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Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer (M/M/M)

As Tranis’ front prick traveled deeper into his mouth, moving closer to the Imdiko’s throat, Degorsk swallowed and held his breath.  He took Tranis all the way to the root.

“By the ancestors,” the man groaned, his eyes half-lidded in ecstasy.  “You have an amazing mouth, Degorsk.”

“And it looks damned good wrapped around a dick,” Lidon added, still moving in and out of the Imdiko’s ass.  “I’m going to have to enjoy that in the near future.”

“You’d better wear that ring,” Tranis groaned, slipping back out until only the tip of him remained between Degorsk’s lips.  “Fuck, he’s good.”

Degorsk rewarded the praise by rubbing his tongue back and forth along the underside of Tranis’ cock as it pushed back in.  The hand holding his hair tightened painfully and the Dramok growled in reaction.

As Tranis found his rhythm, fucking Degorsk’s mouth with delicious thoroughness, Lidon pulled free of him.  The Imdiko shivered to feel the Nobek’s larger cock pushing against him, insistently taking the place of the smaller.  He was nearly the same size as Tranis lengthwise, but Lidon had a touch more girth.  Degorsk pushed out hard to accept him.

“Good, Degorsk.  That’s it,” Lidon sighed as he enclosed himself in warmth.

When Lidon found that sensitive area in Degorsk’s sheath, the tighter fit sent sheer elation through his core.  Degorsk cried out around Tranis’ cock and nearly choked.  Agonizing need pulsed hugely through his loins.  He jerked against both men.

“He’s definitely feeling it,” Tranis chuckled, though his voice was strained.  His grip on Degorsk’s hair kept the Imdiko from moving his head too much.  The Dramok never missed a beat as he pumped in and out of his mouth.

“Good,” Lidon gasped, slipping in and out, finding that spot over and over to make Degorsk’s muffled shouts continue.  “I’ve been waiting to give it to him for three years now.”

Their words were so much noise to Degorsk.  His stomach clenched as his secondary dick strained to release boiling ecstasy into the primary.  His entire lower body was seizing up with fierce need as the two men fucked him.

The shaft in his mouth oozed spicy-salty-sweetness against his tongue, warning that it would soon erupt, sending hot cum down his throat.  The thick rod up his ass was driving harder and harder into him, against the spot that made him feel he was going insane.  Lidon’s hips slapped loudly against his painful ass in quicker succession, with an occasional pause to grind brutally against the hot, interior button.  Degorsk was sobbing in torment as the other two men worked their bodies into his.

“Lidon.”  Tranis was panting now, his chest heaving for air.

“Go.”  A thickly calloused hand reached beneath Degorsk, grabbing his front dick.  He squalled as excruciating bliss demanded escape.

Tranis moved back, grabbing his cock in one hand while pulling Degorsk’s head back with the other.  He whipped himself hard, leaving the tip of his prick in the Imdiko’s mouth, lying on his tongue.

“Here it is,” he groaned.  “Here it comes, Degorsk.”

At the same time, the hateful barrier clutching the base of Degorsk’s cock released.  Lidon’s hand closed over him in its place.  He squeezed and pulled.

Tranis’ head fell back, and he unleashed a primal scream.  He worked his cock hard.  Thick streams of hot fluid shot into Degorsk’s mouth, sliding down his throat.

A thunderclap of rapture resounded through the Imdiko’s body.  He shrieked as burning elation jolted through his cocks, ushered out in near painful bursts by Lidon’s coaxing, squeezing grip and that constant thudding inside his ass.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

               Cissy let the innuendo creep into her tone, but Rolat didn’t miss the tremor that was there too. She was interested, but a little afraid of him. Well, well. The bold girl had a trace of nervousness after all. The idea of making her even more nervous and curious was arousing.
                Rolat was not a man who cared for games, however. Teasing over a long period of time was not his style. When he wanted to fuck, he made it loud and clear ... just as he was going to do now.
                He leaned closer, capturing her gaze with his. In his most no-nonsense tone, he told Cissy, “I will take care of you in every way you need – including making you come so hard you scream.”
                For once, it was Cissy’s jaw that went slack with surprise. She sat and stared at Rolat, her eyes wide.
                Diltan guffawed. “Well, well.  The rebel is finally shocked into silence.  Perhaps that reckless behavior was merely an act all along.”
                Cissy stared at Rolat for another long beat before dragging her gaze free of his. She made a face at Diltan, but there was no rancor behind it. Her voice sounded a touch breathless as she defended herself. “He just startled me.  Everyone has been tiptoeing around getting intimate so far, so to hear a man just come out with it was jarring.”
                Rolat grinned as he put a finger under her chin and made her face him once more. He sensed Cissy’s reluctance to look him in the eye, but he gave her no choice in the matter.
                When her gaze locked with his once more, the Nobek said, “I can be quite blunt, little wild one.  In fact, I prefer to be up front with what I want. What I want is you.”
                With that, he leaned in closer ... close enough to kiss. He did so, pressing his lips firmly against her so-soft ones. When he felt her melt against him, he pulled her into his lap.
                By the ancestors, Cissy Salter felt like heaven in Rolat’s arms. Her delicious, curvy frame fit wondrously in the circle of his embrace. She seemed to have been made for him to hold. He gathered her closer still, holding her against the wall of his chest.
                Cissy moaned. It parted her lips, and Rolat was quick to take advantage. He slid his tongue into her mouth, tasting this rambunctious little Earther like a man dying of starvation. Her tongue was like velvet against his coarser one. He sucked on it, drawing on it, devouring her.
                For a moment, Rolat was overwhelmed by the sensation of holding a soft, compliant woman in his arms. His cocks filled with heat, suddenly demanding. He broke the kiss, gasping for breath.
                There was no relief in that. Now he was looking into Cissy’s face, seeing how her eyes had glazed over, the way her lips were reddened and puffy from his attentions, and the soft glow of want in her expression. His cocks jerked. The thought of feeling her soft and pliant around them, yielding to their hunger...
                No. No, I’ve been without a woman for too long to let things happen that quickly. I may not get another chance with this particular beauty again. I want more than a quick fuck and release. Much, much more.

Tentatively scheduled for March release (no pun intended).

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Interview with Author Mistral Dawn

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Mistral Dawn, author of Taken by the Huntsman and Bound by the Summer Prince, which has just come out. If you love the world of Fairie, you’re in good company here. 

Tracy: Thanks for dropping by, Mistral.

Mistral: Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Tracy!! :-)  I've read your blog for years, and I'm a huge fan of yours, but I never thought I'd have the opportunity to talk to you here!  I'm star-struck! Thank you! :-)

T: Then I’d better not let you hang around for too long. I don’t want you finding out how awfully ordinary I am.

This blog today is all about you. Tell us about yourself and how you got started writing.

M: Me? I'm fairly unoriginal: thirty-something, graduate student/hospital drudge.  I have kitties, do a limited amount of cat/kitten rescue out of my home (please spay or neuter your pets! ;-) ), and I've recently started writing adult, fantasy, romance novels.

Taken By The Huntsman came about because I had a dream (I'll leave the details to your imagination ;-) ) after having a debate with an online friend about the nature of consent, and what society should and should not accept in terms of other people's behavior.  My friend and I differed rather violently on this matter and I went to bed thinking about it.  When I woke up, I had the idea for my first novel.  Another friend of mine said the idea sounded interesting, so I wrote the first couple of chapters and sent them to her asking if she was bored yet.  She was kind enough to say that she wasn't bored and would like to read the rest of the story, so I wrote it. :-)

T: Your first book Taken by the Huntsman takes place in the world of the Fae, Fairie. What drew you to write in this genre?

M: I've always read sci-fi and fantasy almost exclusively.  When I had the debate with my friend, I was in the middle of researching European mythology (because I'm a nerd) and some of those legendary creatures made their way into my dream.  Besides, who wouldn't enjoy fantasizing about a gorgeous guy who is utterly devoted to you and can take you somewhere you'll live forever? ;-)

T: I’m firmly in the camp of eternal doting. Tell us a little about Taken by The Huntsman.

M: Taken By The Huntsman is the story of Cassie, a lonely human orphan trying to find her place in the world, and Cadeyrn, the Erlking and Fairie's top cop.  Cadeyrn is hunting another Fae who has escaped to Earth after killing a child.  While he's searching, he comes across Cassie on her way home from work.  She can't see him because he's cast a spell to hide himself from human eyes, but when his eyes meet hers a magical soul-mate bond forms between them.  He decides to kidnap her and take her to his fortress in Fairie, because, having been Fairie's Huntsman for hundreds of millennia, he has earned his share of enemies.  Knowing that most modern humans know nothing of the Fae beyond children's stories, Cadeyrn doesn't believe he'll be able to convince Cassie of the danger she's in, and the only way he can think of to keep her safe is to kidnap her.  He expects her to be angry, and to have to work to earn her trust, but is unprepared for how difficult she finds it to open her heart.

T: It sounds exciting. Swept away by a Fairie cop who is your soulmate? Awesome. Which begs for a hypothetical question here: a tall, handsome Fae appears before you and says, “Mistral Dawn, you are my fated love.” What do you do?

M: Ha! Knowing me?  Look for the hidden cameras. ;-)

T:  How much of you do you put in your characters?

M: Oh, there's bits and pieces here and there.  Like Cassie, I've worked in call centers and at other "menial" jobs.  The disagreement with her boss that she's worrying about on her way home is almost word-for-word an argument I once had with a boss. Roni and I share the curse (blessing?) of being a well-padded woman in a society that favors the skinny.  But none of my characters are truly a representation of me. :-)

T: Is there any other genre you'd like to write? Or is there one you wouldn't?

M: I'd like to write straight Sci-Fi one day. I actually have an idea I've been kicking around for years, but I don't think I'm ready to write it yet. :-)  I try not to close my mind to any possibilities, but I read almost exclusively Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so I think it would be difficult for me to write anything else.

T: What was the most surprising thing about becoming a writer?

M: I really found the fact that it's possible to self-publish anything you like, on multiple platforms, without anyone's by-your-leave.  Granted, each platform has their own rules, but they tend to be pretty broad.  The internet is wonderful. :-)

T: What are you working on now?

M: I'm working on the second book in the series I started with Taken By The Huntsman, which is the story of Roni, a human con-woman and petty thief, and Uaine, the prince of Fairie's Summer Court.  Roni accidentally stumbles into Fairie (and it's against Fae law for humans to be in Fairie unless brought there by a Fae) and is caught by Uaine.  To his surprise, the soul-mate bond forms between them and he has to convince her to want to stay. :-)  The first chapter and some excerpts are posted on my blog.

After I finish the second novel I'll start writing a short story about Roni and Uaine, and then I have a third book planned which will involve the king of the Winter Court and his fated human.  So far I have five novels and two short stories planned, but I keep getting new ideas so the number keeps growing. :-)

T: I know that feeling. The ideas never seem to quit coming, do they? Writers tend to be the most voracious readers. What fiction do you read for pleasure?

M: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Erotica almost exclusively.  Occasionally a Historical Romance will slip in there, but rarely anything else. ;-)

T: What writer inspires you most?

M: Honestly?  You do, Tracy!  If you hadn't spent all that time on your blog talking about how to independently publish a novel and deal with all of the challenges that creep up, Taken By The Huntsman would almost certainly be sitting in a file on my hard drive, unread by anyone but me.  Until you wrote about it, I didn't even know it was possible to publish a novel without a publisher, so thank you very much!! :-)

T: My pleasure and thanks! I’m always delighted to help in any small way I can. Outside of writing, who inspires your life?

M: Oh, lots of people.  Anyone who can find a way to bring about change in society (large or small) without resorting to violence inspires me.  Teachers inspire me, social workers inspire me, animal rescue agency workers inspire me, soup-kitchen/food-pantry workers inspire me; basically, if you've left the world just a little bit better than you found it then you inspire me. :-)

T: Everyday heroes are the best. What is your passion outside of writing?

M: Taking in homeless cats and kittens, getting them healthy and well-socialized, and finding them their forever homes. :-)

T: So you are a hero yourself! I envy you doing that. I wish I could, but the hubs is allergic.

Okay, I’m going to ask a few miscellaneous questions so we can learn more about the woman behind hot and handsome Fairie beefcake. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

M: The Northern Pacific Coast of the US. Perfect weather as far as I'm concerned. :-)

T: Tell me one thing you absolutely cannot live without.

M: Hmm...besides my kitties?  Books! I'm a reading junkie and I'm not even interested in rehab. ;-)

T: Favorite quote?

M: “Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.”
― Terry Pratchett

T: Nice one. I think that’s an excellent note to wrap this up on. Thanks so much for coming on the blog, Mistral. It’s been a delight to have you!

Keep up with Mistral Dawn and her writing:

Mistral’s first book Taken by the Huntsman is available at the following links:

Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7 – Alien Refuge

Iris rocked forward, letting Rivek slip deliciously through her channels.  Sliding friction moving through her, lighting up everything inside.  She closed her eyes to feel it better.  Then she moved back onto those twin cocks, carefully enclosing the man kneeling behind her once more.  Very little discomfort this time.  She almost missed that galvanizing sting of hurt.  How strange, she thought.

“That’s it.  Good girl.”  Rivek’s approval was very breathy.

Iris moved forward again.  He felt so amazing, sliding easily through her now.  When she rocked back again, she did it faster, harder, achieving more of that wonderful ache this time.  It made no sense that it heightened the boiling pleasure in her gut, but it did.  The next time she shoved back onto Rivek, she did it even harder, as if she would split herself in two on him.  Dull pain resounded this time, feeding the weird passion slowly engulfing her.

That was it.  That was what she wanted.

“What are you doing, Iris?  Tell me.  Use those words that scared you so much.”

“I’m fucking you, Rivek.  I’m fucking your cocks with my ass and pussy.”  She felt not one bit of concern over her language.  All she cared about was the blooming rapture taking over.

Iris drove herself against the Kalquorian, taking him hard and fast.  Fierce arousal awoke, growing bigger, tightening her insides in a vicious spiral.  Violent desire licked throughout her loins, making everything coil taut.  She could feel her body gathering itself, every mote of pleasure coalescing into one brilliant spot, drawing together in preparation to blow wide open.  Almost there, hanging just on the edge.  If she could just find a little more force...

“Please,” Iris moaned.  “Please.”

Rivek’s hands closed over her shoulders.  When she shoved back onto him this time, he pulled.  At the same time, he thrust hard and deep into her with devastating strength.

Iris’ senses broke apart in a tidal wave of phenomenal bliss.  It surged through her all at once, rending her wits into scattered motes of disconnected, half-formed thoughts.  Swell after swell of pleasure gushed through her body.  Starbursts of white light exploded before her eyes, blinding her to all but the stormy flow of rapture.

When she came back to the surface of the Kalquorians’ bed, Rivek was moaning above her, his cocks pulsating inside, the primary one streaming thick heat into her ass.  Jol rubbed her back as Ospar stroked her hair.

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