Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Countdown to Alien Redemption - 2 Days...

           Rachel’s determination and excitement ebbed the moment she stepped up beside the table.  Beyond the window, she could see Kalquorians moving towards the room’s viewing area in a huge tide.  Excited rumbling voices rolled through the room like oncoming thunder.  Her heart beating madly, she turned to Erybet.  Rachel typed so fast her panicked message was filled with spelling errors:  wat of they thik Im ugly? 
            Erybet’s warm hand stroked her cheek.  He smiled at her.  “I promise you, they won’t see anything ugly about you.  Wait here.  I have an idea.”
            He went to the wall where gags and restraints of all kinds hung together.  He selected a dark blue satiny blindfold and a flexible strap and brought them to her.  He tucked the strap into his belt.  He brought the blindfold up and slipped it over her head.  The soft fabric settled on her closed eyes. 
            She nodded.  She could still hear the mutter of the growing crowd beyond the glass, which left her trembling.  Not being able to see them calmed her racing pulse, however.
            “Let me take your handheld.  Remember, you say sholt if you can’t continue.”
            She nodded and let the little computer leave her hands when she felt him tug on it.  Then his hands closed over her forearms.  “I’m going to tie your hands, so that you can’t resist what I do for our audience.  Remember, you have your word.  Sholt stops everything immediately.”
            Rachel didn’t resist as he bound her wrists behind her back.  He did that while still standing in front of her, so that her face burrowed into his chest.  She inhaled the good scent of his musk and arousal.
            Then he leaned back and grasped her shoulders, leading her.  “This way.”
            She followed him with cautious steps, moving forward and then a couple of steps to her left.
            “Stop here.  Face this way.” 
            He turned her slightly, and then moved around to stand behind her.  His hands settled on her shoulders again and his lips brushed her ear. 
            “You are facing the window.  They are watching you with such hunger in their eyes.  They want to see this beautiful woman.  Her beautiful body and how it responds to a man’s touch.  I am going to seduce you on their behalf, for their pleasure.”
            Rachel swallowed.  She couldn’t help but tense a little.  People were watching her, and they would soon see the imperfections. 
            Erybet’s hands moved from her shoulders, rubbing down the front of her body.  Despite her nervousness she arched into his palms as they ran over her breasts.  Her nipples tightened beneath the warmth of his touch.  He plucked at them with his fingertips, making them swell so they would poke brazenly through the fabric of her dress.
            Rachel heard low growls of appreciation.  She was suddenly well aware of her physical helplessness to stop Erybet.  He was blatantly showing her off to the assembled patrons of the pleasure club, showing how her body responded to him.  She trembled with mingled tension and arousal.
            Erybet cupped her breasts, pushing them up as if offering them to the crowd.  More growls, louder with intensity.  He squeezed, making them ache a little, and Rachel arched with a groan, her head falling back against his chest.  Shouts of approval greeted her submission to Erybet’s use. 
            Hearing their acclaim gave Rachel strength.  She thought of the sad and hungry looks they’d given her, these men who desired women in vain.  Yes.  She would be theirs to enjoy.  This was what she wanted to show them; that they mastered her through the proxy of her Dramok.  That she belonged to all of them since they had no Mataras of their own.  She surrendered herself in that moment to every last one of them, utterly.
            Erybet’s hands flattened over her ribcage and swept down to the swell of her hips.  Then, wrapping one arm about her waist, his other hand moved over her mound, cupping her crotch.  The feel of him touching her there made Rachel cry out, and she jerked instinctively, rubbing herself against his fingers.
            “So eager, this little Matara,” Erybet said, loud enough for the onlookers to hear.  “Show us how you desire us, my love.”
            She ground against the press of his hand, rocking her hips back and forth to rub her flesh as her masters commanded.  Choked cries escaped her throat.  Heat bloomed with every call of encouragement they offered.
            So many voices, calling on her to show them her pleasure.  She worked herself against Erybet’s hand, determined to obey.  She panted, the knots in her belly tightening with need.  She wanted to come for them.
            “Let us see all this beautiful woman offers us,” Erybet said. 
            His hands moved to the top of Rachel’s dress to part the resealable seam at the hollow of her throat.  It opened with a soft purr just far enough to expose her breasts.
            Groans and sighs rippled through the unseen crowd.  Once more Erybet plucked at her nipples, making them harden and swell all the more.  Darts of pleasure sprang from them to spear her pussy.  Her head lolled from side to side against his chest and she moaned throatily.
            “See how sensitive she is.  How she succumbs to our touch.  Such a sweet, soft creature.  She is ready to give of herself, to trust us though she has been harmed so terribly in the past.”
            All was silent now but for the Dramok’s voice and Rachel’s soft sounds of pleasure.  The room itself seemed to be holding its breath.
            Erybet cupped her breasts, gently massaging the mounds with his big, calloused hands.  “They tortured this poor little innocent.  Shamed her.  They tried to steal her beauty.  They told her she was ugly.”
            Rachel barely noticed the low rumbles of angry growls.  She was lost in the touch of those hands, those strong yet tender, teasing hands.
            “They could not succeed in their determination to mar her perfection, though they left their marks upon her body.  The fools, in their mindless zeal to destroy, only emphasized her strength and purity.”
            With that, he gathered the open edges of the dress and parted the seam to Rachel’s waist.  She was suddenly exposed, her scars laid bare for all to see.  She froze.
            There was a collective intake of breath.  Rachel cringed, waiting for the insults.  The catcalls.  The disgust.


  1. Hot damn, bring on the ice cubes.

  2. Don't know if you know this, but I just checked Amazon, just in case they got it out early like they did the last one. It's already up, just got it off Amazon.I am doing the happy dance myself. Off to read. Thank so much.

    1. I just uploaded it this morning, and it supposedly takes 1-2 days for it to appear. Oh well, even Amazon can't wait for Kalquor I guess. Happy reading!