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Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

Hands seized her hips, pulling her butt up in the air and hauling her back towards the priest.  Something wet, hot, and hard pressed up against her anus, nudging it open.

Iris gasped and looked over her shoulder at Rivek.  “Is that – is that the bigger one?” she asked.

“The bigger what?” he countered, a half-smile playing over his lips.  

She was suddenly afraid of the word again, because she was afraid of what would happen if she spoke it.  But as Rivek’s brows drew down over his eyes, Iris was even more afraid of what might befall her if she didn’t say it.  The Imdiko had mentioned the word punish earlier.  

Iris didn’t want to be punished, at least not until she knew what that meant.

“Your cock.  Are you planning on putting your bigger cock in my ass?”  She whimpered the words, but felt absurdly pleased she’d been so descriptive.  Maybe that would grant her some leniency.

He gave her a proud smile, and some of the tightness in Iris’ chest loosened.  Even his words couldn’t destroy the sense of wellbeing his approval gave her.  “I most certainly am going to fuck your gorgeous ass, my little Iris.  You have been well stretched and prepared for it, and if you stay relaxed, you will enjoy it as much as I.”

“Oh.”  For a moment, Iris couldn’t think of anything else to say.  Still, that primary cock was very big, bigger than the other men’s secondary ones.  “I can still say stop if it’s too much?”

Rivek tilted his head.  His gaze was still predatory, but there was gentle consideration mixed in there too.  “Of course.  Only tell me, and everything halts.”

His hands were on the globes of her bottom, rubbing them, easing the tension.  Iris loved the feeling of him touching her.  Of making him happy with her.  The sight of his smile when she did something right probably meant more than it should, but she couldn’t escape wanting to make him and the other two men pleased with her.

Rivek sensed her compliance.  “Just relax.  Push out against me.”

She did as she was told and felt the fevered length of him slide in.  Her mouth dropped open.  It did feel good, especially as his smaller cock found her pussy and entered it too.  Was she really taking such a large man back there?  In her – ass?

The smaller cock nudged against the hot spot in her sleeve.  Iris groaned, barely noticing that her rear was beginning to ache pleasantly as Rivek widened closer to his base.  

“Keep pushing, my lovely,” the Imdiko urged.  “Don’t resist.”

“Look at that,” Ospar groaned.  “That is just gorgeous.”

Hands reached beneath her.  One from the Dramok’s side plucked gently at her nipples, making Iris shudder.  Tiny zaps of pleasure darted from his fingers to her gut, which was churning warmly from Rivek’s entrance.  The silent Jol added a jolt of ecstasy as his fingers found her clit and stroked.

Iris cried out at the blast of elation.  Her hips slammed back against Rivek as her sex clenched and her body instinctively moved to find even greater delight.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Raxstad frowned.  He wasn’t buying the excuse.  Michaela had been angry the night before, and he felt her unhappiness was perfectly justified.  They should have fucked her.  She’d wanted it.

Okay, so she had some issues with her desirability, and the Nobek was willing to admit he wasn’t on solid ground where that was concerned.  In the first place, he couldn’t figure out why Michaela didn’t understand her own allure.  How could she not know she was the most astounding person he’d ever met?  Hadn’t he and his clan told her?  Hadn’t he been up front about how damned excited she got him?  Hadn’t he fought with Govi in front of her about how much he wanted her?  So Michaela should have figured out she was all Raxstad wanted in a Matara clanmate.  He couldn’t have been more plain about it if he’d painted it on the side of Israla’s mansion in giant letters.

Korkla had left messages on her room’s com unit.  Four messages.  Four fucking messages, and Michaela had yet to answer any.  Was the little Earther pouting or was she truly mad?

Either way, she was being hard to get along with, though that did nothing to cool Raxstad’s ardor for her.  Funny enough, he found her flashes of temper every bit as arousing as when Michaela was in a sweeter frame of mind.  He imagined fucking her while she beat her tiny fists against his chest and shouted profanity at him.  Better still if she clawed at him with her long fingernails.  The Nobek liked it rough, and he had an idea Michaela could deliver plenty of the more physical kind of fucking he preferred.

His cocks jerked at the idea.  By the ancestors, Raxstad wanted Michaela with near desperation.  He wished Govi would pronounce her stable enough for him to bring the intersex to screaming pleasure.  If his Imdiko would simply relent enough for Raxstad to prove to his enticing boy-woman how much he revered her!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

A Quick Update

Friends, it's been a tough couple of weeks. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know my mother has been in the ICU for that time. I am concentrating on family for now. That means I cannot answer comments and questions in a timely manner. Fortunately, much of the blog is pre-scheduled to go on without me, so WIP Wednesday and Weekend Wake Up Call will appear as usual.

Thanks for your understanding and patience. I'll get back to business as usual once things have calmed down around here. Until then, much love and take care.

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

            “You’re cruel,” she gasped.  “Terribly, terribly cruel.”
            “No, my sweetling.  I haven’t yet begun to be cruel.”
            With that, his mouth closed over her clitoris.  He sucked it deep into his mouth, and his teeth gently trapped its shaft.  Elisha’s tongue whipped over and over the engorged nub, and Naya thought her guts might flip inside out from the thunderbolt of agonized bliss that seized her.
            “Elisha!” she strangle-screamed, her back bowing off the thick cushion of grass.  She was suddenly on the verge of cataclysm, her body straining for completion.  Elisha released her.
            “Oh,” Naya wailed, equal measures of disappointment and relief filling her as the excruciating pleasure receded.  “Why are you doing this to me?”
            “Because you need a man who will make love to you properly,” he growled.  He sounded almost feral as he spoke.  “You deserve someone who will see to your needs and fulfill your desires, one who cares as much for your pleasure as his own, if not more.”
            Elisha bent once more to her aching sex, visiting more delicious torture on her clit with lips, tongue, and teeth, making her insides seize right to the verge of losing all restraint.  Just as her control frayed, threatening to spill wondrous orgasm through her body, he stopped again. 
            “Elisha, please,” she sobbed, not sure what it was that she begged him for.
            “A little more, Naya,” he said.  She was sure she could hear the teasing smile in his voice.  “I like making you crazed with desire.  I like hearing you beg.”
            The dark orb of his head moved down once more, and Naya shrieked with mingled despair and anticipation.  “Elisha, don’t, please, you’re killing me—”
            His mouth was on her clit again, brutalizing her with passionate spikes of desire.  Her bottom jerked up and down, beating against the ground helplessly as Elisha made her take the luscious abuse.  She cursed him.
            “Oh Naya, Naya, Naya,” he laughed, leaving her poised on the edge of climax once more, refusing to let her descend into sweet dissolution.  “It is fun making you accept such wondrous agony.  I think I could do this all night.”
            “Please Elisha,” she wailed.  “Don’t be mean.”
            “I think you can beg me a little better than that.”
            Again he mouthed her until she could feel the sharp teeth of completion biting into her.  Again he stopped just as she began to crest.
            Naya screamed long and loud, making dogs in the distance bark in alarm.  She squirmed against Elisha’s implacable strength, desperate to gain contact, for that one last touch that would send her over into the abyss of delight.  He held her easily, denying her that final bit to release the swollen tension that billowed her womb.
            “What do you want of me?” she cried.  “What is it you want me to do?”
            “Lie still and accept my command over you.  Beg me with pretty words, but resign yourself to my whims.  Surrender completely to me, no matter how you wish otherwise.”
            Naya sobbed.  How could he expect her to simply submit to this torment, this terrible pleasuring as if it was his right?  She writhed, trying to impose her need on him, but she could not make him take her to fulfillment.
            Instead, he licked and sucked and nipped the tender flesh once more, again bringing her to the point where she thought she must orgasm, she would come whether he wanted her to or not.  But no, Elisha always knew just when to release the engorged nubbin, to leave her wanting and crying with desperation.
            “Obey me, Naya.  Make my will yours.”

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shalia's Diary On Hiatus

Shalia's Diary is temporarily on hiatus as I finish the next storyline. I will keep you updated as to when entries will begin again. Thanks for your patience.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Tasha wiggled her perfectly trimmed eyebrows. “I’m confirming my date with a clan tomorrow.”
                “Oh, you’re getting going right away too.  Shall we double?”
                “I doubt it.” Tasha made her snooty face, the one she used when she played at being above Cissy’s antics. “This is a more mature clan than the one you picked for a first date.  My guess is their tastes would run more operatic than that crazy tribal music concert you’re going to.  Dinner and a live theater show.”
                Cissy yawned. “How very exciting.  Are they at least cute?” She waved to forestall Tasha’s answer. “No, you wouldn’t want cute. Adorable isn’t your thing. Are they handsome, I mean?”
                Tasha closed out the computer program. “Does it matter? Looks aren’t nearly as important as what’s inside.”
                “No, it doesn’t matter.  I was just curious.”
                Tasha touched her hair, making sure it was still in its bun. “Actually, the Dramok is insanely handsome, almost the equal of Jessica’s Bevau.  He was at the party last night.  The one you were so rude to ... Councilman Diltan.”
                Cissy bit her lower lip. She remembered the dismissive look on the Dramok’s face as he eyed her clothing. I bet he’d be impressed with how I look now, the shallow jerk.
                She said, “Oh boy.  Tasha, Lindsey told me we should be careful of that one.”
                Tasha shrugged. “I thought he was quite nice.  Besides, I checked with Jessica, and she thinks Diltan is wonderful.  He often supports the measures the Imperial Clan wants, but when he doesn’t, he lets them know under no uncertain terms.”
                That didn’t sound much like the man Lindsey had described. But then, Lindsey had also admitted Diltan had changed since she'd first met him.
                He still has a thing for outward appearances. Heaven forbid he look beyond the packaging like Tasha prefers to do.
                Cissy knew she didn’t present herself as well as her twin. Most of the time, she didn’t care. However, something about the way Diltan had looked at her rankled.  Like the way he almost seemed pained by her clothing.
                She didn’t share that with her twin. Instead, she said, “I don’t know.  You and a smarmy politician?  What do his clanmates do?”
                “The Nobek is the head of their prison system.  He’s a fierce looking one, downright scary, in fact. Not pretty like his Dramok. The Imdiko is a judge of Kalquor’s highest court.”
                It was the kind of match Jessica might have wrangled for Tasha. Cissy rolled her eyes and stuck her pinky out in a pseudo-sophisticated pose. “Well, lah-dee-dah.”
                Tasha made her own snobbish face. “Lah-dee-dah is right.  While I dine on caviar and champagne or whatever the Kalquorian equivalent is, you can have the alien version of chicken wings and beer.  Let me hear you grunt, you animal.”

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