Friday, September 30, 2011

First Four Friday - Unholy Union

Chapter 10:

    Ash stood in Sami’s doorway, looking like Adonis.  One look at him, and most of her anger and agony at his absence disappeared.  All she could think about was getting him in her bed.  Getting him in her pussy. 

Available at New Concepts Publishing

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Create a Kalquorian For Upcoming Book

These next few weeks, I'll be posting polls that will allow you to have a say in a future Clans of Kalquor book, tentatively titled Alien Redemption.  I'm giving you a vote when it comes to creating a Kalquorian. 
You'll have a chance to offer your opinions on how he looks, the personality traits, and what events shaped this character's life.

The first poll starts October 1st, at which time you'll vote on whether to build a Dramok (clan leader), Imdiko (clan nurturer), or Nobek (clan protector).  Majority vote is what I'll be going with, so get ready to cast your ballot.  Hopefully, we'll all have fun working together on this, and if it goes well, I'll have you help me create the entire clan. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Alien Interludes: The Hunt

I mentioned a while back that I'm working on an anthology of short stories for the Clans of Kalquor series.  This is a little peek into the lives of the clans we've already met, just to catch up on the latest.

First up is Amelia Ryan, the heroine of the first book, Alien Embrace.  Though one would think she's safe and secure with her men on Kalquor now, painting her pictures and mothering the twins, something has gone awry:
     She’d walked these Kalquorian woods innumerable times with her three mates and their twins.  She loved the patchwork quilt of jewel-toned leaves of the trees overhead.  But today she was on her own and running from a cunning and ruthless hunter, one of Kalquor’s best.   She knew his savagery, knew him for the predator he was.  She’d seen one of his victims, his throat torn out from the brute’s fangs.
     Her Imdiko mate Flencik, as big as he was gentle, had warned her only this morning, “Nobeks are set off by prey in flight.  Never let one see you running from them.  It brings all their primal instincts to the fore.  Stand your ground.  Fight back.  Believe it or not, you’re less likely to get hurt that way.”
      And the leader of their clan Rajhir had added, not very usefully, “Swinging big sticks or throwing heavy rocks would help.  Or maybe it will just make him mad.”
      Amelia heard the rushing water of the stream ahead and felt a rush of triumph.  Almost there.  The next moment she saw it, glittering like a ribbon through the leaf-strewn ground as it wound from the distant mountains.
     She pulled off her slippers and waded in.  The water was bitingly cold, but it would mask her scent too.  The man on her trail had a remarkable sense of smell, as good as if not better than an Earth bloodhound. 
     How far ahead of him was she?  Kalquorians were incredibly fast.  At a full run, they turned into a blur, too fast for human eyes to follow.   What took her two hours to traverse, he’d easily cover in minutes.  The only thing slowing him down was looking for the clues of her passage, clues she’d trained hard to eliminate.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Unholy Union

As her body quieted, languor settled over her limbs.  She wasn’t getting enough air with Ash crushed against her, but she couldn’t seem to summon the strength to push him away.  She hung in his grip, lethargy bleeding away even her ability to speak.

The throb of his climax ebbed, and Ash finally leaned back, allowing her lungs to at last fully inflate.  He brushed a lock of hair from her cheek.  “Are you all right?”

Available from New Concepts Publishing.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Interview with Erotic Author D. X. Luc and Excerpt

I just love reading alternate versions of well-loved stories.  So when I saw author D. X. Luc had written an erotic adventure featuring characters from The Wizard of Oz, my curiosity was immediately piqued.  Down the Yellow Brick Road:  Finding Home looks to be a highly original twist to an old favorite.  

So let’s get to know a little more about the D. X. Luc and her work.  

Q:  Thanks so much for letting me interview you and feature your book on my blog.  What genres do you write? 

A:  I write erotic romance.

Q:  Why do you focus on this genre? 

A:  It wasn't a first choice, but I love the naughty and the sexy. I love sex. Why not write about something I love and others enjoy as well!

Q:  You’ll get no argument from me!  Is there any genre you'd like to try? Or is there one you wouldn't?

A:  I'd probably not do well with non-fiction. My life is pretty boring! But I've always loved dark fantasy and fiction.

Q:  What fiction do you read for pleasure?

A:  I enjoy Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, and Edgar Allen Poe. And of course I love romance and erotic romance novels.

Q:  What writer inspires you most? 

A:  Wow, that's a tough question. I have many and I'm truly a child of the classics. Ernest Hemingway. He was an amazing writer.

Q:  Outside of writing, who inspires your life? 

A:  My children. They are and have always been my biggest supporters. Even when I'm 'totally not cool'.

Q:  How much of you do you put in your characters?

A:  I put my passion and emotions into my characters. But as for my personality, not much. I take that from the world around me.

Q:  Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you've been writing.

A:  Well, I'm a mom of three. My youngest is only 9 months old. I homeschool my older children. I got my degree in psychology with a concentration in human sexuality. I am pretty fun and loud. My friends consider my behavior eccentric and I am proud to be so! I love shocking people. I've made it a hobby when it comes to my mother. The youngest of eight children, I have tattoos and piercings. I've been with my husband for ten years, married for almost seven. We have quite a few pets, including a python who we love to pieces. I've been writing since I was in elementary school. I had a poem published in a school anthology in the 9th grade and helped write a script for drama right before I left high school.

Q:  I love the idea of erotica based around the story of Oz.  Which of your characters is your favorite?

A:  I love Toto. In the book, the movie, and my own book, I've always loved Toto and felt he needed a bigger part. He's got that loyalty and devotion one would see with their pet. But at the same time, he has the dominance and protection quality of an alpha. He's a sexy and great character.

Q:  What are you working on now? 

A:  Edits before the book comes out. And I have a new series being typed up as well as the second installment of Down the Yellow Brick Road saga.

Q:  So there’s a whole saga to look forward to!  What's your latest release and how did the idea arrive? 

A:  My upcoming release is Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home. The idea came from hanging out with a good friend at the 2009 Romantic Times Convention, having a lager (or two) and then recalling one of my favorite stories. I love watching a fairy tale become a romance and realized Dorothy hadn't had her chance yet. So, why not let her grow up and love?

Q:  It sounds terrific!  Thanks again for taking time out of what sounds like a crazy schedule to talk to us.

Imagine having someone so devoted to you and you don't even know it. What if that person, that perfect one was right under your nose? What if that person was not only the hero of your heart, but a savior to many?

Dorothy Gale found herself growing older and was stuck in neutral. She wanted adventure and love. Yet her love life was non-existent, with only fantasies of hot sex and being dominated keeping her company. Lacking in human companionship, she felt blessed to have her devoted dog, Toto. He was her solace. Little did she know, her dog had a big secret and an even greater destiny.

Toto craved her every waking and sleeping moment. Unconditionally he worshiped her, but knew his true nature had to remain hidden. Hope of loving her nearly seemed impossible, that was until a mystical accident left them in a world beyond. Under the pretense of a local, Toto shows Dorothy that love comes in all forms, be it the loyalty of an animal or the passions of a man. Though he had only thought to get them home safely, he begins learning his presence in the strange land is far more important than either of them could have fathomed.

Secrets unravel, truths come to light. Join Toto and Dorothy through their journey in a dark and magical place. A place just over the rainbow twister, where finding home means having faith in love.


Outer skirts of Oz

“My people, it would seem the LOLLIPOP GUILD INC. has made a decree to destroy all of our people. Already many of us have been eliminated. We must flee while we still can!”

All around men, women, and children shifted into their various Caninion forms, scattering with what little possessions they could harness to their bodies to escape from the tortures that the guild had placed upon their peoples’ heads. Many hadn’t gotten all that far when the deep hums of the guild began to echo from outside the small village, the sound causing fear and chaos. In a matter of seconds, the courtyard was filled with creatures, their skins were the color of rust, their bodies short and stout. With hairless, nose-less forms, their small onyx eyes stared with pure disgust, while wide red lips were pursed together. The LOLLIPOP GUILD INC. had arrived for the slaughter.

Battered and exhausted, two small black dogs, with silky fur, and one ripe with child, stumbled through the woods. They knew that their demise was close on their heels, saddened that their child would not know of them because of some archaic prophecy. The purple sun began to set, bringing a sense of relief to the pair as they found shelter for the night. In the darkness, dog-like whimpers, human screams and the smell of death and fire filled the air, all the while, deep in the hole of a rotted tree, the heavy pants of a female Caninion could barely be heard while she brought her son into the world. At the sound of his helpless yelps, his parents' dark eyes stared down at him with love and sadness, deciding that in the morning they would take him to the only one that could save his life. They would go To The East.

Author page on New Concepts Publishing:



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First Four Friday - Alien Conquest

 Chapter 13:

Tranis walked onto the darkened bridge, his eyes quickly adjusting to the dimmed lights running on backup power.  The room was a shambles.  Equipment lay in broken hunks and many of the workstations were blackened from torched systems.  He'd been the worst injured of his crew, and viewing the destruction, he counted himself lucky that none had died.

Alien Conquest available from New Concepts Publishing and Amazon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Netherworld 2: Blood Potion No. 9

It's strange to discuss the second installment of the Netherworld series when the first book still hasn't come out.  But I'm into the first draft of Blood Potion No. 9, discovering Brandilynn is getting a bit more used to being dead.  She's also finding more trouble to get into as a new danger rears its head.  Seems like someone has it in for the vampires of Fulton Falls, sneaking fatal dragon's blood into the commercial supply most of the fanged rely on for sustenance:

I’d seen Wendy around before, but she usually sat at a desk.  “Did you give Penny the night off?” I asked Tristan.

Tristan stared at me long and hard, and I realized his extra vampireness this evening had not as much to do with me as I’d initially suspected.  “Penny suffered her final death early this evening.”

My mouth dropped.  I hadn’t been close to Penny, but she’d been Tristan’s aide the entire time … seven months … I’d known him.  A newer vamp, she’d had the bad taste to wear black, not at all flattering against her bluish-white skin.  She’d been a secretary in life, and her skills as an aide were second to none. 

“What happened?” I asked, my voice hushed with respectful shock.

Tristan’s lips narrowed and his fangs glimmered into view for an instant.  He kept most of his calm, but that little slip told me how furious he was.  “She drank tainted blood.  It’s Fulton Falls’ sixth such death in the last year.  That’s why I need Dan off the Beasts and on this matter.”

Most vampires didn’t get live donors like someone with Tristan’s clout did.  They were forced to drink the pouched stuff you could pick up at any grocery or convenience store.  Lately, the more expensive Blood Potion No. 9, sold in slim black bottles dressed with fancy gold labels, had been flying off the shelves because dragons’ blood was somehow getting into the cheaper supplies.  Dragon’s blood is lethal to vampires.  A single drop, hard to detect in an sixteen-ounce pouch full of human blood, will eat up a vampire from the inside like acid.  The tampering was claiming vampire lives all over the southeastern United States.  Officials couldn’t track it down, and despite close inspections of all the packaging and distribution plants, the bad stuff was still getting out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Conquest (Kalquor 3)

Looking down on the soft curves of her body, knowing it was his to enjoy for the rest of their lives made his groin throb.  He swallowed, thinking of all the pleasurable acts he would perform with her in the years to come.

At his command, a drawer over the bed slid soundlessly from the wall.  Lidon took four cuffs from the drawer, and it retracted to blend seamlessly into the wall once more.  He strapped the anti-gravity shackles on her wrists and ankles.  Cassidy moaned in her sleep but didn't wake as he worked.

Alien Conquest, available at New Concepts Publishing and Amazon.

Friday, September 16, 2011

First Four Friday - Alien Rule

Chapter 6:

Bevau walked into the clan's suite and stopped short when he saw Clajak sitting naked on the lounger, a young Plasian girl kneeling between his legs.  The Dramok prince opened his eyes to note Bevau's entrance and closed them again.  "Where have you been?"

The Plasian girl paused to glance at Bevau.

From Alien Rule, available at New Concepts Publishing and Amazon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Alien Slave

The second draft of the fifth Clans of Kalquor book is underway.  I have to give a big thanks to my hubby for providing the inspiration for this one.

Most of the action of Alien Slave takes place on the moon LXS-42.  It's undeveloped, a former Earther base used during the war with Kalquor.  Now abandoned, it's the backdrop for where a ship containing Earther-on-the-run Dani Watson crashes.

Survival takes a brutal turn for our heroine, who was a pampered girl of privilege back on Earth.  The few primitive skills she possesses come from my exposure to the survival shows my husband is addicted to. 

Survivorman.  Man Woman Wild.  Dual Survivor.  Man Vs. Wild.  Hubby watches them all, coaching from the couch for the hungry stars to "Eat it!  Eat it!" whenever they find something gross and nominally edible.  Seriously, if I have to watch Bear Grylls drink his own pee one more time, I'll lose it.

Hey Bear, I can drink my own urine too.  I just choose not to.

Anyway, it's been an education, one I've reaped the rewards of to put Dani and the clan of Gelan, Wynhod, and Krijero in wondrous peril.  Let's take a peek:

    The ship had come to rest in a small clearing, surrounded by blue-barked trees with leaves that resembled gray scales.  Dani could see the path the shuttle had taken by the sheered tops of the nearby wooded area.  The ground beneath the trees looked darker than where the crashed ship lay, as if it was wet.  That didn’t bode well for needed fire, though there were plenty of broken branches at hand.

    “I’m on high ground.  I can bring the branches up, and they’ll dry,” she consoled herself.  But she needed boiled water sooner rather than later.  The air was muggy, leeching moisture from her.  Thirst made her throat click when she tried to swallow.

    An iridescent-winged creature that resembled a dragonfly whirred past Dani’s head.  She stared after it.  It was at least the length of her forearm.  Edible, she wondered? 

    Several more darted through the air, coming close enough to catch easily.  Dani wasn’t squeamish at all at the thought of eating them.  She’d downed squadrons of insects back on Earth to survive after the war.  Her only concern was that the flying beasties might be poisonous.

    Her little bit of food wouldn’t last long, and if she didn’t find help soon, she’d have to consider taking the risk.  At least she had good shelter in the downed craft.  She’d have to removed Reggie’s body though.  She couldn’t share the cramped space with a corpse. 

    First things first:  fire and water.  She’d look for a water source and dry kindling.

    Priorities set, Dani slipped back into the ship to find a container worthy of carrying water.  She looked at the covered body of her dead companion before starting her search.

    “Sorry Reggie.  I don’t know the funeral customs of your people.  I’ll bury you with as much dignity as I can.  I hope it won’t offend you.”

    She located a closed cylinder with a sealable lid, perfect for storing two gallons of water.  She decided once she found a water source, she could use it to bring manageable amounts back to the ship and fill up one of the larger storage containers.

    Hope burning bright with the rising tangerine-stained sun, Dani started down the slope towards the woods.  With dry wood and a reflective surface, fire was almost guaranteed.  She allowed herself a little smile.

    The ground squelched beneath her soft-soled slippers the lower she went.  Well, that at least meant water wouldn’t be too hard to find, she reasoned.  Her smile grew bigger.

    She paused at the tree line and looked at the dense foliage ahead of her.  It would be too damned easy to get lost and unable to retrace her steps to the ship.  Listening to the strange cries of unknown beasts deep in the woods, Dani needed the protection of the shuttle.   
    It took only a moment’s consideration before she bent to grasp the hem of her dress, pulling hard to rip a scrap of it away.  She felt a kind of mean thrill in doing it, as if getting a measure of revenge on the Kalquorians who’d gotten her into this mess. 

    Here’s what I think of your ‘gift’, you big Earth-killing jerks.

    She snagged the scrap on some brush.  Its brilliant green color shone like a beacon.  Better than breadcrumbs, Dani thought with an even bigger smile than before.

    Dani wandered into the woods, leaving bits of her dress along the way while looking at the straight lengths of broken branches.  She could make spears for hunting and protecting herself.  Maybe she’d chance across the Earther base that had been here, and there would be help there.  She’d at least find abandoned supplies, she was sure. 

    Things weren’t great, but they were certainly looking up.  She’d survived Armageddon on Earth.  She’d outsmarted Kalquorians and escaped Dantovon.  She’d survived a crash. 

    Dani felt good enough to hum a little tune as she traipsed deeper into the woods, mucky ground squelching under her feet with the promise of water somewhere.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Rule (Kalquor 2)

Awareness of her bare skin sharpened.  She'd never shown any man so much naked flesh.  Who knew how many were out there, how many she was about to put herself on display for?

The seductive moves of Michaela's choreography suddenly seemed too blatant.  How could she perform such a dangerous dance?  If it ever got back to Earth and they were captured...

Alien Rule available at New Concepts Publishing and Amazon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary Alien Embrace

I can hardly believe it’s only been a year since Alien Embrace was published.  With three other books out and two more contracted since then, it seems longer. 

And I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be a bestseller on the erotica lists.  I believed it would take years and many books to achieve any kind of writing success.  But so many gave it a chance, taking a gamble on buying a book by an unknown writer.  I’m still not sure how this happened, to be completely honest with you.  But I’m incredibly grateful.  From the bottom of my heart, thanks to all of you who made this dream a reality. 

I thought it might be fun to re-post the blog I wrote one year ago announcing Alien Embrace’s release.  I was really stressed by all that was going on, and I think you can tell!  But you’ll see my excitement was on full display as well.  Here’s how it went:

Premature Publication

Well, I got a shock 36 hours ago from my publisher. They decided to release my book a month early. Alien Embrace makes its debut TODAY.

Panic time! My website is now up but not quite in final form yet, despite all best efforts to get it done. I'm scrambling to get the fully edited version of the book out to reviewers. I've got to crank up the promotion machine to full gear right away. I'm fighting a week-old round of insomnia and came down with a cold last night. My musician hubby will be out of town this weekend playing gigs, leaving me to chase our 4-year old while trying to get a billion things done. I tell you when it rains, it pours.

That being said, I'm having fun. My stomach is doing flip-flops from the stress, and my head feels like it weighs a ton from exhaustion and excess mucus. I won't be getting any lovin' this weekend, and I don't have time to straighten the wreck my kid has made of my house. I'm having the time of my life anyway. There's nothing like accomplishing a life's goal to put the silver lining on a cloud or two. It really puts the small irritations in perspective.

There's been a wonderful side effect of this journey to publication I didn't expect. I've been surprised by the number of supportive new friends I've gained. It's gratifying to find so many people with similar interests eager to share their thoughts and opinions with me. Sometimes they challenge me with new ideas. They often inspire me. I don't know if I've been able to return the favor at all; I can only hope so. 

Then there are those who have been longtime cheerleaders, and I know I would have given up long ago if not for them. I know it's not easy putting up with a temperamental, obsessive-compulsive writer who is often wrapped up in her own little fantasy world. Thanks for being there, especially to my husband who deals with more than our vows called for.

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Four Friday - Alien Embrace

 Alien Embrace, Chapter 3:

Amelia woke to the daylight brightness of the globes and blinked at her surroundings.

Where am I?

She shifted, and the soreness between her legs reminded her of the Kalquorians' sensual assault the night before.  She sat straight up on the lounger, her heart drumming.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Update - What's Coming Up

Today is the one-year anniversary of the release of Alien Embrace.  For the next couple of days I’ll be posting more AE-themed blogs to celebrate this past year.  Many thanks to all of you who made it so wonderful.

Back to the here and now:  by the number of emails I’m getting from many, you’re impatient to know what’s on the horizon from me, especially as it pertains to the Clans of Kalquor series.  I promise I’m working hard to get books out ASAP. 

To that end, I thought I’d update you all on the status of everything upcoming.  Here’s what’s happening:

Unholy Union:  Released five weeks ago, the standard timeline will have it on Amazon by the end of the month.  It’s been on my publisher’s top 3 bestsellers for a couple weeks now—thanks to all who downloaded it and sent me those very kind comments on how much you enjoyed my first paranormal release!

Alien Salvation (Clans of Kalquor 4):  This book is under contract.  The publisher has not added it to the schedule yet, which is no surprise considering Unholy Union has been out for only a little over a month.  I know, I know, this is the one you are all clamoring for.  I’m dying for it to come out too!  But there are other great authors with books in line ahead of mine, so it’s time to practice patience.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that AS will come out in October. 

Netherworld:  Drop Dead Sexy:  Also under contract and not yet scheduled.

Alien Slave (Clans of Kalquor 5):  First draft completed last week.  I will begin the second draft tomorrow, having given my brain a chance to disconnect so I can attack it with fresh eyes. 

Netherworld 2:  Blood Potion No. 9:  First draft started earlier this week.

The Font (Non-series vampire erotica):  Outline started earlier this week.

Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor short story collection):  First drafts of four stories completed (Amelia, Jessica, Israla, Michaela).  Eight stories in total planned.

The Phucket List:  Still in outline stage.  This is taking a little longer as my co-author has a fulltime job that we have to work around.  We promise it will be worth the wait!

I will keep updating you all as things move along in Tracyland.   Thanks again, all!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy

I've always loved vampire lore, from the pre-Dracula masterpiece Carmilla to the sensual feast of the Sookie Stackhouse series.  But something that few, if any, of the vampire fiction I've read touches on what happens to these bloodsucking fiends when they 'die' during the day.  The souls of the nightwatch simply seem to cease to exist until sunset returns them to their bodies.

In my new series Netherworld, I decided that much like the ghosts of the truly dead, the spirits of the vampires should be able to wander about as phantoms as well.  As ghosts, they are restored to their human personalities before the vicious need for blood altered them.  Tristan Keith, the vampire love interest of Brandilynn, recognizes how different he is between his two personas:

But flirting is as second-nature to me as breathing.  I couldn’t help myself, so I asked Tristan, “Are you this nice when you’re a vampire?”

“No.”  His handsome face turned dark, but he stayed utterly human.  “I’m very different when I return to my body.”

“That’s too bad.”  I meant it, because my word, he was gorgeous as all get out.  Looking at him made me feel a whole lot better.  I decided being horny did beat being hysterical with grief after all.

“What can we do to make you feel better?” Dan asked.

My Marlboro Man so shouldn’t have asked that question because of course my mind went where it shouldn’t.  How could it not with them both standing there, looking good enough to eat?

We needed to talk about the weather or the season the Braves were going to have this year before I humiliated myself.  But before I could switch the tracks my naughty brain-train ran on, Tristan flashed his devastating grin.  “Ah yes, the one thing that makes us all feel alive and well.”

The men exchanged knowing smirks, and I wished the floor would open beneath me and swallow me whole.  How embarrassing.

Tristan laughed out loud, and his voice rolled over me, giving me shivers.  Darn, this man didn’t need the extra charm being a vampire would give him.  He had charisma to spare already. 

Tracing a finger down my arm, he said, “Don’t look so horrified, my girl.  We all use sex here to affirm our existence.  The dead have nothing but time and little to fill it with, so lovemaking is a very casual affair in the netherworld.”

Trust a man to put the words ‘casual’ and ‘sex’ in the same speech.  The glint in Dan’s eyes told me he shared Tristan’s view.  Well, I wasn’t easy, and I’d never been cheap.  Not even with two bona fide hunks like these.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Embrace

From Alien Embrace, first book in the Clans of Kalquor series:

Her curt greeting died on her lips the moment she swung the door open.  Rajhir filled the entrance, a smile covering his face.  Behind him, Flencik and Breft looked over his shoulders at her.

Her mind groped for something to say; in the end she managed a weak "Hello."

As if given a signal, the men entered.  Before Amelia could back away, Rajhir swept her into his arms and engaged her mouth in a demanding kiss.