Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

Raven’s friend Douglas is not what he seems:

Douglas took a deep breath.  The air shimmered around him, like desert heat off blacktop.  Then he changed right before her eyes.

His chameleon hair turned as blond as Vendeen’s.  His golden eyes shaded to brown.  His features sharpened, taking him from the chiseled perfection of Douglas Bringer to that of a thinner, finer-featured man.

Raven couldn’t even summon a gasp.  She stared, trying to decipher what her eyesight was telling her.

Before she could gather her senses to react, Douglas changed again.  His features became rounder and even more delicate.  His eyes turned blue, and his hair lengthened to past his shoulders.  His body curved out until Raven was looking at a woman.  A woman that had been Douglas Bringer.

The female gave Raven a saucy grin, then shifted once more, returning to the visage of Douglas that she knew.  Golden eyes and short hair.  Chameleon hair.

The whole fucking man was a chameleon, if Raven was to believe her eyes.  She wasn’t so sure she did.

“What the fuck?” she croaked.  The only explanation was drugs.  She was so hopped up on medication that she was hallucinating.  Like she had earlier, with the voices in the dark she was just now remembering.  Douglas and Vendeen’s voices.

Douglas took her hand.  He felt real enough as he said, “My real name is Daagiis, Raven.  I am what many refer to as a face-changer, though I can alter my whole body.  I come from the world Paatuun.  The space station you thought was a joke is real, and you’re on it.”

She stared at him.  Damn it, this didn’t feel like a dream, but it had to be.  Either that, or she was absolutely fucking insane.  She said, “Right.  So what meds am I on?  Because I really think someone needs to lower my dosage.”

Releasing late summer.


  1. sounds really great can't wait to read it

  2. I know it's much farther out but I'm really excited about this one!