Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue (WIP)

Vendeen reached towards her.  Raven instinctively tried to cringe, but her body remained still.  He surprised her by not grabbing anything intimate.  He didn’t even touch her breasts.  Instead, the big man brushed her long, black curls back from her face.  He gazed at her, his face going unexpectedly soft.
“Have you ever seen such big, blue eyes, Daagiis?” he asked in a quiet voice.  “They are amazing with that black hair.”

“She is an astounding beauty,” the facechanger agreed.  “The loveliest part of it is that I don’t believe she recognizes just how stunning she is.”

Vendeen regarded Raven with a quizzical smile.  “How can you not know you are beautiful, my servant?”

She swallowed at the feeling in his voice.  It was as if he didn’t see her as just a slave Daagiis had brought back.  Not an object or tool for use, whether it be for sexual pleasure or his personal protection.  He saw her as a person.  A live being.

It was in the way he stroked her face.  It was in his eyes.  Okay, so he was claiming ownership.  He was going to fuck her.  But Vendeen also recognized her.

She wasn’t sure that it should make her feel better about what was about to happen, but it did.  To know she wasn’t just a pussy for him to shove his dick into.

Daagiis was also looking at her with what looked like genuine affection.  Raven had the idea he wouldn’t have brought her to Vendeen if she didn’t mean something to him more than a protector.  Again, it didn’t change the fact that he was getting ready to enjoy her body in a way more carnal than she was actually ready to offer him, but it made the coming activities not so awful.

“Lovely,” Vendeen groaned, his touch moving from her face down her throat.  His hand surrounded the slender column and the collar.  His palm was warm, and Raven found herself straining against the order to be still, trying to arch her chin back to offer her throat.  

“I like seeing you wearing my collar,” he said.  “I like that such a beautiful woman belongs to me.”

Releasing August

Saturday, June 29, 2013

All the Warning You Will Get

At long last the publisher’s contract for Clans of Kalquor 1:  Alien Embrace is almost up.  It runs out on June 30, making Monday the day I should be getting the electronic rights returned to me.  I say ‘should’ because other writers have seen delays in the past when it came to getting their rights back from small publishers.  I am hopeful that there will not be a long wait before Alien Embrace becomes mine once more and I can re-issue it independently.

I am not going to do a drawn out countdown to re-release it when the time comes, hence the title of this blog post.  I have already formatted and readied the book for publication.  There will be a new cover, which you see above.  With little pomp and ceremony, I will submit the re-edited version of Alien Embrace to the distributors as soon as I can.  The moment I know the book is available, I will let you know. 

There’s more to the new version of Alien Embrace than another cover.  In bringing this book in line with the rest of the series and fleshing out the characters, over 12,000 words have been added to the story.  This is despite my pulling out two original scenes that in final analysis didn’t serve the story so well.  You’ll get a much better picture of the pasts that shaped Rajhir and Flencik.  Best of all, it will be more book for less than its current $5.50 price tag. 

Has the gist of the story changed?  Not really.  If you want to skip the re-edited version, you won’t miss much as far as the series as a whole is concerned.  Feel free to stick with the original if it suits you. 

Also, if the captive/coerced sex bothered you the first time, it will continue to bother you with this one.  Clan Rajhir is made up of alien men on a mission to find a mate to breed with.  They have no experience with Earth women.  They don’t have our morals, our safewords, or our way of thinking.  I did not change them to suit those who wished Rajhir, Flencik, and Breft hadn’t been such clueless and demanding fellows in their pursuit of Amelia ... but I did add on to explain why they pushed their agenda when it was obvious Amelia found it impossible to simply give in.  If this is not your cup of tea, that’s perfectly fine...the captive fantasy is not for everyone. 

There will not be a new print version right away.  I will not get print rights back until all of the old copies of Alien Embrace have sold out.  If you’re a tree-book lover, you’ll have to wait for a bit on that. 

Keep your fingers crossed that the e-book rights are returned quickly.  I’m excited to get the updated version of Alien Embrace into your e-readers. 

While we’re on the subject of final warnings, I must share with you a recent email I received from Blogger, which hosts Wicked Words:

“Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.

Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger.  After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.

If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.

The Blogger Team”

As you will all note, I do not have advertisements to adult websites on my blog.  Hopefully there will be no problems as far as this page is concerned.  However, you know how these sites can get ridiculous when they start witch hunts – PayPal’s antics were not so long ago, and Amazon keeps changing the rules on us indie erotica writers as well.  With that in mind, I’m trying to be proactive about the situation.  Wicked Words should not run afoul of Blogger’s ToS, but if the blog abruptly disappears then you’ll know Blogger felt differently.  In that case, I will take my ball and play elsewhere.  Setting up a new blog could take a few days if it comes to that, so be warned.

If I do disappear from Blogger, by all means find me on Facebook (if you haven’t already).  I’ll update where and when the new blog will be up and running.  I’m very hopeful it won’t come to that, but you never know.  

Much love, my FoKs!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

He drew out a thick, padded blue cylinder with a black handle that fit in his big hand.  His thumb touched a button and it hummed.  

A vibrator.  Not like any she’d seen on Earth, but there was no doubt in Raven’s mind that was what Vendeen was bringing towards her trembling pussy.

“Remain absolutely still,” he told her.  He lowered the tip of the instrument, aiming for her engorged clit.

Raven already couldn’t move, but she felt additional heaviness weigh her body down.  All she could do was watch as the vibrator bore down on her.

The toy touched her clit, its thrum quivering the erect button.  Nearly brutal elation shot through Raven’s pussy, filling her womb to bursting with pleasure.  She shrieked in reaction, and the vibrator moved away.

“My, my,” Vendeen chuckled.  He traded grins with Daagiis.  “She is a sensitive little thing.  I’m going to have to turn the intensity down.”

He touched the button again, and the vibrator quieted a little.  “Now.  Let’s see how this feels,” he said.

The instrument lowered to Raven’s pussy once more.  Now the pleasure broke through her in sweeping waves, slowly climbing higher.  She moaned in reaction, feeling the sweet pulses in every cell of her body.  At the same time, she was excruciatingly aware of Vendeen and Daagiis watching her, their gazes flicking from her face to her sex as she voiced the growing rapture of arousal.

“Not a bit inhibited,” Daagiis said.  He tugged on one nipple, sending darts of pain that somehow turned to pleasure, adding to the heat in Raven’s belly.  She groaned with need.

“And quite ready to explore the more intense sensations too few can properly appreciate,” Vendeen agreed.  He rubbed the vibrator over her clit, making her insides coil tight.  “Bondage, pain, and sensual torment.  You did do well capturing her, my servant.”

Raven was losing the thread of their conversation.  Daagiis continued to play with her imprisoned nipples as Vendeen moved the vibrator against her eager flesh.  Pain and pleasure swirled together, clenching her insides until climax appeared on the horizon.  It stole towards her, coming closer with each passing second until Raven shook all over.  The sensations were brighter, sharper now, drawing towards culmination.  Her body opened to the ecstatic release, needing only a few more seconds to realize it.  Nearer ... nearer ... right on the brink now ... condensing into one tiny spark ready to explode wide...

Releasing in August

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

The door opened automatically for Raven as she and Daagiis stepped close to it.  Raven took a step forward and then froze.  She stood absolutely still as she watched others walk past the opening.

Most were people, much like Vendeen with black eyes that upturned at the corners, golden blond hair, and metallic bronze skin.  Some were more what Raven would characterize as humanoid ... a head, two arms, two legs, walking upright.  Their sizes and body types ranged widely from absolutely huge to no taller than knee high.  She even saw some similar to the bulbous-headed aliens that everyone always claimed were abducting people from Earth and experimenting on them.   What did they call those?  Oh yeah, ‘grays’.

Then there were other ... things.  Creatures that walked and slithered and flew.  There weren’t many, but just one would have been enough to make Raven stand gaping like a kid at her first circus.

“Holy fuck, Toto, I’m not on Earth anymore,” she heard her voice say.

Daagiis chuckled.  “Get over your shock, and let’s go,” he prodded, gently tugging on her arm.

Raven stumbled after him, joining the steady flow of pedestrian traffic.  Her bare feet seemed to sink a little into the carpeted flooring, as if walking on a lightly cushioned surface.  At least it wasn’t cold tile, like what had been in the room she’d recovered in.

Before stepping outside her hospital room, she’d had an inkling of an idea that she could make a break for freedom once she had the chance.  But looking at all the strange creatures around her, the full force of her situation hit her.

She wasn’t on her planet.  Hell, she wasn’t even in her own dimension.  Where would she possibly run to?

Daagiis made it to my Earth.  That means I can too.  It’s just a matter of waiting until I know how to do it.

But Daagiis had made it plain she belonged to Vendeen until then.  Her body, his to enjoy.  The stab of arousal that greeted this thought made her angry.

Just stop it, would you?  Damn, why the hell would I find such a thing exciting?

The situation was fucked up, all the way around.

Releasing August 2013