Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge (WIP)

Tears were already flowing as Thomas shrieked with heartbroken horror.  “Train is broken!  Train is broken!”

Iris picked up the pieces and looked at them.  Fortunately, this one was made of interlocking blocks, so it was an easy fix.  

“It’s not broken, sweetie.  See?”  

Still bent down so Thomas could see, Iris snapped the two parts back together.  She handed it to him and he looked it over.  He immediately quieted.  “Train is fixed.”

Iris looked up as she began to straighten.  The hand raised over her was huge, looming before her face.  Iris jerked away instinctively with a cry, shoving Thomas behind her.

She cringed.  When the expected blow didn’t come, she looked up to see a wide-eyed Ospar offering his hand.

He said, “Matara?  I only wished to shake your hand in your traditional Earther way.”

Iris’ pounding heart slowed.  She flushed and stood up straight.  “Oh, ah, sorry.  I was – I was—”

Jol’s thunderous voice filled the room.  “Who has hit you?”

The Nobek’s expression was as furious as his voice was loud.  He looked ready to take the house apart with his bare hands.

“No.  It’s nothing.  I just – you see—” she stuttered, not sure what she could say to calm the huge Kalquorian.

Rivek’s tone was gentle, but his eyes sparked with anger.  “Jol is right.  That was the reaction of someone expecting to be struck.”

“Tell me his name.”  Ospar’s smile had disappeared.  There was something very dangerous in the governor’s attitude.  Iris had the sudden idea that crossing this man would be a monumental mistake.

Jol’s fists were clenched, and long, slender fangs had appeared behind his squared teeth.  “Is it someone on this colony?  This is not acceptable, Matara.  I will not have it.”

Iris had the crazy urge to throw her arms around the Nobek’s neck, to hold him still and calm him down.  She couldn’t imagine why she would want to do such a thing, nor was this the time to think about whatever her motives might be.

Instead she told him, “It’s okay, Jol.  He’s not here.  My husband is dead.”

The three men stared at her, waiting for more.  They were all angry.  All three ready to protect her.  The realization stunned Iris.

They don’t really know me, and yet they are prepared to jump to my rescue.  Is that normal for Kalquorian men?

Again, there was no time to consider what was going on behind the surface situation.  Iris needed to talk the enraged trio down.  Thomas was beginning to whimper, ready to go into a meltdown because of the tension in the room.

Iris made her voice quiet and soothing to calm her son down.  “He didn’t survive Armageddon.  He can’t hurt anyone ever again.”

“Good,” Ospar snapped.  Iris didn’t have to guess if he meant her abuser’s death or his inability to cause further harm.  

The men spent the next few seconds obviously forcing themselves to settle down.  When the worst of the tension had bled from their bodies, Ospar twitched a forced smile.  “I believe we will stick with Kalquorian traditions of respect from now on.”

He bowed to her, and the other two followed suit.  Ospar said, “I look forward to our next meeting, Iris.”

She wondered if there would be another meeting.  The thought made her warm.  “So do I.  Thank you all again for your kindness.”

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Shalia's Diary Monday Post

Yes, the entry is short today.  Thursday's will be longer.  Don't yell at the sick writer.  I'm going back to bed now.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue (WIP)

Douglas sat down next to Raven at the small table.  His rough denim-clad thigh rubbed against her mostly bare leg by accident and stayed there.  Feeling deliciously naughty, Raven decided not to move away.

They ordered their drinks, both women going for Jack and Diet Coke.  After the waitress moved away, Raven asked, “What brings you here, Douglas?  Somehow I never would have picked a place like this for a guy like you.”

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Kalquor Store is Open

After requests from readers, I have decided to offer Clans of Kalquor-based gifts for your enjoyment.  Keychains, jewelry charms, posters, journals, tee-shirts, etc. are now available for you to purchase from

I ordered a few of the keychains to see how they looked up close and personal.  They are gorgeous.  Artist Erin Dameron-Hill’s work translated beautifully on these pieces, so I can vouch for at least the keychains!

I am adding items and designs a little at a time as my finances allow.  I do pay an artist, the aforementioned Erin, to come up with the nice artwork you’ll be seeing.   I know I’ve talked with a few of you about what exactly you’d like to see merchandise-wise, and if this works out, you’ll see some of those fun specialized the Nobek Lidon ‘Forget football, I play kurble, bitches’ or the ‘Yes, I am woman enough for six peens, now take my ass to Kalquor’ tee-shirts.  For now, however, I will be sticking to the more general kinds of designs for a broader appeal.

You will note that cover art for books 1-5 is not available.  That is because those images are owned by the publisher of those books.  I can use those covers only to promote the books, not sell merchandise.  As I regain the rights to those books, I will commission new cover art and they will then be made available in the store.

Along with the cover art will be pieces based on the breeds (see coffee cup above), individual characters from the books (coming in the future), and items for you Crazy FoKs.  For those of you not familiar with the ‘Crazy FoKs’ or ‘Crazy FoKers’, those are the terms several readers (myself included) have christened ourselves with.  FoK stands for Friends of Kalquor, so it fits us rather well.

Did I forget anything?  If I did, bear with me.  The shop is just starting and I have a thing or two to learn about making this work right.  The Kalquor Store is quite bare bones at this time, and hopefully I’ll get that figured out as I go along.  Be patient, and if there is something you really, really want as far as swag is concerned, let me know.  I’ll see what I can do.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace (2nd Edition WIP)

           Rajhir’s tongue invaded Amelia’s mouth, filling it, stroking sinuously against her tongue.  That touch alone was enough to make her writhe.  His tongue was cat-scratchy, excitingly rough.  As he tasted her, the massive hands on her breasts squeezed before pinching the engorged tips.  The touch sizzled all the way down to her sex, as if hit by an electrical shock.
            Warmth coursed from the lips of Amelia’s sex as another pair of hands parted her thighs.  Hot, questing fingers slid up the insides of her legs, pushing up the scant material of her dress up and over her hips.  She lay completely exposed to the man rubbing her thighs with calloused tenderness.  She imagined him watching the honey flow from her font and another stab of arousal shot through her.
            Rajhir pulled his mouth from hers and cupped her face in his hands.  He gazed into her eyes as if trying to read her mind.  Amelia felt embraced by the cool depths of his blue-purple eyes.  Flencik continued to massage her breasts, his touch gentle and strong in turns.  Breft's fingers slid closer to her damp naked sex, tantalizing with their nearness to her pleasure button.
            I'm not supposed to be doing this, she thought and giggled at her own naughtiness.  The combination of Plasian wine and insistent hands made it impossible to resist the ravishing.  Her senses rocked and her insides tumbled with excitement.  She’d never known such demanding need as what pulsed in her gut now.
            Rajhir inclined his head, his lips parted to kiss her again.  He plundered her mouth, his wicked tongue sweeping across her teeth, flicking the roof of her mouth, twining around her tongue.
            Flencik drew Amelia’s bodice away from her breasts, exposing the ripe globes to his warm breath.  He kneaded one with a strong hand while his hot mouth closed over the other.  He drew as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, sucking hard and scraping teeth on the tender flesh.  She moaned into Rajhir’s mouth, the little twinge of pain from the Imdiko’s teeth enhancing the greater pleasure of being possessed.
            Breft dipped the tip of one finger into the well of moisture pooled between her legs.  She jerked in reaction to feel him so close to where she felt hottest.  It almost seemed her intimate passage yawned wide, begging to be filled.  Instead of accepting the invitation, the Nobek swirled the wet finger around her clitoris, sending tiny shocks of need through her belly.  Her hips moved of their own accord, trying to get his elusive touch to make full contact with the throbbing bud.
            Rajhir finally drew back, and Amelia gasped raggedly.  Her whole body was one hungry ache, begging for satisfaction.  The Kalquorians were driving her mad for release.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

Meet Vendeen, a man from an alternate universe who is going to make Raven's life very interesting:

Slow, measured steps drawing close alerted Raven that someone else was in the room.  She tried to raise her head, but couldn’t.  A glance around herself revealed she lay in a bed in a very white, antiseptic room.  Before she could note anything else about her surroundings, a man stepped into view.

His almost metallic-bronze face looked Asian with dark, upturned eyes and high cheekbones.  His lips were incredibly sensual, and Raven had a momentary fantasy of sucking on the lower one.  In contrast to his Oriental bone structure, he had long, sleek, golden blond hair that lay over his shoulders.  His body was massive, well over six feet tall.  The flowing red robe he wore belted at the waist, while full-sleeved, did nothing to disguise the fact that he was well-muscled.  What Raven and Kimi would call an ‘uber-man’.  Yet he moved as fluidly graceful as a man possessing a much leaner physique would.

He sure as hell didn’t look like any doctor she had ever seen.  What doctor wore robes?

He moved to the side opposite Douglas and stared down at her.  Raven suddenly noticed that he seemed to have no irises, or that they were as black as his pupils.  Was that even possible?

The man said nothing, just looked at her.  Something in his demeanor made Raven feel small and helpless.  She’d thought of Douglas as having an aura of danger, and he was not alone.  This stranger was like a tiger lying in the grass, not hungry enough yet to take its prey down, but marking it for future reference just the same.

He scared the shit out of Raven.

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