Friday, July 31, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

“Yes,” she moaned as the kiss ended.

“Yes,” he echoed and helped her to her knees.   He pulled her dress off over her head, leaving her naked before him.

His hands explored.  He thought how close he’d come to losing her sweet perfection, and the heat of his touch went to her very soul.  Naya moaned as his calloused fingers went everywhere, reassuring himself that she was indeed before him, in one piece.

Your mouth on me, his thoughts whispered, and she caught a vision of herself at his feet, her eyes rolled up to look at him as she gave him that pleasure.  It made her tremble to feel how he ached for the act.

Naya slid to the floor, kneeling before Elisha.  His lips parted in anticipation as she freed his cock from his pants.  It was heavy in her palm, iron sheathed in silk.  Her lower parts clenched at the heated way he gazed at her, at the eager need he felt.  

She started by licking his scrotum, then sucking the softer parts of him into her mouth.  He groaned at the heady warmth, the surge of purest pleasure making his loins feel weighted.  Naya felt it with him and was amazed to know how it was for a man when the woman he loved serviced him thus.  

She released him from the prison of her mouth, cupping his balls with her palm as she ran her tongue along the underside of his cock.  Elisha’s head fell back with reaction, and her pussy clenched as she received the echo of his delight.  She kissed the purplish head, his foreskin drawing back from the smooth surface as he swelled with excitement.  Naya parted her lips, taking the heated appendage in her mouth in a carnal kiss.

Warmth grew in their bellies, and Naya felt Elisha’s groan coming before he uttered it.  She’d never orally pleasured a man before, but the vampire’s mind told her what he liked best.  She gladly gave it to him.

She gripped the base of his cock with one hand, continuing to gently rub his scrotum with the other.  Opening wide, she took as much of him in her mouth as she could.  Elisha moaned again, his hands diving into her hair as she slowly drew back.  Her tongue rolled over the thick staff as she moved, sending jolts of delight through him.  She felt all of it with him, and her sex gushed warm juices to dampen her thighs.

Releasing until only the tip of him remained in her mouth, Naya tasted sweet saltiness.  Detecting how Elisha missed the wet warmth of containment, she didn’t pause long to enjoy his flavor.  She slid his length back in, rubbing her tongue all over for his pleasure.  

Over and over she accepted the steel of his need, the kaleidoscope of sensations and emotions Elisha experienced buffeting her, making her eager to pleasure him all the more.  She heard how he warred with himself; the urge to spill his seed in her sweet, suckling mouth battled with the knowledge of how good it felt to pierce her womanhood.  And he was curious to share her sensations as she had his.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

Using his greater weight and strength, Clajak pressed hard against Egilka, knocking the Imdiko over so that he sprawled flat against the padded floor. In an instant Clajak was on top of him, flinging the rug open and running his hands all over Egilka’s body. It took the Dramok no time to discover Egilka was hard.
                “Got you,” Clajak sneered, his hand rubbing the thickening bulge of Egilka’s crotch. The Imdiko cried out, arching and shoving his groin into the prince’s grip. A wash of lust took every thought of resisting away.
                Clajak rubbed the straining lengths fighting to get free of Egilka’s trousers. Egilka moaned, his hips rising and falling in tandem with the Dramok’s rhythmic massage. He grabbed onto the broad shoulders of the man who made him crazy in more ways than he could count.
                Clajak smiled down at him, too stunning to be denied, even if his hand hadn’t been driving Egilka into a frenzy. “So sweet, lovely Imdiko. Yes, you are sweet. And so very happy to have me touching you. That’s better. Much better.”
                Egilka knew he was lost. Clajak had him by the dicks, and not just in a literal fashion. No matter how much danger the man had put him in, how much more Clajak might continue to find, Egilka belonged to him. It was a realization that brought equal parts happiness and terror.
                The only thing the Imdiko could come up with to say about the matter was, “Asshole.”
                Clajak’s grin was as bright as if Egilka had proclaimed everlasting love. “Is that your offer? Because I’ll be happy to take it.”
                He squeezed Egilka’s cocks. The pressure was sheer heaven, and Egilka’s will crumbled to dust.
                He groaned, “You crazy, irresponsible, irredeemable jerk. Won’t someone save me from you?”
                Clajak laughed. “Come on, Egilka. Just say to hell with it and let me fuck you.”
                He gave another squeeze. Egilka felt molten pleasure surge and gave himself over. “Fine. To hell with it, you gorgeous shit.  Fuck me.”

Releasing November 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Rachel thought, I’m ready for it all right.  Crammed gloriously, if somewhat painfully full of Kalquorians, she’d never known such an amazing sense of completion.  The thought of what it would be like to have Conyod here as well, his forward cock shoved down her throat, made her writhe.  It would happen.  It had to.

“Easy, Ray-Ray.”  Erybet gasped for breath.

He moved, slipping out of her until only the tip of him remained in her slick grasp.  Then the Dramok thrust in.  As he did so, plunging deep, Sletran slid all but the smallest bit of himself loose.  The friction of the two men moving inside her, going in opposite directions, was intense.  Then Erybet was withdrawing and Sletran was re-entering.  The ache was diminishing, getting lost in the powerful surge of desire.  All Rachel could do was hold onto the wide shoulders before her as they plunged into her in turns, thrusting harder and harder as her cries urged them on.  The tightness of having two men inside her at once meant heavy pressure on every little sensitive nerve.  She was swamped with carnal ecstasy, her body swelling with awesome need.  The cocks shoved deep inside, claiming her over and over.  She sobbed with the glorious feel of the flesh surrounding and invading her.

Sletran’s voice in her ear was a primal growl.  “You must climax, my lovely warrior.  I cannot hold off much longer.”

“I have her.  Bring her now,” Erybet gasped.  His hands tightened on her waist.

Sletran released the grip he had on one of her buttocks.  His fingers reached between her legs, where Erybet’s cock dove in and out of her pussy faster and harder than ever.  The Nobek found her clit.  He pinched.

Rachel’s entire lower body seized as heat and force blasted through her.  She shrieked at the ceiling as huge washes of release burst through.  Her body twisted and fought the monstrous force having its way with her but was unable to move very much for the two blocks of Kalquorian stone that trapped her.  Gorgeous crescendo sizzled all the way up her spine, forcing itself out through screams that tore from her throat.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Hearing his father’s name made Egilka scowl. Suddenly he didn’t want to kiss Clajak. Not as much, anyway.
                The prince grinned. “What I wouldn’t have given to have heard that announcement. ‘My father, do you remember a certain Nobek emperor who once courted you as a possible clanmate? The one who if Tidro hadn’t been so much more to his liking, would have made you an emperor yourself?  Well, I’m now betrothed to his son. I’ll be emperor in the distant future instead of you.’ As if Wej wasn’t already eaten up with envy over your research being so far beyond his work.”
                Egilka said, “I’m glad my family issues are fun for you to envision, Clajak.”
                “My Imdiko, that man has always competed with you and every other person he’s ever come across. It’s only his status, breed, and rank that managed to get anyone to clan him. I know you have little loyalty to Wej, because he inspires none.”
                It was true. While Egilka had respect for his father’s work – despite Clajak’s insult, Wej was a brilliant scientist – the man was torment to be around. He even kept a home separate from the rest of Egilka’s parent clan.
                “My father Wej is difficult,” Egilka acknowledged. “And yes, when he found out I was to be clanned to you, the anger was ... extreme.”
                Even leaving it to his other fathers and mother to tell him of the eventual clanning hadn’t cushioned much of Wej’s fury when he found out Egilka was to join the Crown Prince Clan. The elder Imdiko had been beside himself in a jealous rage.
                “I don’t think he gave a damn about being Yuder and Zarl’s Imdiko really, or even about being emperor someday. I think it just pissed him off that I would outrank him,” Egilka mused. That the announcement had come so soon after Egilka had won the top award in research science over four other nominees – one of whom had been Wej – had only fueled his father’s jealousy.
                “And now he stays in his laboratory, terrorizing his research team and keeping the rest of the world at bay,” Clajak said. “A lonely man without a friend in the world. That's your future if you don’t loosen up, Egilka.”
                The Imdiko gave Clajak a dark look. “I am nothing like Wej, not even remotely. Fuck you.”

Releasing mid-December 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

Shalia's Diary on Hiatus

We've reached the end of another storyline. Shalia's Diary will resume August 10.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

I rolled my streaming eyes up to look at his face. His lips were parted, the tip of his tongue peeking out to wet them. The chocolate brown of his irises were nearly lost in the dilation of his pupils, making his eyes almost vampire black. His expression was pure Dominant, the look of a man viewing what he feels rightly belongs to him. I creamed under that steady gaze. I was his to protect or punish. My whole being warmed in the rightness of it.

Dan continued to enjoy my mouth and throat, sliding hard and fast into their warmth then moving slowly back out. He rubbed the underside of his cock against my tongue, groaning softly against the velvet feel of me. Every now and again I was rewarded with the sweet-saltiness of pre-cum.

The determined way he mouth-effed me took me out of my head, out of the reality that had become so fraught with sadness. There was only the silken steel of his cock working in and out of my mouth, the strength of his hands around my face, the heat of my avid pussy, and the slippery juices trailing the insides of my thighs. My guts curled in on themselves to be at my Dom's questionable mercies, making me whimper with arousal.

I almost cried from want when he pulled completely free of me. But his next words made everything below tighten in anticipation. "Now for that pussy."

He picked me up and re-positioned me so that I sat on the seat, splaying my legs wide and propping my feet up on the divider between the front and back areas of the car.  Still in uniform, Officer Dan materialized between my wide-apart legs. Without preamble, he crouched over me, yanked my crotch close, and shoved his way in.

"Good wet pussy," he grunted, filling me hard and fast. I cried out with the force of it as the broad head of his cock ground deep inside.  He pounded me without mercy. My breasts bounced up and down with the power of his taking, our loins cracking like whips when they met each other. He grabbed my hips to make me take him even harder. It hurt to be thrust into so hard, but it was a hot, sweet hurt that made my insides clench.

He felt my passage squeeze down on him. "That's it. Come for me. Come now!" he shouted in my face.