Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire

             Flencik looked at him unhappily.  “I tried to speak to Councilman Teken, but he says he doesn’t delve into matters outside the good of the Empire’s entirety.”  The young doctor snorted.  “If you ask me, shipping tissue samples and organs from those who die in your care to parts unknown sounds like Empire business to me.  Especially when the families of the deceased have no clue it’s going on.”
            Rajhir blinked at him.  Had he heard that right?
            Flencik kept going.  “As for Councilman Ledsin, well you know he’s the Dramok to Imdiko Gen.”
            Rajhir felt like he’d missed part of the conversation.  “Imdiko Gen?”
            “You know, the doctor in charge of Erow Medical Center.”
            Rajhir’s eyes widened.  Flencik was saying something strange was going on at the medical center run by the Imdiko clanmate of Councilman Ledsin.  He could hear Ospar in his head once more, chiding him for not knowing the backgrounds of others better.  The firebrand councilman might have a valid point, especially since this issue apparently involved Gegra’s political rival.
            Rajhir stood, feeling angry at himself.  “I did not know and that is my shortcoming.  Dr. Flencik, let me clear this chair off for you.  Sit down, tell me your story, and let me see if this is something Councilman Ospar can help you with.”
            He took off a couple of file-filled bins off the one visitors chair in the room, set it in front of his desk, and motioned Flencik to use it.  Rather than going back to his own seat, Rajhir perched on the edge of his desk, close to the Imdiko doctor.
            Flencik took the opportunity to have a good look around the reception area.  “You’re still moving in, and it’s open application day to boot.  My timing is the worst.”
            “It could be better.”  Rajhir grinned at him.  Now that they were closer to eye level with each other, he had a good look at the doctor’s gentle face.  Flencik was too damned big to qualify as cute, but he had a sweet quality about him.  Rajhir wondered if he was clanned or promised to anyone.  “Are you still interning or are you an actual physician yet?”
            Flencik ducked his head with sincere modesty.  His curls spilled over his shoulders.  “I’m the real thing; a full-blown surgeon, no less.”
            “You look too young.”
            “I’m twenty-six.  I am something of an overachiever.” 
            He peeked up at Rajhir, his smile endearing for its embarrassed quality.  Rajhir thought about how this Imdiko was old enough to clan, then shut that down automatically. 

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  1. oh I can't wait to read this one, one of my favorite clans.

  2. I love that this isn't just a relationship book, but there's a mystery/ thriller aspect as well.

  3. I love all these stories. I can't wait until the next book comes out.