Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WIP Wednesday - To Protect and Service: Righteous Fury

              Talking around her mouthful so that she sprayed a bit of scone…important to put him off if he was a stalker not worth beating…she said, “Well, at least you look good.”
              “I’m glad you think so.” He gave her the once-over and nodded. “Not bad, all things considering. Those circles under your eyes aren’t doing you any favors, but one wouldn’t immediately pick up on the monumental drinking problem you’re courting.  The suicidal tendencies you’ve developed aren't in evidence either.”
              Damn Todd and his big mouth, Kimi thought. She ignored the fact he would never share such knowledge with a stranger. Doing so kept her from feeling rattled that Larry knew far too much about her.
              Lowering her voice to make it threatening, she snarled, “Fuck you. Tell me about Raven or you won’t have teeth to chew your sandwich.”
              He snorted but answered. “As I said, she’s alive and well. Making bad guys rue the day they met her—as well as some of the ones who prefer to keep her around.” He laughed, as if enjoying some private joke.
              “Proof. I want to talk to her in person.”
              Larry took a bite and chewed it seemingly forever before swallowing so that he could answer. “Oh, you want to talk to her face-to-face, do you? That would take a long-distance journey, I’m afraid. Farther than the ends of the Earth.”
              Kimi was sick of his smug attitude. She decided she would pound the motherfucker and take the consequences with a smile. “Either you give me something right now, or I kill you in front of all these nice people. In an ugly fashion that will make them swear off donuts for the rest of their lives.”
              Larry turned his back to the rest of the room and leaned towards Kimi. “How is this?”
              His face changed. Not his expression, his whole fucking face. His dark skin grew darker, his cheeks beefed up, his blue eyes changed to brown. Though his body and hair remained the same, it was Maurice looking at her from only inches away.
              His features shifted again, changing quickly. Todd’s All-American visage smirked at Kimi. Next came the donut counterperson with her Native features. Then Kimi was looking at herself, except with Larry’s blue-black hair swept back from her face.
              The last face he put on before he changed back into Larry was Raven’s. Kimi stared into her friend’s normal-blue-not-Husky-blue eyes framed in black lashes, at the cute pug nose, at the familiar round cheeks of her sister from another mister.
              Then it was Larry again, a devastatingly handsome creature who couldn’t be a man, who’d shocked Kimi so badly that she couldn’t summon a scream.
              Alcohol poisoning. Or post-drunk hallucination. Maybe a full-on nervous breakdown. God knows I’m way overdue to go completely insane.
              Her companion returned to his normal position, allowing him to keep an eye on the rest of the shop and anything that happened in front of it. He took another bite of his breakfast, washing it down with juice before telling her, “My name is Laaruu. I am of a race from the world of Paatuun in an alternate universe. That’s where your Raven is. That’s where I’d like to take you, Kimi Furio.”
              She whispered, “I’ve lost my fucking mind.”

No release date set.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Clans of Kalquor 11: Alien Revolt Release News

Start the countdown! Alien Revolt has a release date: June 16. Get ready for Clan Piras as they fight impossible odds: over five hundred enemy ships, Copeland's hostile renegades, and the Basma's traitors.

Clan Piras has risked everything—and lost everything—to get close to Holy Leader Browning Copeland. Piras, Kila, and Lokmi are in a race against time to prevent Copeland and the Basma’s traitorous forces from destroying the Earther-Kalquorian colony of Haven. With the odds stacked against them, they have one shot at stopping utter annihilation.

Computer and mechanical genius Hope Nath has a mission of her own. Ending the Holy Leader’s campaign to ‘punish’ the Earthers living on Haven is only the tip of the iceberg. When Copeland’s vile attentions threaten Hope’s family, she’s willing to do anything to finish his brutal reign once and for all.

Discovering fellow spies in the enemy’s ranks gives Hope, Piras, Kila, and Lokmi a slim chance against the merged forces of Copeland and the Basma. Yet passion in the midst of war is as likely to rip the fragile alliance apart as bring them together. Hope and Clan Piras learn love has a high price, with thousands of innocent lives hanging in the balance.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Do you have a favorite Clan/Matara/Book?

A: Tough one. I always fall madly in love with whatever clan I'm currently writing about, so right now, I'm having a serious affair with Clan Piras. However, the clan that stands the test of time for me is Clan Tranis. 

As for Mataras, I'm split evenly between Dani (Alien Slave) and Elise (Alien Caged). Dani, because she's the most like me. Elise, because she's older and we older ladies deserve our clans too.

I'm not sure I could pick a favorite book I've written. I enjoy writing Clan Beginnings books the most. To Clan and Conquer might hold the edge there. 

Thanks for the question!

Do you have a question for me? Leave it in the comments, and I might answer it in an upcoming post!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clans of Kalquor 11: Alien Revolt


           His gaze was kind, though there was brutal desire behind the compassion. He wanted her. There was something animal in his demeanor, something barely restrained that should have made him dangerous. How could the desire she saw lurking beneath the caring veneer be leashed?
              Somehow, it was. Hope was certain Lokmi did not lie. He would not claim her unless she agreed to it.
              He was so big though. “I can’t handle what you’re, uh, equipped with.”
              “You can. It might be uncomfortable to start with, but you’re made to adjust.”
              “You’ve been with Earther women before?”
              Lokmi shook his head. “I’ve read about your kind though. Studies and books have been written explaining how things work best between your people and mine.”
              Hope crooked a brow at him. “You’ve researched how to have sex with humans?”
              The Imdiko snickered. “You’re not going to fault a man for hoping, are you? I like women. There aren’t enough Kalquorian women to expect I’ll ever get to explore having a meaningful relationship with one. So yes, I tried to educate myself as much as possible on how to make an Earther woman enjoy having sex with me.”
              Hope thought about it and had to laugh. “This sucks to say, but you are probably more of an expert on it than I am then. I haven’t got a clue what I’d like from a man.”
              “Each woman is different. We’ll have to explore the possibilities.”
              Hope considered. Another peek at Lokmi’s cocks brought a flash of dread. She was afraid of sex with him. She didn’t see how the hell it could possibly work.
              Yet somehow, she felt safe with Lokmi. Something about him told Hope she was in no danger. A sense of security enveloped her as he waited patiently for her to make up her mind.
              Hope liked the aura of shelter he projected, as if she might find sanctuary in his arms. The urge to explore that impression, every bit as much as sheer lust, moved her towards giving sex a try.
              She made herself look over the whole package, to finally get to appreciate one of her infatuations in the bare flesh. Monstrous cocks notwithstanding, Lokmi was a sensual feast for the eyes. His body was a sculpted masterpiece, as close to perfection as she could imagine a man could be. The idea of feeling his naked flesh against hers made her insides tremble.
              “If you damage me with those things, I’ll take them off you,” she warned.
              A bark of laughter erupted from Lokmi. He grabbed a pillow, covering his face to smother his mirth. Hope snickered at his amusement. Because it felt good to be lighthearted, she kept her humor by deliberately averting her gaze from his manhood.
              Once Lokmi recovered, he sat next to her. He pulled off his boots and peeled his uniform away. He turned to her and stroked her hair.
              “Any time anything gets to be too much, just say so,” he told her.
              “I think I already did,” Hope said, still keeping her sights up and away from the twin terrors. “Do you get frequent backaches from the weight?”

Releasing June 2017