Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday Fiver Challenge

Five clues related to a character from the Kalquorian universe. Can you guess who this is?

1. When I first saw her, she was on her knees. Not so sure I was the answer to her prayers...but she was the answer to mine.

2. Don't be fooled by my past as a convict--I'm all about honor and duty.

3. I'd offer my beloved the moon, but she was already living on it when we met.

4. My biggest idol is Weapons Commander Lidon.

5. I'm a lover and a fighter--show me to the fighting circle! Oh wait, I gave that up for the kids.

Who am I?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

TBT: Alien Outcast

Friends in low places...

Piper stepped out of the Kalquorian craft behind the man identified as Weapons Commander Sesin. She kept close to Ob, almost plastering herself against his heavy frame. She could smell the Kalquorians’ hatred for her companion as well as she could Ob’s natural reek. She feared they would renege on their promise not to kill him until he had a fair hearing from their captain. 

At least his collar had stopped tormenting him. He snuffled as if he had a runny nose, but that was normal for Ob. And better to listen to than squeals of agony.

Her grip stayed tight, if sweaty, on the knife she’d stolen from her master’s head torturer weeks before. She remained vigilant, though her gaze luxuriated in the bright light levels of the raider’s small shuttle and fighter bay. Her skin rejoiced in the cool temperature. She damned near sighed to be free of stifling heat after years of living in the baking, dark environment the Bi’isils preferred. 

As they descended the short ramp to the bay floor, Piper darted a glance at the bearded warrior behind her. Despite his fearsome aspect, fed by many scars and two missing fingers on his left hand, Subcommander Terig seemed the most civilized of the group. And he wasn’t so bad looking, not now that she could see him closer and in better lighting. Once past the scars, he was quite attractive, in fact. Better yet, his gaze was bright with intelligence—more than the brute Sesin, who’d spent most of the time on Prince Yel’ek’s shuttle arguing to kill Ob, even if that meant teaching Piper a lesson by killing her too.

Terig had made it plain he would not allow that. A reluctant ally, since his glare at Ob told Piper he’d rather see the Tragoom dead as well.

Not after all Ob’s done for me. Not after all he’s suffered already. That her companion was a finer being than her, Piper knew without a doubt. He was probably superior to these Kalquorians, too.
She owed him. Once she told their captors what was happening, they’d realize they owed him too.


Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Fiver Challenge

Five clues related to a character from the Kalquorian universe. Can you guess who this is?

1. I like to spy from rooftops.

2. Ooh, young ones. Forget those older, rank-happy types...I'll take a fresh new bunch any day.

3. Did I just agree to clan? Oops.

4. May I remind you, shuttles are not to be used as submersibles.

5. Who'd have thought I'd end up related to royalty?

Who am I?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

TBT: Clan and Command

 First meeting after a one-night stand...

A ghost of Kila’s sarcastic smile flitted over his lips. “Well, that warms my sweet little heart to hear you care so much for my breed, Dramok.”

“This is not a joke, you stupid fuck. What the hell is wrong with you to treat this so lightly? I should push your worthless hide right off the balcony for being such a callous shit.” His voice rose as he berated Kila like he had once unloaded on his unlucky crews. None of it was bluff. When Piras said he would hurt someone, he meant it.

Kila laughed out loud and stood. He bowed. “There’s the brute I’ve heard so much about. Nice to meet the real Piras. I’ve been hoping to give him a reason to show up.”

“Fuck you.”

“I’ll give you that pleasure after we’ve finished this conversation.” Before Piras could protest that no such thing would happen, Kila turned serious again. “I’m not laughing at you, Piras. Your reaction is part of what makes you so right for this mission. You care for the innocents caught in the middle of the Basma and government’s pissing contest. Yet you’re hard enough that once you’re committed, you’ll see this thing through.”

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