Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                As her head swam with arousal and confusion, they turned her over so that she lay over Rolat’s muscled thighs. Scarred flesh of a dangerous man. Cissy could feel how unyielding he was. Damn if his legs weren’t each nearly the circumference of her waist, and she was no dainty girl. Was she really giving herself over to this beast for a spanking?
                The familiar mix of concern and anticipation filled her being. The anxiety was more intense than usual, however. First of all, Rolat was bigger and badder than the men she’d played with on the transport that had carried Cissy from Earth to Kalquor. Second of all, he had help. There was more than one pair of hands hiking her skirt up, pulling her panties off, and rubbing her bared derriere. Cissy had never played with more than one man at a time before. Most of the men serving in the Empire’s fleet were unclanned Nobeks. The majority of the Kalquorians she’d entertained were young with as little experience with females as Cissy had with males.
                Diltan’s clan were not wet-behind-the-ears boys, nervous with immaturity. The sense of assuredness transmitted through their touches, the way they massaged her rump and thighs. That they knew what they were doing offered a strange mix of security and terror.
                “By the ancestors, I’ve been thinking about this ass for weeks,” Diltan groaned. “Serve her well, my Nobek.”
                “Of course. Will you keep an eye on her for me, Wal? I’m not sure such a stubborn creature knows when to say when.”
                One pair of hands left off its eager kneading. A moment later, warm palms cupped Cissy’s face, tilting her head up. She looked into the Imdiko’s face.
                His pupils had nearly swallowed the purple of his irises. Wal’s parted lips showed his fangs had descended from his palate, peeking out from behind his flat teeth. Yet he smiled as Cissy’s gaze met his, and his attractive features transformed to become almost as dazzling as Diltan’s.
                “Hello, my lovely. I’m going to watch to make sure you’re all right while Rolat gives you discipline.”
                “Okay.” Cissy’s brain refused to come up with a better response. She stared at Wal, amazed that he could appear so forgettable in one moment, so gorgeous the next.
                One of the two pairs of hands still rubbing her flesh drifted down her legs, stopping halfway down her thighs. They gripped her firmly. The other set of hands stilled. One held a fleshy buttock while the other traced its way up her spine. It stopped at the nape of her neck. Rolat’s fingers curled around, holding her.
                “Now, my lovely, wayward Earther. You will hold still until I’ve turned this delectable ass red enough to satisfy me that you’ve learned your lesson. Next time you feel mischievous, remember the spanking I’ve given you.”
                That he invited Cissy to misbehave again went unsaid. She sucked on her lower lip, anticipating future spankings as well as this one. Plus there was the bonus of irritating Diltan for real...
                Rolat’s hand lifted from her ass. “Relax,” Wal whispered. “It will be more enjoyable if you don’t tense up.”
                Cissy drew in a deep breath. Blew it out while concentrating on making all stiffness release from her body. Her pussy was warm and wet with anticipation.
                Bring it on, big guy.

Releasing March 27.


  1. Happy dance!!!!! Only 16 days!!!!!!!

  2. I'm right there with you Lisa HAPPY DANCONGRATS and from the first post here I knew this one was going to be a favorite, I just love a sassy heroine, gotta love the sassy ones

  3. Holy Crap, what is up with my auto correct, that should be DANCE.

  4. Oh. Only 16. Hmm let me think. I can wait...but I don't want to. :(

  5. Oh. Only 16. Hmm let me think. I can wait...but I don't want to. :(