Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Alien Slave, Clans of Kalquor 5

     When your heart has been broken because someone pushed you aside for another, it's going to rattle your self-esteem for a period of time.  Some of us take such knocks a little harder than others.
     Alien Slave features a Kalquorian who is still suffering the sting of rejection after many years.  Yes, one of those accomplished aliens has trust issues.  In his youth, Krijero was unceremoniously dumped for another Imdiko by the Dramok he had every indication would clan him.  His current clanmates are still dealing with the fallout:

     Gelan exchanged a look with Wynhod.  The Nobek put his handheld down and wrapped himself around Krijero once more.  His fierce nature was masked as he stroked the Imdiko’s tousled hair like a mother calming a nightmare-inflicted child.
     Gelan also pulled closer to his clanmate.  “She’ll be an interesting challenge for your skills,” he encouraged.
     Krijero refused to look at him.  “I’m a criminal psychologist.  I analyze law breakers.  I don’t fix traumatized Mataras.”
     Of course Wynhod cut right to the chase.  “And you’re afraid of getting your heart broken again.  Admit that’s your biggest objection.”  Despite his harsh words, his tone remained gentle, his touch soothing.
Krijero cringed anyway and didn’t answer.  Gelan’s rage for the pain his Imdiko continued to feel over the past … over the way his trust had been trampled on … woke anew. 
     The Dramok growled, “I swear if I ever meet that man, I’ll pound him senseless for clanning another Imdiko.  He was a fool to give you up.” 
     Krijero sighed.  “It doesn’t matter now.”
     “It shouldn’t, but you’re still hurting after all this time.  There’s no reason to think you’re unworthy, Krijero.  We didn’t reject you, did we?”
     Wynhod snorted laughter.  “Reject him?  We were the ones chasing him for years.”
     Krijero finally found a smile.  “Yes, you did.”
     “You made us work for it too, damn reluctant Imdiko.”  Wynhod hugged him close, and Krijero eased up. 

Last Day to Vote for TRR's Best Erotica

Alien Conquest and Unholy Union are up for The Romance Reviews 2011's Best Erotica in two categories, along with many other terrific books.  This is your last chance to give some hardworking authors bragging rights!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Conquest (Clans of Kalquor 3)

Nominated for Best Paranormal Erotica 2011 by The Romance Reviews!  Click here to vote.

     Cassidy suddenly realized that barring a miracle rescue, it was inevitable she would surrender to his clan.  She would be theirs for the rest of her life, their mate, their childbearer, their Matara.  She couldn’t continue to hold out, not when returning to Earth meant execution, a fate she could not simply resign herself to.  And especially not when her body thrilled at the clan’s every touch.  Not when her heart lifted at the men’s every gentle word. 
     I don’t really want to be saved anymore. 

Available from New Concepts Publishing, Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Smashwords, Fictionwise, and All Romance E-books

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Create a Kalquorian - New Poll is Up

So here's how our hunky Imdiko is shaping up:  Nicely muscled, about 6 1/2 feet tall; long, wavy black hair falling to midback length, rugged manly good looks, and clean shaven.  I'll take two, please.

Now we have to put together his personality.  What is it about Conyod that makes him just a little less than perfect?  You have four choices; pick your poison.  Which of these would make you roll your eyes as he does it for the millionth time?  (You know you'll forgive him...after all he's got so many good points going for him.)

Friday, November 25, 2011

First Four Friday - Alien Rule

    Jessica screamed as whirling darkness fell upon her.  The roar of the wind pressed everywhere, and she battled against the shredding sky as it pinned her helpless body.  “Lindsey!  Lindsey!” she cried, reaching for her sister.
    Thrashing, she fell off the lounger, tangled in the soft cover keeping her naked body warm. 

Available at New Concepts Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, Smashwords, and All Romance e-Books

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Create a Kalquorian - Nobody's Perfect

We're wrapping up the physical aspects of Imdiko Conyod, and it's time to switch gears and look at the personality.  One of the biggest ingredients for crafting any major character is deciding on his flaws.  Yes, our sweet morsel of alien manliness needs a chink or two in his armor.  Just what Conyod's main imperfection might be is up to you.

Saturday's poll will be a list of potential shortcomings for our Imdiko.  Be ready to give him something for everyone else to complain about.  After all, perfection is boring, and we don't want a boring Kalquorian.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy

Counting down to the January release!  I don't mind telling you, I'm terrifically psyched about this series.  Ghosts, vampires, shapeshifters, witches ... it's Halloween year round in Fulton Falls, Georgia.  I really think you're going to enjoy this gang.

Escort Brandilynn Payson is shocked to discover she’s dead.  Even worse, she’s the latest victim of the Fulton Falls Ripper, a vampire serial killer.  Death is no obstacle for fun however, and Brandilynn quickly proves she’s the life of the after-death party.  But her killer is still on her trail, and she learns there are worse things than death to worry about.


     I knew day had dawned when Tristan appeared in the head librarian’s office door.  He stared at me and Dan.  Dan was engrossed in some Walt Whitman poetry that had just appeared on the shelves a few hours ago.  Apparently, the deceased writers and poets only had to wish their works into the places where the literature-starved dead gathered.  Sort of like how the King George Hotel’s chef fed us his memories of delicious cuisine.  The netherworld was magical when you got past the morbid aspects of it.
     I wallowed in frustrated enjoyment of a nearly-impossible Sudoku puzzle.  Doing battle with grids of numbers proved a pleasant way to pass the time once Dan and I had exhausted our more wanton urges for awhile.  Now my mind wanted a workout.
     I began to see the possibilities for the next several hundred years or so.  Languages I could learn, the books to be read, new knowledge to be gained.  Dan had told me he liked to, excuse the pun, haunt the local college and attend the lectures.  Surely I could put off the boredom that afflicted so many of the earthbound dead for several centuries.
    The movement at the office door filled me with dread.  Somehow I knew it was Tristan before I looked up.  I didn’t want to look at him, not after I’d seen him and Patricia go full predator.  I’m like Lot’s wife though.  I just have to look.
     Tristan stared at me, his too-handsome, too-human face worried.  And darn if my heart didn’t go pitter-pat at the sight of him.  It was like he was a set of twins; one all scary and evil, the other a disheveled angel. 
     I sighed.  When Tristan wasn’t a vampire, I felt as gooey for him as I did Dan.  Maybe he and I didn’t sing the same tune, but only because his nighttime persona freaked me out.  If not for the bloodsucking side of Tristan, I’d be equally besotted with him as with my Marlboro Man.
     I’m a smart enough girl to realize that my interest in Tristan kept me in Dan’s arms though.  If Dan had been my only option for romance, I’d be running for the hills, unable to deal with the terror of putting my trust in one man.  I also realized that this situation was terribly unfair to them both.
     Knowing something and being able to change it are two entirely different things. 
     I stood, putting my puzzle down.  I noticed how Dan kept his eyes on his book as I walked past the desk on my way to speak with Tristan.  I went into the office, and the vampire closed the door behind me.
     Without preamble, Tristan said, “I could kill Augustus for making you watch that.  I know he has his reasons for what he does and they’re usually very good, but that’s not how I wanted you to see me.”
     I studied him.  He stared at me with those dark, almost black eyes.  He looked so tormented.  Ashamed.  To see Tristan’s cool confidence stripped away like that startled me.  I had the feeling he didn’t let many people see this unsure side. 
     I fought off the urge to throw my arms around him in a comforting hug.  “I guess being a vamp isn’t so great sometimes?”
     Tristan considered my question.  I appreciated that he gave my words such weight.  To so many men, I’m just a Barbie doll, all form and no substance.  I’m not slighting them; I put myself in that position.  But I sure enjoy it when I’m taken seriously.
     When Tristan answered, most of his calm self-assurance had clicked back in place.  “Being a vampire has its good points.  I’m not going to lie in order to sound nobler than I am, Brandilynn.”
     “Honesty makes for nobility,” I offered.  I leaned against the desk behind me, strangely excited to get a more accurate picture of Tristan Keith.
     He folded his arms over his chest.  “I like the power that comes from being a vampire.  I like sitting on top of the heap.  I worked for powerful men when I was alive, but I didn’t have the money or social standing to claim that world for myself.”
     “You like the challenges being a vampire has opened up for you.”
     Tristan nodded.  “I won’t pretend I don’t enjoy taking the risks and maneuvering around the obstacles.  It’s a game I love to play.”
     Men.  Whether it’s over women or status, they just have to beat their chests.  My smile for Tristan was pure affection.  “Hey, I worked for those kinds of men in my own way.  Ambition doesn’t put me off.”
     He grinned back, the relief evident.  “Good because I enjoy your company.”  He glanced over his shoulder at the closed door behind him.  “You care about Dan.  I can tell.”
     A pang of guilt went through me.  But I’d been up front with Dan.  He knew what the score was.  Still, I felt the urge to remain true to him in words at least.  “Dan’s wonderful.  He means a lot to me.”
     Tristan’s eyes were as sharp as a hawk’s.  The eyes of a man who takes whatever he fancies.  “What about me?  I’m not someone who easily gives up what I want.  I’ve never desired a woman as much as I desire you, Brandilynn.”
     Even making myself imagine Tristan swinging from a vine with a wild Tarzan yell couldn’t keep me from shivering at his dark, possessive stare.  I tried to remember him as he’d been when feeding on his little blood bank the night before.  Nope, that didn’t cool my jets either.
     I was so screwed.
     I made a very unhappy sound.  “When you’re not sporting those sharp incisors, I enjoy your company too.  Dan’s not thrilled about sharing me, but he’s willing for now.  What are your thoughts on the matter?”
     Tristan closed the distance between us.  His fingers trailed through my hair.  The selfish expression had disappeared to be replaced by simple, warm need.  With real regret he said, “As much as I’d like you to be monogamous with me, I can’t ask you to make me your one and only when my hungers lead me to seek other women.  Blood and sex go together.  No vampire is exempt from that one-two punch.  But know this, Brandilynn, if I could be with just one lady, you’d be the woman for me.”
      Jeez, he’d stopped just shy of proclaiming his eternal love.  What did I do to make these men act like this?  I was Brandilynn Payson, a BDSM-loving, no-commitment making, high-end prostitute.  It made no sense Tristan and Dan would want a woman like me, not for keeps.
     I tried to play it off like my brain wasn’t twisting itself inside out over the situation.  “It’s just as well I’m polyamorous.  At the risk of sounding racist, I don’t go for bloodsuckers.  You really freaked me out last night.”
     “I know I did.”  Tristan’s smile was a bitter thing, one that didn’t sit well on his handsome face.  “We have the daylight hours though.  Look, Brandilynn, no fangs.”  He opened his mouth to show me.
     I laughed.  When he kissed me, I snuggled in tight.  So sue me for wanting to bang a vamp.  He’d been honest.  He’d been open.  He’d treated me like I was a real person with real feelings.  You don’t toss aside a man like that, no matter how long his teeth grew after the sun set.

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Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Rule

Michaela shifted toward the curtains, responding to the music’s call.  In an instant, her shaking ceased.  She grasped one of Jessica’s hands in her own and gently squeezed.  “I’m okay.  They may not like me, but I’m going to dance.  Damn Earth all to hell, I can dance and no one will stop me.”

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Writing of Alien Salvation

Alien Salvation is out, and hopefully you’re enjoying it.  It was originally supposed to be the third of the Clans of Kalquor series, the tale of Jessica McInness’ sister Lindsey.  There were so many options to contemplate when it came to Alien Salvation.  Would Lindsey and her parents suffer at the hands of Earth’s fanatical government following Jessica’s coronation as Kalquor’s empress?  Would they believe Jessica had turned traitor or been forcibly taken to the enemy planet?  Would it take a Kalquorian invasion to reunite the family, or would they somehow escape Earth on their own?  So many questions, and I wondered which path to put Lindsey on.

Then the muse appeared, presenting me with another story that would bump Alien Salvation to fourth place on the roster.  Alien Conquest, like the class bully, muscled its way into the line and refused to be moved back.  Lindsey would have to wait.

A little aside here:  Alien Conquest’s ending with the wholesale destruction of its cities and the majority of Earth’s population was as big a surprise for me as it was for you.  Not until I reached the end of that book’s outline did I know about Armageddon.  I was under the impression there would be an invasion and occupation by the Kalquorians.  But no, the story insisted on this horror; and while I don’t always like where the muse takes me I’ve learned to not argue with it.  I’ve learned through experience that not doing what the story wants always leaves me with a below par tale, no matter how well written.  The Clans of Kalquor series is dark and often brutal, but even I was sobered to see how the war ended up.  I know it upset some readers terribly; my proofreader was absolutely aghast at the loss of life.  But I stand behind it because I truly believe it is the story that was meant to have been written.

It also set up Alien Salvation, birthing it naturally; a child with a clear cut destiny.  Now I knew Lindsey’s situation without a doubt:  she was on Earth, struggling for survival on her broken world, and there were Kalquorians arriving by the thousands looking to rescue as many people as they could … and searching for their worried Empress’ family.  Unfortunately for Lindsey, she is days away from her last known whereabouts, so the Kalquorians are looking in the wrong place.

About the time I was writing Alien Salvation, there was a short-lived reality show on cable called The Colony.  It depicted several people who had volunteered for an experiment.  Under the premise that they had survived a killer disease that had resulted in a breakdown of emergency services and modern conveniences, these people were forced to survive by their wits, using what they found in their post-apocalyptic environment.  Attacked repeatedly by a rival group, foraging for food, desperately trying to eke out an existence with only luck and skill, it was a grim look into what could be if our worst fears came true.  It gave me plenty of food for thought as to what Lindsey and her parents had to face.  It also showed me how screwed I am if I was ever to find myself in similar circumstances.

The only thing in question was what kind of clan would stumble across Lindsey?  We’ve seen Rajhir’s clan, a trio of men secure in their convictions that they must do whatever necessary to secure Kalquor’s future.  Clajak’s clan rules Kalquor, doing what they have to in order lead their people.  Tranis’ clan is composed of leaders as well.  All three previous clans have been older, capable, and confident groups of men, men of means and experience. 

I decided it was time to bring in the young guns, a clan of Kalquorians just starting out in their shared lives.  They would be unsure of themselves, not to mention of each other.  To my delight, that put a whole new spin on Lindsey’s would-be rescuers and added unavoidable conflict to the mix.  Not to influence your perceptions, but my proofreader said featuring a raw, untried clan lacking in self confidence made Alien Salvation his favorite of the series.

So here they are:  Lindsey, Bacoj, Japohn, and Vax.  All trying to find their way in situations they never anticipated being in, wondering if they can trust each other to survive their dangerous circumstances.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the journey they’ll take you on.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Alien Salvation now Available - And Last Quote

 Now available from New Concepts Publishing.

Last quote, number 51:

     Now that Vax’s worst fears had been addressed, he and Bacoj looked steady.  Resolute.  Ready to die killing mortal enemies.  Japohn felt a rush of pride for his clanmates.
     It was a good way to go out.

First Four Friday - Alien Embrace

Chapter 4:
    Amelia sobbed as she huddled on her lounger.
    Two days had slipped by since the clan's visit.  During that time creative inspiration reached a fever pitch, and she painted almost nonstop.
    She knew the consequences of prolonged work to her injured hands.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 50

     Vax stared at him for a few moments, his eyes growing bright again with tears.  Finally he answered, “I don’t hate you Bacoj.  But I don’t like you very much right now either.”
     He stood and walked to the door, his head down as if it was too heavy to hold up.
     “Where are you going?” Japohn asked softly.
     “I need to get out of here for awhile.  Looking at the two of you makes me sick.”

Releasing today!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 49

Lindsey shook her head, tearing up now over happy memories.  “Who would have ever imagined my scabby-kneed kid sister would be Empress of an alien empire?  You never fail to surprise me, Jess.”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 48

The women knelt on the seating cushions and peered at the Kalquorian computer, a paper-thin flat console lying on the table.  Shivering with excitement Tara spoke with the eagerness of a child on Christmas morning.  “Will someone tell me how to do this?”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 47

Vax hunched and turned away.  Bacoj and Japohn exchanged a dark look, and Lindsey couldn’t take anymore.

Releases tomorrow! (Or so they tell me)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 46

Bacoj was crying.  The big, confident man had tears streaming down his cheeks, dripping off his chin to wet her face.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 45

The Dramok yanked her clothes off with almost brutal force.  He ravished her breasts with powerful hands as his mouth took hers with cruel passion.  She moaned, a little frightened and a lot turned on by his ruthless possession.

Alien Conquest and Unholy Union Nominated by The Romance Reviews

Wow!  I just got the word from The Romance Reviews that Alien Conquest was nominated for Best Erotic Paranormal Romance - Alien/Other World 2011 and Unholy Union was nominated for Best Erotic Paranormal Romance - Angel and Demon 2011.  I am utterly amazed to have been considered.

I'm in shock, so if I seem a little less than crazy/happy/thrilled, it's because I'm still trying to wrap my head around these honors!  I'm pretty sure I'll be dancing with joy when it sinks in. 

There are some really wonderful books nominated.  If you want to vote for these and other categories, you can do so here:

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 44

She hurried to them and threw her arms around Bacoj’s neck.  “How bad was it?” she asked.

We're down to two days!

WIP Wednesday - The Font

I've just finished outlining this book which, like Unholy Union, is not part of any series.  The Font is an old-fashioned vampire story, though set in the present day.

Naya Woods is a very special woman.  Her blood is like no other human's in that the vampire that feeds from her is granted extra strength and the ability to read minds.  For this reason, the brutal 1300-year old Heriolf, ruler of southeast Georgia's vampires, keeps her close by.

Heriolf's rise to power meant the destruction of Elisha Midyet's sire.  Elisha plots to end the reign of the hated tyrant.  Only by abducting Naya from Heriolf's stronghold and killing her can Savannah's vampires free themselves of their monstrous master.  But Elisha discovers Naya is as much Heriolf's victim as the rest of them ... and she's a woman who tempts his heart with an impossible love.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 43

     He was shocked when Vax shook his hand off and bared fangs at him.  “No.”
    His clanmate visibly struggled with his unaccustomed anger.  After a moment his fangs folded back out of sight and anguish flooded his face.  “How could you even suggest this?” 

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 42

    “Bad Imdiko.  Bad!”  Japohn’s laughter was breathless.
    Vax looked up at them, feeling a rush of pride at the respectful looks they gave him.  Lindsey was limp in their arms, her eyes closed, tiny whimpers escaping her parted lips.  Her sheath still offered small spasms as she came down from bliss.
    “That’s how you make love to a Matara,” Vax gasped. 

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 41

     Seeing her so helpless and vulnerable, unable to claim pleasure or deny him his, made [Vax] want to shelter and master her all at once. 
     “What are you thinking?” Japohn asked in their tongue, his voice quiet.
     “That I’ve never loved anyone so much.”

Three days away!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 40

Bacoj and Vax hadn’t shaved in a couple of days, and their faces were delightfully scratchy against her skin, though not irritating like the rashes the sand had left her with.   Their light beards scraped, reminding her of their brute masculinity.  Her breath caught and her fingertips sank into the hard muscles of their shoulders.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 39

Bacoj adjusted the temperature as Vax took great delight in the use of both hands in disrobing Lindsey.  Japohn stripped himself, and the three men pulled her into the shower and surrounded her.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 38

    “Come on, Mom,” Lindsey said, taking her mother’s hand.
    “I look completely wrecked,” Tara sighed, raking her fingers through her sand-encrusted hair.

Four days away!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 37

To Lindsey’s distress, Bacoj pulled his hand free of hers.  Vax and Japohn were visibly upset, but he displayed no emotion at all. 

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 36

Three faces froze.  Three pairs of purple eyes grew wide.  Three mouths dropped open.  There was stupefied silence for several beats as Lindsey watched them try to absorb the bombshell.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 35

     Bacoj’s clan bowed slightly before their fellow aliens, letting Lindsey know the newcomers outranked them.  Bacoj advanced ahead of his clanmates and spoke, his guttural speech floating to Lindsey’s ears. 

Five days away!

Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Embrace

    "Earthers are not only compatible with us, they're more suited to our needs than our own women."
    Joy so extreme that Rajhir thought it might kill him filled his entire body.  A compatible people had been found.  A Matara for his own clan had been found!  With Earthers, his civilization could ensure the continuation of Kalquor and its culture.  A doomed race would survive.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 34

    A low hum and the exclamations of the Kalquorians woke Lindsey just as the sun broke the horizon.  She opened her eyes to see the men dressing in their unfathomable speed.
    “Dress, Lindsey,” Bacoj urged, yanking his boots on.  “Shuttle comes.”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 33

Without another word, the men undressed her.  She sighed to feel the welcome warmth of their hands and mouths caress her.  Each man took her in turn, groaning as they enclosed themselves in her hearth, rising and falling over her as they claimed what was theirs.

Create a Kalquorian: Face Poll is Up

Imdiko Conyod is coming together nicely.  You've given him a body that's average sized for a Kalquorian, around six and a half feet tall, with gorgeously defined muscles ... especially that chiseled chest and those perfect abs.  Nice job, all!

It's time to put a face on our hottie.  You have several options for 'The Look' as well as choosing his facial hair (or the lack of).  Please select everything that appeals to you. 

More fun than a Mr. Potato Head, isn't he?

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 32

She was sore.  She was wrung out physically and emotionally.  She felt nasty with her hair dried in sea-salt stiff clumps and her clothes cemented in taut creases with gritty sand.  

Six days to go!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 31

     “No fear, Bacoj good pilot,” Japohn said, shouting to be heard over the now ratcheting engine.
     “No fear my ass!”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 30

     Aaron got a wicked gleam in his eye.  “Now how do I ask my Matara for celebration sex?”
     As the Kalquorians erupted in surprised laughter, Tara and Lindsey rolled their eyes.
     “Oh Aaron,” Tara groaned, flushing a delicate pink.
     “Jeez, Dad.  Gross.”  Lindsey made gagging sounds.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 29

Scheduled release:  November 18 -- one more week!

Maybe it was only infatuation.  Maybe she was being a fool.  But Lindsey knew she’d be absolutely miserable if she never saw them again.  Their strength, their compassion, their kindness spoke to her.  No Earther man had ever had the same effect.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 28

He broke the kiss to whisper something in her ear, and her swollen lips whispered the word ‘please’ before his demanding mouth descended on hers once more.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 27

Please note that due to scheduling and obligations, I will be posting only two quotes today.

Lindsey had never known she could hurt so much.  Every muscle in her body clamored in anguish.  It was as if she’d been stretched until ligaments and tendons had torn.

Create a Kalquorian: Face Poll is Next

Saturday is almost here, and another poll is on it's way.  It's time to put a face on our Imdiko.  Are we going for pretty  boy, rugged, uber-man, or classic cool?  And what about facial hair?  Clean shaven, scruffy, or more?  You'll get your chance to decide in two days.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alien Salvation's Cover Art

Just got this from my publisher, though it's still not up on the site. Do we dare hope it will be out soon?

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 26

Japohn scented the Tragoom well before he saw it.  The sharp, rancid odor was every bit as repugnant as he remembered.  Foul to sight and smell, Tragooms had few allies outside of their own kind.  Not surprising, considering they had a nasty habit of raping and eating anything that stood still long enough for them to catch.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 25

Please note that due to scheduling and obligations, I will be posting only two quotes today and tomorrow.

Japohn smothered a grin.  The thought of her biting on his belt to muffle screams of sensual relish was delightful.  He wondered what he could do to make her mark his skin in such a way.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 24

Bacoj sighed, glanced at Vax.  The Imdiko raised his eyebrows, his thoughts obvious.  Go ahead, Bacoj.  Are you our Dramok or not?

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 23

It was never a good idea to arouse an angry Kalquorian.  Only the greatest control kept him from ripping her clothes off and taking her with ruthless need.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 22

Lindsey stamped her little foot in frustration.  If Bacoj hadn’t been so furious, he’d have found the gesture of temper adorable. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 21

Even a former bounty hunter of Japohn’s prodigious fighting skills got unlucky once in awhile.  This might be one of those times.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 20

     The woman grabbed Bacoj’s wrist, her expression drawing down in desperation.  “You have to save us.  The Tragooms have the rest pinned down in our camp.  There are children!”
     Bacoj scowled.  At first Lindsey thought he might be angry that he was expected to rescue a bunch of helpless Earthers, but his muttered, “Hate Tragooms.  Want all dead,” told her different. 

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 19

     Armed with terrifying weaponry, inhumanly fast and silent, the Kalquorians were a frightening surprise this morning. 
     And it’s turning me on.  Holy Hannah, I’ve got issues, Lindsey thought, clenching her thighs together in an effort to slow the juices seeping from her mound.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 18

All three Kalquorians unsheathed long double-bladed knives from their belts.  Tara’s eyes went wide and Aaron loosed an awed whistle.  Lindsey gaped at the serrated daggers, staring at blades as long as her forearm.  

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 17

She fought the instinct to cover her nudity.  What had she been thinking to want to remain outside where passing refugees might glimpse her wanton actions?

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 16

Well then.  There was nothing wrong with a game.  She bowed her head, trying for a subservient posture.  “I’m yours,” she whispered, excitement making her mouth dry. 

Six Sentence Sunday - The Phucket List

     Frank would be furious when he read her email.  His dark, rugged looks and piercing eyes even bluer than Valarie’s would get that scowl he wore when a client was being particularly difficult or a vendor had failed to send supplies on time.  Ah, that gorgeous face, topping that delicious muscled body…
     Valarie shook herself out of contemplating her boss – her former boss – and all his excellent attributes.    While it was a shame she’d seen the last of Frank Herne, she’d be able to make a clean getaway without facing him over her abrupt resignation.
    “I’m still waiting for you to tell me you’re kidding.” 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 15

    “And punish for no obey.”  Japohn’s open palm suddenly cracked hard against one of her buttocks, and Lindsey jumped.  Heat radiated from the blow, and she squirmed from the sensation heating her nether regions.  She was definitely turned on by the aliens’ forceful display.
     What an interesting discovery.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 14

     The upturned faces as the shuttle approached were drawn, dirty and, in the case of the men, in various stages of stubble.  Glints of metal made Lindsey cry out.
     “They’ve got blasters!”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 13

Lindsey was startled anew.  Her face warmed as she realized her mother knew she’d already had sex with the Kalquorians.  Was there nothing she could keep secret from the woman?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 12

 His inability to control his Nobek clanmate made Bacoj’s stomach clench.  “Japohn stubborn.  Insist his way.”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 11

A crowd of about two dozen Earthers, their expressions hostile, stood on the beach, surrounding them on either side.  All were armed with guns and wielded baseball bats.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 10

Vax tested the weight of her other breast.  The warmth of his hand sent a jolt through her.  “You like control.  We like control.  We take control.”

First Four Friday - WIP, Alien Interludes: Michaela's Child

Michaela Blake folded baby clothes, wondering at the smallness of the miniature articles.  Funny to think how they all started out so tiny to grow to her size, not to mention as big as her Kalquorian mates.  Not for the first time, she wondered if her clan’s child would be Earther short or closer to the six-and-a-half feet average of the Kalquorians.
    My child. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 9

Lindsey sighed.  “You’ll have to speak better English for me to explain my faith so you can understand, or I’ll have to learn Kalquorian.  The short answer is my beliefs do not stand in the way of having sex with you.”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 8

“Do they speak English?”  The mother looked at Lindsey, and Bacoj realized belatedly he hadn’t greeted her.  He’d been too shaken by the woman’s insubstantial appearance.  She needed feeding, desperately.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 7

  Lindsey reluctantly got her to her feet.  She pulled her clothes on with genuine regret, and the men did the same.  She couldn’t help but glow as they watched her, their tender gazes an invisible caress.  Even Japohn looked at her with seeming affection.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 6

Lindsey was amazed at how much she liked sex.  Her mother had classified it as pleasant.  Moderation could have been Tara’s middle name, but her description was well beneath low-key. 

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 5

Japohn’s front penis was the size of a baby’s arm.   A big baby.  Okay, a toddler.  Nervous excitement roiled in Lindsey’s belly.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 4

Peeking through the filthy windshield of an electric car, Lindsey swallowed, her dry throat clicking.  All three aliens were staring in her direction.  She’d been spotted despite her best efforts to remain hidden.

WIP Wednesday - Alien Interludes: The Negotiation

One of my favorite heroines from the Clans of Kalquor series has stuck mostly in the background of the first two books, Alien Embrace and Alien Rule.  I always thought Israla, leader of Plasius, deserved her own story.  She finally gets it.

Bold and commanding, Israla likes things on her own terms.  She chooses young, inexperienced men to find pleasure with ... and there's nothing wrong with that!  But when Colonel Tyler Carter comes to negotiate the fates of some Earther criminals, she finds herself wondering what a man seasoned with a little more age might do for her:

    Everything about the man entranced her.  His exuberant masculinity, not as overwhelming as a Kalquorian’s but much more evident than the thin wispiness of her own kind, had Israla wanting to press her body against his.  She wanted to wallow in his very male scent, its muskiness as intoxicating as the leshella she’d drunk.  It made her wonder how Tyler would taste.
    He was laughing at something she’d said, the gravelly sound rolling pleasantly over her, when the Saucin’s well-documented control disappeared.  She seized his food tray, still half uneaten, and tossed it uncaring to the nearby table where it clattered, sending bits of food across the surface.  Before Tyler could react, Israla clambered onto his lap, straddling his thick thighs with her willowy ones. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 3

     Bacoj was out of the ship and down the ramp the instant the main hatch opened.  Japohn’s growl followed him, and the brawny Nobek was on his heels in an instant.
    “Bacoj, you wait until I’ve determined we’re clear!”

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 2

With all government and law enforcement a thing of the past, it was every man for himself.  Survival now depended on one’s ability to defend herself and her supplies.

Countdown to Alien Salvation, Quote 1

It's November, and Alien Salvation is coming!  I still don't know the actual release date, but until you and I are mutually surprised, enjoy the Countdown to Alien Salvation quotes I'll be posting every day.

Lindsey hurried across the roof to the door leading into the building, keeping her gaunt frame huddled in a crouch.  Kalquorians, other Earthers, whatever was out there — she had no intention of advertising the family’s presence to anyone.