Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 2015 Update

Shalia’s Diary – Who is ready for another Shalia story? Our girl is back on the blog March 16 with new trouble and adventures in this sixth storyline. It’s a shorter tale than usual, so I guess I’d better start working on the next one.

Shalia’s Diary Book 5 will hopefully be ready for publication next month. I’m taking my time pulling it together as there is another book wanting my attention this month. And speaking of that book...

Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions – The edits are done. Kudos to Kat for making this happen in a hurry, along with a gazillion thanks. As usual, Erin has done a marvelous job with the cover. I am so lucky to have wonderful people like these two around to make me look good! I am formatting now, getting it ready to roll. What the heck, let’s set a release date. March 27 looks good for me. How about for you?

Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction – I am slowly outlining this one, which will feature more of Brandilynn adjusting to inhabiting a vampire’s body and the subsequent fallout with her lover Tristan. Thank goodness for Dan and that delicious werepanther Gerald, who are always ready to keep her warm. Rawr. No release date set.

Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown— The outline is done and I have begun writing Clan Clajak’s Beginnings. The boys are already pulling out surprises for me. Telling Clajak to behave is like telling water not to be wet. That man is impossible ... but delicious and charming. Sigh. Release date: mid-December.

I know it’s still cold for most of you, but hang in there! Spring is just around the corner. I hope you all enjoy Alien Indiscretions!


  1. Love the cover! Always such a wonderful job. Thanks Tracy.


  3. Super fabulous - I can't wait!! Thanks Tracy for creating such captivating worlds & characters!

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  5. March 27th doesn't work for bout tomorrow? plz...with cookies?