Thursday, June 15, 2017

Alien Revolt Now On Sale

After receiving word that Amazon was taking a long time to upload books, I rushed to format and get Alien Revolt online in the hopes it would post by Friday's release date. While it did take longer than usual for approval, the book was put up for sale early. I hope you enjoy!

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 And now for your regularly scheduled excerpt:

              The night had gotten ridiculously late. Hope had the idea that if she’d been brave enough to check the time, she would find it had bled into early morning. Yet she continued to toss and turn, unable to sleep.
              Her mind was as crowded as her bed was not. Crowded with Piras, Lokmi, and Kila. She couldn’t stop thinking about them.
              She whispered to her dark room, “Fuck. I’m more infatuated with the bastards than I was before.”
              Such a thing shouldn’t have been happening. It had to be because of the sex. The old mindset of lovemaking occurring only in the context of a marital union was messing with her head. Even Kila had told her sex shouldn’t be that big a deal. Why couldn’t she accept it in that light?
              She felt a connection with each man of Clan Piras, however. Especially after having ‘just sex’. Which had been amazing.
              Before the Kalquorian trio, Hope had dreaded the idea of physical relations with a man to the extent she’d decided to never marry. As much as she’d lusted and touched herself to satisfy her urges, wedded bliss and the physical demands it would bring had been off the table.
              Under the influence of Piras, Lokmi, and Kila, she had discovered she adored sex. In the past, she'd been sure the many fantasies she'd enjoyed would be far more fun than the reality, but the opposite had proven true. Everything about actual sex that she’d partaken in had been a glorious awakening, almost spiritual. Whether in charge of Piras or under the control of Kila and Lokmi, she’d been enthralled with the gift of wonderful, glorious lovemaking.
              When Hope wasn’t replaying the activities which made her wet and aching all over again, she thought of the men who had made her wet and aching. Piras, a knowledgeable leader one moment, a man who had it all under control, only to bend to her will the next second with enthusiastic surrender. A Dramok she could count on to spearhead the fight to stop Copeland and save innocent lives. A lover who would ignore his own desires in deference to hers.
              Lokmi, a brilliant engineer who excited her intellect as much as her body. He had all the makings of a conscientious commander of men, needing just to hone that instinct. When compassion was called for, his caring made her feel warm and safe. When sex was on the table, he thrilled her to her toes.
              Kila, the Nobek who looked like mouthwatering destruction. He’d claimed he was no good with dealing with emotions, but Hope thought he’d sold himself short. Perhaps he was uncomfortable when it came to helping her cope with the feelings of uncertainty she’d experienced. Maybe he was a tad clumsy with emotional distress. There was no doubt in her mind, however, that he had a big, caring heart.  Hope had the idea though Kila might be a terror to his enemies, he was a marshmallow when it came to those he loved. With a body built for wild passion, what wasn’t there to like?
              Hope realized she was obsessing over them again. She muttered a curse, twisted onto her other side, and told herself to go to sleep. Moments later, she was examining Piras’s near-pretty features in her mind again.
              Snarling, she sat up. “Lights, eighty percent.” She grabbed her lap table. If she wasn’t going to sleep, she could at least work.
              It was a good plan. Too bad it didn't go the way she wanted. Some minutes later, Hope shook herself out of a daydream of being between Lokmi and Kila again, enjoying them in a different manner than before.
              All she could think about was Clan Piras. She had it bad.
              “And that ain’t good,” she breathed.
              Of all the times to become interested in the opposite sex, this had to be the worst. They would all be fighting to stop Copeland and Maf’s forces in a matter of days. If they managed to survive, Piras, Lokmi, and Kila would most likely be off to fight other battles. Hope would be—well, she had no clue where she and her family would end up. Probably in a Kalquorian prison camp unless Piras was able to clear his name, and thus the Naths as well.
              The future was too uncertain to indulge in fantasies. The crazy fixation on the admiral’s clan couldn’t be happening to her. Not now.


  1. Hi Tracy!

    So excited to read the new addition except on Amazon it's only showing me the paperback format? Help!

    1. When I go to Amazon, all I see is the e-book version. The paperback only came online at CreateSpace this morning and hasn't moved to Amazon yet. So I'm not sure what it is you're looking at???