Saturday, April 7, 2012

Create a Couple of Kalquorians - Their Greatest Accomplishments

In this next to the last poll, we need to determine Erybet and Sletran’s greatest accomplishments.  You will remember Conyod’s was being selected to join the Matara psychological team over 200 other applicants. 

In our prior poll, we looked at the lifechanging childhood event that made our dynamic duo the men they are.  For Erybet, it was being mistakenly categorized as a Nobek when he was a child.  This led to a brutal year in a training camp, which is probably why he’s held his own so well in the predominantly Nobek military.  Sletran’s big moment was breaking his leg in a remote wilderness area and surviving for a week with the busted limb.  I put his age at eleven when this happened. 

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