Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Release Week Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions - Excerpt 3

                She told Diltan, “I don’t know that I’ll ever recover fully from that, but I’m as good as I’m going to get. Bring your irritating but gorgeous ass on over.”
                Diltan grinned. The man was too devastatingly handsome when he did that. It was wrong for any man to look that good. Cissy wished she could continue to despise him for it, but she’d called a truce. Plus she didn’t have it in her heart ... or other significant body parts ... to resume their disputes.
                He came closer, stopping just out of reach. His hand went to the collar of his loose-fitting shirt, and he pulled.
                The resealable seam down the front purred open. Diltan shrugged the shirt off, letting it first expose his chest and abdomen. Cissy’s mouth went dry.
                It’s so unfair. Even Jessica’s Nobek Bevau is barely better made than this obnoxious fiend. Why does Diltan have to be so damned perfect?
                Cissy’s gaze roamed over the planes of the Dramok’s chest, over the sculpted beauty of his abdomen. As he peeled his shirt off his arms, she had to contend with the beauty of those limbs too. He looked like an alien god, some holy being made to sit upon a golden throne amid golden-tinged clouds. It was downright ridiculous how good he looked.
                Bastard, her head muttered. She didn’t want to desire him so much. However, her body was very glad to see what it was about to enjoy.
                Unable to keep looking for fear of her tongue falling out of her mouth and giving Diltan the pleasure of knowing his full effect on her, Cissy dragged her gaze to Wal. The Imdiko sat cross-legged on the floor nearby.
                “You tried to reject him for another Dramok, huh?” she asked.
                Wal laughed. “Young and stupid, remember?”
                Diltan’s voice cut through the air. “I want your attention on me now, Cecilia.”
                Cissy’s head snapped around at the commanding voice before she could think. Her mouth dropped open.

Releasing Friday.

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