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Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction

Gelan leaned close to deliver one of his body-melting kisses.  His hand wrapped around Krijero’s primary dick at the base.  As he delivered a languorous tasting to Krijero’s mouth, he stroked Krijero’s slick cock up to the tip in a firm grip.  The Imdiko cried out in Gelan’s mouth, his ass coming up off the bed surface as delicious sensation licked its way through his loins.  

Gelan stroked again, down and back up.  A heady surge poured heat into Krijero’s secondary prick.  He balled up the bedding in his fists.  Damn, it felt good to be handled this way.  In the last year, his two lovers had learned exactly how to fondle him, what pressure he liked best, where to touch, everything.  Krijero often thought they knew his body and its responses better than he did.

Gelan released the kiss and his cock, much to the Imdiko’s dismay.  Krijero made a plaintive sound at the retreating Dramok.  

“I’ve got you,” Wynhod whispered.  

The Nobek’s more primitive face lowered down to Krijero’s, and he parted his lips for the coming kiss.  Just as Wynhod’s tongue traced a wet path over his lips, the enforcer’s hand replaced Gelan’s on his cock.  Krijero moaned and tried to jerk his hips forward, wanting to move in that wondrous tight grip.  However, Gelan’s earlier command to keep still held his body down.

It turned out he didn’t need to move.  Wynhod’s hand worked up and down his length as he slid his tongue into Krijero’s mouth, seeking and tasting fully.  The Imdiko stroked his tongue over Wynhod’s, enticing him to remain.  Meanwhile, erotic heat billowed throughout his groin as the Nobek kept masturbating him.

A slick touch traced gently around Krijero’s anus.  He couldn’t contain the anticipatory shudder that traveled up his spine as Gelan’s thick fingers teased the puckered bud, sending extra thrills all through his body.  As Wynhod continued to kiss him, Gelan’s warm mouth covered one of Krijero’s nipples, licking and sucking to bring electric excitement zapping straight down to his pricks.

Two of Gelan’s fingers pressed on the Imdiko’s entrance.  Krijero relaxed into the unspoken demand, opening to allow the invaders inside.  Coated in Krijero’s juices, the fingers entered him easily.

Gelan probed for the Imdiko’s cum spot, finding it almost right away.  A blast of pure carnal need shot up Krijero’s spine, detonating in his skull and making him yell into Wynhod’s mouth.  His cocks tightened and swelled.  He was suddenly much more sensitive to the hand working him with long, quick strokes.  Boiling ecstasy filled the second cock and shoved upward to threaten the primary.  He was on the brink of spilling.

Krijero shook his head, trying to free himself of Wynhod’s kiss to warn them.  Apparently divining the issue, Gelan stopped teasing his nipple to whisper, “Easy, Krijero.  Let it go.  Come for us.”

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer

Tranis peered up at him from over his shoulder.  “Terrific.  I’ve got a monster cock up my ass.  How do you stand it?”

Degorsk snickered and shook his head.  “Oh, you get used to it.”

Get used to a dick splitting him in two?  Tranis couldn’t imagine it.  “I wish you’d stop laughing at me.”

Degorsk’s grin widened.  “Sorry.  It’s just so much drama when I know what’s coming next.”

Tranis frowned.  “What?”

“This.”  Degorsk’s hips moved back, slowly emptying Tranis.

It was a relief to have that girth slipping out.  More than a relief in fact.  It was almost arousing.  Tranis’ much diminished erection twitched with renewed life as the friction sparked deep within.

Degorsk pressed back in, shifting to change the angle of entrance.  His cock slid over that hot spot his fingers had found earlier.  A blast of sheer pleasure billowed through Tranis’ groin, bringing his cocks to rigid attention.  His head came up and he shouted at the ceiling.

“Oh yes.  Now you’re getting the idea,” Degorsk said in approval.

Degorsk began fucking him in earnest, slowly, steadily, striking that cum spot each and every time with perfect precision.  Tranis gasped with every stroke, heavy pleasure gathering in a ball at the base of his cocks.  He forgot all about how unnatural it felt to be beneath another.  The ache of being taken faded under the growing bliss of being handled by a man who knew what he was doing.  Indeed, the Dramok strained against the hovercuffs holding him hostage, trying to buck harder and faster against Degorsk.  The need to climax was robbing him of any kind of restraint.  The heat had spilled into his back cock, where it pulsed demandingly, begging for the Imdiko to take him without mercy.

“Please, Degorsk,” he moaned.

A strong hand  closed  over his front prick near the tip.  Tranis uttered a small scream as Degorsk’s thumb swept over the opening, discovering the wetness weeping from there.  Pleasure surged, eager to spill into and out of his forward cock.  Tranis shuddered all over, moments from climax.

“Good, Tranis.  But it’s not quite time yet.  Only the ancestors know when you’ll allow yourself to surrender again, and I intend to get every moment of enjoyment from this that I can.”

The Imdiko’s hand moved down to the base of his primary cock, the firm grip strangling off the impending orgasm.  Tranis pounded his forehead against the soft sleeping mat in frustration.  He had no choice but to lie there helpless as Degorsk took all the time he wanted to enjoy his ass, climax boiling just behind the tight fist holding it back.

Degorsk continued to thrust hard against that delicious spot, torturing Tranis with vicious pleasure.  He moved easily within him now, and there was no hint of pain.  There was only devouring demand that he be fucked and his cock released to spew its pleasure.  Every explosion of breath that left his lungs was a plea for release.

“How does it feel, Tranis?” Degorsk asked.

Tranis only shrieked between tightly clenched teeth.  He didn’t want to have a conversation, damn it!  He wanted to climax!

“I asked how it feels.  Answer me,” the Imdiko growled.  A hand slapped Tranis’ ass stingingly.

The heat somehow only made the need to come worse.  Every sensation fed the Dramok’s desperation.

“It feels like I’m going to fucking explode,” he howled, except it sounded an awful lot like he was sobbing instead.

“Does it feel good?”

The son of a bitch was determined to make him admit he was enjoying submitting.  Which wasn’t true at all; Tranis was simply liking the sensations the very talented Imdiko was treating him to.

Like?  Fuck that.  Tranis had never been so aroused, so desperate for climax his entire life.  And if the only way to relieve that brutal need was to make Degorsk happy, he’d do it.

“It feels wonderful.  I love having your cock up my ass.  Being fucked by you is the single greatest event in my life.  Damn it, Degorsk, please!”

Degorsk laughed breathlessly.  “Somehow I doubt all that, but I believe we’ve both suffered enough.  Let’s do this.”

With that, the Imdiko pounded furiously into him, his groin making whipcrack sounds against Tranis’ rear.  His cock now drove mercilessly against the hot spot, and the swollen sensation of need doubled, tripled, quadrupled.  Tranis shrieked into the bed linens as elation became torture.

Then Degorsk was pumping his cock hard, jerking him off with powerful strokes.  “Come, Tranis!”

White light and a roaring filled Tranis’ senses.  Cum poured into his primary dick in a molten stream, then burst free in violent pulses.  He screamed and screamed and screamed as all that raw passion finally shot from him, bathing his belly and chest.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

They lifted Iris into the sling hammock.  It had been made for a much larger Kalquorian body, but they were able to arrange Iris so that her hips came to the edge of its surface, right over the padded bench.

Standing to one side of the hammock, Jol held his hand out to Iris, palm up.  “Your wrists, my lovely.”

Iris licked her lips and slowly complied.  The Nobek’s fingers curled around her arms and pulled them back and up.  He secured her hands together in a soft cuff that was tethered to the wall behind her, stretching her arms over her head.  The position made her back arch a little, which forced her breasts up.

Meanwhile, Ospar and Rivek busied themselves binding her legs.  Her ankles went into more soft cuffs which were attached to tethers high up on the walls on either side, spreading her legs up and wide open.

Ospar looked Iris over, enjoying the sight of her bound and exposed for his pleasure.  She was back to looking uncertain, but her juices flowed copiously.  The vulnerability made her apprehensive and excited.

“Beautiful,” the Dramok breathed.  “Perfection.”

Jol and Rivek stepped back, giving him sole access to their newest clanmate.  He settled on the padded bench, delighting in the vision of his woman laid out before him.  Ospar sighed.

The time had come to demonstrate to Iris just how dominating he was.  She would be tormented to their mutual enjoyment, suffering with pleasure until she screamed.  He would suffer right along with her too.  His cocks were already heavy and aching with the need to empty into her.

But not before she knew what it was to give herself utterly.

Ospar slid a finger along the outer lips of Iris’ splayed sex, spreading her honey all over the trembling flesh.  Her trembles grew to quakes as his touch neared her exposed clitoris.  He drew a slow circle around the erect nub.  Iris jerked against her bonds, but she could not escape his touch.

He decided he would take her to the brink immediately.  His finger and thumb captured the swelling nub so gorgeously displayed.  He rubbed it with quick strokes.  The demanding friction had her writhing helplessly right away.  Her skin flushed a lovely coral pink, and her sex bloomed a deep scarlet.  Her round, soft belly trembled with tiny quakes.  Yes, she was closing in fast.  Ospar bent to her sex, inhaling her musk with pleasure.  He flicked his tongue over the very tip of her exposed clit.

Iris jerked and yelled.  Ospar watched her entrance clench in a tiny spasm.  She was almost there.  He dragged his tongue across her clit and sat back, releasing his hold on her.

A harsh cry erupted from his beloved’s throat.  Her entire body strained, right on the cusp of orgasm.  And then the tension slowly ebbed, leaving her sobbing and fighting her bonds.

“Why – why did you stop?” she wailed, her blue eyes bright with tears.  “I was right there, Ospar!”

“I know.  I don’t believe I gave you permission to speak, my Matara.”  Ospar’s tone was unbending steel.  “You may apologize for disobeying me.”

Iris gasped and stared at him.  There was an instant of anger peeking from her expression.  At the same time, her pussy clenched just enough for him to spy the movement.  Oh, he had her.  She might not realize it yet, but he most certainly was in his lovely mate’s head.

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