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Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

 I quickly brought my attention back to Bane. He looked at me with all the heat a woman can ask from a man. I spread my legs in invitation, wanting to feel that very large, very thick cock inside. He growled to see me so exposed, and the light dusting of black and gray fur on the skin his leather vest exposed was suddenly longer and coarser. Oh my.

He put two fingers inside me and drew them out slowly. He held them up in the air to show everyone the wetness. Growls and grunts greeted the sight. Then he looked at me with those golden animal eyes, and I squirmed with need. 

“Please,” I whimpered. 

To my relieved delight, Bane grabbed hold of my thighs, lifting me into position. He slid in nice and smooth. That width was a little more than Fizz was used to handling, given how it ached to take him in. Maybe she wouldn’t have liked it, but it’s the kind of uncomfortable fullness I enjoy. 

Oh, did I ever enjoy it.

He sheathed himself in our shared body, bumping hard against the cervix. Cascades of brilliant, sparkly sensation washed over me, making me groan throatily with pleasure. I grabbed the sides of the table and hung on as Bane drove against me with a steady rhythm.

I don’t know what was more exciting; being taken by a muscled beast-man who was packing a lot more than a pea-shooter, or having all those people watch his flesh work in and out of mine. The combined thrills took me on an express ride right up to the edge of climax. In no time I was crying out, my knuckles white as I held on for dear life.

Bane was getting furrier by the second. His muzzle extended, becoming more wolf-like as he rode me. Bestiality has never been on my radar as sexually enticing. I prayed he’d hit climax before doggy-style became more than a position.

He was getting close to judge by the quickening pace of his hips pounding against mine. I closed my eyes to shut out all but the sensation of his flesh thudding into me, stroking with luscious pressure against the ever-eager cluster of nerves inside my sheath. The tireless friction was lighting an inferno, and I was closing in on complete conflagration. A pre-climax convulsion tightened everything below my waist. I wailed.

The wail became a shriek as the real thing hit, pulverizing me from the inside. The spasm that seized me bowed my back so that only my buttocks and head touched the table. It held me in its jaws like a dog with a rag doll. I was helpless in its ruthless grip.

The wonderfully brutal pressure eased to be replaced by dozens of smaller paroxysms that had me tossing my head from side to side in agonized delight. It was the kind of orgasm you wish would never end. I could have rode that thing for eternity.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Clajak hefted Egilka off his shoulder, putting him on his still smarting ass on the dirt floor of the tiny, unadorned room. The Dramok deposited him gently enough, but Egilka winced and moaned anyway. Clajak had a nasty spanking hand.
                The prince stood over him, looking down with a set expression. A sense of authority came off him as he stared at Egilka. The powerful body, dominant stance, and riveting eyes combined to make Egilka want to cower. The Imdiko felt vulnerable at his feet, very much the weaker of the pair. 
                For some reason, his cocks jerked as he took in the man standing over him. Egilka tried to ignore the excitement sending warmth to his groin. If Clajak had the slightest inkling what his display of command had on the Imdiko, then there would be no telling what might happen.
                Egilka got his feet under him. He moved carefully, not knowing what to expect from the Dramok. Yet he did his best to appear unaffected by Clajak, pretending he was not intimidated or enticed by the other man. He would continue to play the situation as if angry ... though his fury had already ebbed.
                He gave Clajak what he hoped was a convincing scowl as he dusted dirt off his clothing. “Fine. You found us some privacy to talk at normal conversational levels. Say what you want and then get out of my way.”
                Clajak’s arms folded over his chest. The posture made his biceps bulge in a way that turned Egilka’s mouth dry. “You’re going to honor our arranged clanning, Imdiko. You will not call it off.”
                The forbidding voice only fueled the heat in Egilka’s groin. Damn it, when Clajak turned the authority on he was much too tempting. Egilka had the urge to jump on the man and rub himself all over his muscular body.
                Instead he asked in a frosty tone, “Why shouldn’t I?  You’ve made it plain you don’t want me as your Imdiko.  Otherwise, you would have been on Kalquor when it came time to announce our union.”
                Clajak’s jaw tensed. “Just because I delayed it doesn’t mean I don’t want it.”
                “You’ve got a funny way of showing it. I come here to get you, you fuck me, and you leave.” A note of hurt tried to creep into Egilka’s tone. He quashed it.
                “I’m here now.  I’m not running away, am I? That was you this time.”
                Clajak’s arms lowered to his sides. His gaze was all steely intent as he took a step towards Egilka. Now he wasn’t a commanding Dramok; he had become a predator. A thrill shot down Egilka’s spine. Clajak took another step towards him. Egilka backed away, unsure if he wanted to be caught or not.

Releasing mid-December 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave

The Imdiko pulled her down while driving his hips up, the entry forceful. Dani grunted at the sudden impaling. Only now did she realize how generous Krijero had been to give her pleasure while his own needs had become torment. 

Slight growls punctuated each thrust. His cock bumped her cervix with every plunge, sending heady sparks of agonized pleasure through her body. Dani dug her fingers into the alien’s shoulders as she re-awoke to implacable desire.

Krijero suddenly shifted, bearing her down so that she lay on her back with him covering her with his weight. Dani was pinned beneath the huge Kalquorian, helpless against him driving harder and faster into her. The rough use and her vulnerability only made her wetter, hotter. Climax rushed at her again, a speeding freight train that would crush her beneath its force. A high, thin cry escaped her.

The Imdiko’s hand clapped over her mouth. The added subduing heightened the thrill of his possession. She was cresting … going over …

Her insides seized. Hot, sharp, excruciating elation lit her from the inside out, bursting her into a hundred thousand fireworks. Dani cried out against the muffling hand, the orgasm’s voice refusing to be silenced. Krijero grunted, his rhythm failing as her pussy clenched at him, fighting to draw him in deeper, as if her body could consume his in its entirety. Suddenly his face was burrowed in her neck, his fangs biting down. A brief shiver of pain brought her again, and the Kalquorian snarled around his mouthful of her skin as his cock jerked in her sheath. 

He rutted hard against her as he poured his rapture into her womb. A part of Dani’s mind knew she would be sore later. As the intoxicant injected by Krijero’s fangs sent euphoria through her, she didn’t care. She loved this rough taking, loved how he dominated her and left her helpless against his passion. Feeling her helplessness so keenly brought her anew, and she sobbed in gorgeous surrender.

My enemy, one part of her mind whispered.

My master. My lover, another part said, besotted with intoxicant and orgasm.

The second voice was the one she went with. It felt too good not to.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Egilka yanked his arm free of the prince’s grip. His fists clenched, he shouted, “You stupid child!  You nearly got noosed out there.  Do you think anyone of those people around us would have stopped it?  Those Tragooms would have dragged your ass back to their Bi’isil master and the rest would have cheered the entertainment.”
                Clajak had the nerve to look as if Egilka had disappointed him. His tone was every bit as chastising as the Imdiko’s. “At least I could have claimed to have had some fun before it all ended.  Life is more than just duty and promises, Egilka. Do you really think your sister wanted you to lock yourself away from life in her memory?”
                Egilka inhaled sharply. “You shut your mouth about her!”
                “Why? If Cyrt loved you half as much as you loved her, she’d be beating you over the head right now, trying to knock some sense into you. She’d want you to live, damn it!”
                “I am living!”
                “No you’re not. You don’t even know the meaning of the word.” Clajak flicked his hand at Egilka dismissively.
                The Imdiko wished he had the strength and skill to whip the man. “So tell me, oh great sage of Kalquor. What does living mean? Fucking all the time? Goofing off? Running away from your duty?”
                Clajak’s expression hardened. “Sometimes.  Sometimes it means daring to come out from behind your lab and delaying doing what your elders tell you to do.  Even if I did end up a slave on Bi’is, that wouldn’t end Kalquor.  Being a prince doesn’t make me that much different from you in that regard.”
                Egilka had heard enough. It was obvious that Clajak didn’t care he’d brushed up against certain doom only minutes ago. The Imdiko couldn’t figure him out or how to make him behave like the royalty he’d been born to.
                All at once, Egilka didn’t want to be anywhere around Clajak. Ever. It wasn’t worth the hurt that had sprung up unbidden and unexpected in his heart.
                He made his own dismissive gesture. “Fuck you. You want to see me turn my back on duty? Fine. I’m going home and seeing if our contract can be dissolved. I don’t want you for a Dramok.”
                He turned away, refusing to believe he’d seen Clajak’s expression turn devastated. It hadn’t. All Clajak cared about was himself. His thoughts seething, Egilka headed back the way he’d come in, pressing against the wildly hopping Dantovonian bodies.

Releasing mid-December 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Wake-Up Call: Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy

Dan suddenly gripped my upper arms, pulling me up to my feet. “On the bed. On all fours,” he gasped, his eyes glazed.

I obeyed, fighting back a grin at the state I’d put him in as I positioned myself in the middle of the bed. Dan kneeled behind me, and I readied for a desperately driving cock to plunge in.

He shocked me by tracing my slit with a gentle finger instead. “So wet,” he sighed. “You really like sex, don’t you baby girl?”

“Yes Sir,” I answered. I shivered at the light touch inflaming my already avid pussy. I’d given him some really good oral, and I was surprised he maintained enough control to play with me rather than take what his body ached for. Not that I was complaining.

His fingers explored me slowly, investigating every soft fold, discovering the tenderness of each petal of my sweetest flesh. A fine tremble started in my arms, and I began to wish for more. I wanted him to touch my clit. To bury his fingers inside me. I thrust back at him, trying to enfold those clever digits in my body.

I jumped when Dan’s palm cracked against one butt cheek. “Stay still, baby girl,” he ordered. “It’s my turn to play with you now.”

I shuddered and something warm and electrifying zinged through my lower parts. “Yes Sir,” I whimpered.

He spread the lips of my sex wide, allowing him to continue his careful exploration even deeper. I bit my lip at the tortuous examination, my hands clutching the soft bedspread. Dan’s excruciating attentions brought me close to the brink, allowing me to peek over the cliff’s edge without actually going over. I wanted him to fling me down into the abyss below. I’ve heard orgasm described as ‘the little death’. I wanted it in all its sweet oblivion, dismembering me in tearing ecstasy.

I could feel my nether parts swelling under Dan’s attention, everything he touched growing more sensitive by the second. Jeez, I was so close, but he kept me at that tip-top point, perfectly balanced where I couldn’t fall into sweetness. Maybe if I begged he’d have mercy? I was getting desperate.

“Please Sir, may I come?”

“Hush, Brandilynn. Stay still and stay quiet.”

I bit off a groan with the most tremendous of efforts.

Dan’s finger moved close to my clit, and I stiffened at the bolt of pleasure that suffused my lower body. Almost … but not quite enough. He prodded around the pert nubbin, circling it with a slow, firm pressure that made me cross-eyed. No moving. No sound. No climaxing. I felt deliciously miserable under his control.

“Your pussy is as red as a strawberry and swollen, baby girl,” Dan chuckled. “You must be in hell right now.”

I dared to whimper.

“You’re going to be so hot and tight around my cock,” he goaded me. His finger continued to make slow, lazy circles around my aching clit. I was on fire there, and desperation grew by the second. Any moment now I would disobey him, whether to beg for release or provide my own. I didn’t want to defy him, but a girl can only take so much.