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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                At last the four women began to talk sense to each other, the first burst of exhilaration easing back enough to do so.  Jessica wasted no time in chortling and tugging on one of the belt loops of Cissy’s jeans.
                “There’s my rough and ready tomboy cousin!  You haven’t changed one bit, Cissy!”
                Cissy snorted, her face ready to split from its grin.  “Well, you have.  When did you get so fat and ugly?”
                Jessica shrieked with laughter.  The years since Cissy had last seen her cousin had actually agreed with her.  She was almost thirty now, and maturity, along with a few extra pounds, had softened her elfin features.  Jessica was still tiny, especially compared to the Kalquorians standing nearby,  but at least now she didn’t look like a breeze would blow her away.
                Elder sister Lindsey planted a kiss on Cissy’s cheek.  Bigger boned with classically lovely features, Lindsey looked almost exactly the same as when Cissy had last seen her.  “We’ve missed you two so much!” she exclaimed.  “I can hardly believe you’re here.”
                “Can I join in?” came a melodious and calm voice.
                Cissy and Tasha turned at once to see an older, shorter version of Jessica beaming at them.  “Auntie Tara!” they simultaneously cried.  They wrapped their father’s sister in a hug between them, kissing and exclaiming with abandon once again.
                When they’d calmed once more, Tara jerked her chin towards the three men coming towards them.  “Here are the emperors, whom I believe you’ve already met via vid communications.”
                One of the three emperors did not have the typical black hair of the Kalquorians.  Instead, his shoulder-length locks were the color of dark steel.  Cissy was amused to have an emperor bow before her and her sister before he shook a warning finger at them.
                Blue-robed Dramok Emperor Clajak gave them a mischievous grin.  The expression lit his broad, handsome face and crinkled the skin at the corners of his eyes.  “Don’t you dare bow to us, you two.  I am so glad you made it here safely, my cousins.  Welcome home.”
                The heart-stoppingly gorgeous Nobek Emperor Bevau also bowed to them, his red robes doing little to hide the equally perfect body beneath them.  “ And if half the stories Jessica and Lindsey tell us are true, the Empire will never be the same.”  His perfect features grew even more impossibly stunning as he grinned.
                His comment brought laughter from everyone, including the often aloof Imdiko Emperor Egilka.  As staid as the eldest member of the Imperial Clan often was, his smile was pure warmth as he added his welcome.  Cissy thought Egilka should smile more often.  It made his sharp features soften.
                Apparently, he was loosening up these days.  He even hugged the twins, wrapping them in the softness of his emerald green robes.  Leaner than his clanmates, Egilka’s body still felt like granite to Cissy.  Nice.  She had to remind herself not to grope her cousin’s Imdiko.

No release date set.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

April 2014 Update

Would you rather see this update via video and listen to me run my mouth too much?  Check out the YouTube version!

I’m a bit early with the update, but this will be the last Wicked Words blog entry for a couple of weeks.  Shalia’s Diary will also be going on hiatus after Monday’s entry, the final entry of what will eventually be Shalia’s Diary Book 3.  Shalia will be back April 14 with an all-new story that I hope you will all enjoy.  This blog will return to its usual schedule that week as well.

I do not know how long it will take me to pull Shalia 3 into book format and offer it for sale.  It will probably be late May, if we’re lucky.  With Clan, Honor, and Empire releasing late April and the re-release of Unholy Union soon to follow, Shalia’s Diary Book 3 is having to take a number. 

I feel I have to warn you all about what’s to come in the next storyline of Shalia’s Diary.  After the first few entries, it’s going to end up in a dark place.  This next bit is going to take a decidedly different turn from what’s happened before.  I got a little freaked out myself as I was writing it.  To say anymore will give too much away, but be prepared.

Clans of Kalquor 3:  Alien Conquest – It is done and out there.  You can get it on Kindle, Amazon UK, Nook, from Smashwords, and in print.  For those of you who elected to get the updated version, I hope you enjoyed the changes and enhanced storyline.  Because this book is now under a new publisher, it will not automatically update on your e-readers.  That would be illegal.  You do have to buy the book all over again, for which I apologize.  I kept the e-book price low at $3.99 so it wouldn’t be a big hit on your wallets.  Thanks for understanding.

Clan Beginnings:  Clan, Honor, and Empire – I am into the final read-through before submitting this to the editor.  I am hoping with all my heart that when the blog starts up again, I will be announcing a release date.  Late April is where I’m aiming now.  I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Keep your fingers crossed.

Unholy Union – This erotic horror tale was first published back in 2011, and was nominated for an award.  The reviews are glowing, so if fear and demon sex are your cup of tea, check it out.  The rights return to me April 26.  I’ve just finished a fresh round of edits, as I do with all my re-releases.  I am now formatting.  Fortunately for my sanity, Unholy Union did not required any significant changes.  I will be putting a new cover on Unholy Union and getting it back on sale as soon as I can.  Once that’s done, I can get to work pulling together Shalia’s Diary Book 3.

First Mataras:  Michaela – I am looking forward to going full steam ahead with this one as soon as Clan, Honor, and Empire is out of my hair.  Because things have essentially fallen apart schedule-wise, there is no longer any attempt to set even a tentative release date.  

Clans of Kalquor 4:  Alien Salvation – Rights revert to me at the end of July.  The re-edit of this one is part of the reason why I can no longer set a date for the new books Michaela or Alien Indiscretions.  

Netherworld I:  Drop Dead Sexy – Rights revert in August.  I’ve taken a peek at the first few chapters and feel like this one will demand a major overhaul.  As a result, my plans to write Netherworld IV this year have been scrapped.

Clans of Kalquor 9:  Alien Indiscretions – I really hope I can squeeze this in before the year is out.  I will do my best.

Clans of Kalquor 5:  Alien Slave – Rights revert in November.  Another reason Netherworld IV will not happen this year.

I guess I didn’t anticipate how much time the re-releases would demand of me.  I’m on bended knee, praying that when I go over Alien Salvation and Alien Slave, they will be like Alien Rule and not insist on major changes. 

Every time a book’s contract approaches its end, my soon-to-be former publisher pulls it off distributors’ lists to sell it exclusively for a few weeks.  As a result, I get deluged with e-mails asking where those books are.  Because of the popularity of the Clans of Kalquor books, I have to make their re-releases a priority over the new stuff.  For those of you waiting on the new stories, I am sorry about the delays.  Trust me, I am as unhappy with tossing my schedule out as you are.  Maybe even more, given my obsessive tendencies.

So you know where I’ll be for the next two weeks:  grimly staring at my computer, scowling at the pile-up of writing that only seems to get bigger each day.  I’ll pop in and out on Facebook and say hi to those of you there, but forgive me if I don’t stick around.  Writing-wise, I’ve got Kalquorian butts to kick.

I’ll be back on April 14!  Take care, everyone.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction (M/M)

He felt the two men step closer to him, the heat of their bodies radiating against his lifted face and spread thighs.  The one behind him came in contact, muscled legs pressing his farther apart.  The Nobek’s rhythm with the flogger never wavered as the tip of his hot, moist cock prodded against Krijero’s anus.  The Imdiko opened to him, his body eagerly enfolding the hard length that drove inside without mercy.  Welcoming groans mixed with the cries of pain spilling from his wide-open lips.

The spicy sweetness of another cock accepted the warm invitation of his mouth, sliding deep, all the way into his throat and choking off his voice while it filled him.  The man’s secondary cock slid past his chin, leaving a wet trail along the outside of Krijero’s throat.  Krijero swallowed the thick honey coating the Nobek’s cock, lashing his tongue against the pounding vein on its underside to make it produce more.  He heard the Nobek gasp in reaction.  

Meanwhile, the man behind him dove deep into his ass, finding that magic spot that made all the pain of the beating disappear.  Carnal delight flared at the roots of Krijero’s rigid cocks, making them swell until it seemed their skin must burst.  The prick inside moved hard against that place again, and the Imdiko felt his cock spit a small burst of cum in response.  Only a few more thrusts, and he’d be there.  Climax beckoned, gifted by the Nobek who had wanted to fuck Krijero’s ass so badly, the one who had a slight likeness to Wynhod.

Just like that, Krijero imagined Wynhod shoving his cock in deep and fast, taking him ever closer to climax.  That sparked the fantasy that Gelan stood in front of him, using his mouth for pleasure, his flavor dancing over the Imdiko’s tongue.

No.  No, he didn’t want to think of them.  But the image of being fucked by the two men, men he had no business being attracted to, would not leave his mind.  Not when he could imagine those intense eyes looking down on him, those thickly muscled arms wielding the floggers that continued to make his flesh throb.  Not when he could see their faces softening, reaching nirvana in the clutch of his bound and open body, ready to spill themselves inside him...

Brutal ecstasy drew his cocks up tight to Krijero’s belly.  Roiling heat burned its way from his smaller prick, flooding into his primary.  Nova-bright crescendo burst its way free, his seed shooting with force to make him scream his loudest against the cock working his throat.  He came so hard it hurt, a beautiful agony that the flogging had come nowhere near matching.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

As they walked down the corridor towards one of the huge house’s exits, Korkla kept an eye on his small charge.  Little by little, she lost the dreamy-eyed look.  She snuck quick glances at them, and the Dramok could feel her nervousness returning.  Worry creased her brow, and a small frown touched her full lips.  

She suddenly said, “I, um, I wanted to see how Jessica was doing.  I guess I forgot to keep track of the time.  I’m sorry you had to look for me.”

Korkla exchanged a look with his clanmates.  Raxstad, as a law enforcement officer, was trained to detect subterfuge.  Govi also knew a lie when he heard it.  Perhaps Michaela was sorry to have avoided them, but she hadn’t done so as a mistake.

Govi smiled as if he accepted her excuse.  “No harm done, little one.  Did Jessica enjoy meeting with her clan last night?”

Korkla knew the question for what it was:  a ploy to distract Michaela from her fears of them.  It worked like a charm.  Her dark, almost black eyes flashed.  In an instant, the nervousness disappeared from her demeanor.

She snapped, “Oh, Jessica said last night was just fine and dandy.  It was this morning when Korkla’s boss showed the kind of man he really is that sucked.”

Michaela leveled that angry gaze at Korkla, as if he held the blame for his employer’s actions.  The Dramok sighed.  “Clajak doesn’t always handle himself as well as he could.”

“He made my friend cry, Korkla.  He treated her like a piece of meat and tossed her aside.  He’s an asshole.”

She’d come to a stop in the middle of the hallway to confront him in an aggressive stance with her legs wide and fists parked on her hips.  Michaela didn’t seem to notice Korkla stood head and shoulders above her.  She didn’t care that he probably outweighed her by over a hundred pounds of muscle.  She was pissed off on Jessica’s behalf, demanding someone make it right.

Her anger was amazing, her lack of fear astounding.  Moreover, she was absolutely stunning with her eyes snapping sparks and her coloring deepening with ire.  Damn if she wasn’t giving him a hard-on.  Korkla could have put her on her back in the middle of the floor right there and then and fucked her.

Instead, he put the brakes on his libido, knowing it was not welcome ... yet.  He told the spitfire, “I wish I could apologize for Prince Clajak, Michaela.  It is unconscionable that he upset Jessica to that extent.”

Govi added, “He has issues that often lead him to acting like a spoiled child, when in fact it is fear and dread that drive him.”

It was more information than Korkla felt prudent to give someone not yet privy to Kalquor’s eventual ruler.  However, the admission calmed Michaela down.

She cocked her head inquisitively.  “But Clajak is a prince.  What does a prince have to worry about?  And what gives him the right to take it out on Jessica?”

Korkla’s tone was stern.  “He has no right to do any such thing.”  He softened again when he had to speak a little in Clajak’s defense, since Michaela obviously thought he deserved none.  “As to what he would have to worry about, that would be the eventual rule of an entire Empire.”

She sucked on her lower lip in an adorable expression of realization.  “Oh.  Well.  I suppose that is a hell of a burden.”

Raxstad growled, “He’s still an asshole for making your friend cry.”

Despite the rough voice, Raxstad’s expression was only a parody of fierceness.  He winked at Michaela, and she grinned in delighted response.

Her smile made something in Korkla’s chest tighten.  Damn it, this boy-woman was absolutely stunning.  Whether lively with anger or childlike with nervousness, she had enraptured him.  If only he could find some way to make her see herself as he did.

Release date not set.