Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Warriors of Risnar: Worlds Apart -- Good, Clean Fun

Good hygiene, Risnarish style.

A roiling sound emitted from the spouts near the bottom of the pool, signaling cleanser was being added. Anneliese looked about with surprise as the water began to churn. “Oh wow. It’s a whirlpool. Hey, we’ve got suds.”

Nex moved over to kneel facing her with his knees bracketing her thighs. He carefully settled enough of his weight to pin them down, making sure not to put pressure on her knees.

She gave him a naughty grin, bringing up her hands to lightly push against his chest. “Feeling tough, are you? Do you plan on being controlling again? Maybe I’d prefer to be in charge this time.”

Nex smirked at the challenge. “Would you, now? Good luck with that.”

He grabbed her wrists, grew a tail, and used it to wrap them up, holding her hostage. She strained and discovered she couldn’t pull loose. “Hey! No fair with the extra appendages. I cry foul.”

Nex rubbed his hands together in anticipation, demonstrating how they were free to touch her. “Sure about that? Think about all I can do to you right now.”

She licked her lips, her eyes lighting up. “You got to take the lead last time. I thought it was my turn. Turnaround is fair play, and all that.”

“Play? As in a game? Okay, we will play Wash the Earthling. Don’t worry, I will be very thorough. I will see to it every inch of you is clean.”

Anneliese’s scowl was halfhearted. “That’s not a game. If it was, I’d be an active participant.”

"But you will be. You get to moan from the many pleasures you win from me."

 After escaping her alien captors, Anneliese Thompson has reclaimed her life on Earth, but she never forgot the Risnarish man who set her free. Now he’s back with an ominous message—the Monsuda are coming for her again. To survive, she must return to his planet and let his people help her. But this former soldier is done sitting on the sidelines—this time, Anneliese wants in on the fight.

Risnar warrior and scientist Nex Clauhahz searches for the former captives he freed from the Monsudan hive. Anneliese’s fire and strength instantly draw him to her. He vows to do whatever it takes to protect her, even if he has to save her from herself.

As alliances are threatened and new enemies are uncovered, Nex and Anneliese search for a way to defeat their common foe. With everything she cares for teetering on the verge of destruction, including her own warrior strength, Anneliese must prove her loyalty and worth—and embrace a second chance at love and a life worth living. 
Warriors of Risnar: Worlds Apart, releasing May 28, available for Pre-Order Now

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Also available, the first book of the Warriors of Risnar series:

  He was her savior, but she was his salvation.

Jeannie Gardner escapes from her captors' clutches only to find herself  trapped on a planet far from Earth.  When she is discovered, by a muscle-bound warrior, she must prove to him, and a Council of Elders, that she is not a creature set free from a lab, but a sentient being from another planet.
If she succeeds, they will send her home. If she fails, she will be executed.

Risnar warrior Kren Bolep is duty bound to protect his village from the Monsuda and their creations. But this small, pink-skinned female is different, special. As the bond between them grows, Jeannie’s vulnerability invokes Kren’s protective instincts, and he vows to uncover the truth and secure her future.   

But there is a bigger threat looming. The Monsuda are coming to get Jeannie, and they’ll use whatever means necessary. When Jeannie is taken, Kren is forced to choose—disobey the Elders and place his people in danger, or lose the only person who makes him feel whole. 

Warriors of Risnar: Not of This World on sale now!

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Question of the Week

Q: Do you have a chronological reading order posted somewhere for the Kalquor books?

A: I do now. Here it is, in the order the books would have happened in Kalquor's history:

Clan and Crown
Clan and Conscience
Clan, Honor, and Empire
Clan and Conviction
To Clan and Conquer
Alien Embrace
Alien Rule
Michaela (happens at the same time as Alien Rule)
Alien Conquest
Sister Katherine (happens at the same time as Alien Conquest) 
Shalia's Diary Books 1-5
Alien Salvation
Shalia's Diary Book 6
Alien Slave
Alien Interludes (the short stories vary in the timeline, but they belong more or less here)
Shalia's Diary Books 7-12
Alien Redemption
Alien Refuge
Alien Caged
Alien Indiscretions
Alien Hostage
Alien Refuge
Clan and Command
Alien Revolt

Thanks for the question!

Do you have a question for me? If so, leave it in the comments section, and I might answer it in a future blog.

Please note, I may not answer some questions because they could give away some upcoming plots in future books.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WIP Wednesday - Clans of Kalquor 12: Alien Outcast

Imdiko Ulof, ship's cook, has his first encounter with Piper, the woman taken off a Bi'isil cruiser.

              When he was certain he wouldn’t commit carnage in the next few moments, Ulof triggered the automatic door into the brig. A single step in, and all the delicious aromas of his excellent cooking were buried beneath the reek of rancid Tragoom.
              “Son of a bitch! It smells like a sewer in here! You could have at least hosed that fucking piece of shit off—”
              “Ulof.” Nako didn’t yell, but he spoke with command. It stopped the Imdiko’s complaints, long enough for him to notice the woman.
              Further angry words, only temporarily derailed by Nako’s warning, stopped in their tracks. Ulof gazed into blue eyes and forgot the mountain of crap that life had heaped on him.
              Oh. She’s—oh. Hair. Pretty. Tiny. Lips. Kiss lips. Breasts. Legs. Legs. Legs. Oh.
              Inside his head, the ocean roared. Nako could barely be heard over it. “Say hello to Matara Piper.”
              Ulof fought his way to the surface, where he could speak to the goddess before him. “Hello.”
              “Ulof is my Imdiko clanmate and the ship’s main cook.”
              Her pastel pink lips opened. “Hello, Imdiko Ulof. Thank you for bringing us a meal. It smells amazing.”
              The room tilted as he absorbed his name spoken in her drawling, twangy alto. “Of course. My pleasure.”
              Somehow he approached and offered her the trays. Only one was for her, but he couldn’t remember for the life of him what he was supposed to do with the other. No matter. She took them with a smile.
           Ulof's heart pounded. Her heart-shaped face beamed up at him for a bare instant before turning aside.

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