Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Fiver Challenge

Five sentences from a fifth chapter. This one is tough! Can you guess which Kalquorian book this came from? Good luck!

Heavens, the man’s hands were so big and powerful.  He had knots for knuckles and thick veins ran across the backs.  She bet the pads of his fingers were harsh with callouses.  She imagined them touching her naked flesh.  It was all she could do to not shiver.

This one is so tough, here's an extra clue: the favorite food of the Imdiko in the story is meatloaf.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

TBT: Clan and Conviction

Not so great first impressions...

Gelan stared at Krijero, his brows drawing together as he regarded the Imdiko.  Wynhod wonder if his partner had been as caught off guard by the good looks of the red-hot mess of a man in front of them.

Sounding bemused, Gelan answered, “You’re the psych working my case.  Delir.”

The one eye not covered by hair widened, and a delighted smile appeared.  “Oh, yeah.  What a great case that one is.  No witnesses, no real evidence.  Pure brain candy,” Krijero enthused.  

Wynhod felt Gelan stiffen next to him.  The Dramok’s arms crossed over his chest.  His voice low with anger, Gelan said, “Deadly ‘brain candy’, Imdiko.  A lot of people have been killed, including my former partner.”

“Yeah, that was awful.  Sorry about that.”

Krijero’s tone sounded flippant, and he seemed to realize it right away.  His face reddened, and he stammered, “Oh, that didn’t come out right at all.  I really am sorry about your partner.  The Delir shit is completely bad news.”

A laugh sounded behind Wynhod.  He and a now fuming Gelan turned to the man who’d made the bet with Krijero, the one identified as Jomik.  He smiled indulgently at the Imdiko.

“Krijero, shut it down before these two kick your ass.”  With the voice of diplomacy, Jomik told them, “Don’t mind him, Investigator, Enforcer.  He doesn’t mean any harm.  Krijero is as smart as they come, but the stupidest things come out of his mouth.  He’s got the tact of a hungry zibger.”

Wynhod looked at the Imdiko again to see Krijero scowl at Jomik.  “Don’t make excuses for me."
With an embarrassed grimace, he told Gelan, “I sincerely apologize.  Now let’s talk about your case.”

Gelan raised an eyebrow at the swift shift from apology to business. Wynhod felt every bit as flummoxed by the behavior of this odd Imdiko.

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