Friday, July 21, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Will Nirad, Deg and Gid ever get a book of their own any time soon? I found them very fascinating in Alien Hostage and have been craving them ever since!

A: For those who might not remember, those three men belonged to the clan Tasha was enjoying a jungle fantasy with at the opening of Alien Hostage. They did seem to be super sweethearts, didn't they? But no, at this time I haven't got plans for them. It doesn't mean they won't get an eventual book, but with Clans of Kalquor already planned out for the next couple of years, 'soon' is not in the cards. Sorry!

Thanks for the question!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: (Untitled, Clan Ospar)

              Jol made the barest of motions, but his presence was such that everyone looked his way. He gave the owners a confident look. “I swear to keep the director safe, sirs.”
              He had a deadly expression, as if to show them how stupid anyone would be to fuck with someone Jol had agreed to look after. Tebrok and Sallid seemed impressed, from the looks on their faces. As for Ospar, he had to fight the urge to laugh.
              Just what he needed. A posturing Nobek who was probably hoping for an upgrade in pay. Ancestors help him.
              Yet he knew his uncles put his safety ahead of profits and the good of Itga itself. They’d shut the whole damned company down if they thought Ospar’s enemies could actually go through with killing him. Their regard was yet another reason he felt so determined to prove himself to them—and what made it so guilt-maddening to consider leaving Itga for political aspirations.
              With a mix of exasperation and affection, he conceded. “Fine, my uncles. If it will help you sleep better at night and keep Urt from winning Eruz unfairly, I’ll agree to the bodyguard. But once this contract is won, we re-assess the situation.”
              Ospar glared at Jol as he said the last sentence. The man, damn his hide, gazed back with that irritatingly unimpressed stare. Well, Nobek Jol could be as blasé as he wanted. He’d just better remember his place and stay the hell out of Ospar’s way.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Can a matara be in a clan that is not into BDSM OR public displays, or is pain/punishment/voyerism just a part of Kalqorian society?

A: The Kalquorians, as a rule, are dominant personalities. The Nobeks particularly get into pain--giving and taking. The Dramoks usually insist on demonstrating they are in control and having lovers acknowledge that control. Some such elements are going to be a part of the Kalquorian men's makeup in most cases, though for Dramoks and Imdikos, it may be acceptable for lovers to simply hand over control without the pain or punishment elements. 

As to a Matara who is into none of that, it will take compromises on both sides to make intimacy work within a full clan. Not impossible, but it would have to be carefully addressed.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday - To Protect and Service: Righteous Fury

              His eyes narrowed, and his lips curled in malicious delight. “Persuade me that you’re worth sticking my prick in you, my darling. Come on, now. I’m sure you can think of something that will coax me into fucking you?”
              Kimi couldn’t believe his bullshit. “You can’t be serious.”
              “Oh, but I am. I must be absolutely sure you are doing this with full understanding that I only give to you want you ask for.”
              She could have beat the hell out of him. Pulled off that fine, thick cock standing at attention over his groin and hit him over the head with it. Except there was the damned clit stimulator that could go from pleasure to pain in an instant.
              Not to mention the fact his dick would be utterly useless for fucking once pulled off his body.
              Need rode her too hard to think about it for long. She’d give Laaruu what he wanted, get her fuck, and then figure out a way to deal with the sadistic bastard.
              Kimi turned and sank to her knees before him. His eyes darkened, and excitement shone from them. He wanted her. Maybe every bit as much as she wanted him, no button-bug required.
              It got her hot too, seeing how much he desired her. All at once, blowing the man didn’t seem so much like a bribe to get properly laid. The act teetered on the edge of a privilege to perform. A reward for finding her despairing and drunk ass as something to desire.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Will you do another Diary series? Of another girl (unknown ) and follow her journey to Kalquor? I loved Shalia so much and would love to follow another girl!

A: I never say never. However, there are no plans at this time to write another diary. If I do, it will have to be pretty fabulous, because Shalia will be a hard act to follow! 

Thanks for the question!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings (Untitled, Clan Ospar)

              Barely five seconds after Dramok Ospar stepped away from the mine wall where he’d been admiring a thick vein of platinum, there was a bright flash. He turned in time to see that wall and the men standing next to it disappear in a thunderous blast.
              The young man had no time to register an explosion had occurred. Ospar had the strange sensation of an invisible force lifting him off his feet an instant before a giant warm hand shoved him towards the middle of the cavern he’d been touring with the mine supervisor, Dramok Misru. The stone walls, ceiling, and floor shook violently around him as he flew, sending rock pellets down on him in a stinging shower. He heard the booms of larger chunks pummeling down in the wake of the explosion’s boom.
              Ospar winced a second before he landed, sure he would be dashed to bits. He had the good fortune of not being thrown far, however, and found himself sliding ahead of the shockwave across the well-smoothed floor with its marbled finish. He instinctively curled into a ball, covering his head as best he could with his arms.
              For several seconds, all was chaos. The whole of the earth rumbled beneath and around him, as if rousing in poor temper from deep slumber. The bright work lights that had been installed in the cavern blinked on and off, making Ospar’s surroundings strobe. He peeked to see stone continuing to fall in a curious stop-motion manner. Then the lights strengthened again, coming back to dimmed power as the shudders eased and the grumbling giant quieted.
               Ospar remained curled and still for a few moments. He inventoried his body to make sure he could still feel everything, and that what he felt wasn’t pain. He noted stinging hurts on his face, forearms, and hands, the parts of him where the skin had been exposed to the shrapnel. Otherwise, he detected no severe agony and no numbness. The cave-in—he assumed it was a cave-in and not an explosion as it had first seemed—had done him no real harm.
              The first scream sounded and echoed off the cavern walls.

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