misdeeds, Wal and Rolat issue an ultimatum: help them seduce the Earth woman or face punishment.

As Cissy and Clan Diltan discover each other’s true nature and love blooms, the long-hidden secrets of Kalquor’s leadership are revealed. An old conspiracy brought to light shatters Kalquor’s peace, driving the Empire apart ... and tearing Cissy from the arms of the three men she can no longer live without.

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Tasha Salter is caught in a quandary: she wants to fall in love, but past trauma keeps her from commitment. The only people she trusts are her family, especially in this time of treason against the Kalquorian Empire. When she and her three-year-old cousin are abducted by the revolt’s shadowy leader, matters of the heart no longer apply. She finds herself in a battle for their survival.

Clan Falinset left Kalquor in self-imposed exile when their parents’ illegal activities threatened their honor. Dramok Falinset, Imdiko Nur, and Nobek Wekniz only want to be left alone to live their quiet lives. Yet the drumbeat of war is sounding as traitorous forces prepare to attack Kalquor. Worse still, the revolt’s leader wants his son Falinset at his side … and refuses to take no for an answer.

A wild escape attempt throws Tasha and her young charge into the reluctant care of Clan Falinset. With betrayal in their past and war in their future, there is no reason to find love. Yet passion flares between those who should be enemies, leading Clan Falinset and Tasha to realize that they are not on opposite sides after all. Together they have the chance to heal.

Yet the sins of the fathers have come to rest on the shoulders of their sons. Falinset must make an impossible choice: bow to his father’s blackmail and turn traitor to the Empire or doom his clan by saving the young princess of Kalquor and the woman he’s fallen in love with.

Contains BDSM situations including bondage, D/s, and multiple partners.
Available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Also available in print.

Clan Piras has risked everything—and lost everything—to get close to Holy Leader Browning Copeland. Piras, Kila, and Lokmi are in a race against time to prevent Copeland and the Basma’s traitorous forces from destroying the Earther-Kalquorian colony of Haven. With the odds stacked against them, they have one shot at stopping utter annihilation.

Hope Nath has a mission of her own. Ending the Holy Leader’s campaign to ‘punish’ the Earthers living on Haven is only the tip of the iceberg. When Copeland’s vile attentions threaten Hope’s family, she’s willing to do anything to finish his brutal reign once and for all.

Discovering fellow spies in the enemy’s ranks gives Hope, Piras, Kila, and Lokmi a slim chance against the merged forces of Copeland and the Basma. Yet passion in the midst of war is as likely to rip the fragile alliance apart as bring them together. Hope and Clan Piras learn love has a high price, with thousands of innocent lives hanging in the balance.

Contains scenes of BDSM, domination and submission, bondage and multiple partners.

Clan Beginnings 

A series of prequels to the Clans of Kalquor series, as requested by the fans.  These are the stories of the how each clan of three men joined together before they met their Earther female mates.  

(Prequel to Clans of Kalquor 3:  Alien Conquest)

          First Officer Tranis has just joined the crew of a Kalquorian destroyer under the command of Captain Piras.  Starting a clan is not on the ambitious Tranis’ agenda; he is too busy building a career. Besides, the Nobek who captures his interest belongs to the captain.  And the one Imdiko he can’t stop thinking about is definitely not his type.  Still, he can’t help the instant attraction he feels for the pair.
          Weapons Commander Lidon feels his best days are behind him.  Damaged in battle, he knows he should accept his longtime Dramok lover’s offer to clan, but he just can’t bring himself to do so…not when Piras utterly rejects the Imdiko Lidon wants.  Now a new young Dramok has his attention, making Lidon wonder if there is something more to look forward to.  
          The ship’s head doctor questions his military career, wondering if he should resign and return home to Kalquor.  Hurt by what he’s seen, Degorsk hides behind an offbeat sense of humor that shocks and keeps his fellow crewmembers at an arms’ length – exactly where he wants them.  But one Nobek refuses to be so easily put off, and the new first officer is too much temptation to deny himself.  But to trust this pair with his heart?  Not in a million light years.
     As the trio is pulled together by attraction and pushed back apart by fear, an old enemy threatens the Kalquorian Empire.  With no choice but to rely on each other for survival, Tranis, Lidon, and Degorsk are forced to expose their greatest terrors to each other…and themselves.

BDSM, including punishment, anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, forced seduction, multiple sexual partners (m/m/m) and homoerotic situations (m/m/m).  

I loved the SciFi world building and the way the relationship develops. It is hard to write stories where there is more than the 1+1 = 2 formula but this one is just perfect. A great M/M/M SciFI!
 -AlexJouJou, Manic Readers

Available from Amazon Kindle, Amazon UK, Nook, and Smashwords

(Prequel to Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave)

The drug Delir is sweeping the Kalquorian Empire, leaving madness and death in its wake.  Investigator Dramok Gelan has already lost his enforcer partner in a deadly shootout because of the case.  With no clues or suspects, he despairs of putting an end to the epidemic.  Then a familiar face enters the picture:  new partner and former lover Nobek Wynhod.

Wynhod never forgot the Dramok he loved seven years ago, and his assignment as Gelan’s enforcer is no accident.  However, Delir doesn’t kill just its users; those who get in the way of its contagion die too.  With the addition of a savvy criminal psychologist and a lucky break, Gelan gets too close to the truth.

Imdiko Krijero is a brilliant psychologist with insight into the criminal mind.  Gelan and Wynhod pierce the man’s awkward facade to discover their perfect third ... but Krijero’s broken heart from a past affair keeps them at arm’s length.  Can the pair convince this reluctant partner to give love a second chance?  And can they save Krijero when Delir’s evil mastermind discovers the psych knows his identity?

This book is the prequel to Clans of Kalquor 5:  Alien Slave.

Contains elements of BDSM, including physical discipline, anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, forced seduction, multiple sexual partners and homoerotic situations (m/m/m). 

Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  Also in print.

(Prequel to Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace)

Dramok Rajhir has never had to go without. He’s been blessed with the best schooling, a prestigious pedigree, a fine home, plus all the intimate companionship a young Kalquorian male could ask for. But with status comes responsibility. His father insists Rajhir assume his place in Kalquorian society as soon as possible. Rajhir is determined to have some fun however, and all the machinations in the world won’t convince him to build his clan until he’s ready for it. He doesn’t count on true love walking into his office with a story of political intrigue that could put all of the Kalquorian Empire in jeopardy.

Imdiko Flencik is a brilliant young surgeon who stumbles upon a smuggling operation with far-reaching implications. Desperate to stop men willing to sell Kalquor’s future to an ancient enemy, he chances upon Rajhir, whose connections may mean the difference between life and death. It’s not just the Empire’s future that hangs in the balance, however. Flencik knows falling in love with this playboy Dramok could shatter his already bruised heart.

Nobek Breft is a young man still in training camp. He has no prestige and no future, yet his fierce personality yearns for the perfect clanmates to protect. When he meets Rajhir and Flencik, all he can think of is to prove himself worthy of their love. He will do anything to keep them safe ... a tall order he may not possess the skills to fulfill. Political enemies who have already killed once have set their sights on the men Breft would call clanmates.

Honor is the three men’s code, the thing they hold most dear. Yet when love and duty clash, they must decide if their loyalties lie first with the Kalquorian Empire or each other.

Adult content including BDSM situations.  

Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, and Smashwords.  Also available in print.

Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

As Crown Prince of the Kalquorian Empire, Dramok Clajak seems to have everything he could possibly want. He lives a life of carefree adventure, with scores of lovers to indulge himself with. Yet he still wishes for what he can’t have: the two men he loves above all others.

Imdiko Egilka has been promised as Clajak’s clanmate for 14 years. The prince is a duty to the elder Egilka, a boy he helped shepherd through his formative years. Yet the boy has become a man, one whose passion and penchant for trouble jolts the Imdiko from his quiet, studious life. Love becomes a possibility ... if Egilka can survive Clajak’s adventures.

Nobek Bevau is not the typical Kalquorian warrior. As a rare dual-breed, he knows Kalquor will never accept him as its eventual monarch. His only choice is to walk away from Clajak and Egilka, the two men who own his fierce but loving heart.

Life and love are a struggle, but real tragedy awaits the three men and the Kalquorian Empire. Unthinkable catastrophe will drive Clajak, Egilka, and Bevau together, forging an unbreakable bond ... or it will tear them apart and destroy the Empire’s leadership.

Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Smashwords, and in print.

Losing the one man he loved convinced Piras he would never have a chance at happiness. He is too different from the other members of the Dramok breed to attract a Nobek warrior and Imdiko nurturer to his clan. Unwilling to pretend to be someone he is not, he faces a lonely future.

Nobek destroyer captain Kila’s one night with Piras was a shocking revelation. Yet he can’t stop thinking of the temperamental Dramok admiral he has grown to respect. A dangerous mission in the midst of Kalquor’s civil war throws them together once more, and Kila must decide if Piras’s needs are an obstacle…or an incredible gift. Meanwhile, he has the added headache of an obstinate Imdiko chief engineer undermining his orders at every turn.

Lokmi’s dual breed designation of Imdiko and Dramok has caused him problems in work and personal relationships. While he coddles his ship’s engines, his need to control puts him at odds with commanding Dramoks and fierce Nobeks. Dealing with hothead Admiral Piras and overbearing Captain Kila is everything Lokmi hates…until he discovers his unique qualities fit their needs. Could it be that he isn’t fated to walk through life alone?

Three outsiders fight to save themselves, each other, and the Kalquorian Empire.

Contains BDSM situations.

Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Also in print

Other Clans of Kalquor Stories

The Earth/Kalquor War seems far away to Sister Katherine and the nuns of the convent on Europa.  That changes in an instant when an enemy spyship arrives and invades the tiny moon colony.  

Katherine’s world is torn apart when she learns she is to become the mate to a clan of three fierce Kalquorian men.  How can she save herself or the convent’s children from their conquerors when her body, heart, and soul cries out for the blasphemous touch of her captors?  How can it be that her peoples’ sworn enemy is her only chance for true salvation?

Sister Katherine is a companion story to the bestselling Alien Conquest, Clans of Kalquor Book 3.

Mild BDSM, including captive sex/forced seduction, anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, and multiple sexual partners (m/f/m/m).  

Now available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  Also in print.

Michaela Blake has lived with a secret her whole life. Born an intersex, she’s hidden in plain sight from Earth’s religious tyranny, posing as a male to avoid being discovered and executed. Now that she’s escaped to Plasius, she is free to explore the other side of the intersex coin and be the woman she’s always felt she is.

Being both genders has left its scars on Michaela, however. She cannot imagine any man loving her ... never mind a Kalquorian clan made up of three men. Yet joining a clan is her only hope for salvation, her only sure way to escape Earth’s judgment.

Korkla, Govi, and Raxstad can’t believe their luck. They’ve been given the opportunity to court the rarest being in the known universe by the Crown Princes of Kalquor. However, to win the captivating Michaela, they must first get past her despair and self-doubt ... not to mention a jealous ex-girlfriend and murderous kidnappers. Still, saving the intersex Earther from others is not half as daunting as saving her from herself.

Please note: this story contains graphic depictions of men loving men and men loving an intersex (male/female) individual. Elements of BDSM, including discipline and bondage, are included.

This is a companion story to Clans of Kalquor 2: Alien Rule.

Now available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and in print.


  1. Hi Tracy, just had to let you know I love ALL of the Kalqour books. I must admit it is hard to choose a favourite. There is only one problem. I have this 'issue' that every time you bring out a new book in the series, I just HAVE to re-read all the earlier books in the series. Not because I can't remember them, but it just doesn't seem right not to!!! It's not often I come across many writers that I feel the need to do this. Keep up the good work, BUT, can you write faster please, A LOT FASTER!!!!! Lol
    Your imagination shows no bounds!! Very impressive.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    1. Thanks for all the kind words! I'm glad you enjoy Kalquor so much. I wish I could write faster, but there are only so many hours in the day, lol. Take care and thank you again for all the wonderful comments.

  2. Hi
    I love the Kalquor series and ready for the next one.
    But I was wondering if you planned to but them out in audiobooks?

    1. Hi! I signed audiobook rights over to a publisher early this year. It will be up to them if the series is put out in audiobooks. I will be happy to tell them about the demand for audiobooks, which has been steadily growing. Keep your fingers crossed. :D

  3. Do you think you will be doing anymore short stories like Alien Interludes to show us how some of the characters are doing like how is Sister Katherine doing and my favorite characters Iris and Thomas and Tasha is she happy is she going to have a baby thank you for so many amazing characters I love them all

    1. Hi Dawn. No short story collection is planned at this time. My writing schedule is full for quite a while. That's not to say it will never happen...just not in the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading!

  4. I was wondering if you planed to do a clan beings book for Korka, Govi and Raxstad ? Also Conyrad, Erybet and Sletran i loved both this books are wanted to know more about them thank you for the great books 📚

    1. Eventually. Again, crammed schedule is slowing me up from getting to those quickly. But yes, I want those guys to have their Clan Beginnings. :D