Friday, October 20, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Do you think you will write another Clan Beginnings book first and then after that write the story where they complete the clan with a female?

A: I'd like to, but that really depends on a lot of factors. Clan Piras' beginnings, being so integral to the ongoing war, had to be told before their 'Matara' book could be written, simply so I could see how they arrived at that point. Right now, the stories I see coming up don't have that requirement so much, certainly not the next one (which is why Clan Ospar is getting their Beginnings story next). Short answer...I don't know. I hope so, but I can't say it will happen.

Thanks for the question!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conscience

Though he did his best to hide it, Rivek was disquieted by Ospar and Jol’s reactions. Jol looked protective, though he should have expected that from a Nobek like his friend. Yet Ospar wore the same expression, even moving close to the priest as Jol did, as if he would shield him with his very body. Their anger on his behalf was palpable. They behaved as if the warning he’d been given was the worst possible thing that could happen—them, who had faced death itself.
              Something within him responded to what seemed to be visceral responses from the two men. It was strange and intrusive to him—and yet comforting. Warm. Welcoming.
              His whole being filled with a yearning Rivek wasn’t used to. A desire for more of the security Ospar and Jol seemed to want to shelter him with. An urge to join them in a way more profound than mere sex.
              No. All I want is friendship. I don’t need to do more than like them.
              Yet the strength of his feelings shook him, as did their seemingly emotional investment in him. A matter completely at odds with his plans to remain above the fray of normal life, to seek total enlightenment. Even the members of Rivek’s parent clan, all of whom were involved in the priesthood, had far too much conflict to immerse themselves fully in the experience Rivek sought. Even though their union contained no more than the natural differences that came with close relationships, Rivek thought it hobbled them in their search for true inner peace.
              The last thing he needed was a serious involvement with a pair like this Dramok and Nobek, men who courted trouble on a daily basis. Never mind finding complete illumination, absolute tranquility. How could Rivek possibly remain spiritually connected if he remained intimately involved in their contentious lives?
              The short answer was, he couldn’t. His equilibrium would never be maintained in such an atmosphere of nonstop conflict.
              Noticing the rising tide of nervous energy, Rivek took a deep breath. Now was not the time to wrestle with any kind of decision. Not in the heat of the moment of recognizing he was more invested emotionally with Ospar and Jol than he wanted to be.

Releasing November 17, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: I was wondering will Clan Dusa have a book eventually?

A: It's not currently planned for, but there is always the possibility. Given they are no doubt still having adventures as they rescue Earthers, there is certainly potential for them to have a story at some point.

Thanks for the question!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conscience

             As soon as Ospar wrapped up his latest campaign tour, he and Jol went back to their district feeling much had been accomplished. Jol was glad to be back on home turf where the surroundings were familiar and he could most effectively guard his Dramok.
              He was even happier to visit with Rivek at the temple. Despite the last few weeks of Ospar meeting and greeting the population, they’d kept seeing the priest who was a calming influence on their chaotic lives and a tumultuous inspiration for lovemaking. Jol was fascinated with the dichotomy of a man who lived in serenity and fucked like a zibger.
              The Nobek was gratified that Rivek seemed glad to see them too. The joy on his square-jawed face shone without embarrassment as he accepted Ospar’s effusive greeting and Jol’s more sedate but heartfelt embrace.
              Ospar’s grin was the real one, the one that said he was genuinely happy and not putting on a show. “How goes it in the tranquil world of faith and the search for truth?”
              “Not bad.”
              Though Rivek looked and sounded as pleased as ever to be in their company, Jol detected an undercurrent of something indefinable that wasn’t usually there. Something off that made the priest uncertain of his claim.
              Jol took his arm. “What’s wrong, Imdiko?”
              This time, a shadow did pass over Rivek’s face. He shrugged, as if to brush it off. “It might be nothing.”
              Ospar’s eyes narrowed. “What might be nothing?” he demanded, his tone brooking no prevarication.
              Rivek gave in without an instant of hesitation, deciding on truth rather than evasion, as was typical for him. “I had just finished leading a meditation class yesterday when a couple of men approached me. Big, rough-looking types.”
              The disquiet sitting heavily in Jol’s gut grew. “Nobeks? What did they say?”
              “Only one spoke. He said I should keep in mind that politics and faith are not the most compatible of bedfellows.” Rivek’s tone never changed its mild cadence. “When I told him I have little interest in politics except to vote with my conscience, he said, ‘Then perhaps you should curb your interest in particular politicians. They can be bad for a man’s health.’”
              Fury spiked white and jagged in Jol’s skull. The bastard. Someone needed to rip his throat out for uttering such words to Rivek.
              Ospar gasped, his expression thunderous. “How dare they target you! Jol, what can we do about this?”
              Rivek looked at him with quiet surprise. “Why should you have to do anything? They were only words.”
              “That’s a threat they knew would get back to us. Of all the cowardly antics, to threaten a priest.” Only Jol’s training and the continued peaceful countenance of the Imdiko before him kept him from storming out after their enemies, to unleash the fury that pumped his muscles with the need to fight.
              The syndicate had gone too far. He would hunt down and tear apart any gurluck who tried to harm Rivek.

Releasing Winter 2017