Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 2013 Update

Shalia’s Diary:  Storyline 2 wraps this month and the third of Shalia’s tales begins.  More drama and adventure to come, of course.  A big change of scenery and new characters are on their way!

New Year’s Challenges

Start a new book each month:

(January)  Clans of Kalquor 8:  Alien Caged – Edits are finished, and this one has moved on to the proofreader.  If all goes well, you will see this out by the end of the month.  I still can’t pin a specific release date down yet, but I’m working on it.

(February)  Clan Beginnings:  Clan, Honor, and Empire – A quarter of the way done with the first draft.  No release date set.

(March)  First Mataras:  Michaela – I’m still writing a bit here and there.  No release date set. 

(April)  Clans of Kalquor 9:  Alien Indiscretions –The outline is done.  Further work on hold.

(May)  Clan Beginnings:  Clan and Crown – Half of the outline is done.  Further work on hold.

(June)  Brianna’s Clan -  Plotting done.  Further work on hold.

(July)  Clans of Kalquor 10:  Alien Hostage – Plotting done.  Further work on hold.

(August)  Clan Beginnings:  Clan Bacoj (Untitled) – Character sketches and plotting done.  Further work on hold.

(September)  Clan Companions 1 (Untitled) – Character sketches and plotting done.  This goes all the way back to when then-Ambassador Ospar first approached Earth about DNA testing.  One of his security guards sees a gorgeous young Earther assigned to guard the Earther ambassador, and sparks fly between the young man and that Nobek’s clan.  Further work on hold.

(October)  Clans of Kalquor 11:  Alien Revolt – Writing character sketches and plotting this month.  The premise at this point (which could always change as things often do this early on) is that Admirals Piras and Tranis discover a rebellion within the Kalquorian fleet itself.

The Couch to 5K Running Program:

The spirit is willing, but the knee keeps saying, “Go fuck yourself, Tracy.”  I just got back to running this past week.  Hubby is now telling me he thinks my poor body, traumatized from that car accident all those years ago, is not going to let me accomplish this goal.  Maybe not, but I really, really want this.  Stubborn beast that I am, I will keep trying.  On days I can’t run, I walk five miles instead.  I have now shed 43 pounds, and my end goal for weight is 12 pounds away. 

Have an awesome month, all.  Enjoy the Halloween season!


  1. Can't wait for Alien Caged!

    And I think I agree with your husband, you shouldn't push yourself too hard.
    Maybe you could switch to swimming? I think that's supposed to be easier on old injuries. AND you would get more of a chance to show off your lighter bod :)

    1. Someone else suggested swimming. With winter coming on, that might be something I could consider in the spring. There aren't too many indoor pools that I have access to around here, and membership to the places that have them are prohibitively expensive.

      Thanks for the idea! It might be the way to go when the knee starts barking. :D

  2. Congratulations for losing weight! I've had 5 knee surgeries because I have bad knees. Swimming was recommended to me, too. Does your local high school have a pool? They frequently have a "free swim" for residents for little or no cost. It's easier on your knees. Also if you bicycle, use the lightest tension setting for your knees.Walking is good; running is your goal but if you injure something else your hubby gets to say, "I told you so". :) Try taking glucosamine, too. You are still very ambitious here, even if you think you're not on track. As a fan, I can't wait for each of these stories!