Friday, March 27, 2015

Now Available - Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

Cissy Salter is more than ready to shed Earth’s repression when she moves to the planet Kalquor. She leaps headlong into drinking, partying, and liaisons with young alien men. She would be having the time of her life if not for the disapproval of a certain rich, gorgeous Dramok she can’t avoid. She’d love to despise him, but her heart has other ideas.

Dramok Diltan sees the bawdy, unrefined Cissy as a thorn in his side. The last thing he needs is a woman who drives him crazy every time they meet. Yet the spark in her eyes kindles a fire he can’t ignore. His enthralled clanmates Wal and Rolat are determined to get the two to stop fighting, at least long enough to explore the possibility of making Cissy part of their clan. When they discover Diltan’s past misdeeds, Wal and Rolat issue an ultimatum: help them seduce the Earth woman or face punishment.

As Cissy and Clan Diltan discover each other’s true nature and love blooms, the long-hidden secrets of Kalquor’s leadership are revealed. An old conspiracy brought to light shatters Kalquor’s peace, driving the Empire apart ... and tearing Cissy from the arms of the three men she can no longer live without.

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She couldn’t even summon the strength to tense when Wal’s soapy fingers began to cleanse her pussy. All she could do was tremble as his hand worked over her splayed mound. Her head lolled against Rolat’s wide chest as she moaned in gratitude for the sweet sensations waking in her core.

His eyes bright with mischief, Wal looked to Diltan. “She needs a thorough rinsing.”

The Dramok already had a metallic sprayer in his hand, connected by a tube to one of the many jets that lined the pool. “I would be glad to take care of that.”

With a push of a button, a stream of water shot out of the sprayer. Cissy’s eyes widened as Diltan brought it towards her pussy. Her hands instinctively shot out to shield herself, but a laughing Wal caught her wrists, making her helpless.

Diltan’s evil grin was at odds with the gentle cooing tone he spoke with. “Hold still, little girl. Let me get that soap off.”

His aim was deadly accurate. The spray found her clit, and Cissy no longer rode gentle swells of arousal. Ecstatic lust burst forth, fully formed and stampeding towards climax.

Had Diltan left the jet of water unmoving, the violent excitement would have swiftly turned to pain. However he played it over her pussy, letting it stroke the lips and clit and even her plugged ass from different angles. The stream left her screaming, but in rapture. Her body suffused with incredible heat. She damned near crackled with it.

Cissy’s sex heaved all at once, the orgasm tearing through as if to escape an intensity it couldn’t face. She twisted and jerked in Rolat’s arms, her throaty screams turning into high-pitched shrieks. There was no escape. The delicious, insane pleasure continued, forcing brutal climax from her.

Then it was gone, leaving Cissy devastated in its wake. She groaned, her body sagging against the Nobek holding her. Her pussy pulsed with angry surges.

She blinked groggily at the radiant smile beaming from Diltan’s face. He held the now quiet sprayer in his hand, pointed away from her. She eyed it as if it was a weapon he might turn on her at any moment. It essentially was.

“Fu—fuck,” she wheezed. “Fuck.”

“We’ll get to that,” he answered as the other two laughed. “But first, this.”

With his free hand, the Dramok reached to her still convulsing pussy, seizing the red, swollen nubbin at the top. The instant his finger and thumb squeezed, a thunderclap of elation rolled through Cissy again. She yelled at the fresh spasm.

“Don’t, Diltan,” she begged, her feet kicking arcs of water around the group. “Don’t, you’re killing me.”

“Your word is sholt,” he reminded her. He rubbed her clit between finger and thumb, making her arch against the stoic Nobek who held her without straining. “If you want me to stop, it is your only way out.”

Cissy gasped as he teased mercilessly. She couldn’t believe that she was tempted to fold because of pleasure. Yet perhaps there could be too much of a good thing. She was crazed from the powerful sensations overloading her wits.

However, the rebellious part of her heard the challenge in Diltan’s tone. He believed she was too weak to withstand the gorgeous torment. He didn’t think she could take it. Cissy didn’t think she could take it either. In fact, she was sure of it. Yet she couldn’t stand to bow to that knowing smirk of his. She might love the man, but she was still ready to argue with him, to make him work to win her over.

Cissy bit her lips together hard, making it hurt, taking what refuge she could from the unbearable bliss.

Diltan’s grin spread wide enough to break his face. “There’s my stubborn little rebel. Last chance, Cecilia.” He pressed the button to turn the jet on again.

A tiny moan of terror escaped Cissy’s clenched jaw. She pulled against Wal’s grip on her wrists even as she shook her head in refusal to bow.

“As you wish, my love.”

He turned the spray on her pussy again.

Available from Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon UK, and All Romance. Also available in print.
Coming to Nook soon.

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