Thursday, March 14, 2013

Countdown to Alien Refuge - 1 Day

The Dramok chuckled too.  He took her in his arms and Iris sank into the shelter of him.  His kiss was a gentle thing, warming her from head to toe as the other two stroked up and down her back.

I think I could get used to this, Iris thought as she sucked delicately on the tongue stroking the inside of her mouth.

When Ospar moved back, that dark promise shadowed his eyes once again.  “Now, my lovely little lifebringer.  Are you ready to test a few more sexual limits tonight?”

Just like that, Iris’ insides turned to jelly.  Her stomach tumbled, both with nervousness and excitement.  “Um.  Like what?”

One side of Ospar’s mouth curled in a slow, dangerous smile that made her knees shake.  “Telling you ahead of time wouldn’t be any fun, would it?”  He stared at her, as if he would discover all the thoughts in her head.  “Iris, I want your trust.  The instant I ask you for something, I want you to be able to give it to me without questioning my motives.  I want us to build a level of confidence so unshakeable that it never occurs to you to wonder if I have your best interests at heart.”

“Do you?”  She couldn’t help but ask.

He nodded slowly, his expression now serious.  “I do.  We all do.  Perhaps we will make you nervous from time to time, especially here when we do private things.  Perhaps we will test your faith in us.  Maybe we will even push you farther than you can stand to go on a given day, and you will have to tell us to stop.  But you never have to fear we will let you come to harm, that your welfare is not the most important thing to us.  I want you to know that deep in your soul.”

Iris bit her lip.  She wanted it too.  To know that no matter what, she didn’t have to fear men ever again.  That she could put her heart in another’s hands with absolute faith that it wouldn’t be trampled.

Were these the men who could rescue her hopes?  Iris didn’t know, but she wanted to find out.
“All right,” she said, her voice not nearly as strong as she wanted it to be.  “I’ll – I’ll try whatever you like.”

“Good girl.”  Ospar bent to kiss her lips, and Iris clung to him for reassurance.  She really was afraid, though every instinct swore that the clan would take care of her.

The Dramok released the kiss and stepped back so that they no longer touched.  The other two also made room.

“Take your clothes off, Iris.  Slowly, so that we may enjoy seeing your body revealed to us.”
Iris nodded.  Her mouth was suddenly dry, however.  The way they stared made her feel almost as if she was already naked.  Not just her body, but her very soul.  Vulnerability crashed over her, making her hesitate before beginning to unbutton her blouse.

What is with me?  They’ve already seen me naked.  Why does this feel so much more ... more?

It made no sense, but Iris felt exposed to her very core, even before she finished unbuttoning the blouse.

Trembling all over, she made it slide down her shoulders and arms, finally draping from her wrists.  She slipped the shirt off to let it fall to the floor.

“Lovely,” Ospar told her.  “Now stand still for a moment while we enjoy this gift.”

They closed in on her, and three pairs of hands caressed the skin she’d bared.  They did not touch her breasts, still encased in her soft cotton bra.  Yet the warm touches made arousal thick in her belly, and her breath came faster.  

“Her skin is so soft,” Jol said, his thunder voice deeper than ever. 

“Look how her stomach quivers when I touch it,” Rivek said.

“Can I touch back?” Iris asked.  It felt so strange to stand there doing nothing.  Yet she couldn’t shake the notion that she had to have permission to do anything.

“No,” Ospar told her.  “You will be still and allow us to enjoy you as we will.”

Jol added, “You have nothing to do but surrender and enjoy.”  He grinned.  “Or suffer, as the case may be when the enjoyment grows beyond comfort.”

Iris wasn’t sure how something like pleasure could be distressing, except for this bit which was both awkward and exciting.  

At last the men were satisfied with their explorations.  They stepped back once more and Ospar said, “Now the pants.  Remember, slowly.”

Iris opened the resealable seam that went from her waist to her crotch.  She peeled the pants down her legs, acutely aware that Jol was behind her as she bent way over to take the trousers off.  She wondered if he could see from his position how wet the crotch of her panties had become.
She took the pants all the way down to her ankles, then slowly straightened back up.  Stepping out of them made her once again aware of how wobbly her legs had gone.

“Your bra,” Ospar said.  

Iris reached behind to find the snaps.  As she did so, she thought about how the men loomed over her.  She wasn’t small for a woman by any means, not at slightly over five feet eight inches.  But the Kalquorians were so damned big, exuding strength and power with not just that phenomenal height but also their muscular bodies.  She couldn’t escape a feeling of helplessness as she stood in the middle of them, slowly disrobing.

The bra closure came free, and Iris moved her hands so that they covered the cups over her breasts.  One shoulder strap fell down her upper arm.  Using the other hand and arm to keep the bra cups in place, Iris shrugged the strap free.  Then she switched arms, doing the same with the other strap.
She peeked up at Ospar in front of her, and Rivek to her right.  Their eyes were intent on her chest where she remained concealed from their sight.  The scent that made her think of cinnamon spice, which she had learned was the aroma of their arousal, had grown thick in the air.

Iris slowly drew her hands down, taking the bra with them.  Her breasts were revealed a bit at a time.  At last, the rosy tips appeared, tight and flushed with blatant arousal.

“Yes,” Rivek sighed.  

The men moved towards her again.  “You will remain still for our pleasure,” Ospar told her as he reached for one mound.

They rubbed, pinched, and fondled, making Iris’ respiration quicken.  Wetness pooled thickly in her panties as her body responded to the jolts of pleasure from the men’s caresses.  Iris stood there shaking as the clan played, taking turns testing the weight of her breasts and moistening their fingertips in her mouth to rub her nipples into hard, pebbled nubs.

Jol tightened his fingers around one until it ached.  Iris drew in a hard breath and looked up at him.
“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“A little.”

“Do you find pleasure in it?  Or in giving me the power to inflict a slight bit of pain, if I wish?”

Iris swallowed.  The small twinge hadn’t been much.  Giving into it for Jol’s sake made something inside her within pulse agreeably.  As if his pleasure meant more to her than her own.

“I, I guess...” she faltered, unable to verbalized such things.  Like the words they’d made her say the night before, speaking of intimacies was taboo.

Jol grasped her chin with one hand, making her look him in the face.  His fingers closed like a soft vise around her nipple once more, and she groaned at the small spasm that wasn’t quite bad.  In fact, it twisted into something pleasurable, creeping down to her lower gut.

“Tell me how it feels when I take a harsher enjoyment with your body, Iris,” the Nobek demanded.

Iris cringed.  “It – it feels – um...”

He bent down, putting his face only inches away from hers, filling her vision.  His thundery voice was intense.  “You do not think.  You answer.  How does it feel when I do with you as I please, including a small amount of discomfort?”

“It feels right,” she said, the words popping out under the weight of his fierce stare.  “It feels wonderful to belong to you this way.”

“In what way?”  When she hesitated, Jol ordered, “Answer now.”

“Sexually.”  The admission flew from her lips.

Ospar’s tone was approving.  “Once more, words have not brought punishment raining down on you.”

Jol released her chin so that Iris could look at the Dramok.  “They used to.”  She shuddered.


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    1. "Not" - not over too quickly.. back to reading since I can't type today.

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