Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer (m/m/m)

They ordered the hovercuffs to put Degorsk into a kneeling position, with his hands at the small of his back.  In this vulnerable state, he had no defense as Tranis and Lidon closed in on him.

Tongues plundered his mouth, exploring and searching with thoroughness that stole the Imdiko’s breath.  Teeth nibbled at his lips.  Tranis remembered the sensitivity of Degorsk’s ears and traced the curves of one with the tip of his tongue while his warm breath filled the canal.  Gooseflesh sprang over the Imdiko’s skin.  Lidon tugged at the opposite earlobe with his teeth, nipping just hard enough to bring pleasurable pain.  Degorsk groaned in reaction to their assault.

They moved lower, rough fingers tugging at his nipples, turning the tips into hard pebbles.  Coarse tongues swirled around the dark brown discs and flicked teasingly.  Hungry mouths sucked.   Sensation zapped from Degorsk’s nipples to his main prick, making it strain with fullness against the tight barrier of the cockring.  He sobbed in aroused agony, tortured by pleasure and unable to make it stop.

“Having fun?” Tranis smirked.  He plucked Degorsk’s nipple hard, sending daggers of pain and delight down to his needy cocks.  The Dramok’s eyes, the purple nearly lost behind the dilated pupils, dared Degorsk to say anything defiant.

The Imdiko shuddered and looked away.  He had every idea they would torment him for a long time, but as long as he didn’t give into the compulsion to antagonize them, they would let him climax.  If he said a word, he had no doubt Lidon would make good on his threat to keep him in the cockring for days.

“Such an obedient Imdiko,” Lidon gloated.  His teeth tugged on Degorsk’s nipple, making heat spill downward to roil in the Imdiko’s gut.  Degorsk cried out and his hips thrust forward instinctively.

“I think he wants attention down there,” Tranis said.  His rough hands moved over the doctor’s abdomen, heading for his groin.

Degorsk did not want their efforts focused on his cocks.  Not while he wore a cockring.  Not when he was helpless to stop them.  A desperate cry slipped through his teeth.

“I think you’re right,” Lidon agreed.  He gave Degorsk’s nipple a final lick and began gently biting his way down.

Tranis seized both of Degorsk’s cocks.  Feeling that tight grip on the avid flesh brought a surge of need fighting to get past the cockring.  The secondary prick swelled until Degorsk thought it might explode.  His head fell back and he groaned.

The Dramok rubbed up and down, stroking the cocks hard.  Then Lidon’s mouth arrived, and a slow, caressing lick teased the tip of Degorsk’s front organ.  The sensation of wet, hot, rough flesh tasting him galvanized the Imdiko.  His whole body stiffened as it battled to release the intense pressure.  But he was blocked.  The boiling cum could not escape him.

He howled and jerked frantically against the cuffs holding him.  There was no give.  He was trapped.  Meanwhile, Tranis continued to stroke up and down his lengths.  Lidon’s tongue swirled over the tip of the Degorsk’s front cock, and now fingers were groping for the entrance to his ass.

“Please, my Dramok,” Degorsk begged.  He was becoming desperate for release.

Tranis’ gaze held no pity.  “Accept the domination.  Give yourself over.”

“I do!  I submit.”

“You have not.  You will completely surrender to us by accepting that we will let you come when we decide to.”

Degorsk blinked at him.  He couldn’t think very well past those rubbing hands, that fondling tongue, or the searching pair of fingers that were now inside him and hunting for the hot spot that would make everything so much worse.

“Tranis, I don’t understand.  What do you want from me?”

Those dark eyes stared at him without blinking.  “I want you to yield everything.  Even if I play with you for hours on end, even if I keep you in the cockring and don’t let you come at all, you will not resist.  You will accept it as what pleases me as your leader, your master, your Dramok.”  Tranis’ voice lowered until he was whispering.  “I want you to make yourself utterly, completely mine, Imdiko.  I will not accept less.”

Lidon found the place he was looking for on the heels of Tranis’ demand.  Violent ecstasy surged to make Degorsk scream.  His hips jerked, desperate to find a way to either come or get away from their insistent and painful pleasuring.

“Stop fighting, Degorsk.  Be still and concede.”

The Imdiko could barely hear over the roar in his ears and the brutal clamoring of his body.  He needed to come.  He needed to come right now.

But he couldn’t, and his clanmates weren’t letting up.  Stroking, demanding hands.  Wicked, teasing tongue and sucking mouth.  Fingers pressing and rubbing inside him.  And that fucking hateful cockring damming up the release he would kill for right now.

This was what he got for cursing at his Dramok.  For angrily defying him with a raised voice and clenched fists rather than discussing their issues calmly.  Degorsk knew that was what this was about.  He’d known he was doing the wrong thing when he’d aggressively challenged his new clanmate.  Now Tranis was asserting his rightful leadership over the Imdiko, as had been implicitly agreed to when Degorsk had joined his clan.

He had no choice but to submit.  To be tortured with lust and need until Tranis was satisfied the clan roles had been accepted.

Shaking violently, his rioting body pleading for relief with no assurance it would receive it, Degorsk bowed his head.  “I surrender to you, my Dramok.  Everything,” he said, his voice a thin thread.  He’d never spoken more difficult words.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

Ospar used his fingers to spread her as far open as he could.  Ancestors, she was soaking wet from need.  His cock throbbed insistently, wanting entrance into her warmth.  Instead, he slid the slim stretcher rod inside.

Iris groaned in reaction.  Her sex clenched at the device, no wider than two of Ospar’s fingers.  He moved it in and out, slowly fucking her with it.  He slid his tongue over her clit.  She went rigid all over, her breath coming in sobbing gasps.  

The Dramok continued the erotic assault, listening to Iris’ strengthening cries, gauging carefully when she might be closing in on release.  When he thought climax was  imminent, he sat up, slipping the stretcher from her pussy.

Iris wailed from the denial, but she did not speak.  Her eyes did all that for her, staring at Ospar, imploring him to finish the deed.

Instead, he pressed the tip of the stretcher to her anus.  Well coated with her juices, it entered her with ease.  Ospar pushed it all the way in to its base, where a rubber tube ran from the stretcher to a pump bulb.  He squeezed the bulb several times, inflating the stretcher until Iris’ face tightened in a slight wince.

The Dramok left it for the moment, returning to the delectable pussy open for his use.  He entered it with two fingers, pumping Iris’ inner softness good and hard, watching as she began that eager climb towards ecstasy once again.  His thumb occasionally rubbed her engorged clit.  She was starting to reward his efforts with little screams.  There were sobs as well, as if she knew he would not allow her to come once more.  She was right.  As soon as her sex began the telltale squeezes that betrayed her body’s readiness, Ospar withdrew his fingers.

He pumped more air into the stretcher, spreading her rear entry.  He was glad to see how close her body was to being ready for him, because he would soon spill whether he was inside her or not.  His trousers were painfully tight.

Iris’ hitching sobs slowed, indicating to the Dramok she was ready for one more round.  Just a little more torment, if she could behave herself.

His fingers slipped inside her quivering pussy, and Ospar looked her in the eye, pretending he didn’t feel as desperate as she looked.  “You do not come without my permission, my Matara.  Do you understand?”

Iris wailed in aroused misery.  Tears slid from the corners of her eyes.  Yet she somehow managed to answer, “Yes, my Dramok.”

Ospar didn’t know if she could hold back or not.  He didn’t know if he could either, but they were all about to find out.  He leaned over and seized her clit in his mouth.

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