Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Fiver Challenge: Who Am I?

Five character clues. Can you guess the character from the Kalquor universe?

1. I have five Nobek brothers

2. I don't usually bother other Dramoks' boyfriends...but when I do, I clan 'em.

3. I will kick any Nobek's ass on the kurble field.

4. Not really a gentleman, but I do prefer a blonde.

5. Is that a butt hanging on my home's wall???

Who am I?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

TBT: Clan and Command

Piras slowly got to his feet and returned the other man’s bow. Swallowing his surprise, he said, “Captain Kila. I’d heard your destroyer had returned from the border.”

“So it has. Are you happy to see me?”

Shocked would have been a better description. Piras had not expected Kila to seek him out, not after the night they’d spent together a few months ago. 

As always, he couldn’t help but compare this Nobek to Lidon. Piras compared every member of the warrior breed to his former lover. He had to admit, Kila stacked up pretty good. The sex they’d had had confirmed it.

Kila’s brow rose. “You look surprised that I’m here.”

Piras realized belatedly that he’d been silent for several seconds. “Shouldn’t I be?”

“You mean after our last encounter?” Kila’s enigmatic smile deepened. Mocking, secretive, a little cruel…that smile drove Piras crazy. It was impossible to know what was going on in the man’s head when he looked like that. He said, “You gave me a lot to think about that night.”

“Is that why you’re here?”

Instead of answering, Kila called out, “Door close and lock.”

The mechanism obeyed him with a click. Piras frowned. He was Kila’s superior officer and they were on duty. The captain had no business acting like he owned the place. 

With any other man, Nobek or not, Piras would have served him the sharpest side of his tongue. Not in a sexual manner either. He should be doing that with Kila now. The captain had caught him thoroughly off-guard. 

That brought a wave of anger. They were in Piras’s office, not his sleeping room. He was not only an admiral, but a Dramok. In charge. In control. A man no one fucked around with despite Piras’s seemingly delicate build. Not even a musclebound Nobek trained to kill with his bare hands dared to cross him. He’d taken out more than one of their like before.

It was the verbal dressing down that Piras was truly known for, however. He was a legend in that regard. Ready to put Kila in his proper place, he opened his mouth to deliver an ear-scorching diatribe, one that would remove all doubt who was in command here. 

Before he could, Kila strode up to his streamlined metallic desk and slapped a sound-blocker on its surface. Its hum filled the room.

Piras’s eyes widened in understanding. “You’re my contact for the mission.”

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

WIP Wednesday - Righteous Fury

              She was halfway across the parking lot to her bike when her cellphone rang. Kimi plucked it out of the open side pocket of her gym bag. The number came up Unidentified. Her heart slammed into overdrive.
              “Hello, my darling. How are you?”
              Laaruu’s insinuating purr raised every hair on Kimi’s body and slammed her to a halt. The clarity she’d gained from pounding the hell out of the punching bag disappeared in a swirl of chaotic feelings.
              Her first instinct was that she needed a drink. So much for turning over a new leaf in record time.
              She took a deep breath to calm her pounding heart. “How am I? Do you really give a fuck?”
              She heard the laughter in his voice. “Believe it or not, I do. Are you at least sober?”
              “What, you haven’t been keeping tabs on me?”
              “Maybe I have. Maybe not. It would be nice to establish some trust if you are to come with me.”
              Kimi started for her bike again, scowling in all directions in case he could see her. “Yeah, well, I’m not so sure that can happen. The trip, I mean. I could give a hot, holy fuck if you trust me.”
              “Are you saying you don’t wish to join me in my cause against Hanos? The enemy of the women of your planet who only want to live their lives and not be forced into a brutal servitude?”
              “The same kind of servitude you offer me?”
              “You know it’s not the same thing. Not by a longshot.” Laaruu’s voice was a seductive purr.
              Kimi tried to think straight, tried to think with her head and not her twat. Unfortunately, her pussy had begun throbbing with eager want the moment she’d heard his voice on the phone. Remembering the ways he’d fucked her, the way he’d made her come over and over—damn it, she’d cut off a tit to feel him inside her again.

Releasing in March (date subject to change).