Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Countdown to Alien Refuge

Five days to go!  And because I’ve started getting irritable with being contained to only six sentences, Sundays will now offer bigger servings of story...our appetites need more than what six sentences can offer, right?  Enjoy this meatier tease:

Ospar couldn’t help but smile at Iris’ gasp when he opened the door and pulled her into the room.  Her ocean eyes were huge as she took in her surroundings.

It wasn’t a large room, certainly not in comparison to the rest of the house.  In fact, it had originally been intended as a storage closet for linens and the staff’s cleaning supplies.  However, Jol had immediately seen the possibilities for the space and outfitted it for more nefarious delights.

A stretch of black heavy-duty fabric hung hammock-like at one end of the narrow room, its ends secured by metal chain links to the walls on either side.  Soft tethers, meant for wrists and ankles, were also attached to the walls and ceiling, allowing a person lying on the hammock to be tied helpless.  At the end of the hammock was a padded bench, suitable for sitting and playing with the person bound to the hammock.  It was just as good for bending a lover over for a round of discipline or fucking.

Nearby shelves held implements of pleasure and pain, keeping everything within easy reach for amorous participants.  The ones who weren’t bound, at any rate.

Ospar, Jol, and Rivek watched Iris as she took in the amazing room.  Her eyes were wide as she looked around.  The Dramok noted the tremor that ran through her body, the way her respiration sped up.  He also saw how her eyes dilated and how her nipples became blatantly obvious against her shirt as they tightened in reaction.

Anxious and aroused.  A response very much to his liking.


  1. Thank you. Best birthday present ever. I will be reading this for my clients. (Unfortunately I will need to edit so as not to get fired) , '-) and suggesting this book to their families. Hope they enjoy you writings. As much as I .

    1. Eek! Don't get fired, please! But thanks so much for recommending the book. I'm glad you enjoy my stories.