Monday, June 12, 2017

Countdown to Alien Revolt

              Hope rose in the morning, feeling like the universe had undergone some fundamental change. All her activities were as mundane as ever. She showered. She dressed. She stripped her bed linens to have them laundered and was grateful the system to do so was mechanized. Heaven help her if anyone suspected what she’d done. Lokmi’s scent seemed to permeate the room: the linens, the bed, the air itself. Hell, she thought she could detect Lokmi’s spicy sex scent all over her even after soaping and shampooing twice.
              She was in shock. She’d had sex. With a Kalquorian, no less. What had seemed so natural and good the night before had turned into the unfathomable. She struggled to come to terms with her actions.
              Hope had given up all control. She’d let Lokmi do all he’d wished. She reveled in her lack of power in the situation. It made no sense she’d like such things.
              I’ve never been a pushover. I’ve always been strong. Why did I give in like I did? Why did it feel so good to let him have authority over me?
              The confusion grew as her body reacted to the memory of what they’d done. Her pussy clenched. It became wet and warm as she remembered him pinning her down, of him confronting her about her reaction to pain, of his suggestion she might enjoy a spanking.
              A spanking, of all things!
              I shouldn’t have wanted it. Any of it. And yet I did. I still do.
              Strangest of all was how surrendering herself to Lokmi had felt inexplicably safe. Where was the bizarre sense of security coming from?
              She jumped as a knock sounded on her door. Her father called, “Hope, is everything okay? You’re going to be late for your shift.”
              She realized she’d been standing in the middle of her room, twisting her sheets in her fists. She hurried to the laundry intake slot in the wall. “Yeah, I’m almost ready. Thanks, Dad.”
              Hope needed to focus. She needed to get through the day with a clear mind. She firmly told herself she would concentrate on her work, then on her family when she returned to quarters. Maybe later, when she was alone again, she would let herself think about Lokmi. About how good his hands and mouth felt on her. About how right it felt to give herself to him. To open herself and let him make love to her.
              I shouldn’t, though. I’m never going to forget it, but I should try to put it at the back of my mind and not deliberately remember what it was like to have him moving inside me, making me feel like nothing else in the universe mattered.
              Hope snorted at herself. She already knew not contemplating sex with the magnificent Kalquorian would be like telling her heart not to beat.

Releasing Friday

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