Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Countdown to Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor Short Stories)

We are nine days away from the release of the short story collection!  I'll be telling you a little bit about the nine tales that revisit our alien clans and their Earther mates and offering an excerpt.  Here's a preview of the next few days:

Hunted - Amelia Ryan is stalked through the Kalquorian wilderness by a dangerous Nobek.  

Abduction – Rebellion is brewing on Kalquor, and Empress Jessica is the insurgents’ latest target. 

The Negotiation – Saucin Israla must bargain with Earther Colonel Tyler Carter, a man whose threat involves her heart.  

Michaela’s Child – Michaela Blake finally has a child of her own, but how will she regain her clan? 
The Sentence – Cassidy Hamilton’s grandfather faces a sentence worse than death for his part in Armageddon.  

A Family Affair – A clandestine tryst re-opens old wounds for the Imperial Family.  

An Improper Proposal – Lindsey McInness and her clan’s homecoming is marred by the machinations of a greedy councilman.  

Sins of the Past – Imdiko Krijero and Nobek Wynhod’s past may cost Dani Watson her life.  

Prelude to Redemption – In this prologue to the upcoming Alien Redemption, young Dramok Sojan finds more than he bargained for in the ruins of an Earther women’s prison:  broken but unbowed revolutionary Rachel Hicks.

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