Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Countdown to Alien Redemption - Three Days...

            What Sletran brought out was a flat black double strap, shaped in an ‘x’.  The middle of the fabric piece was thickly padded.  The four ends were looped, like cuffs.
            The Nobek returned to her.  He slipped the padded part behind her neck, leaving two straps on either side of her.  He worked quickly, securing loops just above her knees and around her ankles. 
            When he was done, Rachel’s legs were wide open, her knees and feet held up in the air by the tension of the short straps.  She was splayed, the weight of her legs held by the strap behind her neck.
            “Gorgeous,” Sletran breathed.  His half-lidded eyes were dark as he looked down on her, his breath heaving his sculpted chest.  His thumbs hooked the waistband of his shorts, and he dragged the fabric down.  His primary cock sprang loose, so hard it nearly slapped his lower belly as it escaped its confines.  The second cock appeared next.  Both glistened wetly with the cinnamon-scented lubrication he secreted.  The dark skin of him was almost purple, and veins stood out on each appendage.  Rachel’s pussy flexed, aching to be filled with him.
            Krewet,” she moaned.    Her voice had a desperate edge to it.
            Sletran stared at her mound.  His fingers stroked through the tight, soft curls there.  “I think I would like to see this entirely bare,” he whispered.  He was gone in a blur of motion once more.  Rachel heard him rummaging in the facility, and she warbled a plea in that direction.
            The Nobek was between her legs a moment later, a thick towel and slim instrument in his hands.  He slid the towel beneath her buttocks and switched the instrument on.  A low hum muttered through the air and Rachel tensed.  Another vibrating toy?
            Sletran touched it to the upper edge of her pubic triangle and stroked down.  Rachel gasped to see the black swirls of hair fall away, revealing the dark chocolate skin beneath.  He was shaving her.
            Flesh not bare for years was made smooth.  Rachel jerked to feel the slightest breeze against her most secret parts.  Sletran worked with efficiency, wielding the shaver with gentle strokes until the last soft sprig had been eliminated.  Then he folded the towel up and dropped it to the floor next to the sleeping mat.
            She felt very, very naked without her nether curls.  Every current of air felt blatant against her flesh, as if the very atmosphere was determined to have its way with her.  She writhed, unable to stop herself.
            Sletran grinned.  “Such a beautiful pussy.  I have wanted to see it this way from the beginning.”
            His hand slid against her slit, nestling in to rub the soft petals.  Meanwhile, his thumb drew tight circles around her clit.  Rachel jerked against his touch, groaning with need.  The thick, calloused fingers massaged up and down, spreading her juices all the way down to her anus.
            It felt good to be handled by the Nobek, but Rachel needed more.  She needed something inside her.  She needed that thumb to stop teasing and to offer direct contact.  She squirmed.
            Krewet, Sletran?”  The pitch of her tone was higher than ever.
            Instead of giving her what she wanted or even the courtesy of an answer, Sletran’s other hand settled its warmth over the slight hill of her mound.  He applied pressure and rubbed in slow circles.  Rachel’s insides tumbled over and over, her need growing by the second. 
            Her groan came all the way from her curled toes waving in the air.  Krewet.”
            Sletran bent forward.  While his hands continued to work her sex, his tongue dipped into her navel.  He dragged it up to her breastbone, forging a wet trail.  She shuddered under the rasp of the scratchy appendage.  Then she cried out as he nipped his way over to suckle at one breast.  While he sucked gently, that wicked tongue rubbed her nipple over and over.
            Rachel’s body was a riot of erotic agony, agony that grew by the moment as Sletran played with her.  The delicious torment was driving her insane.
            Krewet, Sletran, krewet, krewet!”
            He moved over to her other breast, still sucking and stroking.
            Damn it, she was going crazy.  If Sletran wasn’t going to provide her with what she needed, she would get it herself.  Disobeying his earlier orders, she moved her hands to grab his and push them towards where she needed.
            Sletran immediately reared up.  His hands released her mound and one clapped against her clit.  She heard the wet smack before she felt it.  And when she felt it…
            A sharp sting reverberated through her pussy, and then a crescendo of heat burst through her.  Rachel yelped from the sudden pain.  An instant later, the pulsing burn twisted into something else, and she cried out from the gut heaving arousal.  She writhed in helpless, ecstatic torment.
            Sletran snorted as he put her hands on either side of her head.  “Nearly came, didn’t you my naughty Ray-Ray?  Now keep your hands where I’ve put them.”
            Rachel trembled violently.  She shrieked when Sletran picked back up from where he left off, his hands massaging her pussy and his mouth working her breasts hungrily.
            Cruel bastard!
            She was nearly sobbing from need.  The spank to her most tender flesh had only increased her agony to be fucked by the Nobek.  He’d mastered her.  She’d begged him.  What more did he want from her?
            Suddenly, two of the fingers working her slit slid into her pussy.  Rachel bucked against the thick digits, desperate to take him in as deep as possible.  The calloused fingertips probed her channel, searching, searching…
            A jolt of pure fire burst through her belly.  Sletran had found the cluster of nerves at the front of her sheath.  She clenched handfuls of linens in her fists.  Rachel opened her mouth to scream, but she had no breath to utter it.
            “There it is,” he growled, his eyes narrowing.  “Right there.”
            He stroked the knot of sensation, the pressure firm and his movements slow.  It was enough to bring orgasm boiling right up to the brink, but not quite enough to send her over.  Rachel quaked violently, unable to come.  Tears spilled from her eyes.
            She couldn’t even think, she was so close.  Her brain fragmented under the torture, and she could only think of one word, the word that had already failed her several times.  But it was all she had, so she started screaming it with all her might.
            Krewet!  Krewet!  Krewet!
            Sletran sighed and leaned back, pulling his touch from her straining body.  “Finally.  Such a strong, stubborn warrior.  I should put you over my knee and give you a thorough spanking instead of a good fucking.  Luckily for you, if I don’t spill in your belly soon I’ll be in agony.”
            He knelt between her legs and brought his cocks in line with her open pussy and ass, handling them both in one hand.  It was only now that Rachel realized he hadn’t stretched her anus in preparation for his penetration.  Would she still be loose enough from the night before?
            I don’t care if he splits me in two.  I need those cocks in me now!
            Sletran propped himself on one hand between Rachel’s clutching fist and her ear.  With a sigh, he lowered his groin to hers, pressing his cocks into her body.  The tips of him slid in, eased by their combined wetness.  Rachel groaned to feel him filling her channels, the fit snug.  As the Nobek’s girth increased, she ached a little.  The entrance of her tighter sheath burned as it reluctantly widened to accommodate her lover’s thickness. 
            Then the front cock moved against the nest of nerve endings inside her pussy, and the wash of heated pleasure took all her attention from the discomfort of being impaled in the rear.  Sletran pushed steadily into her warmth, his gasps a storm.  He watched himself disappear into the shelter of her body, his lower lip clenched between his teeth. 
            A jolt of painful elation jarred Rachel, galvanizing her body.  She tensed all over and groaned as shivers of delight zapped all through her belly.  Sletran had found her end, the tip of his cock making contact with her cervix. 
            His gaze slid up her body to meet hers.  “Will you save me?  Can you save me?” he whispered.


  1. Oooooh!!!! That was a yummy treat :)

  2. Maybe another reaction button "sizzling", interesting just seems too bland a word to describe what I just read. Tracy, bring it on girl!!

  3. 3 more days!!!!! Usually I pre-order upcoming books on Amazon so they are automatically delivered to my kindle as soon as they become available but this one isn't there yet. :( Hope I can get it on Friday before I leave town.