Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

I stepped close to Dan, so that my breasts rubbed against the fine dusting of crisp hairs on his chest. He’d made his shirt disappear at some point. 

Dan’s only got about four inches of height on me, so all our good parts touch. As my rigid, clamped nipples moved against him, he finally took his attention away from Tristan. The intensity of his expression turned from anger to lust. Thank goodness. Hooray for the power of boobies.

His kiss was one of pure territorial possession. I moaned into his mouth as his tongue, tasting of me, swept through my mouth to claim all. I was almost dizzy as I melted against him. His pants dissolved, and it was all burning male wedged hard and pulsing between us.

As he plundered my mouth, I rubbed eagerly against him, trying to make contact between clit and cock. I wrapped one leg around his thigh. He growled, as feral as a were, and picked me up. I circled my other leg around him, holding tight.

A few steps and my butt bumped against the edge of one of the library’s reading tables. Dan laid me down on the hard surface. When he rose, pulling the sweetness of his lips from mine, it took all I had to keep my hands clenched behind my neck instead of yankiSng him back. I so didn’t want him gone.

Dan grabbed a chair and slid it over. “Now where was I?” he wondered out loud. He looked down at my pussy grinding against him. “Oh yes. I remember now.”

He pulled my legs apart and sat between them. I panted as he scooted his chair close. His face hovered just over my mons. Oh glory. He was going to finish what he started. I whimpered and thrust my hips up.

“Usually, I’d make you wait a very long time for being so insistent,” he grinned, going all uber-Dom on me. “But the object of this game is to give you what you want, so—”

With that, he went down on me, his mouth seizing my clit. He sucked hard, creating dimples in his cheeks. His tongue lashed the swollen cluster of nerve endings with brutal force.

A cry tore from my lips as lightning flashed through my senses. My nether parts clenched like a fist, drawing tighter, tighter. The pleasure was too much, almost painful. My hips jerked with an instinctive need to free me from the agonizing ecstasy. His hands clamped down, holding me still and helpless to the table as he continued the onslaught.

Climax ripped through me with great, bloody claws. I shrieked fit to split the heavens wide open as my innards heaved. My body flailed, unable to take the ecstatic hell pouring through it.

I sobbed as my body pulsed in the aftermath. “That’s one,” I heard Dan say from far away.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Weekend Wake-up Call – Alien Interludes: An Improper Proposal

“You may have it while it’s at its hottest,” Bacoj said magnanimously.  They all knew Vax’s favorite sexual activity, knew he liked it best just after Lindsey had been spanked, and no one, least of all Lindsey, naysayed his preferences.

“On your belly on the bed, slave,” the Imdiko said.

Lindsey found she could barely move.  Intense climax and renewed arousal added to the inebriating mix of leshella and Kalquorian intoxicant.  After she nearly fell to the floor, the men laughingly helped her assume the position for laxan.

She was laid on the bed on her stomach, and a cushion from the head of it was placed under her hips, pushing her buttocks up into the air.  She hummed a happy sound as she felt Vax kneel between her splayed legs.

With a sigh he positioned his rigid lengths against her openings, the larger homing in on her tightest passage.  Lindsey burbled happy nonsense sounds, her brain still scattered.  She earned good-humored chuckles for that.  Someone stroked her hair lovingly as Vax pressed gently in.

She’d had plenty of practice at this in the nearly two years they’d been clanned, and her body not only accepted his generous endowment, but welcomed it.  There was an area in her back entrance that was incredibly sensitive, giving her a warm, heavy pleasure similar to the G-spot in her pussy.   Lindsey groaned when Vax found both responsive places as his cocks traveled into her.

Deeper, deeper.  Had she not been so loose-limbed from euphoria, Lindsey would have pushed back onto her Imdiko, aroused eagerness making her greedy.  But Vax liked to enjoy being slowly enclosed within her, loved making the initial taking last.  His fingers spread her aching cheeks wide so he could watch her accept him.

Bacoj had once recorded such an encounter, placing a live vid in front of Lindsey’s face so she could watch her body pierced by the thick dark cock, a shade deeper than Vax’s mocha skin and shining with wetness.  She’d come three times during that encounter, terribly excited by the sight of him moving in and out of her this way.  It was this vision that assaulted her memory as Vax pressed inside, making her wet and hot and aching.

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