Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Countdown to Alien Interludes: An Improper Proposal

The biggest complaint I heard about Alien Salvation was that readers wanted it to keep going.  In particular, they wanted to see sisters Lindsey and Jessica reunited.  You can all stop being cranky with me now.  It happens in this story.

However, I'm saving the reunion for the book release.  Allow me to introduce you to three special ladies instead.  As you'll soon find out, these are women you'd want in your corner (and heaven help you if you cross their sons).

            The greetings went on with people she’d already met via frequent communications, first during the year her clan had been on assignment on Earth then during the nine month trip to Kalquor.  Lindsey greeted her clan’s parents, all eleven of them.  Bacoj’s Dramok father had died when he was still young, so his was the only incomplete parent clan.  She found it amusing how much Vax and Japohn were like their mothers in looks and temperaments.  Vax’s mother Udi was as sweet natured and gentle as her Imdiko son, with soft waves of hair and finer features than most Kalquorians.  Japohn’s handsome mother Nenap, all six feet seven inches of Amazonian muscle with a head full of long, spiraling curls, seemed to glower suspiciously at everyone.  Had Lindsey not gotten to know Nenap over the long-distance coms, discovering she was just as fair minded and loyal as Lindsey’s Nobek mate, she would have been terribly intimidated by the Matara.  However it was Nenap who eschewed the Kalquorian mother-daughter greeting of pressing cheek to cheek.  Instead, she swept Lindsey off her feet for a delighted hug.  To the amused group she loud proclaimed, “Forget Kalquorian custom!  My daughter is finally home!”
            Bacoj’s mother Felac, whom Lindsey suspected was of the jealous mom type, was more reserved.  Her expression was friendly enough, but she lacked not only Nenap’s unbridled enthusiasm but also Udi’s quiet warmth.  Attractive with almond-shaped eyes and generous lips, her long black hair arranged in a tidy updo, she gave Lindsey a sedate greeting, briefly pressing cheeks on one side then the other. 
“I’m so glad you’re here,” Felac said.  Then she turned back to Bacoj, stroking his hair and clinging tight to her only child.  He looked a little embarrassed, but he put up with it with the patience Lindsey had grown used to.

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