Friday, June 16, 2017

Now Available: Clans of Kalquor 11: Alien Revolt

A woman’s secret rebellion threatens Clan Piras’s mission to destroy the enemies of Kalquor.

Clan Piras has risked everything—and lost everything—to get close to Holy Leader Browning Copeland. Piras, Kila, and Lokmi are in a race against time to prevent Copeland and the Basma’s traitorous forces from destroying the Earther-Kalquorian colony of Haven. With the odds stacked against them, they have one shot at stopping utter annihilation.

Hope Nath has a mission of her own. Ending the Holy Leader’s campaign to ‘punish’ the Earthers living on Haven is only the tip of the iceberg. When Copeland’s vile attentions threaten Hope’s family, she’s willing to do anything to finish his brutal reign once and for all.

Discovering fellow spies in the enemy’s ranks gives Hope, Piras, Kila, and Lokmi a slim chance against the merged forces of Copeland and the Basma. Yet passion in the midst of war is as likely to rip the fragile alliance apart as bring them together. Hope and Clan Piras learn love has a high price, with thousands of innocent lives hanging in the balance.

              Piras lifted her so he could slip the blouse from her torso. When she glared at him, he left the bed to hang the prized top so it wouldn’t wrinkle.
              Noting Kila and Lokmi’s hot, wet mouths on her bared shoulders and stomach, Hope re-thought her first inclination to have Piras take her slacks off next. “The bra,” she told him when he climbed back onto the mat.
              It was gone in a twinkling, and Nobek and Imdiko fell on her like ravenous wolves. She watched the dark heads jostle for space as they sucked her nipples, sending molten streams of pleasure straight to her clit. Hope was barely aware of Piras stripping her pants away and racing off to hang them neatly next to her blouse.
              He came back and lifted her buttocks from the mat, peeling away the panties which clung wetly to her pussy. Piras knelt between her legs and peeped at her, a pleading whine escaping him. His parted lips glistened, as did his tongue, which peeked out from between them.
              Hope gathered her thoughts, scattered from the gorgeous assault on her tits from the other two men. She nudged them imperiously, wanting obedience from even the control-happy members of her clan. “Show me to him,” she demanded. “Spread me open so he can see.”
              When he found her orders particularly delightful, even Lokmi could be ruled for a moment or two. He and Kila glanced at each other. Hope was struck by the identical grins; one on a brutishly handsome face and the other brightening a more classically pleasing visage. They reached for her crotch, framed by bent and splayed legs.
              Electric surges passed from their calloused fingertips as each man pulled the outer lips of her pussy open, baring her to Piras’s hungry gaze. The flower-petal folds of her womanhood were wet. Hope’s clit had already swollen in anticipation of what was to come. It blatantly pointed towards Piras.
              “Please,” he entreated.
              “Please, what?”
              “Please, may I taste you?”
              “Do you want to lick my pussy, Piras?” Hope asked, watching his cocks jerk in reaction.
              “Yes, ma’am.” He gave the answer she’d taught him to say, as respectful men and boys had addressed women when she’d been a girl.
              “Do you want to suck my clit? Do you want to run your pretty tongue all over it to make me feel good?”
              “Yes, ma’am. Please?” Piras was breathing faster, his eyes riveted on her inviting cunt.
              “Can you be a very good Dramok and make me come? Because if you don’t, I’m going to be angry with you.”


  1. Bought it the day it came out. Haven't started it because I don't want to finish it and then suffer Kalquor Withdrawal...but it's sitting there, calling to me.

    1. LOL. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it!

  2. I bought it on Friday as well and just finished it. I really love this Clan and didn't want the story to end. You're right Sharon, the withdrawals have started. 😢

    1. Hugs! I'm glad you enjoyed it and am sorry I don't have a time machine to take you to the next one!

  3. This is definitely one of my three favorite Kalquor books. Nice blend of action and humor. I'm still giggling about "backaches."