Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ready for Redemption

We are in the homestretch!  There are only six days until the release of Alien Redemption.  The clan we created together is ready to take center stage and tell you their story.  And what a story.  I still can’t believe the length and complexity of this one.  

Lots of thanks to everyone who helped make this one happen.  My husband, who dealt with me as I experienced the highs and often incredible lows of my characters.  Erin, who made the gorgeous cover.  Bruce, who called me on every mistake I made so the story wouldn’t fail (you’ll notice I dedicated this book to him).  All of you faithful blog followers who helped me create Clan Erybet via many weeks of polls.  And of course to all the readers who made the series the kind of success that warranted 6+ novels and a short story collection thus far.  Without all of this support, Alien Redemption would not have been written.  

It’s been more of a wait then you wanted, but hopefully you’ll find the long delay worth it.  This Friday brings you Erybet, Conyod, Sletran, Rachel, and the Beast of New Bethlehem, along with several familiar Kalquorians.  I’m not going to ask if you’re ready ... the many comments and emails I’ve received has already answered that question.  Hang in; we’re almost there.


  1. This is going to be super awesome and I can’t wait to read it but it's the Clan Tranis story that's really stuck in my head. You gave us a peek at how Tranis and Degorsk get together. How about more of a hint about Tranis and Lidon's interaction? They're both such dominant personalities that I can't imagine how that’s going to work out. Just a little hint? 5 weeks is a long time. (A two way romance is complicated enough to figure out. A three way has got to be brutal. GO TRACY!)

    1. You're right about the two dominant alphas. Just for you:

      With a single step, the Nobek came close enough to grab Tranis. He snatched the young man to him, one hand on the back of the Dramok’s head holding him for Lidon’s kiss. Tranis’ mouth opened immediately for his searching tongue, parrying with his own as they had their first taste of each other.
      Tranis’ flavor was a mix of kloq, feral male, and delicious need. His hands gripped Lidon’s shoulders as they sought to devour each others’ mouths, pulling at him as if they could get closer than chest to chest as they already were. Lidon grabbed for the first officer’s ass, clutching the granite roundness of it as he pressed his swelling groin against the other man’s.
      Tranis’ grip tightened on Lidon’s shoulders. Shoving back, he broke the kiss. He hissed in the weapons commander’s face, “Does the captain know his favorite Nobek plays with other Dramoks?”
      Lidon darted his head forward, capturing Tranis’ lower lip between his teeth and biting hard before releasing him again. “There haven’t been any other Dramoks for him to know about.”
      “Really?” Smug satisfaction crept over the Dramok’s face. He licked the drop of blood that welled from Lidon’s bite. “Still, it’s not so good for my career to fuck my captain’s Nobek.”
      “I’m not clanned to Piras. I can stick my cock into anyone I choose.”
      With that, Lidon suddenly dropped down and slammed his shoulder into Tranis’ midsection. The Dramok’s breath left him in a gasp. Before he could react, Lidon stood, lifting him off the ground. He threw Tranis onto the bed.
      After his initial surprise, Tranis proved a more than worthy combatant. The two men battled all over the sleeping mat’s surface, fighting for supremacy. They rolled and grappled, neither getting the upper hand for too long. Lidon had years of training on the upstart, but the lessons Tranis had received from his older brothers showed. Even if Lidon’s leg not been a factor, he thought he still might be evenly matched by his adversary.
      Plus, most Dramoks simply didn’t acknowledge a Nobek’s dominance. Tranis was obviously an apex version of his breed.
      After several minutes of intense struggle, Lidon found himself flat on his back. Tranis was lying sideways on top of him, one shoulder pinning Lidon’s left arm down. The Dramok’s legs tangled Lidon’s in a wrestling maneuver known as The Knot. That left Lidon with only one hand to fight with, but he figured that was all he needed. He curled it into a fist and aimed for Tranis’ jaw.
      He was aware of Tranis reaching into the still-opened drawer he’d searched through upon entering the room. An instant before Lidon would have connected with his punch, the Dramok caught the fist in his palm. His other hand closed around Lidon’s wrist, and there was a snapping sound. Cold wrapped Lidon’s flesh. Moving in a blur, Tranis reached in the drawer again and another snap and cold ring announced a cuff had gone onto Lidon’s pinned arm.
      “Cuffs to horizontal surface. Freeze subject in place.”
      Lidon’s already pinned arm didn’t move. The other slammed to the bed by his thigh. Tranis heaved off of him and stood to gloat. Lidon only half registered the massive erection filling the crotch of the Dramok’s torn formsuit. He lifted his head to stare at the metal rings on his wrists.
      “I’ll be damned,” he gasped, heaving for breath after all the exertion. “You tricky bastard. Where did you get a pair of regulation hover cuffs? I’ll kill the assholes in charge of inventory!”
      Tranis grinned and leaned over casually to pluck a larger pair from his drawer. Lidon growled but didn’t fight as the first officer pulled off the Nobek’s boot and snapped a cuff over the ankle of his good leg. The Dramok then set about carefully unlocking his leg brace.
      As he worked he said, “These cuffs are mine, Nobek. A gift from one of my brothers when I shipped out, just in case I came across something feisty and fuckable.”

  2. wow! That explains a few things. Thanks.