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Interview With Author Sara Anderson

I’m so delighted to share a new voice with all of you. Sara Anderson is a friend of mine, and her first book is now available for pre-order (it comes out July 1). Starlight (Warriors of Dareen) is sci-fi BDSM from Siren Publishing.  Much like that man on the book's cover, it looks quite tasty.

I coaxed the Awesome Ms. A to answer a few questions about herself and her book so you can get to know her a little better. Here’s what she had to say:

Tracy:  Okay, let’s start with the basics. Tell everyone a bit about yourself and how long you've been writing.

Sara:  I am married, and I have three children. My husband is a great provider for us, which allows me to stay home with them. I started writing in the third grade. I thought for a long time that I would daydream about fictional people. I used to get into trouble a lot for my daydreaming. I would see a movie or read a book that sparked my imagination, and I would spend days working on characters that existed in my head. One day for a school project I wrote down what I had going on in my head. I got an A and my teacher was very impressed. I remember her telling me how I had creative talent and I should keep writing. I listened to her. I wrote a couple of science fiction stories as a teenager and then once I was an adult I moved on to romance.

T:  What specific genres do you concentrate on right now?

S: I write contemporary and science fiction.

T: Why these genres in particular?

S: I started in science fiction because that is my favorite genre. I have been a sci-fi nerd since I was little. My favorite movies growing up were the Star Wars Trilogy.

T: Is there any other genre you'd like to try? Or is there one you wouldn't?

S:  I would like to try paranormal one day.

T: What fiction do you read for pleasure?

S:  I have read fantasy such as David Eddings and Mercedes Lackey as well as erotic books. I love to read and I will read most anything.

T:  What writer inspires you most?

S:  Oh there are so many, but I have to say David Eddings.

T:  Outside of writing, who inspires your life?

S:  I would have to say my husband. He is such an amazing husband to me and father to his children.

T:  How much of you do you put in your characters? Where do I see Sara when I read your work?

S:  I think I put a little bit of myself into every character. While I am writing and different situations come up, I think about how I would react.

T:  Which of your characters is your favorite so far?

S: I have to say that Laura in my second book is my favorite character. She wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted, even when she had every reason to be afraid.

T:  What are you working on now?

S:  I am on book 3 of my Warriors of Dareen series! Book 2 was accepted and will be released in August.

T:  Congratulations! Talk a little bit about your upcoming release. How did the idea for it come to you?

S:  This upcoming release is my first book, Starlight. I have always had this story in my head. What if there were aliens out there and they knew all about us, but kind of like with Star Trek they can’t interfere at all? What if it was unavoidable for them to come to our planet, and what would they do if someone found out about them? That is how Starlight came to life.

T:  I’m a huge Star Trek fan, so this ‘Prime Directive’ complication sounds like something I’ll love. Okay, let’s stray away from the writing for a few questions. Favorite sex toy?

S:  My flogger. For something so simple it is an amazing toy. It can be relaxing or stimulating depending on how it is used.

T:  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

S:  The east coast. My family lives there and the ocean is warm unlike California’s ocean.

T:  George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

S:  Well, Brad Pitt is from my area so I will have to go with him.

T:  Tell me one thing you absolutely cannot live without.

S:  Internet. I did not used to like it so much until I got a lap top. Now it sits in the living room and I am always on it whether it is research or just playing around.

T:  Favorite quote?

S:  My favorite quote is from a poem someone sent me when my second daughter was born.
“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow, for babies grow up we learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

That is my favorite. Whether I am working on a book and I get annoyed due to the distractions or I want to clean and I have a clingy baby, this reminds me that they are little for such a small time.

T:  So now I think we need to take a peek into Sara’s book Starlight. Let there be description and panty-drenching excerpt:

Starlight (Warriors of Dareen)

Siren Classic: Erotic Sci-Fi Consensual BDSM Romance, capture, spanking, flogging, HEA

Kara Johnson has learned the hard way that she will always be alone. Her father died, and the man she thought she loved cheated on her. She has built walls around her heart to make sure no one can harm her again. Then a sexy FBI Agent shows up at the sheriff’s department where she works and turns her world upside down. She spends her days fantasizing about all the ways he could force her to submit to him, not believing he would ever be interested in her.

Joran is on earth hunting his enemy. He sees Kara, and suddenly she is all he can think about. He wishes he could keep her, but their laws are clear that humans must remain unaware of their existence.  When Kara is attacked, Joran is forced to reveal himself.  Joran gets his wish to keep Kara for his own. He uses dominance and his alien senses of truth seeking and empathy to win her heart.


“I am going to introduce you to the delights of anal stimulation with sex.” He walked back over to the bed and knelt between her spread legs. “I am going to get this nice and wet so it slides right in.”

“Wait, Joran, please. I don’t want anything up my ass.” She whimpered, seeing how huge the thing was. All she could imagine was pain. Ryan had fucked her up the ass once and she cried the entire time. It was not fun at all.

“Do I need to start your lesson all over again, Kara?” Joran asked in an ominous tone.

Her face drained of color and she shook her head no. “No! Please, I am just scared. It hurt last time anything was up there.”

“I promise to be gentle with you. If it hurts, I will stop,” Joran told her, his face full of confidence that she didn’t feel.

“How will you know?” she squealed trying to wiggle her ass away from the evil-looking vibrator.

“I have studied your every facial expression. I will know if you are in pain, my beautiful girl. Trust me,” he entreated.

He pushed the vibrator into her pussy, then pulled it out. He pushed it back in, twisted it, then pulled it back out.

“Oh,” Kara cried, gripping the ropes holding her hands up over her head. She did not expect it to feel so good.

“That’s it, my bonded, let your body take what I give you.” He knelt between her legs again and ran his tongue over her clit.

Kara moaned and pushed her hips up to his face to get more from him. She whimpered when he pulled the vibrator out. She was half afraid he would again leave her panting and in pain with the need to come. He stuck his tongue in her pussy, fucking it like he had with his cock. While it felt good, it did not relieve the ache pulsing in her clit. She whimpered while trying to push herself into his face.

“Hold on,” he warned her, then his mouth closed on her clit. He sucked on it hard while running his tongue over the top of it. At the same time, something hard and huge shoved against her ass. Her eyes opened wide. He really was going to fuck her ass with a vibrator, but he again sucked hard on her clit and all thoughts evaporated. She pulled her legs higher and farther apart as her orgasm rushed at her. A wave of pleasure crashed as burning pain seared in her ass. It combined, melting into a wave of pure bliss. Kara’s mouth opened wide as every muscle clamped hard. Everything disappeared but the feeling of his mouth on her clit and the stretching of her back hole. She shrieked when the orgasm gripped her, exploding throughout her body. Her hips bucked hard as she screamed. Lights flashed in her vision. Joran pulled the vibrator out of her ass, then pushed it back in, all while his tongue stroked her clit. Another orgasm crashed through her while her body shook.

She finally opened her eyes to see him smiling over her. “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever witnessed a lover of mine experience. You honor me with your body,” he told her. His eyes shone with something, but Kara did not dare think it could be love. They barely knew one another.

“Thank you,” she croaked, her voice close to giving out from all her screaming.

“Don’t thank me yet. We are far from done, my beauty.” Joran’s smile was sadistic.

“What are you going to do?” Kara asked worriedly. She did not know how much more she could take.

Joran twisted the vibrator and it suddenly came to life in her ass. She tensed as nerves she thought were sated were suddenly flaring back with need.

Kara bit her bottom lip and moaned again. “Joran, I can’t,” she hissed.

“Oh, you can, and you will,” he ordered her as his golden eyes bored into hers.

He climbed in between her legs and pushed his cock into her slowly. The vibrator in her ass made her pussy feel even tighter than their first time together.

Kara gasped as he forced his cock into her. He would pull out, then shove in harder, slowly entering her inch by inch.

“Fuck, oh fuck. Kara you are such a treasure,” Joran panted while pushing into her more with each thrust.

“Don’t stop. I will do anything, just please don’t stop,” Kara panted as he stretched her. She felt so overfull, but nerves she never knew existed screamed in pleasure. Finally, she felt his balls against her and knew he was all the way in. He stopped and rested his forehead against her.

“Do not move,” he hissed between clenched teeth. “I need to get my control, or I will spill too soon.”

Now available for pre-order at

You can also connect with Sara Anderson on Facebook at

Vlog: Names from Alien Redemption

Why are the thumbnails YouTube offers never attractive? I look like I'm sucking on a prune here. Oh well, here are the many name pronunciations from Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption. As you'll see, even I get tongue-tied trying to get those alien names out. Maybe that's what that face is all about.


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WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Cissy and Tasha spent the night in guest suites in the Royal House.  Jessica had not been subtle in the least as she went over all the amenities that came with living just two levels below her grand home in the cliff.
                “A kitchen open 27 hours a day every day, ready to whip up whatever your heart’s desire,” she gushed.  “They’ve gotten really good at preparing Earther food, which our colony on Haven supplies.  Vax himself taught them how to cook the best dishes, a kind of Kalquorian-Earther fusion that will make you fat and happy.”
                Imdiko Vax was one of Lindsey’s clanmates, a celebrated chef who owned three restaurants on Kalquor.  To hear Lindsey and Jessica tell it, one needed reservations months in advance to hope to eat in one of his establishments.
                “Look in the entertainment room,” Jessica went on, tugging the twins all over the guest suite.  “The latest in vid technology.  You’d swear you’re in the middle of every program you watch.  And just listen to that sound system!”
                She instructed the entertainment to play some rimnastin, a newer form of music that had grown out of the heavy thunder of Kalquorian lemanthev crossed with the dance-friendly Plasian sleshirin and incorporated Earther sonic guitars and keyboards.  It was music Cissy herself had grown partial to.  Her head bobbed in time with the thudding beat.
                The bathing facility was no less impressive with its shower built big enough for an entire Kalquorian clan to use at once (or a football team, as Cissy whispered to Tasha), a sauna, a whirlpool, and a bathing pool the size of a small pond.  The bedrooms were even more immense, with balconies that looked over the ocean and sleeping mats every bit as large as the bathing pool.
                The opulence was mind boggling, and Cissy wondered if she’d made a mistake in planning to live in the Matara Complex, where women from Earth stayed as they courted likely clans for lifemates.  She’d never been one for fancy things, but she thought she might be able to get used to such luxury.
                However, she and Tasha both found the suite far too big after their cousins left for the night.  The huge space felt like a mausoleum, echoing and devoid of life no matter how loud the women cranked up the rimnastin music.
                After a somewhat restless night during which Cissy felt she was drowning in the immense sleeping mat, she found Tasha as eager to quit the grand suite of rooms for the smaller apartments of the complex that had been built to host Earther women looking for clans.  They had their storage bins by the door when Lindsey and Jessica arrived at sunrise.
                “Overkill, huh?” Lindsey laughed as she handed them each a covered mug of coffee.  “Now you see why my clan lives in a much more modest setting.”

No release date set.

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New Vlog

I'm in a summer state of mind. Translation: too lazy to write a blog. Here's the link to the latest name pronunciations on YouTube, finishing up Alien Interludes. Unfortunately, Blogger is being lame and won't let me embed the video here for you. Sorry about that!

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WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Korkla took her hand and pressed it to his lips.  He gave her that warm smile that transformed his angular face into something beyond beautiful.  Michaela’s breath stopped to have that expression directed at her.

He said, “I’m glad you made it, little one.  You don’t have to hide or be who you aren’t any longer.  Appear male if it pleases you, but don’t do it because anyone else prefers it.  On Plasius and Kalquor, you can be assured those days are past.”

“That’s true.  I can openly be a freak—” 

Michaela’s voice died at the thunderous expressions that masked the Kalquorians’ faces.  A thrill of terror ran through her as the men stared her down.

Raxstad spoke first.  “Do you remember how I said if I were Egilka, I’d spank Jessica?  You are going to receive firsthand knowledge of such an experience if that word leaves your mouth again.”

Michaela gasped as every hair on her body rose.  “You can’t do that,” she said.  

Korkla’s brow arched.  He somehow managed to look angry and amused at the same time.  “As this clan’s disciplinarian, Raxstad is quite capable of wearing your lovely little ass out.  And if he doesn’t, I will.  Consider this our final warning about calling yourself a freak, Michaela.”

Trying to ignore the bizarre pulse of passion filling her loins and scarcely believing they would threaten to spank her ... to actually spank her ... Michaela looked to Govi for help.  She found he was watching her carefully, gauging her reaction to the threat.

The hint of a smile twitched one corner of the Imdiko’s mouth up.  He shrugged at her.  “Even if I disapproved of corporeal punishment for such a stubborn little girl – and I don’t – I’m outvoted.  Besides, my clanmates are bigger than me.  I don’t care to cross them when they are convinced of their duty.  I suggest you monitor your words very carefully from now on, Michaela.  Raxstad’s spankings are quite thorough.”

The tumbling heat in Michaela’s groin increased as the men continued to stare at her.  She was turned on by their demands she behave for them, turned on when she should be running away screaming at the top of her lungs.  

Even stranger was that despite the promise of discipline, Michaela couldn’t shake the feeling that she was safe with the Kalquorians.  Korkla’s clan made her feel warm and secure as she never had before in her entire life.  Not even her parents had given her such a sense of  protection.   

Warned that she was in danger of a spanking from a man who looked like a human version of a gorilla had her feeling both excited and sheltered.  What the hell was going on in her head and the rest of her weird, fucked-up body?

No release date set

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Another Pronunciation Video and Info on Amazon's Censorship of Covers

Here are the name pronunciations from three stories in Alien Interludes: The Negotiation, The Sentence, and A Family Affair.

In other subjects of interest, my amazing cover artist Erin Dameron-Hill was interviewed this past week about Amazon's cover guidelines for indie publishers. Having had three of my covers censored (Ravenous Virtue, Alien Refuge, and Shalia's Diary Book One), I am always amazed by Amazon's guidelines. Or perhaps we should call them the lack of guidelines.  In their entirety, they consist of: "What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect." Apparently, it was not what Erin and I expected, or three of my books wouldn't have been cited and blocked from the general search criteria. Erin's interview about the matter can be read here at the Hello Giggles site.

If you would prefer to shop Amazon's Kindle offerings without a chaperone, there is a way to disable the filter that keeps those 'offensive' books from coming up on a general search. Jessica E. Subject fills us in on her blog.  Thanks to my friend Elizabeth for passing this info along.

I hope you're all having an awesome summer!

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WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Wal rolled his eyes.  “Believe it or not, Diltan, some people could care less about rank.”
                It was an offhand remark, yet Diltan’s face heated at the words.  He had never told his clanmates about the time he’d tried to lure the Imperial sister Lindsey into de-clanning her low-ranking mates for his clan.  The memory of being shamed by her and the mothers of her clanmates made his stomach twist in a sickened loop.  He’d never been so humiliated in all his life.
                At least the four women had stuck to their promise to not disclose his ill-conceived attempt.  Diltan was ready to admit to himself he’d been an ass to try and worm his way into the Imperial Family.  He just didn’t want anyone else to know about it.
                To his Imdiko, he grouched, “I know rank isn’t everything, damn it.  I’ve outgrown that way of thinking.  Why do you insist that I still feel that way?”
                It was Rolat who answered.  “Because though you are a good man and a good Dramok, you are still ambitious as hell.”  He rolled the stones and made an angry sound.  He picked them up and tossed them at Wal, conceding defeat.
                Wal added, “You also remain a bit of a snob as hard as you fight that tendency.”  He grinned at Diltan.  It wasn’t clear whether his victory over Rolat made him happier, or giving Diltan hell. 
                Diltan grumbled, “At least you acknowledge I try.”
                His clanmates chuckled.  Wal rose and wrapped his arms around Diltan in an effort to make amends.  “It’s that effort that makes you so endearing, my Dramok.  You do have a good heart.  It’s not your fault you were born to such advantageous circumstances.”
                Diltan made a rude noise, but he didn’t push Wal away.  He was all too aware he had issues when it came to understanding the problems of the common man.  He’d been born into an affluent family, then he’d made himself ridiculously rich, then obscenely wealthy.  Yet he did his best to have empathy for others’ problems as well as helping out where possible. 
                Rolat also rose and winked at him.  “Don’t worry, my Dramok.  We’ll keep working on you despite your many faults.”
                Diltan scowled.  “You two didn’t exactly grow up in diminished circumstances yourself.”
                Wal squeezed tighter and let him go.  “No, we didn’t.  More’s the pity, because I see plenty of men in my court that think they’re entitled to special treatment simply because they’ve always been given such.  Sometimes I think too much money is as bad a condition as too little.” 
                The Imdiko had apparently decided Diltan had been teased enough, because he changed the subject.  “So ... the well-behaved twin.  Tasha?  Is she worth our suit?”
                Diltan brightened.  Being picked on for ambition had made him worry his clanmates would poke fun at him for wanting to pursue the cousin of the empress.  “I believe she is.  She and her sister have decided to enter the lottery rather than rely on Empress Jessica to introduce them to likely suitors.”
                Rolat seemed impressed.  “That’s interesting.  What’s the other one’s name?  The spitfire?”
                Diltan answered with impatience, since he wanted to talk about Tasha and not her dismissive sister.  “Cecilia.  I believe they call her Cissy.  Anyway, I mentioned to Tasha that our clan had been selected by the lottery to present ourselves to interested Mataras.  After speaking with her for a few minutes, she offered to see if our profiles had come up as a potential compatible match – with no prompting on my part.”
                He glared at his clanmates as if to dare them to challenge his assertion.  They snickered at him, but said nothing.

No release date set.