Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alien Caged Release Week - Excerpt 4

Miragin’s mouth covered hers, and every sense lit bright.  Elisa moaned, softening to him.  At last she was with one of the three men she’d fallen in love with, a love so taboo it would destroy her.

Let the destruction come, an insidious voice whispered in her head.  The alternative is to live your quiet, uninspired life never knowing what you missed.  Is mere existence really worth continuing on this way?

Elisa felt the wet, scratchy warmth of Miragin’s tongue slide along the parting of her lips.  She opened to him and he took the invitation, deepening the kiss, stroking her tongue, tasting her.  For the several seconds he kissed her, Elisa forgot to breathe.  When his mouth released hers, she was lightheaded.

She looked into that strong face, softened by Miragin’s untamed curls falling over his forehead.  Damn it, she loved him.  She was ready to risk her life just to be possessed by his clan.

Elisa whispered, “Why am I so weak when it comes to you, Zemos, and Oret?  It’s wrong, I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop feeling I need to be close to you.”

Miragin smiled.  “Attraction is not weakness; in fact, love gives us strength to dare when we otherwise would not.”

“I am weak though.  You can pretty it up all you like, but I am.”

The Imdiko shook his head.  “One woman, alone on this ship, who insists on persevering against the stares and comments of fellow shipmates.  One woman, struggling through an unkind life that never let you realize your dreams ... you are the definition of resilience, my dear.  It is a provocative element that has seized my interest from almost the moment I first laid eyes on you.  You have a strength many men only aspire to.  Yet I would have you find shelter in my strength rather than watch you fight your wars alone.”

He kissed her again.  Elisa melted against him, molding her body to his, lost in the security he offered.  When his hands wandered over her body, leaving fiery trails that set her insides churning, she let him.  She touched back, finally able to feel one of the men who she’d given her heart to.  Who she’d give everything to.

Miragin’s hands moved beneath her blouse, smoothing over her soft skin.  He pushed her back, making her lay on the desk’s surface while shoving her shirt up and over her breasts.  Those magic lips of his brushed over her stomach.  Elisa went pebbly with gooseflesh at the sensation, as delicate as a hummingbird’s wings.  His tongue, rough like coarse velvet, was a stomach-clenching counterpoint to the careful kisses.

Elisa stared down at the black curl-topped head moving over her torso.  Was this really happening?  Was she giving herself to Miragin, surrendering to his seduction?   Or was she tucked in her lonely bed, dreaming the sweetest dream she’d had yet?

Miragin moved up so that his mouth hovered over the white cotton peak of one bra cup.  His cat-slitted eyes flicked up to gaze at her as full lips descended down.  His mouth closed over the tip of her breast.  The heat of his mouth blasted through her.  Elisa cried out and arched to shove as much into his maw as she could.

It was no dream.  It was gorgeously, wondrously real.  The Imdiko was with her, making love to her.
Miragin’s teeth scraped over the swelling nipple, the hard tip obvious against the fabric.  He mouthed her with eager abandon, sucking and nipping at her through the bra.  Elisa’s gasps rang loud in the room.  Every jolt seemed transmitted straight to her clit, as if the two parts were somehow connected and communicating with each other.

Miragin switched to the other breast.  He seemed not to notice how Elisa’s fists tangled in his mass of hair.  He breathed loudly as he mauled her, occasionally emitting an animal-like growl.  The air was now heavy with the spicy scent of his hunger, stinging Elisa’s nostrils.  It added to the tumbling excitement in her belly.

He pulled at the bra’s closure.  The Imdiko tugged it and her blouse free in one quick movement, making Elisa bare from the waist up.  She gasped as cool air touched her skin.  The alien pressed her back down onto the desk.  His ravenous mouth suckled on naked flesh, the rasp of his tongue chastising and delighting one nipple, then the next.  Elisa cried out at the sensation.  The heat of Miragin’s mouth seemed to fill her body, as if his breath had found a way in through her breasts.   Unable to process the wildness of the sensations pouring in, she writhed and jerked beneath the Kalquorian.  Miragin pressed more of his weight down, holding her still enough that his lips, teeth, and tongue could continue their plunder of her tender orbs.  Elisa’s heels thudded against the side of the desk, beating in haphazard rhythm as the Imdiko sucked first one pale breast deep into his hungry mouth, then the other.

He devoured her, too tender to be animalistic but too strong to be gentle.  Miragin struck the perfect chord to play her with, and Elisa’s entire body sang with carnal pleasure.  She prayed he would not stop.  Had Lieutenant Commander Robards burst into the room right now, shouting about sin and obscenity, Elisa would have paid him no mind.

A hand shoved up her skirt, greedy in its search for her ultimate treasure.  Fingers curled at the top of her panties and pulled.  With her body trapped beneath Miragin’s, the thin fabric was caught under Elisa’s buttocks.  A soft purring sound of cotton ripping joined the gasps that rang through the room.   Though Miragin was not rough, the sound seemed violent.  Elisa’s pussy spasmed as she was laid bare beneath her skirt in such a bestial manner.  Feeling the power of the man on top of her sent her further into wild surrender.  She sobbed as she ground against the hand now covering her mound.

Miragin released the breast he so lovingly attacked to look at her with heavily lidded eyes.  “Do you want this, Elisa?”  His fingers slid over her slit, unfurling streamers of heat within her core.

She arched into his touch.  “Yes, yes, please.”

The Imdiko slid up her body so that his mouth hovered just over hers, mingling their breath.  He rubbed over the soft petals of her womanhood, spreading the juices that flowed.  “Do you want me inside you?”

“Yes.  Oh God, yes.”

One thick finger probed, finding the entrance.  He circled it, and Elisa wept to be so close to the fulfillment she hadn’t known she was desperate for.  He hesitated, his intent purple eyes staring into hers.

Her words strangled with desperate need, she begged, “Please, Miragin.  I want ... I want...”

“Then you shall have,” he whispered, and his finger pushed into her.  

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