Friday, April 28, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Will you be writing a book where a human Matara carries a child for a Kalqorian female? 

A: That concept or one similar in nature is currently planned for an upcoming book. :D

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clans of Kalquor 11:Alien Revolt

             Hope was so intent on visualizing Piras and Kila, that she didn’t react right away when they materialized in front of her. With a third Kalquorian. She blinked at them a full two seconds before it occurred to her that they were right there, standing next to her bed, in the flesh.
              As a flash of shock shot through her body, her mouth dropped open, and Kila quickly put his hand over it. At the same time, Piras stooped down so that he was eye level with her. He spoke quickly. “Easy, Matara. We’re not here to hurt you. We’re spies for the Empire. We want to help you take Copeland down.”
              She stared at him, absorbing the words. Spies? Against the Holy Leader?
              Kila added, “I’m going to let you go. In a few minutes, we’ll bring your father into the conversation, because we have information that will help him in your revolt against Copeland. Can we trust you to not scream, Hope?”
              He knew her name. She couldn’t imagine why that was her first lucid thought. At least I’m not panicking, she thought. Then she noticed how hard and fast her heart drummed. Her body knew to freak out, but her mind was slow on the draw.
              Could she trust them? Did she have a choice? Dear prophets, there were three alien men in her bedroom, and she was in her bed, wearing only a nightgown. A nightgown that covered her from throat to foot, but a nightgown just the same. It was enough to make her feel vulnerable.
              She’d damned sure better pray she could trust them…because they’d done the impossible. She’d watched them appear out of thin air.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: We know there have to be orphans from earth, how are they going to be brought into Kalquorian society, especially the boys?

A: Earther orphans are not brought to Kalquor. The Galactic Council of Planets is in charge of Earther refugees since Earth's government is now non-existent. As depicted in Sister Katherine, an orphanage for those children who lost their parents/guardians has been set up in Galactic Council space.

Thanks for the question!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clans of Kalquor 11: Alien Revolt

              Kila said, “Speaking of hope…I have interesting news on the young lady you keep encountering on Copeland’s ship. Her name is Hope, which I’m sure you wanted to know.”
              “General Nath’s daughter? Oh, you saw our second encounter.” Piras sighed, knowing the teasing that was coming.
              “I did. You are a shameless flirt, Piras.” He snickered.
              Lokmi wasted no time on jumping in. “You were flirting with the enemy? Admiral, your efforts to gain influence and information know no bounds. Sex as a spy tool…nice.”
              “Shut up, Lokmi. She’s an interesting woman.”
              Kila’s ever-present grin was the widest Piras had ever seen it. “You have no idea. And she’s far from an enemy, it turns out. Her and her father are part of a resistance effort against Copeland.”
              Thunderstruck, Piras stared at him. “General Nath? He’s against Copeland?”
              “Oh yes. I still need to look at the files I gathered to give you the full story. I’m not entirely up to speed on the depth of their activities or how many others are part of this Earther rebellion.”
              Piras’s heart pounded. General Nath was plotting against the Holy Leader. His daughter was involved. “Maybe his ships aren’t as bad off as he’d said. Maybe he’s playing for time too. Kila, I want a full report as soon as possible.”
              Lokmi was smiling almost as much as Kila, catching the excitement. “I’ll also submit a full report on what I found on Sitrel’s destroyer as well, Admiral.”
              “And I can supplement that now that I should have access to the network.” Piras’s mind flew over what they’d learned. It was time to get the mission rolling at full bore. “Let’s compile all our information. Call a meeting with your senior staff, Captain. Everyone needs to review and discuss how we proceed from here. We’ll get together in…three hours?”
              “Yes, Admiral. I should have all the pertinent information about General Nath ready for review by then.”
              The three men headed out to the respective duties. Piras was nearly giddy with excitement over the turn of events. Maybe the potential Earther allies would turn out to be more trouble than they were worth, but Piras was ready to indulge in a little hope.
              He almost laughed at the thought. Given the name of General Nath’s daughter, the idea of indulging in ‘hope’ had an interesting connotation.

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