Thursday, February 21, 2019

TBT: Clan, Honor, and Empire

Flencik stopped picking at his clothing to lean back and look Rajhir in the eye.  “I wouldn’t have thought anything more of it, except – see, I’m interested in the research side of medicine myself, along with the surgical aspects.  So when I get the chance, I pop in the lab, ask questions, help the research scientists out, run some diagnostics, and play with the machines.  I stay late a lot of nights doing that.”

One corner of Rajhir’s mouth lifted in a teasing grin.  “Some guys go out for drinks, you know.”

Flencik pulled a face.  “You’re cute when you’re condescending.”

Apparently he’d not meant to say that out loud, because his face went plum in his embarrassment.  As the Imdiko spluttered a little, Rajhir fought not to laugh and make him feel worse.  

The handsome doctor was attracted to him and thought Rajhir was cute.  The Dramok might just have to take this gentle giant out after all.  Even take him home.  The thought of putting that big body under his made his dicks twitch.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

WIP Wednesday - Worlds Away

Selena "Boom-Boom" Baumer makes an impression on Arga.

He wasn’t certain whether to be more amused or shocked as she belted out ribald lyrics she called limericks in tune with the band that played on the stage. When she wasn’t wailing in her thin, warbling alto, Boom-Boom told off-color jokes that left Anneliese screaming with laughter and Nex gaping in disbelief before he too roared. Although Arga guffawed with the same stunned hilarity as Nex, the outrageousness of Boom-Boom’s antics concerned him.

He leaned toward Anneliese as Boom-Boom shimmied in overt appreciation of the tune being played, much to the delight of nearby onlookers. “She isahlivelier than I expected.”

“Yeah, well, Boom-Boom is her own animal. Though some guys in her company told me she started off quiet and reserved. Hard to believe, huh?”

Indeed, it was hard to believe she’d ever been sedate. Arga hadn’t met anyone so loud before, whether Earthling or Risnarish. Not even Anneliese, as tough as any man and not afraid to indulge in impressive quantities of brew, came close to being as extroverted as Boom-Boom.

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