Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction

Clan Gelan is killing me.  I have at long last finished the outline for this monster after what feels like forever.  It kept getting more outrageously huge because of how stubborn Krijero is when it comes to being clanned.  You know it’s bad when just the outline is almost full book-length.  I kid you not.  I admit my outlines are crazy detailed, but I’ve never had one this darn long.

Clan and Conviction is essentially two different stories.  In the first one, you have Gelan and Wynhod getting together as they work on solving a crime as new partners.  Krijero is there too, but since he’s not quite on their radar as a potential clanmate yet, his part is small.  The main thrust is how Gelan and Wynhod reconnect after being apart for many years.

The second story is about how they pursue Krijero while working on a case that he figures largely in.  That Imdiko is so incredibly reluctant after Pertak broke his heart.  He’s convinced that if he accepts Gelan’s offer to clan, the Dramok and Wynhod will regret it in the end and they’ll be stuck with an Imdiko they can’t stand.   He thinks he’s that unlovable.  As he tells the other two, if Pertak didn’t want him after nearly 25 years of companionship, who would?  Meanwhile, Krijero has stumbled across a case so big with an enemy so bad, he’s in danger of not living long enough to be proven wrong about his unworthiness as a clanmate.  

Thank goodness Gelan and Wynhod are just as stubborn as Krijero.  It takes big men with big hearts to see this one through, especially when it’s not just love but a life on the line.

There is still no release date set.  I have no idea how long this one is going to take.


  1. Sorry this is giving you grief but I'm sure this book will be worth the wait. I'm glad to hear that the outline is huge because I'm hoping for a nice long book. This is one of those times where size does matter :)

  2. It seems fitting that the story with the reluctant Imdiko would be giving you the most trouble! Seems like Krijero is living up to his quote you have up in the corner of your page. He is certainly dictaing the pace! Take your time. ; )