Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

The time has come for Brandilynn to make a decision about which of her boyfriends she is going to keep.  Tristan and Dan refuse to share any longer.  But which to choose? 

     Dan and I curled on the big bed, holding each other.  He felt so warm and safe, my rugged Marlboro Man.  I’d unbuttoned his shirt so I could slip my hand inside and rub his chest with its light scatter of crinkly hairs.  My face burrowed in the hollow of his shoulder and I inhaled the delicious musk of his natural scent.  He is a feast for every sense.
     Including hearing.  His voice was a pleasant rumble I felt to my core.  “How did it go with Bane?”
     “He didn’t have any new information, but he said he’d let me know if he hears anything.”
     Dan’s voice lost some of its warmth.  “I thought he was supposed to talk to Tristan.”
     “He doesn’t like Tristan.  Or at least he refuses to talk to him.  He told me to check in from time to time.”
     “Well, isn’t that nice and convenient.”
     I stopped snuggling and propped myself up on an elbow to look my sweetie in the eye.  “I’m not interested in Bane, Dan.  It’s you and Tristan only.  And soon just one of you.”
     Oh boy.  The waterworks wanted to turn on again after I made that statement.  The thought of losing either of my men was heart crushing agony.
     Dan’s face softened, and he stroked my hair.  “I’d do almost anything to keep that sad look off your face, baby girl.  But I can’t keep going the way we have.”
     I swallowed the sob that tried to creep up my throat.  “I know.  Between having to make a decision and the zombie crap, I’m not having much fun.”

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