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Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown Releasing September 18

Coming September 18.

Playboy prince. Aloof scientist. Peaceful warrior. Three men find love that could save or destroy the Kalquorian Empire.

As Crown Prince of the Kalquorian Empire, Dramok Clajak seems to have everything he could possibly want. He lives a life of carefree adventure, with scores of lovers to indulge himself with. Yet he wishes for what he can’t have: the two men he loves above all others.

Imdiko Egilka has been promised as Clajak’s clanmate for 14 years. The prince is a duty to the elder Egilka, a boy he helped shepherd through his formative years. Yet the boy has become a man, one whose passion and penchant for trouble jolts the Imdiko from his quiet, studious life. Love becomes a possibility ... if Egilka can survive Clajak’s adventures.

Nobek Bevau is not the typical Kalquorian warrior. As a rare dual-breed, he knows Kalquor will never accept him as its eventual monarch. His only choice is to walk away from Clajak and Egilka, the two men who own his fierce but loving heart.

Life and love are a struggle, but real tragedy awaits the three men and the Kalquorian Empire. Unthinkable catastrophe will drive Clajak, Egilka, and Bevau together, forging an unbreakable bond ... or it will tear them apart and destroy the Empire’s leadership.

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Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

Jol spat out a few words in Kalquorian as she whipped her tongue all over him.  She couldn’t see him, but she sensed his body thrumming with tension.

“That good, huh?” Ospar said.  “No, don’t tell me.  I’m looking forward to finding out for myself.”

Jol’s cock was huge, and he was reaching close to Iris’ limit.  She jerked against his grip on her head.
“All right, my beauty.  No farther.”

The men held still, imbedded in her body.  Iris lay very still, enjoying the possession and scarcely believing she had three men inside her at once.  

Ospar said, “Rivek, I’m afraid you’re going to have to the work for both of us.  I don’t have much range of movement.”

“That is not a problem, my Dramok.  Are you ready?”

He chuckled.  “Unfortunately, too ready.  Be gentle with us, my Imdiko.”

Rivek snorted.  His hands closed on Iris’ hips.  Holding her, he drew outward. His larger cock slid through her hands.

Jol also moved back, emptying her mouth of everything but the very tip of him.  He stopped at the same moment as Rivek.

As one, they re-entered.  As the Imdiko pressed forward, he moved Iris with him, making Ospar draw out of her sex.  The sensation of one man’s retreat as the other filled her was heady, putting pressure on her interior hot spot.  At the same time, her clit ground against Ospar’s groin.  Iris cried out against the cock pushing into her mouth.

Jol and Rivek kept rhythm with each other, the Imdiko moving Iris so that Ospar slid delightfully through her pussy.  She quickly lost all ability to think coherently.  All she knew was the scent of Jol’s lubrication, the flavor of his arousal, the fullness coming from the other two as they traded penetration.  Her ears were filled with gasps, moans, grunts, flesh striking flesh, the slick sound of damp body parts forging together over and over.  More than anything was the feel of the three men on, beneath, and within her body.  

Heavy heat in her belly.  Coils of pleasure twisting within that heaviness.  Ribbons of acute bliss unfurling up her spine.  Grinding ecstasy burrowing deep in her ass.  Mini detonations of ecstasy from her clit.  The thrilling sensations grew with every thrust into her rioting body until they merged into one great expression of raw glory.

Gathering brightness warned Iris she was closing in on climax.  The men were moving faster, becoming more demanding, feeding the growing brilliance beginning its slow expansion in her womb.  She was seconds from detonation.

Jol’s rhythm stuttered.  His fingers clenched in her hair, and his breath caught.  He thrust and stilled for a moment.  Then he jerked back and thrust deeper into her mouth, nearly choking her. He issued a long groan.

Spicy-sweet-salty fluid burst from him, filling her mouth and flowing down her throat in a wash of thick heat.  Iris swallowed reflexively.  She realized what she’d done the next moment.  It was not something she’d ever done before, not even with Conrad.

Her sex contracted in a tight fist.  An instant later, orgasm billowed through her belly, igniting her with such strength that she felt it in her toes and skull.  She screamed around Jol’s still pulsing cock as the pressure released in a cataclysmic rush.

Ospar’s belly smacked against hers as he arched beneath her, his howl joining her cries.  Then Rivek joined them in their ecstasy, thick ropes of semen streaming across her back as he shoved his primary cock into her tight grip, his grunts bestial as he gave himself over to pleasure.

They rutted like animals until the last pulse of climax ended.  Gasps filled the air.  Jol and Rivek pulled free of Iris, and she heard and felt their big bodies crashing to the sleeping mat on either side.  Her lax body rode the swells of Ospar’s breathing.

Available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and All Romance.  Also in print.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                 He looked at the smirking Nobek. Bevau stood still, but he thrummed with energy. Clajak knew taking such a man down would be a profound achievement. He needed time to figure this out.
                Stalling so he could do just that, Clajak said, “Hmm. I’m not sure you have a valid point, my Imdiko. Tell me, Bevau, what is the protocol for obeying dissenting orders from two princes?”
                Bevau cocked his head to consider the question. “I would have to make a judgment call and serve the one I believe to be the most entitled. That would be based on the situation, not privilege of birth, by the way.” He gave Clajak a narrow gaze.
                A curl of excitement and dismay swirled in Clajak’s gut. The Nobek had identified Clajak as the greater physical threat of the two royals. Of course the warrior would want to overcome that first, rather than the more intellectual Egilka.
                Clajak needed to think faster. If he didn’t come up with some ruse that would outsmart Bevau, the Nobek would get him in a compromising position. No doubt the prince’s rogue of an Imdiko would be more than happy to go along with that, hoping to get an opportunity to top as well.
                Keeping his tone unconcerned, Clajak asked, “Are you saying that I would be in the wrong?”
                Egilka’s eyes danced with merriment. He could tell which way the wind was blowing too. “You, wrong? Perish the thought.”
                A frontal attack on Bevau was out. A trained soldier, a high commander of the ground forces no less, the man would have Clajak on his belly and a cock up his ass before the Dramok could land the first blow.
                Still stalling for time and knowing he was running out of that commodity, Clajak dropped onto a seating cushion. Playing nonchalant, he eyed his companions. There was no denying the predatory glint in both sets of eyes that trained on him. Clajak’s nervous excitement edged up another notch.
                He confronted the situation head-on. “Ganging up on me, I see. And here I was thinking of pleasant ways to while away the time until we can venture back outside.”
                Egilka shot Bevau a conspiratorial grin. “That’s pretty much all he ever thinks about.”
                “So I’ve heard. Such things have their time and place.” The Nobek looked about the shelter. There wasn’t much to look at. “With this being a new facility, no one has thought to put distractions in here. With nothing else to do, this place will surely see its share of such activities. We have the time. And I have the inclination.”
                Bevau’s gaze fell on Clajak again. His eyes had gone dark, and the look on his face had turned pure, hungry Nobek. Clajak thought maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea for him to put himself on the floor, where he could easily be pinned down. Yet he thought if he tried to rise now, Bevau would be on him like a ravening zibger.
                Egilka didn’t make the situation any better. Even the gentlest Imdikos could sense when prey was ready to be taken. “You should know that Clajak is heavily afflicted with the Dramok’s curse.”
                Bevau grinned. His fang peeked out. “He has to run the show, huh?”
                Egilka sighed. “Unfortunately. I’ve found it takes a great deal of craft to put him on the bottom.”
                The game was coming to a close, and Clajak was on the losing side. He sat straight up, his eyes narrowing at his clanmate. “All right, Imdiko, I know what you’re playing at. Don’t even think about it.”
                Egilka ignored him, speaking familiarly to Bevau. “That means you’ll have to make that judgment you referred to earlier. Who would you obey in this situation?”
                Bevau’s grin was pure deviltry. Clajak knew the last play was at hand, but he didn’t have a decent move left to him ... if he’d ever had one at all. With no strategy making itself known to him, instinct took over. He tried to get to his feet.
                An instant later he was flat on his back, lying on the long seating cushion. Bevau was on top of him, holding him down, his rigid erections pressing against Clajak’s.

Releasing September 2015