Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue (WIP)

Vendeen reached towards her.  Raven instinctively tried to cringe, but her body remained still.  He surprised her by not grabbing anything intimate.  He didn’t even touch her breasts.  Instead, the big man brushed her long, black curls back from her face.  He gazed at her, his face going unexpectedly soft.
“Have you ever seen such big, blue eyes, Daagiis?” he asked in a quiet voice.  “They are amazing with that black hair.”

“She is an astounding beauty,” the facechanger agreed.  “The loveliest part of it is that I don’t believe she recognizes just how stunning she is.”

Vendeen regarded Raven with a quizzical smile.  “How can you not know you are beautiful, my servant?”

She swallowed at the feeling in his voice.  It was as if he didn’t see her as just a slave Daagiis had brought back.  Not an object or tool for use, whether it be for sexual pleasure or his personal protection.  He saw her as a person.  A live being.

It was in the way he stroked her face.  It was in his eyes.  Okay, so he was claiming ownership.  He was going to fuck her.  But Vendeen also recognized her.

She wasn’t sure that it should make her feel better about what was about to happen, but it did.  To know she wasn’t just a pussy for him to shove his dick into.

Daagiis was also looking at her with what looked like genuine affection.  Raven had the idea he wouldn’t have brought her to Vendeen if she didn’t mean something to him more than a protector.  Again, it didn’t change the fact that he was getting ready to enjoy her body in a way more carnal than she was actually ready to offer him, but it made the coming activities not so awful.

“Lovely,” Vendeen groaned, his touch moving from her face down her throat.  His hand surrounded the slender column and the collar.  His palm was warm, and Raven found herself straining against the order to be still, trying to arch her chin back to offer her throat.  

“I like seeing you wearing my collar,” he said.  “I like that such a beautiful woman belongs to me.”

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

The door opened automatically for Raven as she and Daagiis stepped close to it.  Raven took a step forward and then froze.  She stood absolutely still as she watched others walk past the opening.

Most were people, much like Vendeen with black eyes that upturned at the corners, golden blond hair, and metallic bronze skin.  Some were more what Raven would characterize as humanoid ... a head, two arms, two legs, walking upright.  Their sizes and body types ranged widely from absolutely huge to no taller than knee high.  She even saw some similar to the bulbous-headed aliens that everyone always claimed were abducting people from Earth and experimenting on them.   What did they call those?  Oh yeah, ‘grays’.

Then there were other ... things.  Creatures that walked and slithered and flew.  There weren’t many, but just one would have been enough to make Raven stand gaping like a kid at her first circus.

“Holy fuck, Toto, I’m not on Earth anymore,” she heard her voice say.

Daagiis chuckled.  “Get over your shock, and let’s go,” he prodded, gently tugging on her arm.

Raven stumbled after him, joining the steady flow of pedestrian traffic.  Her bare feet seemed to sink a little into the carpeted flooring, as if walking on a lightly cushioned surface.  At least it wasn’t cold tile, like what had been in the room she’d recovered in.

Before stepping outside her hospital room, she’d had an inkling of an idea that she could make a break for freedom once she had the chance.  But looking at all the strange creatures around her, the full force of her situation hit her.

She wasn’t on her planet.  Hell, she wasn’t even in her own dimension.  Where would she possibly run to?

Daagiis made it to my Earth.  That means I can too.  It’s just a matter of waiting until I know how to do it.

But Daagiis had made it plain she belonged to Vendeen until then.  Her body, his to enjoy.  The stab of arousal that greeted this thought made her angry.

Just stop it, would you?  Damn, why the hell would I find such a thing exciting?

The situation was fucked up, all the way around.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Nuns of Europa: Sister Katherine (WIP)

“You’re invading Earth?”

Simdow nodded.  “Things have taken a turn for the worse for the Empire.  We must end this war before your people destroy us.”

Katherine stared at him.  When he said nothing more, she looked at Vadef and Miv.  The Imdiko’s face was gentle but troubled.  He gazed into her face as if pleading for understanding.  She had none to give, so she looked up at the Nobek.

Miv’s fierce face gazed back.  What he was thinking, Katherine could not tell.  She noted the knives he wore on his belt.  Another knife was strapped to his thigh.  The man was armed like a pirate of old, she thought.  

The thought of trying to take one of the Nobek’s weapons was tempting.  However, Katherine knew she could never in a million years try to harm another being.  What could one helpless woman do against such a man anyway?

Simdow stood, and so did Vadef.  The two men bent to help her to her feet.  Katherine let them without complaint.  She knew she had no choice.

Simdow said, “It’s time to go, Matara.  Now that you know the little ones are safe, you will join us on our ship.”

Katherine’s mouth went dry as her heart slammed into overdrive.  “Your ship?”

Simdow nodded.  “Your new home.  You are ours now by right of conquest.  I claim you as my clan’s Matara.”

He tugged her along.  His touch was gentle, and Katherine wondered how soon that would change.  Her insides went cold at the thought of what the three men would make her do with them.  She had the barest notion of what sex entailed, only that it meant the man invading the woman in a painful and humiliating manner.  While once Katherine had accepted such an idea as necessary for herself when she’d been engaged to a man years ago, she had never truly relished it.

Yet she’d had ideas of being held by a huge, strong man.  Of being kissed and caressed.  Those thoughts had run rampant in her mind these last few years, ever since she’d become aware of the Kalquorians.  Her fantasies had never included the brutal act of coupling with them, only of being embraced by the aliens.  Still, such visions had lacked in virtue.  As much as Katherine had told herself it was no worse than a child wanting to cuddle with her mother, she’d known her thoughts ran counter to what a pious nun should want.

Now she was enslaved to three aliens.  She was their chattel, their concubine.  She looked at them; big, terrible creatures despite the tenderness they momentarily treated her with.  Had she really once had sinful thoughts about such men?

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Nuns of Europa: Sister Katherine

Marci suddenly yanked free of Katherine.  She darted away, running straight at the trio of Kalquorians who had accompanied Katherine to the chapel.  Without the slightest show of fear, she punched the biggest one, Miv, in the thigh.

Her dark eyes flashing at him, she shouted, “You are bad!  Bad, bad men!  For taking Sister Katherine away, you will be punished.  You are bad and God hates you!”

Katherine raced over to pull Marci away from the staring Kalquorian.  Miv and the rest seemed shocked.  None of them made a move towards the shaking, furious child as Katherine put herself between her youngest and the aliens.

Katherine wiped the flow of tears flooding from Marci’s eyes.  “Darling, no.  I am going to go and talk to these men to be sure everyone will be safe.  Please, don’t cry.  Don’t be scared.  Everything is going to be all right.”

Marci burrowed against Katherine, clutching tight.  From the voluminous folds of Katherine’s gown, the little girl’s muffled voice begged, “I don’t want you to go.  I love you.  I want you to stay with me.”

Katherine’s own tears splashed her cheeks.  “Please, sweetheart.  I swear it will be okay.  Trust in me, won’t you?”

She motioned to Darci to collect her sister.  The elder girl was now crying, along with most of the aspirants.  Sobs rang through the chapel.

As she tugged Marci away, Darci whispered, “Be careful, Sister.  We’ll pray hard for you.  We love you.”

Katherine smiled through her tears.  “Thank you.  Be strong, girls.  I love you all.”

She turned away before she could completely fall apart in front of them.  She rushed past the Kalquorians, barely noting they followed close behind.

Katherine kept the sobs at bay until she was outside the chapel and the door closed behind them.  She crumpled on the steps that led down to the sidewalk, unable to walk for the terrible grieving convulsions shaking her body.  She was dimly aware of Simdow and Vadef kneeling on either side of her while Miv stood uncertainly over them.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged (WIP)

He told her in a gentle voice, “Never underestimate an enemy, Matara.  Not even with a seemingly impenetrable containment field.”

“Do you plan to attack me?” she asked, fighting to keep her tone light.  At Oret’s gaze turned calculating, she wished she hadn’t said anything.

However, there was really nothing to worry about.  The containment field was fully powered, and not even a Kalquorian of Oret’s obvious threat level could hope to break through it.

The Nobek’s sudden grin was a mixture of humor and threat.  “Attack you?  Well now, I have had time to consider that option.  I would take you hostage.  Harming you would definitely be off the table, little one, though making you squirm might be fun.”

Zemos gave Oret a warning look, though he looked as if he might smile too.  “Don’t frighten her, Oret.  Matara Elisa has been most kind to us when she is able.”

Oret chuckled, a harsh chuffing sound that made Elisa wonder how often the man actually laughed.  “I meant squirm in a good sense.  Of course, the naive Earther female has no idea what I am inferring, do you?”

His smile turned rather paternal, as if she was no more than a child.  Elisa knew exactly what he referred to with his sly comment.  She might be a virgin at the grand old age of 48, but she wasn’t clueless.  Oret’s condescension irritated her, and she couldn’t help but respond in a manner that she’d never dare in Earther company.

Keeping her tone unimpressed, she told the alien, “If it was your weight on me, Nobek Oret, then I think I wouldn’t have the breathe or strength to squirm.”

Yes, it was an outrageous statement for an Earther woman to say to anyone, never mind a Kalquorian man.  Oret’s eyes widened at Elisa’s boldness.  Then his lips curled in a slow, knowing smile that made her heart hammer.

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