Saturday, April 21, 2012

Create a Kalquorian Clan – Final Results

We are done!  The last of the polls are finished, and you have helped me create the clan that will star in Alien Redemption (Clan of Kalquor 6).  Thanks so much for participating.  It was amazing to see how you wanted Dramok Erybet, Nobek Sletran, and Imdiko Conyod to be presented.  The majority of the time, you selected options I didn’t expect.  Those choices will definitely help shape the story.  So let’s see what manner of men you have made.

Character:  Dramok Erybet, strategic commander of military ground troops (On administrative leave)

Height:            6’8”, taller than average Kalquorian
Hair:               Blue-black, mid-back length, straight     
Body:              Long, lean muscles, built like a cat, best feature is shoulders and arms
Face:               Fine bone structure, masculine beauty, pretty boy along the lines of Matt Damon
Mouth:            Used to smile a lot but now has few reasons to; lower lip a little thin but nice overall
Imperfections:  Tries to do everything himself; doesn’t delegate well
Age:                52 (looks mid-20’s)
Home:             Among the seaside cliffs near the Royal House and Council, capital city of Kalquor
Overall personality (prewar):  Take charge, not afraid to make the hard decisions
Habits/hobbies:  likes to draw and paint
Life changing childhood event:  Was mistakenly categorized as a Nobek and spent a year in brutal training camp
Greatest accomplishment:  promoted as the commander of several military companies, usually the realm of Nobeks
Motto:             ‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.’  - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Motive:           To put the past behind and make his clan work while keeping his secret

Character:  Nobek Sletran, platoon leader of military ground troops (On administrative leave)

Height:            6’10”, tall even for a Kalquorian
Hair:               Black, straight, just below the ears, growing out after he chopped it short with a knife           
Body:              Big, but not outrageous muscles, well proportioned, best feature chest and abs
Face:               Uber-man look, very strong features with chiseled jaw, wide forehead, clean shaven, think Jason Momoa (Conan the Barbarian)
Mouth:            Thick, sensuous lips
Imperfections:  Tends to see others as weak and in need of his protection
Age:                58 (looks 30-ish)
Home:             Among the seaside cliffs near the Royal House and Council, capital city of Kalquor
Overall personality (pre-war):  bravery and fairness was an inspiration to his subordinates; so much so that they obeyed his orders without thinking twice.
Habits/hobbies:  Volunteers to teach young Imdikos self defense
Life changing childhood event:  Was injured in the wilderness with a broken leg, had to survive for a week before rescue arrived
Greatest Accomplishment:  Saved teenage Conyod from being attacked by bullies; this is how they met.
Motto:             The first casualty when war comes is truth.’  - Hiram Johnson
Motive:           To somehow fix the horror of the past

Character:  Imdiko Conyod, psychologist specializing in traumatized Earther Mataras

Height:            6’6”, average height for Kalquorian
Hair:                Black, midback length, wavy, hangs loose         
Body:              Muscular, well cut but not bodybuilder big, chest and abs are his best feature,
                        beautifully chiseled
Face:                rugged, square-jawed, manly, clean-shaven, grim when not smiling, Hugh
                        Jackman type
Mouth:            thin-lipped but beautiful teeth, smile lights up entire face
Imperfections:  a little OCD, can’t function without a to-do list
Overall personality:  Understanding of others’ shortcomings and patient with almost everyone
Habits/hobbies:  Breeds champion kestarsh (Kalquorian version of horse)
Greatest accomplishment:  Being chosen to be a part of the Earther Matara psychological team;                             out of over two hundred applicants he was top choice
Age:                48 (looks late twenties)
Home:             Among the seaside cliffs near the Royal House and Council, capital city of
Life changing childhood event:  Sibling went missing and was never found, his parents became
 overly protective as a result.
Motto:             ‘From caring comes courage’  - Lao Tzu
Motive:            To rectify whatever has gone wrong with his clanmates


  1. cool - haven't even got Alien Interludes yet (come on 4/27) and I'm already thinking about Alien Redemption.

  2. They sound intriguing and very yummy looking....and when does this book come out? Also is there a way to pre-order Alien Interludes?

  3. I don't have a release date on Alien Redemption, as I haven't finished the outline yet. Definitely not before August, probably even later. And I won't be able to offer pre-order on Alien Interludes...I'll be happy just to get it online by the 27th, lol! For a sci-fi writer and enthusiast, I am remarkably tech-challenged.