Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

I heard something crackle in the brush a few yards away. It sounded big and it was moving in our direction. It was only at that moment that I noted all bird cries in the area had gone quiet. Lana and Taylor exchanged a look.

Lana said, “Maybe a wild pig? Should we call out in case it’s a hunter?”

Taylor peered in the direction “It shouldn’t be since this is county land. Better safe than sorry. Hello!”

The noises ceased. The woods went completely silent with unnatural stillness. Lana and Taylor looked at each other again with real alarm in their eyes. A feral pig or one of the rare bears in the area were not things to mess with.

I said, “Hold on and I’ll check it out.”

Lana whispered my message to Taylor as I rushed towards where I’d heard the noise. I didn’t bother skirting the dense foliage, letting bushes and underbrush pass through my insubstantial body.

I hadn’t gone far when I trotted right through a human. I gasped as I found Cliff Tattingail behind a tree with several palmettos springing up around it. He was perfectly hidden so Taylor and Lana couldn’t see him from their position.

He was also watching them through the scope of the shotgun pointed in their direction.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

Dan put his hands on his hips and looked up at the canopy of pines over our heads. The thin trunks and branches let us see that the night was clear and filled with stars.

He said, “It’s tough to figure anything out with all these trees. I don’t suppose your flying is any better yet?”

I cringed, but I knew it was our only option. “Actually the flying isn’t all that bad as long as I go straight and don’t mind jetting at supersonic speeds. I land with no problem too – if you have no problems with crash landings.”

Bless his heart, he looked genuinely sympathetic. “My poor girl.”

I mentally urged my pride to take a vacation, with the promise dignity wouldn’t be far behind it. “I suppose I should try. No laughing when I take out a tree.”

Dan didn’t crack a smile. “Never.” 

I squared my shoulders and set myself under the least amount of foliage in the area. I urged myself up and began to elevate.

As I’d told Dan, going straight is not that big a deal. I brushed up against the tips of a few limbs, but pretty much avoided smacking into anything. Within seconds I was up above the trees.

I kept climbing, wanting a good view of everything. Vampire vision is better than ghost vision. Plus certain things were lit up, making it easy to pick out landmarks. In the distance to the west of Highway 17, I saw the airfield. I decided certain lines of lights close to the dark ribbons of roads must be strip malls. Closer to my position, maybe seven miles away and more to the north, was the sprawl of the federal training academy. It had really grown over the years, making the facility about half the size of Fulton Falls.

Most of what lay beneath me was the swath of woods. A breeze through the pines whispered secrets that I couldn’t understand. About three miles away was one well-lit building that I couldn’t quite make out. And even closer, a tiny glimmer of light shone from deep in the trees.

I thought it would be worth my while to check out those two light sources, the smaller one first. Doing my best as usual to maintain a slow pace, I began to move towards the glimmer.

Before long I was zooming along and going faster all the time. I winced knowing how bad the eventual landing was going to be, but the tiny mote of light was getting bigger. Hopefully I wouldn’t flash by it so fast that I wouldn’t be able to pick out its source. I started trying to angle downward to pass as close to the tops of the pines as I was able.

I was almost directly over the light and not nearly as low as I wanted to be when I saw a flash of a different kind of light, sparking near the glimmer. I heard something whiz past my ear. Another flash. Another whiz came even closer. Then I heard the gunshots. 

I had the thought that bullets travel faster than sound before it occurred to me that I was being shot at. In a panic, I abruptly reversed course.

I have to give myself credit. Even though I was somersaulting wildly, I still managed to steer myself back in the direction I’d come from. As the sky and ground changed sides over and over at dizzying speeds, I caught sight of the highway here and there. I aimed for it as best I could. Some small rational part of me was sure I was out of the range of the gun, so I concentrated on slowing myself down as much as possible. With every rotation of my body, the treetops moved closer and closer. And then I was in them.

I stopped trying to fly and let myself drop. My yelps rang through the woods as I bounced off branches. The trees and my bones cracked as we did damage to each other. Pain came steadily, infuriating me.

It seemed like an eternity before I hit solid ground. My legs had been spared damage, and I was on my feet, fanged and ready to drain the bastard who’d shot. I barely noticed my left arm was hanging at a weird angle, useless at my side.

Someone was going down.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

With my head start, I showed up at the library before Dan. In a sudden fit of whimsy, I raced to hide behind a shelf. I peeked out to see my sweetie appear in the middle of the reading tables. He peered around the quiet room. 


I giggled, and the sound echoed in the cavernous room. He turned around, trying to locate me. His brows drew down, but he grinned and started walking. “Are you hiding from me?”

I giggled again since he headed in the wrong direction. As he turned my way, I darted to the end of the row and wove through the shelves.

His laughing voice followed me. “Oh, we’re doing that, are we? Okay then, naughty girl. I’m going to find you and give you a spanking.”

That was such a delight to hear. I really needed an escape from the real world after what I’d just seen. It was time for intense play.

I decided to go full-on brat. As I continued to move through the stacks of books, I called, “Nyah-nyah. Gotta catch me first.” 

I darted here and there, trying-not-trying to get away. I could hear Dan’s heavy tread behind me, never far away but not quite catching up. He knew the library better than I did, so I surmised he was prolonging the chase.

He appeared at the end of one row where I crept. I yelped and dashed off. After that happening a few times, I realized he was deliberately showing up when he wanted to drive me in a particular direction. Dan was herding me like a sheep, but I didn’t figure it out until he had me caught. I ended up cornered in the autobiography section.

I pretended to cower as Dan approached, having trapped me with nowhere to go. I had a hard time not laughing as his eyes widened at what I wore. To match my silly mood, I’d fashioned a little girl’s sailor suit. My hair was in two ponytails with red bows. 

His eyes smoldered as he drew himself up and assumed a stern expression. “There’s my naughty girl. Bad little Brandilynn.”

I opened my mouth and the words fell out in a voice higher pitched than usual. “Are you going to punish me – Daddy?”

I’d been into kink since I could remember. I love submitting. I love being spanked. But I’d never had more than a passing thought about age play. It had not shown up on my radar. Yet at this moment, with Dan, it somehow felt right.

Dan had only recently discovered his Dom side. He was still figuring out his kinks, experimenting with what precisely rocked his boat. The moment of shock on his face made me think this one wouldn’t fly. Then the startled expression gave way to sternness. When he looked at me like that, my pussy spasmed. The crotch of my cotton panties with ruffles and hearts were soaked in an instant.

That deep, strong voice filled with parent-like disapproval. “Yes, Brandilynn. Daddy has to discipline you for being such a bad little girl.”

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 2015 Update

Mmm-kay. I kind of fell off with doing monthly updates for a bit. A LOT has been going on at Casa St. John personally and professionally, so hopefully you’ll forgive me. Some challenging things, some great things ... but all of it means I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath!

I’m looking forward to 2016. Exciting things are afoot, my friends. I signed with an agent who knows Kalquor top to bottom and loves our alien guys as much as we do. She has some thrilling ideas about where the Kalquorian universe could go next. More clans in more places? Keep your fingers crossed!
Because of this new development, the release of Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction is being delayed while everyone gets up to speed. I will update its status as soon as I can. NIV:AA is in final edits now, so once we figure out what we want to do with this series, the newest installment will be ready to go. By the way, Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy is still 99 cents as an e-book. You’ll want to scoop it up while it lasts. It’s available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

I will start outlining Clans of Kalquor 10 at the start of the new year. It’s time for Tasha’s story! I am excited. I’ve been given a few peeks into what lies ahead, but there are so many different directions it can go. As usual, my characters are teasing me – but they don’t usually start playing with my head this early on! Tasha and others are definitely up to no good.

Let’s talk Shalia’s Diary for a bit now. The seventh storyline wraps up Monday. As I warned you at the outset of this current story, this was more of a set-up of future stories than an individual tale. Because of that, I don’t want to release it as a separate book ... it doesn’t hold up as one in my opinion.

What was originally considered the next tale (eighth storyline) in Shalia’s saga cranks up January 4. It is a story like those appearing in Books 1 – 6. What I’ve decided to do is post it on the blog as usual. When it is done with its run, I will combine it with the ‘set-up’ storyline that you’re currently reading in a single book. So Storylines 7 and 8 will become Book 7.

Got it? Good.

I want to wish all my readers the most beautiful of holidays. Whatever joyous occasion you celebrate, I wish you happiness, health, and a fantastic new year. Thank you all for a wonderful 2015! You are the best.

Much love,


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

The body was only a few steps away from the sheriff. A couple deputies were taping the area off for the crime scene unit to go over once they arrived. It was still uncovered, so the discovery had to be pretty fresh. One glance and I had to look away. The victim was bloated, so he’d been out here a few days. It was also obvious he wasn’t whole. I glimpsed some ragged tears on the swollen flesh. My bet was, the feral hogs in the area had taken a few bites of the poor guy. 

Thank goodness I didn’t need to breathe. From the way the officers held their hands over their noses, the guy was pretty ripe. How Grayson could stand there so stoic was beyond me. But then, Grayson has seen some messed up stuff. As small as Fulton Falls and Ford County are, we still have our share of murder, much of it the messy variety.

I steeled myself to take another look. It wasn’t morbid curiosity. I needed to see the dead man’s face. I walked over and stared into the upturned face.

He’d been a hog shifter. The snout and small tusks were a giveaway. There had been five werehogs on the missing list. I inspected the shape of his wide staring eyes, the color of his hair, the jaw structure.

Dan had come over with me. I told him, “I’m not sure because of the shape he’s in, but this man may be one of Levi’s instructors. He looks vaguely familiar, similar to the picture Levi gave me.”

Behind me, Grayson spoke up. “Charlie, you said you smelled nitro coming from the body?”

A werehog deputy paused putting up the tape. “Pretty sure I did, Sheriff, though the decomp is kind of overwhelming the scent. I’d lay odds he was shot. Smelled like some Russian import stuff. Or low-grade domestic.”

“Shot with nitro?” I asked Dan. 

“He must be referring to nitrocellulose. It’s the propellant used in bullets.” Dan looked over the scene and shook his head, his face long with dismay. “Man. What an ugly way to die.”

I saw what he was talking about. The body was at the end of a trail of blood, which wove a path deeper into the woods. He’d been hurt elsewhere and made his way only steps from the road. If I had to judge from the amount of blood in his wake, he must have suffered awfully.

I looked around my surroundings again, suddenly spooked. Dan noticed. “What is it?”

I licked my lips. “It kind of reminds me of where my body ended up after I was killed.”

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