Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

 Michaela had no idea what she was about to say, because the knowledge of what had happened in the garden hit her full force.  She slapped her hands over her face, hiding from the clan. 

“Oh shit.  Shit, shit, shit, shit.  Shit!”

Raxstad’s deep chuckle rumbled delightfully through her ears, but Michaela couldn’t bear to look at him.  However Govi wouldn’t let her avoid them for long.  He tugged at her wrists.

“It’s all right, Michaela.  Look at me so you can see it’s all right.”

She mumbled against her palms, “You saw me.  You saw everything.”

Korkla said, “Yes, we did.  We saw just how exquisite you are.”

Michaela peeked at him between her fingers.  “Who are you trying to kid?  I know what I look like.  I’m a freak.”

Anger shadowed Korkla and Raxstad’s expressions.  Govi’s mood turned sad.

Korkla said, “I believe I have asked you not to use that word when referring to yourself.  Now I will insist on it.”

Govi added, “You are not a freak, Michaela, no matter what you’ve been taught to believe.”

“You’re perfect.  Too perfect to be limited to male or female.  That’s why you’re both,” Raxstad insisted.

His clanmates looked at him, their expressions surprised.  A smile lit Korkla’s face.

The Dramok told Michaela, “When someone as straightforward as Raxstad gets philosophical, you need to listen, my lovely Michaela.”  He sighed.  “I am so sorry we took you out there where you had no control.  I apologize that things happened you were not ready for yet.  Please forgive us.”

Michaela finally lowered her hands, blinking at him in surprise.  Korkla was apologizing for her going nymphomaniac on them?

“It wasn’t your fault.  Jeez, what a mess,” she said.

She looked at them.  They looked at her.  Everyone was watchful and tense.  No one seemed quite sure what to say at that point.

The pregnant silence weighed on her.  Michaela asked, “So.  Now what?”

Raxstad’s tone was hopeful.  “Lunch?”

Everyone looked at him.  The Nobek returned their startled stares.  “What?  I’m getting hungry.”

Michaela’s tension eased.  She fled into the humor of Raxstad’s answer, a smile spreading over her face.  “I do appreciate a simple solution.”

Govi and Korkla chuckled, relieving more of the strained tenor of the moment.  Govi asked, “Shall I call the kitchen and find out what they have?”

Korkla nodded, still snickering.  “Please.  And order the Nobek a double serving.  If he’s thinking with his stomach at a time like this, then we should take it very seriously.”

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Video Blog and Clan, Honor, and Empire News

I have made another name pronunciation video covering the clans of Alien Rule this week.  Stop by YouTube and watch it here.

The book that does not wish to be published is being thwarted in its plan to drive us all insane.  The cover editor has begun the artwork and the editor is battling with my errors on Clan, Honor, and Empire.  Clan Rajhir’s story is being brought to heel.  Hopefully I will be able to give you a release date sometime this week.  Keep those fingers crossed!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire

                As he neared the home’s entrance, Rajhir called out in a forbidding tone.  “Who is it?”
                “Nobek Breft calling for Imdiko Flencik.”
                Rajhir turned his head to stare at Flencik.  For his part, the Imdiko looked at the door, still closed, his mouth dropping open in confusion.  Breft was here?
                In a low voice, Rajhir asked, “Who the hell is Nobek Breft?”
                Flencik blinked, still staring at the door as if he could see through it to the trainee he’d met earlier that day.  He stepped forward to his Dramok’s side.  “He’s a youngling I treated at the training camp today.”  Flencik raised his voice to trigger the door.  “Enter.”
                The door opened to reveal Breft standing there, a mischievous smile lighting up his healed and exceptionally handsome face.  With some pride, Flencik noted the well-shaped cheekbones and lack of bruising on the feral features.  He felt something else too, brought on by Breft’s strong jaw, plump lips, and eyes that seemed to be permanently heavy-lidded with anticipation.  The Nobek might have been a bit short with a wild cast to his features, but Breft’s looks were made for erotic dreams.  His body, honed for speed rather than power, was a delight even encased in a snug brown formsuit.
                The Nobek’s smile, which promised naughtiness, disappeared so quickly that Flencik questioned it had ever been there.  Breft acknowledged Rajhir with a thoroughly respectful bow.
                Rajhir looked the trainee over and gave Flencik a narrow glance.  “A youngling, huh?  He’s not that young, my Imdiko.”  The suspicion in Rajhir’s tone was obvious.
                Breft stood ramrod straight before them.  “Greetings, Dramok.  I apologize for interrupting your evening.  Hi, Dr. Flencik.”
                The Imdiko told himself he was imagining the warmth in the Nobek’s voice.  “Hello, Breft.  What are you doing out of camp?  Don’t you have some sort of curfew?”
                “I suppose so.”  The young man shrugged dismissively, as if breaking the rules was not something he worried too much about.  He looked about the well-appointed greeting room with obvious appreciation.  In particular, his gaze lingered on the large, well-stocked bar at the other end of the room.  “Nice place you have.”
                “To what do we owe this pleasure, Nobek?”  With that severe tone, Rajhir sounded anything but pleased. 
                “I think this belongs to your Imdiko, Dramok.”  Breft dug into his waist pouch and withdrew a portable medical scanner.
                Flencik woofed out a sound of relief.  “By the ancestors, I’m glad you found that.  I wondered where it had got to.  I damned near tore apart my shuttle looking for it. 
                Breft grinned.  “Nobek Alc took it from your pouch when you weren’t looking.  I think he was hoping to pay you a visit later under the guise of returning it to you.  However, I nicked it from him when I got the opportunity.”
                Rajhir’s raised eyebrow made Flencik feel guilty though he’d done nothing wrong.  “Nobek Alc?”
                Breft handed the scanner over to the Imdiko.  “The guard assigned to keep me out of trouble while I was in the hospital.  He took a shine to your clanmate, Dramok.  I thought Dr. Flencik could do a lot better than the likes of him, so I took it upon myself to deny the meeting Alc was trying to arrange.  I assure you, Dr. Flencik did nothing to encourage his interest.”
                Flencik knew he was blushing.  He’d had no idea the grizzled Nobek had been attracted to him.  He’d been far too fascinated with his patient.  In a subdued tone, he said, “Thank you, Breft.”
                “Sure.  I also wanted to extend my appreciation once more for the fine care you gave me today.  Your work held up pretty well.  A couple of the bastards jumped me again.”
                “What?  Are you hurt?”  Flencik stepped up close to Breft, running the portable scanner over the young man to check on the injuries he’d repaired, particularly the ribs and arm.
                Breft chuckled.  “It’s just a few bruises.  I was able to defend myself pretty good, thanks to you fixing me up so well.  Those bastards will be spending the night in the hospital, though.”

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Video Blog and Update on Clan, Honor, and Empire

Hi all,

I have begun to record a video series on how to pronounce the names of aliens from the Clans of Kalquor series.  The first of these is now up on YouTube.  It covers the characters from Alien Embrace.  If you've always wondered how to pronounce the names and breeds of Clan Rajhir as well as their Plasian friends, go check it out at  More videos are soon to come.

I have hit a few unexpected snags with Clan Beginnings:  Clan, Honor, and Empire.  Both my cover artist and editor have been deluged with personal issues that have delayed them being able to work on the book.  I promise that as soon as I am able, I will have it out to you.  Unfortunately, life does not proceed down a smooth path, and one has to expect a few bumps in the road.  I will update you as soon as I can on the book's progress.  Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                At last the four women began to talk sense to each other, the first burst of exhilaration easing back enough to do so.  Jessica wasted no time in chortling and tugging on one of the belt loops of Cissy’s jeans.
                “There’s my rough and ready tomboy cousin!  You haven’t changed one bit, Cissy!”
                Cissy snorted, her face ready to split from its grin.  “Well, you have.  When did you get so fat and ugly?”
                Jessica shrieked with laughter.  The years since Cissy had last seen her cousin had actually agreed with her.  She was almost thirty now, and maturity, along with a few extra pounds, had softened her elfin features.  Jessica was still tiny, especially compared to the Kalquorians standing nearby,  but at least now she didn’t look like a breeze would blow her away.
                Elder sister Lindsey planted a kiss on Cissy’s cheek.  Bigger boned with classically lovely features, Lindsey looked almost exactly the same as when Cissy had last seen her.  “We’ve missed you two so much!” she exclaimed.  “I can hardly believe you’re here.”
                “Can I join in?” came a melodious and calm voice.
                Cissy and Tasha turned at once to see an older, shorter version of Jessica beaming at them.  “Auntie Tara!” they simultaneously cried.  They wrapped their father’s sister in a hug between them, kissing and exclaiming with abandon once again.
                When they’d calmed once more, Tara jerked her chin towards the three men coming towards them.  “Here are the emperors, whom I believe you’ve already met via vid communications.”
                One of the three emperors did not have the typical black hair of the Kalquorians.  Instead, his shoulder-length locks were the color of dark steel.  Cissy was amused to have an emperor bow before her and her sister before he shook a warning finger at them.
                Blue-robed Dramok Emperor Clajak gave them a mischievous grin.  The expression lit his broad, handsome face and crinkled the skin at the corners of his eyes.  “Don’t you dare bow to us, you two.  I am so glad you made it here safely, my cousins.  Welcome home.”
                The heart-stoppingly gorgeous Nobek Emperor Bevau also bowed to them, his red robes doing little to hide the equally perfect body beneath them.  “ And if half the stories Jessica and Lindsey tell us are true, the Empire will never be the same.”  His perfect features grew even more impossibly stunning as he grinned.
                His comment brought laughter from everyone, including the often aloof Imdiko Emperor Egilka.  As staid as the eldest member of the Imperial Clan often was, his smile was pure warmth as he added his welcome.  Cissy thought Egilka should smile more often.  It made his sharp features soften.
                Apparently, he was loosening up these days.  He even hugged the twins, wrapping them in the softness of his emerald green robes.  Leaner than his clanmates, Egilka’s body still felt like granite to Cissy.  Nice.  She had to remind herself not to grope her cousin’s Imdiko.

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