Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer

Degorsk tries to convince himself he doesn’t want Tranis.  Methinks the Imdiko protests too much.  (Please note:  homoerotic situation in this excerpt)

            Degorsk reached the door to his private room not nearly soon enough for his liking.  He turned to snap a good night to Tranis and jumped to find the other man had followed him as close as he’d thought.  Tranis was close enough to kiss.
            Degorsk put that thought firmly out of his head.  “Good night, Commander.”
            Not waiting for an answer, he swung around to face his door and release the lock.  He didn’t have a chance.  The next moment, the Dramok was in the way, getting between Degorsk and his quarters. 
            Tranis’ smile was so irritatingly confident, the medic had a momentary fantasy of slapping it off his face.  His fingers spasmed with the need to unleash his anger.
            Tranis said, “One moment before I dismiss you.”
            Dismiss me?  What the fuck is this shit?  Degorsk was livid.  He might not be able to match the Dramok in muscle or fighting prowess, but he could still leave a few marks on the man before getting his ass kicked.  It would certainly be worth it.
            Tranis’ smile fell away and he reached behind Degorsk’s neck to grab his braid and pull it forward.  Stroking the thick plait, the Dramok asked, “What is it besides my age that bothers you so much?  And don’t give me that crap about not knowing me well enough.”
            “How about being so damned pushy?  You act like I should fall all over myself because you’re paying attention to me.”  The Imdiko glared.
            Tranis skewered him with that commanding stare.  “That’s not the problem.  Thanks to having five Nobek brothers who took it upon themselves to train me, I can smell fear a mile away.  So tell me what’s really wrong.”
            Degorsk jerked.  “I’m not afraid of you.”
            “No?  Maybe you should be.”
            The next instant, Degorsk was up against the wall next to his door.  Tranis pressed his body against his, and his mouth crushed down on the Imdiko’s.
            Degorsk instinctively opened to shout, and the other man’s tongue forged into his mouth.  It stroked his with possessive intent, shattering every lucid thought in his head.  Degorsk found himself kissing back.  Demanding hunger took control, bleeding away anger and fright.
            Tranis tasted of feral masculinity.  Degorsk sucked on the invading tongue, delighting in the flavor.   He groaned, feeling the muscular bulk of the Dramok against his body, pinning him against the wall.  His cocks swelled with unabashed need, and he ground against the equally hard crotch of the other man.
            Without breaking the devouring kiss, Tranis grabbed the back of Degorsk’s knee, shoving the leg upward.  At the same time, he wrapped his hand around Degorsk’s throat in a gesture of domination.  He rubbed his groin against the Imdiko’s, and the doctor cried out as pleasure grew heavy in his gut.  His greedy cocks begged to be taken into the Dramok’s commanding grip.
            While Tranis continued to plunder his mouth and rub against him in ways that had Degorsk thinking he might spill before they could get inside, the Imdiko groped for the manual release to his door.  Fuck the fear of getting too close to someone.  Fuck his dignity.  He needed Tranis in his bed, fucking him.  Right now.
            He found the door release.  With a beep it recognized his print signature and opened.  Degorsk grabbed Tranis’ collar, yanked his leg free of the Dramok’s grip, and pulled him towards the open door.


  1. I've never read much of the m/m stuff before but these characters are so appealing that I want good things for them, however it happens. I didn't think it would be so hot. Wow! 44 days and counting...