Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer

It looks like a rather randy Dramok and Nobek just got caught by the Nobek’s usual lover.

            Half an hour later, Lidon finished assigning and instructing his teams.  He looked towards the closed door of Piras’ office and fought off a sigh with effort.  The bridge was no place for a Nobek to show his emotions.  He could do that in a few seconds when he went into the room where Piras waited for him.
            Sure enough, when he stepped into the captain’s office Piras was pacing the floor.  The instant the door closed behind Lidon, the captain was in his face and shouting.
            “How dare you walk on my bridge with the stench of another Dramok on you!”
            Lidon lowered his head.  “I planned to tell you of the encounter at another time, in private.  It was not my intention for you to find out my indiscretion this way.”
            “The entire bridge crew could smell him on you!”
            “I had no chance to wash him off before answering your summons.  I am deeply sorry for any shame this may have caused you.”
            Piras seemed a little deflated by Lidon’s show of contrition.  In a much quieter tone, he asked, “So what is going on?  Getting a measure of revenge for our argument?”
            Keeping his head bowed, Lidon rolled his eyes up to look Piras in the face.  “That would be petty.  I was curious about him, and the opportunity presented itself.”
            “So may I take it your curiosity is satisfied?”
            Lidon kept his mouth shut, letting his silence speak for him.  The truth was, he wanted to get hold of Tranis and top him, if only once.  The idea of fighting the younger man to submission and mounting him, to possess that fine, strong body, had his groin swelling.
            Piras’ face reddened, and his lips thinned.  The low rumble of a growl spun from his throat.  Lidon stiffened and his heart drummed faster.
            The Dramok said, “I have no claim on you … yet.  But this is forcing my hand where our pairing is concerned.”
            Lidon watched him carefully.  Hopefully.
            Piras turned his back on him and stormed over to his desk.  He sat down behind it and tapped on his computer.  “Get that young upstart out of your system, and do it quickly.  And discreetly.  I want your answer on my offer to clan as soon as we have this border situation cleared up.”
            He finally looked at Lidon again, his upper lip lifted in a snarl.  “You are dismissed to wash the stink of my first officer off yourself.  Put on a proper uniform, and then get your sorry ass back on the bridge.”
            Disappointment had already settled its familiar weight in Lidon’s gut.  He snapped, “Yes, Captain.”
            He left the office and headed for his quarters to carry out Piras’ order.  What had he expected?  Had he really believed Piras would be incited to be the Dramok he craved?
            Lidon couldn’t help but think a Dramok worthy of him would have put him over the desk and re-claimed what he thought should be his.  He had no doubt Tranis certainly would have.       
            I have no business clanning with Piras.  Maybe it’s time I faced that once and for all.

Releasing December 21


  1. This is going to be so awesome! Counting down to the release date. Lidon is so cool.

  2. Oh my gosh. That was just too tasty a morsel. Can't wait for the whole meal!

  3. Looking forward to the release. Lidon is one of my favorite characters. Can't wait.

  4. Can't wait just 3 more weeks! I'm drooling over Clan Tranis right now =)