Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tracy’s Sexy List

Some might wonder what I find sexy.  Okay, maybe no one does.  It could be no one gives a crap.  Still, I need to write a blog, so I decided to make a list of what gets me hawt and bothered.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite things that light my fire.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Favorite sex toy:

The Hitachi Magic Wand

Sheer power that will make you cross-eyed and begging for permission to let loose.  ‘Nuff said.



Gorgeous adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses starring Colin Firth and Annette Bening.  This version is done much, much better than ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ with John Malkovich and Glenn Close, in my opinion, though it does stray far from the book.  Watch with your honey and get ready to be inspired.



I will have a Versace dress one day.  It may never leave my closet, but damn it, I will have one.


The Rolling Stones

Yeah, you can laugh all you want at my old-school choice.  But I find there’s a sexy rhythm underlying all the Rolling Stones early tunes that insists I get naked and busy.  Listen to ‘Honky Tonk Woman’,  'Satisfaction’, or nearly anything they played in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and you’ll hear the delicious R&B groove that drove their music.  1994’s ‘Love is Strong’ is also a writhe-worthy song.


1967 Mercury Cougar

 No, I doubt anyone else would agree with this choice.  However, like my men, I like my cars powerful.  I’ve always tended more towards muscle cars than sleeker designs.  Plus, this baby had a nice big backseat.  I actually owned one of these in my twenties, and I have hopes of snagging another someday.  I must be having a mid-life crisis.


Blackbeard the Pirate

Who doesn’t have a pirate fantasy?  I wrote a screenplay about this fellow, and it did well in various contests.  Maybe it will get made into an actual movie someday.  Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, was big, strong, ruthless, and – believe it or not – educated.  He also had a rule about not letting even the lowliest bar wenches serve him...he insisted on serving them.   Show me that plank, ye scoundrel.


Up against the wall, as depicted here on the cover of my book Netherworld III:  Twice Bitten Once Dead.  Oh hell yeah.


Tie:  Joe Manganiello and Jason Momoa

The two J.M.s are just too damned sexy!  Rawr.

Action by a man:


Call me old-fashioned, but holding the door open for me, pulling out my chair, etc.; these little things melt me every time.  I love it when men act like this.

Body part:

Yeah, it’s the butt.  No surprise there.  However, shoulders and arms are a close second.  I like strong arms around me.

Date with my sweetie:

Not your typical by any means ... I love a surprise breakfast in bed, followed by cuddling.  I haven’t had that since the kid came, but he’ll grow up and get out eventually.  It’s something to look forward to.  (Yes dear man o’ mine, that was a hint.  Blueberry pancakes, bacon, and a vat of coffee.  Don't forget the whipped cream for those pancakes and ... other stuff.)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

I clambered onto the desk and assumed the position he’d commanded, grabbing my ankles and holding myself wide.  He sat down in the chair so that his head and shoulders hovered over my eager sex.  He looked like a man sitting down to an All-You-Can-Eat buffet, and I was open for business.  Oh, I should be so lucky.

Tristan regarded today’s special, his eyes darkening ever closer to black.  My breath caught as his fingers caught the edges of my womanhood and spread me open even more.  I shuddered in anticipation as his face dipped down and his tongue peeked from his mouth.

The delicate touch that slid over my trembling nether lips brought a groan from my throat.  Oh glory, hallelujah.  I gushed what must have been a river in reaction.

He lapped slowly at me, like a contented cat with a bowl full of cream.  Pun intended.  Good heavens, with the continued ache from his discipline and the pure pleasure of his mouth on me, my eyes were rolling fit to fall out of my head.  Tristan started from the opening of my sex and licked all the way up to my clit, bringing cries from me each time.  He went at me like he had all eternity to feast on me like that.  If the spanking hadn’t brought tears of reaction from me already, I’d be crying from this.   My stomach executed flips and rolls with every careful lap of his tongue.  Talk about exquisite torture.  The man knew how to make my insides twist.

After several minutes of this delight, he switched tactics.  Tristan still performed those languorous laps, but each time he got to the straining bud full of nerves, he sucked the engorged flesh deep into his mouth, his tongue rolling it around like a piece of candy.  My fists clenched my ankles in twin death grips and I cried out in reaction.  When my uncontrollable moans began to bleed one into the next, Tristan released my clit to start another slow lick.

When his mouth closed on that engorged nubbin again I had to sob, “Please, Sir.  May I come?”

Instead of answering, Tristan captured my clit between his teeth.  He lashed it from side to side with his tongue, and my insides ballooned tighter than a drum as climax swelled within me.  My whole body quaked, and the effort not to orgasm had me screaming between clenched teeth.  “Please, Sir!  Please!”

He drew back, letting my desperate sex free.  He simply sat there watching me fight to maintain control.  My Master looked so pleased with himself as I blinked out oceans of tears.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged (WIP)

Oret had other matters more important to him on his mind.  “You can’t ask me to injure the woman.  Elise is a sweet child and an innocent.”

Zemos was the Nobek’s clan leader.  He was also his captain.  It still didn’t mean Oret would automatically obey him, not when his conscience was at odds with what had to happen.  While it would have made Zemos’ life easier if Oret simply followed orders, he felt better that his longtime companion challenged him on important matters.

The Dramok told him, “Of course you’re to do everything in your power to avoid harming her, my Nobek.  But we have a duty. The Empire comes first, and if what’s going on threatens Kalquor—”

Zemos had to stop and swallow against the sudden thickness in his throat.  He really didn’t want to be the reason Elisa found herself in terror or pain.  His very soul cried out against it.  Yet the threat hanging over his crew’s heads, a threat that might be big enough to encompass the Kalquorian Empire itself left him little choice.

He drew himself up and glared at Oret.  “Do what it takes to get us out of here.  That’s an order.”

Oret’s face purpled in his sudden rage.  He threw his untouched tray of food, sending it crashing against the wall.  Zemos had little doubt Oret had preferred to throw it at him.

The Nobek turned his back on Zemos.  He still hadn’t quite gotten over how his leader had knocked him out when the Earthers had disabled and boarded the destroyer.  When it had become obvious the Kalquorians would be overcome, Zemos had known Oret would fight to the death anyway in his attempt to save clan and crew.

For Zemos, losing his ship was calamity enough.  Losing his Nobek as well was intolerable.  He’d dealt Oret a brutal blow to the head when he wasn’t looking, injuring the man and yet ensuring his survival in an unwinnable battle.

Miragin looked from one to another of his clanmates, his concern plain.  He kept quiet however, knowing the tempers of the men he was linked to for life.  If Oret finally snapped and went after Zemos, Miragin would jump in between them, putting his own health in jeopardy to keep them from killing each other.  Zemos thought it must be hard to be clanned to a ferocious Nobek and a Dramok with equally violent tendencies.

Oret didn’t move however, and little by little, the three let the quiet soak in and cool quick tempers.  It was too bad the enforced time out left Zemos with nothing to do but contemplate what it would take to get them out of here.  Elisa’s last glance at him as she’d left the cell block seemed burned into his retinas; it was everywhere he looked.  Her smile wouldn’t leave his mind, its sweetness mocking him with a promise he might very well destroy.

Releasing in October

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Kalquor Timeline

I was recently asked by a reader to provide a timeline of when the various books occur, especially when it comes to the Clan Beginnings series.  I’ve been meaning to do this for myself, as I am starting to get confused as to when certain events happened.  It seems like I’m constantly going back and looking at older books to get my bearings.  The Kalquor saga is growing faster than even I can keep up with.

So to that end, I have done my best to figure out the ‘when’ of each book, whether already written or in the planning stages.  Here is what I came up with, though knowing me, I might have made some miscalculations.  If you catch me placing something in the wrong sequence, do me a favor and tell me.  Heaven knows, I need all the help I can get! 

My ‘zero point’ is Armageddon.  The timeline is based around that occurrence.  Here’s what I have:

Clan, Honor, and Empire (Clan Rajhir’s WIP):  55 years before Armageddon 

Clan and Crown (Clan Clajak’s WIP):  40 years before Armageddon

Clan and Conviction:  16 years before Armageddon

To Clan and Conquer:  6 years before Armageddon

Clan Companions 1 (Untitled WIP):  4 years before Armageddon

Alien Embrace :  Approximately 2 years prior to Armageddon

Alien Rule, Michaela (WIP), and Clan Bacoj Beginnings (Untitled WIP):  Approximately one and a half years prior to Armageddon

Alien Conquest, Sister Katherine:  Armageddon occurs during these books

Shalia’s Diary:  Starts 2 months after Armageddon

Alien Salvation: 6 months after Armageddon

Alien Slave, Brianna’s Clan (WIP):  Over a year after Armageddon 

Alien Redemption:  2 years after Armageddon

Alien Refuge:     3 years after Armageddon 

Alien Caged (WIP):  Almost 4 years after Armageddon

Alien Indiscretions (WIP):  4 years after Armageddon

Alien Hostage (WIP):  4 and a half years after Armageddon

Okay, I have something else to put out there to the readers.  Like many of you, I adore physical books as well as e-books.  However, I have begun to pull away from putting my own books in print.  The last one I did was Alien Refuge.  I’m not sure I want to bother with putting the next one, Alien Caged, in any format besides e-book.  While I make some money from print books, it’s little enough that I can live without it (especially given the aggravation of formatting it).  If you will do me the kindness of voting on the poll at the top right of the blog, answering whether or not you plan to buy Alien Caged in print, I would be most appreciative.  Thanks!