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Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Wake Up Call - First Mataras: Michaela (M/I/M/M)

Korkla groaned as his groin met Michaela’s “Oh, Mother of All. Is this woman truly ours, my clan? Because I cannot believe I am not dreaming.”

Govi chuckled, glancing to take in the astounding sight of Korkla buried to the hilt inside Michaela while Raxtad’s head bobbed slowly up and down over her cock. “If it is a dream, then I beg you to not wake me up, my Dramok.”

Michaela whimpered, beyond words as the men loved her. The feeling of Korkla inside her, of Raxstad’s lips and tongue on her, of Govi’s arms surrounding her was sheer paradise. Maybe it was she who dreamed.

Korkla swung his hips back, emptying Michaela’s grasping channels with gratifying slowness. The friction brought every hair on her body to attention, and she cried out as that pleasure merged with the ticklish excitement of what Raxstad did to her. A feverish roiling filled her gut, making her kick at the air. Govi chuckled and kissed his way down to her breasts. He accepted the invitation of her pert nipples to suck and lick. More electric bliss poured through Michaela until she thought she might go mad from sheer enjoyment.

Korkla withdrew until only the tips of his cocks remained inside her. Then he slid back in, rubbing sensitive spots inside Michaela she didn’t know existed. She writhed in sinuous glee, her dancer’s body learning new contortions as the Dramok drummed steadily against her. Michaela saw his bright stare over Govi’s head, saw him watching her as she moaned her growing pleasure. His lips were wet and parted, his eyes heavily lidded as he fucked her.

Michaela felt her body flush. Her scrotum drew up tight, poignant rapture boiling within. It felt as if the entirety of her loins gathered, drawing to a single, sharp point. Something inside kicked hard. Then a ribbon of delight unfurled, springing from her balls to fill her cock. The climax hit so fast and so hard, she had no time to warn them.

Molten cum burst from her shaft, spurting hard into Raxstad’s mouth. The Nobek made an eager sound. He sucked hard, as if to claim even the most reluctant droplets of Michaela’s seed. She screamed as her cock exploded, her stomach knotting against the brutal climax.

Michaela had never experienced such an intense orgasm. However, she had only gotten the tip of the iceberg.

Korkla’s thrusts came fast and hard, igniting fires deep inside Michaela’s pussy. Her sheath spasmed against his thudding length, flexing as it readied to join with its male counterpart in ecstasy. Korkla grasped her clit, rubbing gently.

Still in the throes of her masculine release, Michaela’s body exploded anew. Raw intensity detonated from deep within, shattering her senses. All was heaving, sumptuous carnage for a too-short eternity.
The throbs of delicious release ebbed just in time for Michaela to hear Korkla’s shout of completion. His cocks jolted within her, setting off another round of fireworks, though softer and sweeter than before. 

Michaela sobbed without care. Korkla’s climax was the final proof of his desire for her.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Rolat finally broke through his silence. Maybe it was the fiercely protective way Cissy was grilling them about their plans with her sister for the evening. At any rate, the big Nobek had a bizarre expression that said he was amused as well as enthralled by the Earther.
                “We will escort her back here as soon as she wishes it.  We’ll let her make the decisions about our evening as we get to know one another.”
                Cissy looked him over with a narrowed gaze. Diltan also gazed at Rolat, trying to see him not from the viewpoint of a clanmate of many years but as a unknown entity, a stranger.
                He had to admit his Nobek was a fearsome specimen. Most of Rolat’s scars were covered by his tunic and pants, hidden so as not to frighten a small Earther woman. As a longtime prison guard then warden, Rolat had seen his share of violence. Having moved up as Head of Incarceration, he was now removed from most of the danger, though he insisted on frequent in-person inspections of prison facilities. Only one thin whitish streak along his cheek marred his strong features, but there was still that aura of contained brutality that was the hallmark of most Nobeks. His wide shoulders and broad chest spoke of his strength. Big and imposing, Rolat’s mere appearance demanded respect.
                Cissy might have respected the power that oozed from Diltan’s clanmate, but she showed no sign of being intimidated by it. Her gaze on Rolat was frank and unafraid. Her next statement only underscored how she refused to be intimidated.
                “Yeah, well make sure Tasha does make all the decisions, big boy.  Otherwise Kalquor will get three more Mataras come sunrise.”

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire (M/M)

Rajhir tormented him in the most delightful ways.  One moment he would stroke with the lightest of feather touches, raising the hair on Flencik’s body.  The Dramok’s lips would whisper over a corded thigh muscle, the bunched abdomen, the weeping cockhead.  His tongue drew delicate lines on Flencik’s skin.

Then would come a sharp slap to redden flesh and nipping teeth that sent darts of exquisite pain wherever they landed.  The heat of agony would pulse and join with the more demanding lust taking over Flencik’s body, swirling to make a heady stew of desire.

When he could summon lucid thought, Flencik recognized how the night before, when they had lain together in pleasure, Rajhir had taken careful note of all the things that aroused the Imdiko.  He must have to play him so well.  His lovemaking tormented Flencik in the most heady, wonderful ways.

The Imdiko’s cocks were swollen, jutted straight up as if to accuse the deepening night.  He clutched handfuls of the silvery-purple grasses, fighting to remain still beneath Rajhir’s hands and mouth.  His body shook with the effort.

Rajhir paused, kneeling upright between Flencik’s spread legs.  He looked over the gasping Imdiko with the air of ownership, his lovely mouth curled in a satisfied smile.  Rajhir grasped his primary prick and moved his hand up and down.  The Dramok was so hard, his cocks curled up against his abdomen.  His eyelids fluttered and he groaned with the pleasure of his own touch.

Flencik whimpered, wanting it to be his hands that put that look on the Dramok’s face.  Rajhir’s smile grew at the sound.

“You look gorgeous, lying there, waiting for me to fuck you,” he whispered.  “Shaking like a leaf, want in your eyes, moaning to be taken.”

“Please, Rajhir.”

“Oh yes, my big, beautiful man.  And since you can’t come until your lover does, I am going to put my cock in you right now.  Roll over and stick that wonderful ass in the air.”

A surge of lust poured into Flencik’s cocks.  He sobbed with need as he obeyed Rajhir’s order, pillowing his face against his crossed arms.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                As Diltan took in the vision of beauty before him, a familiar face smiled at him from a whirlpool. She waved. Feeling dazed, Diltan led his astounded clan to that part of the courtyard.
                As they neared, the woman stood and mounted the steps, taking her out of the whirlpool. “Hi, Dramok Diltan. Is it that time already?”
                The men stopped in their tracks a few feet away.  Judging from the welcoming smile, it had to be Tasha who stood before them, her body wet and scantily clad. There was much more skin than soaksuit, so much more that she might as well have not bothered putting anything on at all. Triangles of blue hid her areolas and pubic mound and little else. The straps holding those triangles in place were so thin they looked as if they might snap in an instant, especially given the fullness of her breasts and buttocks.
                Diltan’s heart galloped as he stared. Tasha was so very lush and rounded, her pale body a dream of soft curves and pliant flesh. His cocks twitched and began to fill at the arousing vision before him.
                Rolat whispered “By the ancestors and Mother of All.  Is that our potential Matara, Diltan?”
                Wal made a choked sound in his throat. He seemed incapable of speech at the moment.
                Diltan swallowed hard and whispered back, “I guess it is her, though she’s not exactly dressed for our meeting.”
                Seemingly oblivious to the sensation she was causing, the young woman sauntered over to a table and picked up a glass of what appeared to be dlas, a rather potent drink. She took a healthy swallow, set the glass back down, and grabbed a nearby towel. She rubbed it all over, drying off. Diltan’s cocks gave another jerk.
                The woman smiled ruefully. “How did it get so late in the day?  Holy Hannah, I’ve got to get ready for my date.  Don’t worry, Tasha is much more prompt than I am.  If I know her, she’s dressed and ready to go.”
                With a strange mixture of relief and disappointment, Diltan realized this was Cissy and not Tasha. He cleared his throat and bowed. “Matara Cecilia, how nice to see you again.  These are my clanmates Nobek Rolat and Imdiko Wal.  This is our date’s twin sister, Cecilia.”
                The two men bowed, though they did not speak. They were apparently still overcome by Cissy’s lack of clothing. Wal’s eyes were almost perfectly round in his amazement.
                Cissy grinned and motioned them to follow her. “Come along, gentlemen.  I’ll take you to her.  Where are you all going tonight?”
                Diltan tried to talk, but he was almost as tongue-tied as his clanmates. He cleared his throat. “We plan to take her to the Taste of Home eatery. “
                “Oh yeah, Lindsey’s Imdiko’s place.  We had dinner there last night.  You financed that, didn’t you Dramok?”
                Cissy gave Diltan an appraising look that made him wonder if Lindsey had broken their agreement that they never speak of his terrible judgment a couple of years before.
                In a stilted tone, he answered, “I am honored to have helped Imdiko Vax realize his dream of owning his own establishment. He has shown beyond any doubt how greatly he deserved it.  I am sorry I won’t be the one to introduce his work to Matara Natasha.  It is the best place to eat on all of Kalquor.”
                Cissy’s laugh was a hearty bellow, uttered without the least bit of self-consciousness. Diltan was startled to find himself smiling in response.
                She told him, “Oh, don’t you worry about Tasha already having eaten there.  We didn’t get to sample but a fraction of what that place serves and as you can see—”  Cissy smacked her own barely-covered ass “–Tasha and I aren’t shy about eating!”
                Wal moaned low in his throat. His stare was riveted on the handprint appearing on Cissy’s well-rounded rump. Diltan nudged him, worried Cissy would catch the Imdiko staring.

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