Friday, June 9, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: What if a Matara has a Kalqorian rival who takes her clan at the last minute (wedding). How/ what are the implications?

A: That scenario is not really possible. First of all, the moment a woman accepts a valid offer to clan, she's clanned. The verbal contract constitutes the whole of the agreement. End of story (unless vital concerns of ruling the Empire come up--hello, Jessica and Narpok 😉). 

To ensure legal transfer of property, say if clanmates die, the new clanship is registered as soon as possible with the Kalquorian government. It's not required, but it does wipe out any challenges to inheritance issues, property disputes, etc.

The clanning ceremony (wedding) is merely a formal declaration for the enjoyment and celebration of the clanmates' family and friends. It's a commemoration, much like renewing vows during an anniversary. It is not required to validate a clanship. The clanship is already established at the point of a ceremony. No one can yell out, "Stop the wedding!"and have it mean anything.

I really can't see a 'secret' clanship that could rise as a challenge to a new one happening either, not in Kalquorian society. With parental permission required before the age of 25, children of a clan automatically receiving equal shares of an estate upon the last parent's death (can't be cut out of a grouchy parent's will), and the rare privilege of gaining a Matara, it's just not likely to happen.

In extreme cases, a clanship can be ended--de-clanning is similar to a divorce. But that still recognizes a clanship existed in the first place. And except in the case of something that could affect the running of the Empire--such as overwhelming concerns on behalf of a family member's lifemate choices (Jessica's sister Lindsey clanning 'beneath her station' or cousin Tasha clanning suspected traitors)--declanning is an extremely difficult process to gain approval.

Thanks for the question!

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  1. Honestly the implications sound like that clan is douchey if they decided to clan someone besides the woman they intended to. It makes them a bunch of jerks and in a way she dodged a bullet.

  2. can a clan in which a member dies get a new member?

  3. We need a story about a Matara abused by her clan. It would allow us to see how the society handles a declanning and show how a matara could be given hope, have it stripped away, and a new clan having to rebuild her. And for sure it needs to have a dual breed Nobek Imdiko, ever since you introduced dual reeds, I've wanted to see this combo! Now that would be a story with some major substance!