Thursday, May 2, 2013

Countdown to Clan and Conviction - 1 Day

            Krijero stepped out ahead of the other two and blinked at the well-lit bay where those who lived on this level of the complex docked their vehicles.  It took a full second for it to register how large and well-kept this bay was.  It wasn’t one he’d ever seen before.
            Confused, he said, “Hey.  This isn’t where I live.”
            Hands seized his arms and pushed him.  They brought him up against the shuttle he’d just disembarked.  Gelan and Wynhod held him there, their faces wearing twin expressions again.  However, behind the merriment lurked something darker, something ... predatory.  Things low in Krijero’s gut clenched.
            Gelan said, “It’s where we live.”
            Wynhod added, “We thought you might like to spend the night.”
            They were already touching him, fingertips skating over his chest and abdomen.  Heat coiled deep within his belly even as a cold wash of fear stuttered his heart.  Krijero tried to shove the hands away. 
            “Just a minute.  I agreed to observe you and tell you where you’re going wrong with other Imdikos.  No one said anything about sex!”
            Wynhod grabbed his hands.  The Nobek pinned them over Krijero’s head against the cool metal of the shuttle.  Meanwhile, Gelan kept stroking the Imdiko’s torso with a touch both masterful and assured.  As if he had every right to enjoy Krijero’s body.  Krijero’s cocks twitched and began to harden, filling with delicious heat.
             Gelan asked, “Don’t you think an appraisal of our bedroom prowess is in order?  Don’t you need to experience the entire situation in order to give us a full evaluation of what we’re doing wrong?”
            Before Krijero could answer, Gelan’s mouth covered his.  The Imdiko’s lips parted out of pure reflex, and the Dramok’s tongue accepted the inadvertent invitation.  It slipped in, sliding over Krijero’s, enticing him to taste back.
            Gelan tasted of primal male, a wild and intoxicating flavor.  Krijero moaned and sucked on the Dramok’s raspy flesh as the heat of the kiss traveled to the back of his throat.  It seared down his spine into his belly, making him rigid with need.  A spicy scent told him he lubricated, his body readying for pleasure.  He couldn’t think past the eagerness of his senses as Gelan plundered his mouth with absolute authority.  They were about the same height, so when the Dramok moved close to let their bodies touch, they lined up perfectly.  Chest rubbed to chest, belly to belly, erection to erection.  Those strong hands were gripping Krijero’s ass now, pulling him even closer so that the heat of Gelan’s loins spread to his.  Wynhod still held Krijero’s wrists pinned over his head, but the Imdiko barely noticed.  He couldn’t have resisted if his life had depended on it.
            There was nothing but that mouth on his, that body against his, those hands on him.  Those things and blatant, uncompromising need.  Krijero’s entire body became one devouring ache.
            Gelan finally ended the kiss.  His head tilted back and he looked into Krijero’s eyes.  The Imdiko only now realized that his hair was brushed back, out of the way.  However, he couldn’t get past that riveting stare Gelan had on him to duck his face and let his hair fall forward.  Couldn’t think past the big, strong body pressed tight against his, Gelan’s body that drove every lucid notion from his head.  He struggled to pull himself together.
            One thought, the most important one of all, managed to surface.  Krijero gasped, “I’m not joining your clan.  I won’t do it.”
            Gelan shifted to let Wynhod crowd in close.  The Nobek gathered Krijero’s wrists in one massive paw and reached down with the other to caress the Imdiko’s crotch.  The touch was both careful and demanding.  The crash of desire brought Krijero up on his toes with a harsh gasp, though his legs had begun to shake violently.
            Wynhod smirked at his reaction.  “So you’ve told us.  It doesn’t mean you can’t come inside and play.  I have a nice, new strap that desperately needs breaking in, Imdiko.  I can’t imagine a sweeter body to put its stripes on.”


  1. Oh this book is so good, I got it yesterday finally. Your writing is so so good love it, had a hard time putting it down last night and going to bed. Thank you

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Who went to bed? I stayed up until I finished it. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!