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Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Sletran rumbled a warning deep in his chest, and he reared up.  His hands captured her wrists to pin them over her head.  The anger in his expression was gone, replaced by brute lust.  “You are so eager, my beautiful warrior female,” he said, his eyes dark and narrowed.  “And proud.  You know the word for please in my language.  I would hear you beg me for pleasure.  I would hear you scream for it.”

Rachel’s breath caught.  The Nobek looked savage and her body responded with a burst of pure need.  Her legs surrounded his hips, and she yanked hard to pull him as close to herself as she could.

Sletran chuckled.  “Oh, this will be a delightful struggle, Matara.  One I think we might both win.”

He rubbed his groin against hers, stimulating her clit so that she gasped.  His erection strained against the slick fabric of his knee-length pants, feeling like twin rods of steel against her mound.  At the same time, his hand closed over one breast, squeezing it just shy of pain and making the tip engorge with blood.  His tongue scraped over the stiff flesh.  Rachel groaned as heat sizzled through the mound.

“You enjoy a touch of intensity, don’t you?  Let’s try a little more,” Sletran said.  He bared his flat teeth, and they closed over the tip of Rachel’s nipple.  Again, the pressure increased until Rachel trembled on the threshold of hurt.  Then he flicked his sandpaper-rough tongue over the captured flesh, sending a thick wash of desire down to her belly and straight into her pussy.  A strained warble broke from her throat.

He released her breast from teeth and hand, possessing it with his mouth.  Sucking in hard, he enveloped half the lush mound in stroking wetness.  Rachel arched, as if she would shove even more into that erotic kiss.  Sletran withdrew the luscious embrace, much to her disappointment.  Then he gave her a feral grin, one in which his fangs came into sight.  Rachel gasped.

The Nobek’s head darted down, and he impaled her upper breast with those needle-thin teeth.  He held her still, careful despite his ferocity to not let her jerk and tear her flesh against those twin darts.  The bite lasted just long enough for Rachel to feel the beginnings of intoxication.

Then Sletran moved his brutally delicious attentions to her other breast.  This time he sucked in another mouthful, and slowly withdrew, letting his flat teeth scrape achingly across her skin.  Rachel groaned, her head tossing from side to side.  She ground her crotch hard against his rigid length, so tantalizingly close yet kept terribly separate from her by his pants.

Sletran’s raspy tongue swirled all around her areola.  Rachel clenched her legs hard around him, rutting like an animal, dragging her clit along that swollen part of him.  She was eager to have him inside her, fucking her with that glorious pair of cocks.

The Nobek raised his head to snarl through a lascivious smile.  His fangs descended again.  Rachel’s mouth fell open and she thrust her breast towards him.  Rattlesnake fast, darts of pain shot into the tender flesh.

As he injected her with the sweet venom that made everything feel safe and wondrous, his groin pressed down, sinking his weight down on her pelvis.  Rachel could no longer move against him.  Her burning pussy was left trembling, unable to grind for rapture.  All her attempts to writhe moved her no more than the most minute amount.


Sletran released the bite and snickered.  “That’s the best you can do?  You don’t sound nearly desperate enough.”

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

Tristan nodded. “Let’s get her primed for the competition. Hands behind your neck and spread your legs.”
I assumed the position he wanted, interlocking my fingers together and opening my legs wide. Cream was already coating my upper thighs. Sometimes dreams do come true.
“I’m not so sure she needs warming up,” Dan snorted as his hand cupped my mons. “She’s already aroused.”
“That’s our girl. I knew we could count on that libido.”
“Hey. What are you implying?” I said, shivering as one man’s hand slid through my folds and the other man cupped my breasts and slid calloused thumbs over my nipples.
Tristan’s face went cold and stern. “Did anyone ask you to talk?”
My stomach flip flopped with equal parts fear and desire to have that gaze leveled on me. “No Sir,” I whispered.
“All I want to hear from you is moans and screams.”
My pussy gushed. I swallowed. Nodded.
“Nipple clamps. Right now.”
I had the tweezer versions on in a heartbeat, just tight enough to stay on. Of course Tristan adjusted them to make them burn. I winced, and he tightened them a little more. I groaned as the mixture of heat and hurt zapped right to my clit.
“There we are. Just right.” Tristan grinned at me.
Dan went to his knees in front of me. With a look that was all hunger he leaned forward. I tensed in anticipation. He sucked gently on my clit, and my knees darn near unhinged. I think my eyes rolled all the way back in my head.
“Climaxes during the warm-up period don’t count,” Tristan warned him. He bent to flick one of my reddened nipples with his tongue.
Fiery darts sizzled from the touch. I shuddered. He cupped the weight of my breast in his hand and closed his teeth around the sensitive tip. I gushed.
       “Mmm.” Dan burrowed his face against my hairless sex as he zeroed in to lap at my juices. Feeling the wet velvet of his tongue lapping enthusiastically through my folds had me trembling all over.
        Tristan switched to the other breast. More sparks. Lovely heat built in my belly. My legs shook with reaction at what the two men were doing to me.
        “Brandilynn, it’s like you’re in the middle of an earthquake,” my vampire lover laughed. His strong arm wrapped around the middle of my back. “Lean back, sweetheart. Let me take your weight.”
        I did as he said, my body bowed back over his arm. The position pointed my tits at the ceiling. I noticed how swollen my nipples were from the pressure of the clips.
       “Very nice,” Tristan said with appreciation. His head dipped down to catch one red nub in his mouth. The flat of his tongue rubbed it over and over, and I groaned all the way from my toes at the tantalizing agony his attentions produced.
        Meanwhile, Dan grabbed the backs of my thighs and lifted me off my feet. He settled my legs so that they draped over his wide shoulders. His hands supported my buttocks. I was wide open for him now, and he took complete advantage. He lapped my juices with strong strokes, inciting me to produce more. My hips bucked to meet that wonderful tongue. I couldn’t stop myself.
       They devoured me, making me cry out in reaction. I jerked and spasmed helplessly as their mouths worked to make me ache for orgasm. Warm up, my butt. This was a full-on workout.
       Dan’s mouth closed over my clit. He sucked hard and I arched in Tristan’s grip as something huge rolled in my belly. Dan backed off right away.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Alien Interludes: An Improper Proposal

“I said, stay still,” the Dramok insisted, his fingers in her pussy bending to rub that most sensitive part of her sheath.  

He wanted to play one of their games.  Lindsey wasn’t sure if it was the one where they tortured her with pleasure, not allowing her to come until she was screaming for it; or the Master/slave game in which disobedience was punished.  It didn’t matter.  She loved both.

So she ignored Bacoj’s commands, twisting and writhing to put the friction where she wanted it.  He stopped everything he was doing, pulling fingers free of her openings and abandoning her throbbing clit.

Before she could whine, he spoke.  “This one has forgotten her body is ours to command.  She is disobeying me.”

Japohn and Vax immediately ended their sweet assault on her breasts and mouth.  All three of her clanmates glowered at her, their expressions disapproving enough to make a Tragoom wither in shame.

Masters and slave it was.  Her stomach churned with mixed dread and desire.

Bacoj moved to sit on the edge of the bed.  “You will lie across my lap for your punishment,” he said.  “Present yourself now.”

Between the leshella and Japohn’s bite, Lindsey’s head swirled.  But she made herself roll onto all fours, where she crouched for an instant, trying to recover her equilibrium.

A hand so big it could only be Japohn’s seized the back of her neck.  “Now, slave,” he barked, half dragging her towards their Dramok.

“For your insolence in not moving faster, you will receive extra punishment,” Bacoj said with obvious relish.  Lindsey could see how hard his cocks strained his formsuit.  “Ten for your first disobedience, ten more for not immediately answering my summons.”

Lindsey’s pussy clenched to hear the duration of the spanking she was going to receive.  She thought she might come before he ever laid a hand on her.

As she reached Bacoj with Japohn’s rough help, Vax added a new twist to the play.  “After each strike, you will count it off and thank your Master for it.  For every swat you do not count or show appreciation for, five more will be added.”

Lindsey bit her lip to keep a groan from escaping.  The thought of the thorough chastisement she was about to enjoy sent a small spasm through her nether parts.  It was a token baby climax, a sweet little precursor to what would follow.

Submissive, she laid over Bacoj’s muscled thighs, giving herself over to him.  He adjusted her position so that her head and shoulders hung down, her long chestnut hair flowing nearly to the floor between her hands.  One of her legs was adjusted so that it rested on the bed, the other pushed wide, her toes bracing against the thick fur of a rug.  He’d spread her open to administer the spanking on as much flesh as he could bare.  Lindsey shivered and closed her eyes.

Bacoj’s palm pressed between her shoulder blades, steadying her.  Her anticipation was climbing, and it took real effort to relax her body, especially her vulnerable buttocks.  It would hurt a lot more if she was tense, maybe to the point where she would not enjoying being spanked.  Lindsey didn’t want to infringe on any of their fun.

Bacoj stroked the mounds of her ass, his touch feather light.  He was lulling her as he always did before a spanking, tricking part of her to believe he could never strike her with anything but the most tender of touches.  

“So pale and perfect and lovely,” he said with real appreciation.  “Too perfect, in fact.  When was the last time she was spanked, Japohn?”  

The Nobek answered immediately.  “Eight days ago, my Dramok.  By me.”

“Ah yes.  I remember now.  That’s a long time between discipline.  No wonder she’s being so naughty.”

“Perhaps her punishment should be extended.  A week of daily spankings?” Vax suggested.  His voice was quite breathy.

To Lindsey’s delight, Bacoj agreed.  “An excellent idea.  I want this pretty ass kept pink at all times.  When we are alone, you will wear no clothes, slave.  That way I can be sure you’re the correct shade.”

Her pussy gushed wetness.  Lindsey’s voice was breathier than Vax’s.  “Yes, my Dramok.”

Too damned bad we won’t be alone very much, not with our families so happy to have us back.

Lindsey immediately felt bad for thinking such a thing.  She’d missed her sister and mother so much!  It was the intoxication screwing with her head, she decided.

Before she could debate anymore with herself, Bacoj’s palm cracked down on her exposed, defenseless rear.  Sharp pain and awesome heat radiated from her hindquarters.  Lindsey cried out and jerked on his lap.

Almost too late she remembered to gasp, “One!  Thank you, my Dramok.”

“Remain completely still for the rest, or I’ll add more.”

“Yes, my Dramok.”

The words had barely left her mouth when the next blow landed exactly where the first had.  Pain exploded, and the first tears prickled her eyes.  She managed to not move though.  “Two.  Thank you, my Dramok.”

More spanking, her flesh agonizing under the weight of his heavy hand.  She shuddered and sobbed out the count as well as the thank yous.   Tears dripped from her eyes to lose themselves in the dark brown fur covering the floor.

Then, as it always did when she surrendered herself to the clan, her brain went to that place where pain became intense sensation, gorgeous and full, turning torment to titillation.  Now she felt the entire weight of being helpless, of having to obey, of leaving all responsibility for making choices behind.  She was theirs utterly, her whole being centered on their desires.

Swack.  “Eight.  Thank you, my Dramok.”  Swack.  “Nine.  Thank you, my Dramok.”

Deeper and deeper into that pool of absolute submission.  Under the steadily drumming pulse of her master’s hand, Lindsey’s body heated.  Her insides twisted, coiling tight as the pressure of the strikes permeated into her center.  He could punish her for all of eternity, and she would do nothing to stop him.  The idea drove the spike of desire deeper into her core.

Swack.  “Ten.  Thank you, my Dramok.”  Swack.  “Eleven.  Thank you, my Dramok.”

Sweet, bubbling passion boiled in her belly.  Swack.  “Twelve.  Thank you, my Dramok.”  He was so strong.  So commanding.  Swack.  “Thirteen.  Thank you, my Dramok.”  Her insides were all liquid, melting under the heat of his power.  Swack.  “Fourteen.  Thank you, my Dramok.”  

Now the strikes were sending sizzles throughout her, making it hard not to squirm.  Swack.  She seemed to feel that one right on her clit, as if there was a direct line from her buttocks to that engorged nub.  “Fifteen.  Thank you, my Dramok,” she panted.  She thought she might come.  He shifted slightly as he brought his hand down again, and his thigh made contact with that sensitive bit of her womanhood.  Swack.  Lindsey’s eyes rolled with burgeoning delight.  “Six – sixteen,” she groaned.  “Thank you, my Dramok.”

She was closing in.  They hadn’t told her she needed permission to come.  As orgasm opened its jaws wide to consume her, she had no intention of asking.  Swack.

“Seventeen,” she whisper-screamed as the beast inched closer still, readying to take her.  “Thank you, my Dramok.”

The climax was hovering just out of reach, and Lindsey feared there wasn’t enough of her punishment left to send her into its hungry maw.  The next time Bacoj’s palm splatted against her flesh, she only moaned.  She didn’t count, didn’t thank him, though her gratitude at this moment knew no bounds.

“Five extra, slave,” he panted.  She could feel the steel of his erection against her ribs.  “The next is number nineteen.  Say it.”

Swack.  The ticklish-hot pulse billowed huge within her, but the dam did not yet break.  “Nineteen.  Thank you, my Dramok.”

Another slap.  Lindsey could scarcely breathe.  Her belly felt tight with pressure, and she thought she might go insane from need.  “Twenty.  Thank you, my Dramok,” she heard, though she couldn’t feel her lips move.  All her being was focused on that maddening heat that refused to consume her.


Ecstasy so intense it was almost painful broke over Lindsey.  It blew up and spilled from her in a series of convulsions, each of which she announced with a throaty groan.  She thought the men might have been chuckling, but she was too caught up in the pleasure to be sure.  Bacoj helped her along by continuing to spank her, sending more heat to prolong the orgasm.

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