Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction (WIP)

            The Imdiko sighed.  Once again, his lack of social graces had tripped him up.  He should have been more sensitive to the investigator’s loss.  That wouldn’t have been the only possible reason Gelan had been such a jerk, in any case.  Like Jomik said, the investigators and enforcers were not exactly open to the insights of the psych department.  They hated to admit the objective opinion of someone not completely immersed in the case might be helpful once in awhile. They didn’t like to share the glory of solving the crimes either.
            Maybe in a few days Dramok Gelan would be more approachable.  If Krijero could get the guts up to ask for another meeting, perhaps he could try to get in his good graces.  He really wanted to be on Delir.  It was the kind of case that could challenge his abilities.
            “I’ll give it another go in a few days.  Maybe a week,” he told Jomik.
            “There you go.”  The Dramok moved back to his desk.  “Gelan’s new partner is hot, huh?  Don’t tell my Nobek I said that.”
            Krijero shrugged and pretended to study the notes he’d been making on the Delir case when Gelan and Wynhod had shown up.  “I didn’t notice.”
            Actually, he had.  Both men were handsome.  Big and uber masculine, with almost identical auras of power.  Exactly the kind of men he gravitated to.  Not that he would be trying to interest them in him, oh hell no.  Krijero preferred anonymous encounters, the ones that had no chance of ending up with strings attached.  And he absolutely did not get involved with Dramoks.
            He’d learned his lesson well with Pertak.  He would not set himself to be hurt again by anyone.  Especially not by a couple of smug jerks like Dramok Gelan and Nobek Wynhod.

Releasing May 2013


  1. I think they're going to have they're work cut out for them, drawing this shy, handsome, vonruble lovely man out of his shell...
    What a treasure he's going to be to read!

  2. I love clan creation stories! We learn so much about Kalquorian males!