Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                “These are your lodgings?” Clajak smirked at the bouquets of flowers lining the walls. His grin grew even larger when they went inside the suite of rooms.
                Egilka managed not to cringe. The suite was sumptuous, obviously designed to be a romantic retreat. Aromatic flowers abounded, along with art vids depicting sensual scenes. The furnishings were soft and billowy, inviting the guests to lounge or wallow as their wants dictated. The large sleeping surface in particular beckoned with the softest of furs and mirrored surfaces surrounding it. Egilka had been all too aware that one closet boasted items that would shame the brothel they’d just run from.
                Clajak chortled, opening that particular closet at once and discovering all the toys. “Well, well.  I appreciate all you’re doing to lure me to your side, Imdiko.”
                Egilka kept his back ramrod straight and voice cool. “Don’t look at me.  The room was arranged for by – one of your parents.”
                At the last second, Egilka refrained from telling Clajak it had been his mother who had arranged for the lodgings. “I took care of it myself,” she breezily informed him as he’d set off. “I hope you will be comfortable.”
                Comfort was the last thing Egilka was right now, thinking of how Irdis had not-so-subtly pushed this moment upon him. At Clajak’s frown, he knew the prince realized also who was behind this setting of love and passion.  The frown was chased by a look of great discomfort.
                Good. Egilka wasn’t the only one embarrassed by the empress’ attempt to bring them together. It had to be worse for Clajak since the perpetrator was his own mother.

Releasing mid-December 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                The Plasian shrank back, fear registering on her gentle face. Clajak moved fast, putting himself between her and Ru’imbu. He loomed over the gray alien and allowed his fangs to unhinge.
                “The woman is not to blame, gray boy. My companion and I are at fault, not her.”
                The Bi’isil touched the strap around its skinny waist. A number of pouches and small devices were attached, much like the belt Clajak wore.
                Cold pleasure invaded Clajak’s mind yet again. Protocol has been ignored.  Bi’isils do not stand for such matters.  The woman’s life and that of the brothel owner are forfeit.  
                Egilka gasped. Clajak ignored him for the moment. Speaking in the liquid language of Plasius in the hopes that Ru’imbu didn’t know it, he told the prostitute, “Get out of here and warn your owner.”
                The Plasian didn’t hesitate for an instant. She fled the room as Clajak let his temper off its leash and faced off with Ru’imbu. “You’re not on Bi’is, you hateful gray shit.  This is Dantovon and you can get over your insult, small thing that it is.”
                Even though the Bi’isil’s face remained unchanged, its body shook with rage. It stared up at Clajak and dripped molten fire in his head with its fury.
                Small insult?  Small?  For the prince of the E’isip, foremost in the richest territories of Be’em, capital of the realm of Bi’is?  No insult is small to me, Kalquorian. 
                Clajak snorted. “Then you’ll be getting your feelings hurt a lot, Prince of Assholes. 
                Ru’imbu touched a small device on his belt. All at once, Clajak couldn’t move. He couldn’t even speak to warn Egilka to run. Ru’imbu pulled the metallic device from his belt, a tiny box with lumps protruding from it. He pointed it at Clajak.
                A streak of darkness flew at the Bi’isil. It knocked him over. The little gray alien tumbled away as the dark streak resolved into a wide-eyed Egilka. Ru’imbu lay still. It was a heartbeat before Clajak realized he could move again.
                Fury made the room red-tinged. Clajak took a step towards the Bi’isil, who was trying to sit up. The Dramok thought how nice it would be to stomp all over the little bastard and hear his twig bones snap.
                Egilka grabbed him and shoved him at the still-open door. “Run, Clajak!  The little shit has a portable stasis beam and collars!”

Releasing mid-December 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                When Egilka glared, as he did now, he had a wonderful dangerous quality. As a child, Clajak and his playmates had pretended to be pirates. As he got older, his fantasies of freedom and pillage aboard an outlaw submersion ship had matured. He thought of standing on a deck with Egilka at his side, wearing that very glare. Together they would plunder and then celebrate their exploits with wild sex in their shared cabin.
                Stupid kid stuff. Childish fancies. Yet in them, Egilka saw him as a grown man, an equal. A lover. Not a duty, which was the last thing Clajak wanted to be to him.
                Being caught running away by his intended had surely not elevated Clajak in his eyes today. It made him want to squirm in humiliation. Yet there was something else that made him want to squirm for entirely different reasons ... being tied up and under Egilka’s stern gaze was prime material for newer, more adult fantasies.
                Perhaps that was why the invitation Clajak never intended to make burst out anyway. “I would love to make it up to you.” He glanced at his still avid cocks to make sure Egilka got the message.
                The Imdiko’s eyes widened, and for an instant he bit his lips together. Then the composed, distant expression masked his face once more. “Save it, Clajak.  You can play with all the young Nobeks once you get home and clan me like you’re supposed to.”
                Clanning with Egilka would take all other Imdikos off the menu. Not that Clajak cared. He’d wanted his intended for what felt like forever. The tiny tremor he’d caught from his soon-to-be clanmate made him think he might actually get to realize that hope.
                Clajak pretended his heart wasn’t drumming fit to jump out of his chest. He gave the Imdiko a self-assured, cocky smile. “Aw, Egilka.  Look at me.  Look. Do I look like I’m pretending?”
                Egilka’s gaze shot to Clajak’s gleaming wet cocks. He jerked his head away quickly, as if he’d looked before he could stop himself. His scowl deepened.
                Yet the spicy scent of Kalquorian male arousal drifted from him, and the front of his gray trousers had bumped out. Clajak licked his lips. The Imdiko wanted him. The opportunity was too good to let slide by.

Releasing mid-December 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

Clajak cursed inwardly to see the sharp-featured man standing over him. Where in the hell had his intended Imdiko come from? Where was the Isetacian with the wondrous voice? He jerked his arms and legs and discovered he had been tied securely. Fuck and damnation.

Though his ever-present temper wanted to take hold, Clajak’s better sense prevailed and he unleashed his most charming smile on his captor. “Hello, Egilka.”

Egilka scowled and crossed his arms over his chest. “Oh good.  You do remember the man you were supposed to clan a week ago. I’d thought perhaps I’d been forgotten.”

Clajak kept his charming smile in place, though something inside his gut withered at the Imdiko’s tone. Egilka sounded angry, which he had every right to be. Clajak thought he also detected at thread of hurt, but it was probably just a wishful fancy. He was a child to his promised clanmate. Just a child who Egilka would never take seriously or waste a moment of desire on.

Putting up the devil-may-care front he’d perfected, Clajak gave Egilka his most innocent expression. “Was that last week?  I am so sorry.”

“I’m sure you are.” The dry tone said Egilka didn’t buy it. When had Clajak ever been able to fool the man? For such an aloof creature, the Imdiko missed nothing.

Ah, you delicious, duty-driven creature. Just once I’d like to see you look at me the same way you do your chemistry set. Come down from your intellectual cloud and play in the dirt.

Releasing mid-December 2015