Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Alien Caged Release Week - Excerpt 2

Zemos nodded.  It would have been nice to make Remington pay for his abuse of Elisa.

That reminded him that she had stuck her neck out for them, giving them the destination they were bound for.  She had given them the warning even though it might have led to trouble for her. 

He hated that they would repay her kindness by betraying her.  He could see no other way of escape now but to take her as his hostage in the hopes it would keep Captain Walker at bay until they could get off this ship.  Zemos grimaced as hot anger tried to steal his resolve.  Elisa didn’t deserve to be used the way he would use her.  She deserved to be kept safe from all harm, cherished for the wonderful creature she was.

Then again, she had no real future on board the battlecruiser.  Her lot would continue to be too little food and too much danger.  It was Zemos’ understanding that Elisa was the sole female on board.  If men like Remington were the rule and kind but weak Joseph Walker were the exception, she could be harmed very badly.  It could be that making her Zemos’ prisoner would do Elisa a favor.

Zemos thought of taking her away with him, of making her a part of his clan.  He’d never held out any hope of gaining a Matara for himself, and he would be a fool to do so now.  Even in the unlikely event that Elisa would want to be the lifemate of three men, it was probable that he and his clanmates would die in the effort to escape the battlecruiser.  

Still, the fantasy intrigued him.  If Elisa didn’t want to go with them, Zemos could well imagine forcing her to.  And after that?  A sweet, slow seduction, in which his clan would ultimately win the Earther woman’s heart.  She would be kept safe and cared for as only Kalquorian men could do.

Under those circumstances, the Dramok thought he could be excused if he outright abducted the lovely little Earther.  If the opportunity presented itself, he would ... for her own good of course, Zemos told himself.

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  1. Finished reading the book this morning instead of working on my class or my book! Thanks, Tracy. But, I want Joseph and Almon's story....dare we hope?

    1. It could be some time before I get to it, but I definitely plan to give them their own story.

  2. Greatly enjoy your work, thank you for making my imagination soar. You write the books, I buy them, that it’s a good partnership.
    This last book bought it yesterday and read it last night and now I'll have to re-read it again.
    Have a question and a complain for you. Where do you get the names of your characters? And my complain, Elisa's age is too young to have passed menopause. The age of the Kalquorians and Eartherners ought to be more in sync otherwise after 20 years Elisa would be “older” than her in-laws since she is ageing so much faster. I can accept many things but I need a nice setup that makes sense.