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Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 10: Alien Hostage

              It was the jungle, this uncivilized place where the wild ruled and rules fled before the wild. Her body acknowledged that with every wanton stroke of Scarred Savage’s fingers, with every bite from the leader’s teeth, with every breath-stealing kiss of the slight one’s mouth.
              The violating fingers slipped away. “Give yourself to us,” the leader demanded.
              Tasha had no choice. It went against everything she knew, but the scorching atmosphere of the jungle had infiltrated her, making her as sultry as its air. She capitulated to its reign.
              “I am yours.”
              They moved around her, re-settling as if finding assigned places. She was moved too, made to lay on her side. Scarred Savage slid behind her, his chest moving against her shoulder blades. Tasha felt the insistent prod of the larger of his two cocks between her buttocks. Her insides bubbled to know he would stake his claim to her there.
              The leader lay in front of her, pulling her fleshy thigh over his. His front cock rubbed against her pussy, seeking the warmth it demanded. It was as wet as her sex, the alien flesh exuding its own sensual lubricant in anticipation of entering her.
              The slightest one crouched overhead, his two cocks looming above her upturned face. The one in front was the larger of the two, shaded twice as dark as the rest of his skin. It too was slick in readiness to plunge into her mouth. A bead of pearly white perched at its tip. Tasha knew she would be made to swallow that drop of masculine pleasure; that drop and much, much more.
              Scarred Savage was the first to sheath himself within her. A sweet ache bloomed as the bullet-shaped flesh, tapered at the tip, grew in girth as he pushed within her ass. Knowing it was no use to protest ... indeed, having no wish to deny her brutal lover now that the jungle had made itself a part of her ... Tasha concentrated on accepting the thickening shaft impaling her. She was to be mated to these men in their way, the instinctual call to breed stronger than any rules society had ever made.
              Though the taking throbbed with dull hurt, Tasha felt an even stronger pleasure in the act. Once more, the thrill of being overruled by those who made no illusions as to their mastery over her won out.
              Tasha groaned as Scarred Savage’s groin met with her buttocks. He was fully imbedded within, his claim too deep to deny. He had taken her as any beast might, making her bestial in kind.
              The leader crowded closer, flattening her large breasts against the muscled planes of his chest. With a knowing smile, he took his primary cock in hand. He placed the tip at the entrance of her pussy. Without a pause, he drove into her, sheathing himself in one thrust.
              The air left Tasha’s lungs at the sudden claiming. She hadn’t expected it, and the strain made her moan. Yet the burst of pain was joined by an astounding fullness that turned her insides to molten lava. The double penetration pressed her interior hotspot. Her body flushed with violent heat. Her tormented groan turned into a shout of exaltation. She hovered at the point of climax, needing only a moment’s friction to send her over.
              The leader grinned, as if he knew how close she was. He began to draw out, his cock dragging slowly, deliciously over the igniting flesh.
              Orgasm burst over Tasha, flashing blinding light through her body. She quaked between the two men, trapped in a prison of rapturous ecstasy. She clawed the shoulders and back of the man before her, turning animal under his delightful torment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Command

             Sure enough, an unfamiliar man in a fleet engineer’s uniform with green trim was looking at the acceleration readouts, checking things over, and shaking his head. Kila stood behind him and folded his arms over his chest.
              Adjust one thing, and I’ll take your head off.
              Like most Nobeks, Kila moved silently. Chief Engineer Lokmi was also wearing ear pieces and humming along with whatever he listened to. He didn’t know he was being observed by his captain.
              It gave Kila a chance to size the Imdiko up. From behind, Lokmi possessed an athletic build. Not too bulky, not too lean. Kila automatically checked out the man’s ass, judged it nice, and remembered chief engineers were the enemy.
              He made himself look back up, at the back of Lokmi’s head. The Imdiko’s black hair was shoulder length, its gentle waves giving it a tousled look. An ‘I-just-rolled-out-of-bed’ look.
              Kila thought about punching his own head and hopefully knocking such thoughts out of it. He hadn’t gotten laid since Piras several months ago, and that encounter had certainly not gone as planned. It was no wonder he kept thinking about sex.
              Lokmi snickered at a reading and made a note on his handheld. He went to one of the accelerator chargers and removed a panel from the side. Kila stiffened as Lokmi ran his fingers over the bank of power modules.
              The engineer turned and froze to see Kila standing there. He bowed to his superior officer. In a voice that approached a yell, he said, “Captain Kila, I presume?”
              Kila nodded. “Chief Engineer, welcome aboard.”
              Lokmi snorted and yanked the earpieces out. For a moment Kila heard the steady thud of rimnastin music before it switched off. “My apologies, Captain. I forgot I was wearing those.”
              Kila smiled in pardon. Lokmi’s face was as pleasing as his backside. Handsome, firm features. He had the gentle expression that was the hallmark of an Imdiko…to a point. His eyes were piercing. Demanding. Unwavering. The direct stare was all Dramok.
              So be it. Kila’s spine steeled for the inevitable fight. “I see you’re doing your initial inspection?”
              “Yes sir. And may I say, your former chief should be taken out and whipped. The modifications I’ve found are a nightmare.”
              “Those would be my modifications, Chief.” His voice steady and cold. His tone definitely don’t-fuck-with-me.
              Lokmi didn’t react with the flustered anxiety Kila anticipated. He didn’t even blink. Instead, there was a slight grimace as he said, “It makes sense that a speed junkie would do this to his poor ship. Son of Clan Poc, aren’t you? The famous shuttle racing team?”
              Kila wasn’t sure if he should be offended or not by the other man’s comments. “Did you look me up to impress me or are you an actual racing fan?”
              Lokmi grinned. “Oh, I love anything to do with machines. Your Nobek father and mother are incredible mechanics. Geniuses, really. It’s no wonder your other fathers consistently place at the top of the standings when they race.”
              The compliment seemed genuine. Kila allowed himself to relax a little. “Thank you, Chief. I happen to think they’re pretty good myself.” He couldn’t keep the pride out of his voice as he spoke.
              Lokmi nodded toward the opened charger. “You’ve got a talent for tinkering too, but this ship isn’t a racer. The booster on the accelerator is asking for trouble.”
              “Only if I engage it for more than ten seconds. Which I would never do. I know how to run my ship.”
              Lokmi waved off the warning in expression and tone. “Sure you do. But what about the crewmember who has to pilot it out of a hairy situation before you get to the bridge? Or if you’re incapacitated?”
              They always thought the captain didn’t have a clue. Lokmi’s observations would be valid with another captain, but Kila was confident in his abilities not only to modify engines but to anticipate trouble. “The crew is kept advised. I send out tutorials and instructions with every alteration I make.”
              “To your enemies as well? What happens when a hunter-killer grabs you in a traction freeze field while you’re tearing around at top speed?” He made a sound like an explosion, flinging his arms out to further illustrate. “Or what if we experience a failure of the defensive field grid you’ve tied in to keep us from shaking apart for those ten seconds of thrill ride? The very same defensive grid that keeps us from blowing all to hell when a lucky shot hits the pulse drive system…which you’ve diverted to powering said grid for your joyride.”
              Kila’s mouth stretched in a smile. Not his usual mocking smile, which he could help no more than Mostar could help his suspicious look. This smile was purposely big and dangerous, more a snarl than a grin. Most men had the good sense to back off when he looked at them like that.
              Lokmi just looked at him, waiting for a reply. He had a ton of Dramok in him, all right.

No release date set.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

A pair of long black rods appeared on each tight nipple, trapping the sensitive flesh between their lengths. Elastic bands gave tension to their grip at each joined end. I had conjured them with the bands all the way at the ends for the lightest possible pressure.

Of course Dan wasn’t about to let them stay that way. His chocolate eyes darkening with intent, he shoved the vibrator deep into me. The toy vibrated hard against my G-spot, enthralling me despite knowing torment was on its way.

Dan reached for the Thai sticks. He leisurely rolled the bands towards the middle of the clamp holding my right nipple, watching my face all the while. The pressure went from firm to pain quickly. I cried out as heat seared my breast. My instinctive urge was to jerk away, to deny my master complete acquiescence. I fought to remain still as he tormented me, continuing to move the bands closer together. A familiar mantra filled my head: his to play with, his to play with, his to play with.
I maintained control until a greater pain hit, much what I’d imagine being stabbed by an ice pick to feel like. I screamed and twisted. Dan grunted and gave the bands one last little roll before moving to the other trapped nipple.

I couldn’t stop writhing at that point. Profound heat and throbbing doubled. My choked sounds of anguish rang in the cavernous reading room. Agony filled my senses, my world centering on it.

Yet a part of me reveled in surrendering all to the man I loved. I was aware of him standing over me, his dark eyes taking in my misery, his face filled with adoration as I submitted to him in everything. Between my cries I heard Dan sigh. He stroked his cock as he watched me struggle. A small part of me knew that for any distress I suffered, I would be given double the ecstasy.

But for the moment, it hurt like crazy. It hurt so much that I couldn’t think of things like losing Tristan, screwing Gerald in a moment of weakness, and being stuck in Patricia’s vampire body half the time – a body I still couldn’t fly after weeks of trying. Pain had its uses.

Little by little, my tortured nipples began to numb. At the same time, Dan slid the humming vibrator in and out of me again while one thumb drew slow circles around my clit. Pain and arousal each made a bid for my attention. At first the torment of my tits held sway, making the slow licks of pleasure almost nonexistent. Then came a gradual shifting as my delight in surrender and helplessness fed lust. Heady exaltation bloomed deep in my belly, warring more intently with the slow easing of suffering. Endorphins kicked in, draining distress and twisting what hurt remained into something incredible.

Every sensation heightened. I strained to get more contact with Dan and all he did to me. The vibrator slipped in and out, finding the best stuff to rub up against. My lover alternated his attentions between teasing strokes over my clit and brushing my nipples so that they burst into fresh flame. Ecstasy and hurt wound about each other, melding into one intense unnamable passion.

I had no choice but to lay there, suffering and enjoying as long as my master decreed.

Dan kept me like that for some time. He occasionally withdrew the vibrator from my grasping sex to rub it against my rioting clit. Then I really was in a hellish paradise with bliss so severe that it threatened to devolve into pain. I screamed again and again as Dan brought me to the brink of orgasm only to deny me every time. My body clamored for release, but it was not to be found.

Even when Dan’s clothes disappeared to reveal a rock hard chest, taut abdominal muscles, and muscular arms and thighs, I knew he wasn’t done with me. Not by a long shot. Big Boy Dan was just getting warmed up with his plaything.

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