Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction (WIP)


I’d had enough conversation. “How about putting the you into me?”

He snorted. “Do you call that a seduction?”

I grinned. Despite the nonchalant attitude he gave me, I felt Dan’s avid interest twitching under my pussy. 

I slid down his legs to end up kneeling on the floor. “No, I call this a seduction.”

With that, I wished my dress away. I spread my folded legs wide, exposing my pussy. At the same time, I laced my fingers behind my neck and held my elbows out, my shoulders pulled back to lift my breasts like an offering. I cast my eyes to the floor between Dan’s feet.

“How may I serve you, Sir?” I asked in my most submissive tone.

Dan’s happy sigh warmed me from head to toe. Other things warmed when I saw him opening his fly. I kept my gaze glued to the floor, but my peripheral vision didn’t miss the mouthwatering vision of hard and ready cock bobbing free.

“Hands behind your back. Put that pretty mouth to work, little girl,” came the husky voice of my master.

We are ghosts, but our memories hold everything we need to make good stuff happen. I was delighted to see a pearlescent drop had already formed on the tip of Dan’s shaft. I licked salty, musky goodness, moaning my pleasure at the gift. 

I licked all over the velvety smooth head of him, tracing dips and ridges with the tip of my tongue. Heavens, he tasted delicious. One of his hands buried in my hair, clutching a fistful and holding it tight. I creamed to feel his control over me. 

“Kiss the head of my cock, baby girl. Kiss it like a good little subbie.”

I obeyed, my lips closing over livid, pulsing flesh. When things get good, we remember things like heartbeats and breathing. It’s close to having a body again. Not perfectly so, but near enough to count.

I ran my tongue over and over his silky cockhead, sucking it into my mouth like a lollipop. His hold on my hair tightened. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming and I readied for it.

Sure enough, Dan pressed my face down, making me take his full length into my mouth and down my throat. One of the great things about sex after death is that we don’t need to breathe. Dan could have pounded my face all day long and it wouldn’t have bothered me. However my big sexy Sir likes things a little noisy and forceful. So I obliged him.

I gagged and struggled against his hold on me. He held me down, keeping himself embedded until he pulled me off with a satisfied grunt. I rolled streaming eyes up to see him looking very lord and master. Ah, how I love that look of power he gets. It’s so exciting. I could feel juices running down my inner thighs as I responded to his strength.

He pushed me down slowly while simultaneously raising his hips. He didn’t make me take so much that time or the next. But the third time, my face met his pelvis.

“That’s right, baby girl. Take it all. Take every last bit of Sir’s cock.”

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction


Wendy’s voice bordered on desperation. “Ms. Payson, I really need to ask you to wait.”

I was still in control, but I decided there was a point to make. When I turned to her again, I let go of the glamour masking my fangs and red eyes.

“Do you see any Blood Potion in my hand? No, you don’t. And there are a lot of warm, tasty bodies in this room right now. Get out of my way.”

A deep, smooth voice rolled over us. “Hello, Brandilynn. Did you need to see me?”

I straightened and put the glamour back in place before turning around to face Tristan Keith, the owner of that voice.

He stood at the edge of the bandstand, looking down at us. He wore a business suit that was thoroughly modern, but there was no mistaking he’d come from an earlier time. In fact, Tristan might have walked the floors of the King George in its heyday. He might have danced with flappers in this very ballroom for all I knew.

Gerald stood nearby, his gaze on Tristan saying he was less than pleased with his boss. And our resident psychic Lana looked kind of angry too. That’s saying something, because Lana is as bubbly as they come. She almost never gets mad.

Gerald and Lana are my friends. Maybe Tristan treating me like a pariah was what got on their nerves. At the moment, that was neither here nor there. I had come for answers to other questions, and I was by thunder going to get them.

I gave Tristan the most pleasant look I could dredge up. Look at me, being polite and reasonable. “Why yes, Tristan. I do need to see you, right away.”

Without sparing the hapless Wendy another glance, I mounted the steps to the stage and stood looking at Tristan. Had there not been so much angst between us, the view would have been delightful. Black onyx eyes. Even blacker hair, cut in the fashion of the 1920’s when he’d last drawn a human breath. Classically cut features, giving him a beauty that his pale skin rendered an enthralling starkness to. He was not outdoorsy-masculine like Dan, but more like dapper Errol Flynn masculine. He could have worn (and has worn) a tuxedo as effortlessly as most men wear jeans.

I swallowed hard. It sucks to find Tristan compelling still. When I look at him, even when he’s vampire hard and smells of a dried husk of something long withered, I somehow can’t believe we’re over. My very being cries out against it.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown (M/M)

Egilka grinned, and then his face softened once more. “Aw fuck, you feel good, Clajak. So hot and tight around me.”

He didn’t lower himself so much as collapse on top of the Dramok. He seized Clajak’s mouth in a hungry kiss. Clajak reciprocated, demanding some measure of control.

His body blanketing the prince’s, Egilka see-sawed his hips, filling and emptying Clajak. His cock rubbed endless friction against that sensitive spot, driving the Dramok insane with need. The motion moved his lower belly against Clajak’s cocks, making him even crazier. He growled and nipped Egilka’s lips, desperate for release. Egilka clung tighter, riding him with a pace that grew more frenzied by the moment.

Their bodies dampened with sweat as they bucked against one another. Clajak couldn’t separate his thundering heartbeat from the pounding of Egilka’s breast. They gasped and snarled into each other’s mouths. Egilka’s fingers dragged down the prince’s ribcage, his nails scraping fiery trails. The hurt fed into the violent passion that left Clajak yelling with agonized ecstasy.

Egilka jerked up, his shaking arms barely able to hold him over Clajak as he hammered into his ass like a man possessed. The hard, rapid use swelled the ball of pressure held back by the cockring. Clajak screamed at the Imdiko, his fangs unhinged, his mind uncoupling from all sense. He had to come. Right. The. Fuck. Now.

Egilka’s strained shriek rose over the prince’s as his body went rigid. Veins popped out all over the long, lithe muscles that made up his graceful form. Then came the gentle pulse of release, a slow throb in Clajak’s passage and a flood of warmth filling him.

His breath sobbing, Egilka’s shaking hand tugged at the ring damming Clajak. Its tight grip resisted the trembling Imdiko for a moment, and Clajak screamed frustration again. Then it pulled loose, sliding over the slick member, setting him free.

Egilka didn’t need to touch him again. All at once, the hard ball between Clajak’s cocks let loose. His secondary cock gave a shuddering throb. Fire lanced up his primary prick, a blinding stream of painful elation that erupted in thick jets. Clajak howled as surge after surge tore free, splattering his and Egilka’s torsos and even the Imdiko’s face. Spasms wracked the Dramok’s entire body, as if his innards were ripping themselves apart to release the pent-up fluids that shot forth.

Egilka uttered a last wrenching groan and collapsed over Clajak again. Clajak grunted, his groin still seizing, still fighting to expel every last drop of seed in him. It felt as if his cocks pumped forever before the spasms eased. He lay panting under the warm sprawl of his long-awaited lover. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

I made myself businesslike. “What do you want Tristan to know?”

“A number of shifters have gone missing in the last four months. Gone without a trace.”

“No sign of hide nor hair?” My quip fell flat judging from Levi’s grim expression. I sighed. “Levi, you of all people know how marginalized the weres are. You live it every day. All it takes is a scratch and some human gets Zoo Flu. Then they’re dead or furry. The majority of the time, they get ostracized. Since when is it anything new for shifters to drop out of society?”

He folded big, mouth-watering arms over his chest. “When they’re family people with steady jobs. I’m not talking about new shifters. I’m not telling you about the poor bastards who end up homeless and dumpster diving for their meals. Hell, two of my best instructors at the academy have vanished. Missing persons reports have been filed by wives and parents.”

Okay, this was serious. “How many shifters are we talking about?”

“Eight total, which I know doesn’t sound like many—” 

My mouth dropped open. “But in four months’ time, it is a lot. I see what you mean. Tristan won’t see you?” 

Tristan employed a ton of people, all paras. If shifters were going missing, he would know. He had to know.

Levi rubbed the back of his neck, his expression frustrated. “When I’ve tried to set up appointments with him, his aide reminds me that he’s the head of a vampire clutch, not the alpha of a pack. I remind her that since I’m the only werewolf around for miles, he couldn’t be alpha anyway. I finally showed up at the King George, hoping to catch our would-be member of the state legislature and force him to talk to me. He may not be a shifter, but he’s a para and he keeps up with everything in this town. Surely he’s noticed something by now.”

“If he has, I’m probably the last person he’d discuss it with.”

“I guess seeing his sister’s body roaming around with someone else in it is screwing with him, huh?”

A spark of anger came and went, leaving depression in its wake. “He tried. He really did, but he and Patricia were too close. He can’t even tolerate being in the same room with me these days.”

Once upon a time, Tristan and I had been in love. We’d been in an uncomfortable triangle, he, Dan, and me. I’d been ready to give up Dan for Tristan when I’d been pulled into this weird half-time life in Patricia Keith’s body.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

Cissy’s body was a maelstrom of sensation. Diltan’s mouth and hands delivered equal measures of torment and delight. Zings of pain from his careful biting mixed in a hectic, mind-stealing brew with the pleasure of his mouth suckling her breast. His fingers rubbed the outsides of her nether lips, creating amazing friction on the sensitive flesh. A calloused thumb brushed her clit, sending jolts through the erect nubbin.

All that excitement was made more poignant by the fact she could not deny the Dramok’s attentions. Bound, brought under the Kalquorians’ control, Cissy had no defense against the luscious assault. It made her head swim. She couldn’t think coherently, not with such exacting delights pouring through her body.

No one had made her feel so vulnerable ... so intensely excited. The realization was a dim whisper in the back of her mind, barely noticed in the cacophony of sensual chaos.

A weight settled on the top of her head, pulling it back to lean against Rolat’s shoulder. Cissy looked into the deep blue-purple of Imdiko Wal’s eyes. His gaze was sharp, unsettling against his tranquil face. He smiled, transforming those unremarkable features into something breathtaking yet again.

“Lost in the thrill of my Dramok’s touch, are you? I know the feeling well. I’d like to make you drown in those sensations.”

With that, his face drifted close. Wal filled Cissy’s gaze, that handsome visage blurring as his breath wafted over her lips. His mouth settled against hers. Instinct parted her lips. Coarse velvet warmth invaded. The Imdiko tasted her, his tongue sliding sweet and sure against Cissy’s. She moaned a welcome.

A rough voice murmured in her ear. “You are so lovely, giving yourself this way. Not that you have a choice though, right?” The chuckle vibrated in her ear, seeming to ripple down her spine. “No, we claim this wondrous body. You will give us all we desire.”

Rolat’s confident words etched themselves on Cissy’s mind. Hearing him assert entitlement to her left her weak and shaking in their grip.

Wal drew back at the same time Diltan released her breast. She opened her eyes. The three men watched her, looking at her face.

Through the fog of arousal, Cissy realized how exposed she was to them. She was naked. Wal had placed her bound wrists behind Rolat’s neck. The Nobek held her legs wide, displaying her sex for them all to see. Even her clit was blatant, having come out red and swollen from behind its hood at Diltan’s prodding.

Being bared to them made Cissy’s will dissolve even further. Captive to their desires, vulnerable to their whims ... her snared limbs trembled with weakness. 

“So, the woman with the spirit of a wild zibger becomes a trembling girl when faced with real men,” Diltan breathed. “I am surprised. And gratified. How lovely that I can be strong for you instead of forcing you to allow me to be so.”

His words were so much noise to Cissy. All she understood was that she was helpless against these men, that she found the vulnerability exciting, and that they were drawing out the anticipation of what they would do to her next.

“Deny us nothing, precious,” the Dramok said. “Bend yourself to us for this night. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”

Two of his fingers, which had teased her pussy lips and clit all this time, dove inside Cissy. Diltan shoved them all the way into her core. Brutal need rose up hard and fierce. She shouted and jerked at the sudden impaling.

“Hungry little pussy,” the Kalquorian crooned, shoving in and out with amazing friction. “Pretty pussy wants to come again.”

His thumb drew circles around Cissy’s clit. She sobbed and shoved towards his hand. Ravening need eclipsed the little bit of awareness she’d held. There was only the stunning man before her and his touch.

Her skin flushed with heat. Bright excitement filled her gut. Climax was on its way. He would give it to her now that she was his to control. He would make her come whether she wanted it or not. She wanted it though. She wanted it with all her being.

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