Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WIP Wednesday - To Protect and Service: Righteous Fury

              Laaruu took a deep breath. His smile looked tight, as if it hid more powerful emotion. His ice-chip eyes bored into her, to freeze her very soul. “Did I not tell you to get control over the alcohol? You reek of it.”
              Despite the thrill of fear coursing through her veins, Kimi sneered. “I don’t remember putting you in charge of my life.”
              Laaruu’s amiable expression was surface dressing. He appeared downright heartless despite the unwavering façade. It made her insides twist, and not in an entirely unpleasant way. The snarl in his voice fed her belief that he intended any kindness. “Since you’ve apparently abdicated rule over yourself, I shall take up the challenge.”
              His grip was too loose. Kimi wasn’t being harmed, not even really overpowered. Despite Laaruu’s size and strength, Kimi thought she might be able to take him—if her drunkenness didn’t impair her too badly.
              She turned up the bluster. “Get your hands off me. I have no problem causing you a whole lotta hurt, asshole.”
              Laaruu tsked her as he reached into the pocket of the chambray shirt he wore. “You’re offering me pain? How rude of you since I wished to offer you pleasure.”
              He stepped back, releasing her. He pulled his hand out of his pocket and held it out. Kimi blinked at the round black object in his palm. It looked like a button to her.
              Tiny insect legs sprouted from its sides. It jumped from Laaruu’s hand, landing on her bare foot. Kimi yelped and tried to shake it off. “What the hell is that?”
              The thing was on the move before she got the sentence out, little legs scrabbling. It raced up her leg, beneath her sweat pants. The fucker was fast and no matter how she slapped at it, it kept crawling up. It slipped into her panties.
              Kimi shrieked as it landed on and grasped her clit. Her scream was cut cleanly off as intense pleasure filled her. Her knees turned to water. Laaruu grabbed her before she could collapse, and he lowered her gently to the floor.
              Over the roar in her ears, she heard him say, “There now. On the floor before me as you should be. That’s much better.”
              Desire filled her with stomach-clenching force. She shoved her sweatpants down, not caring about Laaruu standing there, not caring because what was about to happen would be far worse than him seeing her cunt. She had to get that button-bug thing off her before—
              Too late. Climax stampeded through her, setting her entire body alight. She came perhaps the hardest ever, bent into a ball at Laaruu’s feet as incredible spasms pulsed, clenching her pussy over and over. She was helpless to do anything but shudder with unspeakable pleasure.

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