Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Countdown to Clan and Conviction - Two Days

            Lay still.  He couldn’t break free of those two little words.
            “Gelan!” he bellowed in desperation.
            Laughter met the cry.  “Oh, I do love hearing you scream my name.”
            Wynhod snarled at the grinning face.  “I do not scream.  I yell.”
            Gelan snickered.  “Sure you do.  Whatever soothes your mighty Nobek heart, my friend.”
            Wynhod started to growl, pouring as much ferocity as he could in the sound.  He choked on his attempt at aggression when Gelan seized his other nipple in his mouth.
            The bastard continued to laugh at him as he licked and nipped the taut bit of flesh.  Wynhod tried to halt his strangled cries and couldn’t.  It felt too damned good.  He would kill Gelan as soon as he got free again.  But first he would fuck the Dramok until he screamed.
            For now, however, Wynhod was trapped.  To make things worse, Gelan headed down his body, that wicked mouth leaving a hot, wet trail as he licked lower and lower.  He treated the Nobek to little darts of pain by biting, pinching, and scratching, leaving livid red welts along the way.   Wynhod gasped under the twin delights of pain mixing with pleasure.  Damn, Gelan hadn’t forgotten a thing when it came to handling him.  If anything, his former lover had become more accomplished in the years since their last meeting.
            Like most Nobeks, Wynhod liked pain.  He liked dealing it out and having it dealt to him.  It made him feel acutely alive.  Mixing it with sex was a heady aphrodisiac.  Gelan’s rough treatment had his cocks throbbing.  Hell, they were more than throbbing; they jerked with each and every sting.  No, Gelan hadn’t forgotten one damned thing.
            Wynhod couldn’t wait to show him how he hadn’t forgotten anything either.
            The Dramok rose up, leering down at him with a satisfied smirk.  His grin was downright hateful as he said, “I know that look, Nobek.  You’re so cute when you’re plotting revenge.”
            Wynhod’s angry yell echoed off the featureless walls.  “I am not cute!”
            Gelan yanked on one of Wynhod’s boots, pulling it free.  “Adorable.  Cuddly.  Endearing.”  He tossed the boot over his shoulder and grinned.
            Wynhod snarled, showing his fangs.  “You.  Will.  Bleed.”
            “Promise?”  Gelan pulled off the Nobek’s other boot.  He hooked his fingers in the waistband of Wynhod’s formsuit and yanked until he lay there naked.


  1. It's out on Amazon!!!! How I'm going to make it through the work day I can't imagine. No sleep tonight for me :)

  2. It can't be out on Amazon.... My schedule won't allow for that!!! I have wayyyy to many things to do!!! Rrrrrgggg!!!! Now I can add 'don't think about it' to the 'to do' list