Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clans of Kalquor 11: Alien Revolt

              His tongue stroked the interior of her mouth leisurely, as if evaluating a delicacy. Feeling its almost harsh rasp thoroughly investigating stole Hope’s breath. She immersed herself in the sensation of being explored, of all her secrets being revealed.
              Lokmi moved down, his lips now brushing against her chin. Further still, kissing a trail down one side of her jaw, back up, and down the other side. He nibbled on her earlobe. Hope giggled at the ticklish contact. Lokmi snickered to hear her reaction, then nuzzled the side of her neck. His teeth scraped along the curve, and Hope inhaled sharply. A stab of passion made her clutch her thighs tightly together.
              “Fascinating to learn where the erogenous zones are,” Lokmi mumbled against her skin, kissing and nipping his way to the middle of her throat. “Some spots you can count on, but others are as individual as the person. The kind of touch one enjoys varies too.”
              As if to demonstrate, he opened his mouth wide. Tilting his head to one side, he planted his maw across Hope’s throat. His teeth closed, as if he would bite down and tear the slender column out.
              Hope inhaled sharply, freezing. Her heart fluttered in rapid pulses. A tremor rippled down her spine. The crotch of her panties clung wetly to her slit. She could feel her heart’s tattoo in her clit.
              Lokmi drew back slowly, his teeth grazing warm lines across her skin as he went. He took a deep breath. “Fantastic reaction, my lovely,” he told her in a gruff tone. “A slight sense of threat is exciting, isn’t it? Nobeks love that sort of thing too.”
              Hope’s mind swam. How could these things feel so exciting? But there were other sensations, new sensations as Lokmi traveled down, kissing a wet route between her breasts.
              His hand slipped beneath her back, searching and finding the catch of her tiny bra. He released it and pulled the fabric away to expose her chest.
              Hope barely restrained the urge to cover herself again. Most of her adult life, she’d blessed her small breasts. Their size kept monsters like Browning Copeland from looking at her with too much lust, though merely being a woman was enough to make some men leer. What a boyish frame couldn’t deter, her father’s name had. She’d been doubly lucky in her wish to avoid the wrong kind of attention.
              Yet now with Lokmi looking at her, she wished she’d inherited more of her mother’s voluptuous figure, as Charity had. What Hope possessed was more nipple than mound, the sensitive points being the reason she wore a bra to mask them. The slightest touch could make them stiff with reaction.
              Despite the ribbon of unease unfurling in her belly at Lokmi’s frank stare, her nipples were at attention. They stabbed into the air with unbecoming eagerness. It was as if they shouted ‘Look at me!’ in revolt against being hidden for so long.
              “Not much to see, is there?” she finally said, guessing the Kalquorian must be disappointed in the meager offering.
              Lokmi’s gaze wandered to her face. Without a word, he drifted down towards one impudent nipple. His tongue emerged. It dragged across the brown point, like a little boy savoring an ice cream scoop.
              A jagged shard of pure elation bolted from Hope’s breast straight to her pussy. She would have sat straight up if Lokmi hadn’t held her down.
              His chuckle filled her ears. “It’s not the size, it’s the sensitivity. I’d say this one is perfect. Let’s test to see if they’re the same.”
              He gave her other nipple an identical lick. She arched with a moan as a flurry of delight erupted at the touch. She dug her short nails into his shoulders.
              With a growl, he seized her breast in his mouth, sucking and rubbing his tongue over it. Hope barely remembered in time that her father and sister were within hearing distance. She choked off the cry that wanted to escape, biting her lips tight between her teeth. She writhed beneath the man pinning her down as sensation rampaged through her.
              Lokmi went from one breast to the other, devouring her with erotic kisses too incredible to bear. Hope felt her nerve endings exposed. Every kiss, lick, suck, and nip fired arousal higher. Her gasps were tinged with small cries as Lokmi held her helpless, forcing her to accept the sensual mauling. Her nipples were diamond points, the flesh dark with blood filling them.
              Her breathless pleas for mercy were finally acknowledged. Lokmi stared up at her, his eyes hooded and mouth smiling with triumphant conquest. “Your breasts are flawless, Hope,” he told her, his tone daring her to refute him. “If I had my way, you would never wear anything to cover them ever again.”
              She shivered at the darkness in his eyes. She imagined living with Lokmi, ordered to leave herself bare for his enjoyment whenever they were home. Available for him any time he wished to possess her.

Releasing June 16

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