Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Cissy felt vaguely uncomfortable as she came into Tasha’s greeting room, and not because she thought she’d stumble upon her sister being wild ... at least, not on their first night in their new home. Cissy had dressed for that night’s dinner. Being ‘all dolled up’ as she called it, felt funny to her. Tonight, she looked almost sedate as Tasha tended to appear.
                The light blue slacks she’d bought that afternoon, while cut to flatter her rounded hips, didn’t bind. The fabric was light and airy. The blouse, patterned with matching light blue, gold, and white, simultaneously embraced her curves while giving the impression of modesty. Cissy had to admit she looked pretty good in the ensemble, especially with the strappy gold sandals and her hair falling in waves to her shoulders.
                She also looked too respectable for her own liking. Cissy had bought wilder outfits during her shopping spree, clothing that told the universe exactly how happy she was to shed the restrictions Earth had once imposed on its women. However, this was her first night out on Kalquor, so she thought she’d behave ... just this once.
                She found her twin sitting at the low table in her greeting room, tapping away at the computer keyboard she and Cissy had bought together. Thus far the machine only responded to Kalquorian speech, and though Tasha had mastered the written form of the language, she struggled with speaking it. It was easier for her to type her commands since she refused to install the crutch of English interpretation software.
                As always, Tasha was perfectly lovely. Her hair was caught up in an bun with artful bits straggling loose to frame her made-up face. Her blouse and skirt matched in a blushing pink that made her skin appear glowing despite the paleness that came from months of space travel. Plus she looked completely at ease in her sedate clothing, while Cissy felt as prickly as a cactus. It was hard not to be jealous.
                Trying to embrace the Tasha-look she sported, Cissy twirled in front of her sister. “Here I am, ready to not embarrass everyone for a change.”
                Tasha applauded her with a grin. “You actually appear respectable.  No one will be able to tell us apart.”
                Cissy snorted her disbelief on that notion. She flopped down on the seating cushion across the table from her sister, doing it in the most unladylike fashion she could manage. She snickered as Tasha shook her head.
                “There. Now there can be no mistaking who I am.”
                “Only if you spend the evening tossing yourself onto the ground like a landed fish.”

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Michaela moaned as Govi’s tongue swept into her mouth, tasting her with passion.  Hands moved all over her body, the men responding to her sudden ardor.  Why they responded, she couldn’t imagine.  By now, they should have realized she was not what they wanted.  Yet as their touches grew more demanding, fingers plucking at her nipples, palms rubbing against her filling cock and warming pussy, hands clutching her buttocks, passion eclipsed her worries.  It was enough that they wanted her right now.  It was more than enough; it was all that mattered.  Michaela had decided she would give the three men anything if they would have her. 

When Govi abruptly pushed away, it shocked Michaela.  Even more stunning were the words that came from the handsome Imdiko’s mouth.  “I think it’s time we say good night.”

Raxstad actually growled at him, his expression thunderous.  It was his big bear paw rubbing so excitingly against Michaela’s crotch, and for one breathless moment, she thought he would dismiss his clanmate’s statement.  However, the Nobek pulled away, releasing Michaela and jumping to his feet.  

Korkla sighed and also let Michaela go, leaving her tingling breasts feeling lonely without his touch.  He also stood and stepped back, out of reach.

Michaela looked around at the men, confused and more than a little frustrated by the sudden cessation of carnal pleasure.  “But – damn it, do you want me or not?”

Raxstad patted his livid groin, the stretchy material of his formsuit displaying an immense erection.  “I think the answer is rather obvious.”

Govi blew out a breath and tried to smile at her.  “The trouble is, you’re not sure yet, Michaela.  One moment you’re completely in the moment, the next you pull back.  You’re not ready, little one.  We excite you, which is good, but you’re still too frightened for us to test your trauma.”

Michaela tried to figure out how to convince Govi to manhandle her some more.  Anger flared when she couldn’t.  She had the urge to punch him right in his pretty face so she wouldn’t want him so much.

Scowling at him for all she was worth, she said, “I’m not frightened right now.  I’m more than ready to move along with this.”

“I don’t think you are.  You need more time to think this through.”

The old doubts assaulted Michaela.  “Maybe it’s you who needs to think about it.  Maybe you’re the ones who don’t know if I excite or scare you.  I think you’d better figure it out soon though.  Shit or get off the pot, already.”

The three men blinked, their confusion apparent.  Govi asked hesitantly, “You want us to – to defecate?”

“That’s a bit much for me,” Raxstad muttered.  “That is definitely something I don’t find arousing.”

If her cock hadn’t been so hard and hurting, Michaela would have bellowed laughter at their misunderstanding of Earther slang.  Instead, she was getting madder by the moment.

“It means stop teasing and toying with me!  Fuck me if you’re going to, or stop getting me excited!”

Korkla looked at her crotch and winced.  “I’m sorry, little girl.  We shouldn’t have gotten you so aroused.  It’s not fair to you.”

Govi moved close and stroked her curls.  “This is my fault, and I beg your forgiveness.  I still say we have to take this slowly.  You can be assured that we do want you.”

Raxstad glowered at the Imdiko.  “Some might say desperately.”

Govi sighed.  “I agree.  However Michaela, you still despise yourself to the point where you’re not ready to believe we do want you.  This is not something to be rushed.”

Michaela glared at him, still not quite believing they would refuse to have sex if they really wanted her.  Govi stared back steadily, his expression filled with regret.

She supposed that if he was really rejecting her for fear of damaging her psychologically, she should be touched by his concern.  Yet for all Michaela knew, Govi was repulsed despite the cinnamon smell that came off him and his clanmates in almost chokingly thick waves. 

One thing was for sure.  Govi was not going to relent, and Korkla and Raxstad were letting him run the show.  Michaela pushed past the Imdiko, getting away from the three men.  She jerked her head towards the door.

“I think you should go now.”

Korkla sucked in a breath.  “I’d rather not leave you angry with us, little one.”

“Too fucking late.  Go.  Get out.  I want to be alone.”

She folded her arms over her breasts and turned away.  Even with her back to them, she could sense the three Kalquorians looking at each other.  She could feel their emotional distress as if it was her own.

Good.  She wanted them to be upset.  They deserved to be.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

Cissy and Tasha’s new home was in an underground cavern, created by the mining that was the Kalquorian Empire’s greatest asset.  Cissy hadn’t been too sure about living underground, but she’d been told she would never know the difference.  We’ll see about that, she thought as the small Imperial shuttle left the cliff to perform a steep banking maneuver that took them into a tunnel within the cliff face.

Jessica said, “Usually only emergency vehicles are allowed in the underground. You have to walk or run everywhere otherwise.”

“I guess being royal has its advantages, Your Grace?” Cissy teased.

“Be nice or I’ll shove my silver spoon up your nose,” Jessica said in a snotty tone.  It was ruined as she broke down into giggles.

Lindsey didn’t join in the humor. “Jessica has to be careful, as little as she wants to admit it.  This rebellion issue has meant abduction attempts. It’s scary how close we’ve come to losing her.”

“But you haven’t and you won’t.” The young woman tried to wave off everyone’s concern.  “The Basma doesn’t have enough followers rallied to his cause of an Earther-free Empire to make his rebellion a true threat.”

“Yet.” Lindsey was dogged in her determination to give them the full story. “There are signs that more Kalquorians are swayed to his cause every day. He damned near cost us Haven Colony a few months ago.”

“You’re being dramatic,” Jessica complained.  It was funny for her to ascribe that to Lindsey, since Cissy knew how temperamental her youngest cousin could be.  Jessica’s stormy temper was legendary in their family.

“I heard what Governor Ospar told you.  Earthers and Kalquorians on that colony banding together under the common cause of keeping the races separate?  Even though it could drive us both into extinction? That’s unheard of.”

“Ospar loves to be dramatic.  He thrives on the hint of conspiracies and mayhem, though I suspect he’s behind quite a few such things himself.  I love that guy, but he’s not happy unless he’s in the middle of trouble.” Jessica waved her hand dismissively. “Enough talk of rebellions.  Full vid on.”

Cissy and Tasha yelped as the entire shuttle seemed to disappear from around them.  Except for the doorway that opened into the vessel’s cockpit and the lushly cushioned seats they sat upon, there was nothing but a lit tunnel rushing past them.

“You ass,” Cissy said, shoving her royal cousin.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the Royal Guards stiffen, coming to alert attention.

Oops.  I didn’t think of how Jessica’s security would take an ‘attack’ on her royal person. It’s a good thing she’s laughing at me or I might be a spot on the non-existent floor.

Lindsey wasn’t worried about the Royal Guards either, aiming a kick at Jessica’s shin.  “You are an ass, scurvy dog. I think Tasha wet herself.”

“No, it was a good trick.” Agreeable as always, Tasha smiled at Jessica.  “It’s amazing to see everything like this.”

Jessica blew a raspberry at her. “Damn it, I forgot how good you are at making me feel guilty. When are you going to get an ugly side like Cissy?”

Cissy had heard enough. “That’s it. Hold her down, Lindsey.  I’m going to tickle her until she pees her royal panties.”

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

June 2014 Update

There is no video version of this entry. My scheduling has gone awry, so no YouTube vlog was made this week.
I hope all my stateside friends had a wonderful 4th of July! Time’s wasting though, so let’s get to this update:

Shalia’s Diary blog – You know the saying, ‘It’s darkest before the dawn’? Keep that in mind this month. 

Clans of Kalquor 4:  Alien Salvation – Rights revert to me at the end of this month.  The new cover is quite delicious, yes? Save it to your computer, because if you already own this book there is absolutely no reason to buy it again. No real changes were made to the story.

Netherworld I:  Drop Dead Sexy – Rights revert in August.  It turned out the most massive changes I had to make occurred at the beginning of the book – about the first six chapters. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see that. No plot changes were made, but it reads MUCH better in its new incarnation. If you are a fan of the Netherworld series, with 10,000 additional words it may be worth your while to replace this one when it is re-issued. I am currently formatting it. Once this is done, I can finally take a look at Alien Slave, which reverts to me in November.

First Mataras:  Michaela – I’m halfway through the first draft. I still can’t guess at when this book will be finished. It’s sitting at about 85,000 words now, a real beast of a story.

I am getting ready for my annual trip to upstate New York to visit some awesome people next week. The blogs are already scheduled to continue on without me, so don’t worry about getting your Shalia fix – she’ll be there. I will also TRY to keep the video blog going. However, I will probably be very slow to answer any questions or comments for the next several weeks. I hope you all have a great month. Take care!